A Mythical War

By Crazerguy

After 2 decades of war, the war still rages on. Passed down by the old war Majors. The battle for supremacy. They told of one person who had access to all of the weaponry and vehicles. Even the best of the best Generals couldn't get him. They told us that he was on our side, the side of the Terran Republic. He said that his only friends were 123yourdead of the New Comerlgate and Terra of the Vanu Society. The war at that time had raged on so much that the Vanu Society had…

"What a great day to go for a ride. Don't you think so?" BobbieH said.

"Why yes it is," said 123yourdead, "it is a great day for driving."

"Hey I see something over the hill!" said at once Terra.

"Me too!" said BobbieH.

*guns shooting*

*tanks firing*

*machine guns firing*


"BobbieH do you read me?!" said main control.

The car gets shot so hard that it flips over on its side. I (BobbieH), 123yourdead, and Terra had to surrender. They were all put into a prisoner transport vehicle. There were huge armored vehicles that he had never seen before. Right away he learned everything about them. Knew their weak spots and their strong points.

Suddenly at the Terran Republic communication centre, the door bursts down! Gunshots are heard all over the communication centre.

"MAYDAY! MAIN BASE WERE UNDER ATT-A-C—K!!" said communications centre.

"Communications centre, do you read us?" said Main base.

"Hello, main base of the Terran Republic. We have taken over the communications centre so you have no radio contact. You can no longer contact your troops anymore. Good day," said the controlled Communications Centre.

"Hey tell us who you are! Who are you!!!?"

"Main base we need backup! Main base do you copy?! Hello! Hey!!!" said BobbieH

"We are now!!!" Said Main Base

"AHHHH----HELP!-H-E-L-P-! R-A-D-I-O-S—C-U-T-T-I-N-G—O-U-T-!

"BobbieH do you read me?!" said Main Base

"He cannot hear you now...base...hahahaha" said Someone

"Who is that? Who!"

We were stuck in the back of the heads. I was rly looking forward to getting out of this place. When i woke up, we were in a holding cell. I tried finding my weapons, but they took them. I tried to break the door down, but it was sealed shut untill it was opened from the outside. My friends Terra and 123yourdead were also here. I was hoping to get out in a few minutes. But not today.

"BobbieH, where are we???" said 123yourdead

"I do not know. We were stuck in the back of our heads while I was contacting HQ" I said

"Well, i guess we'd better find a way out, before thay take all of ur weapons and vehicle info."

"I guess so"

Down at the BO base, they were gathering the troops. They were on Red Alert. About 1 hr after that, they took their vehicles and went thru the teleporters. On cyssor, where we were being held, the BO came and captured every base except the middly one. When they came to the middle one, they were extracting the information out of me. They shot everyone in the base, except my firneds, me and the TR General. He was holding a gun at me and they snuk up behind him and killed him before he killed me.

"BobbieH, are you ok?" said General of the BO

"Yes I am." I said

"Now, their all dead, the TR will recover, lets get home."

"Alright, but I will never forget this day."