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Chapter 1: When a Journey Ends

"Oh man, I'm going to be late again!"

"Well, that's what happens when you sleep late at night and forget about preparing for the first day of school!"

"Gee thanks for the before school lecture."

Takuya Kanbara, an ace at soccer, was running late for school and was running with Auroramon, his little dog who turned out to be a digimon. A digital being for an alternate univers called the Digital World. As usual, Takuya was getting a rough start and was nearing the school but they were still a block or two away.

"Come on, Takuya! We're almost there!" Auroramon was running a bit faster than him.

"Ah, we're almost there!" Takuya was sprinting as fast as he could and then he knocked someone over.

"Oh." "Ah." "Uh oh."

Takuya ran into a girl about the same age as him. Auroramon was just standing there and watching very annoyed. He did it again... She thought as Takuya got up and helped the girl up. She had short brown hair and caring brown eyes.

"I'm sorry." Takuya said while scratching his head then he realized that he's never seen her before. "Hey are you new here?" He asked her.

"No, maybe we've never been in the same class before." She explained. "I'm Kari Kamiya." She said.

"I'm Taku..." But before Takuya could finish what he was trying to say, a cat white with a long purple striped tail and green glove like paws came out and confronted him and Auroramon, who was on his shoulder.

"Kari get back, that there is a digimon." She pointed at Auroramon who was getting really nervous.

"Do something Takuya." She whispered. Kari looked very surprised.

"Are you sure Gatomon, I mean um that's just his dog." Takuya was surprised at what Kari said.

"Wait, did you say Gatomon?" Takuya asked and Kari was really nervous because she gave out her secret.

"Um, yah."

"Whoa, then that means that she's a digimon!" Takuya bent down but Auroramon jumped down in front of him.

"Uh, hi, the digimon here and alerting you," She turned to Kari as well. "The both of you, that school is starting now!" Takuya and Kari jumped at the bell and then started to run with Auroramon following. Gatomon shook her head and went back to her hiding place.

Both Kari and Takuya ran into the classroom and the teacher wasn't thrilled with them at all. She told them to take their seats and to stay after school for detention. The teacher carried on then said that since it's the first day of school, everyone should get to know eachother.

Kari and her friends were speaking quietly about something but Takuya guessed that it had something to do with Takuya and Auroramon. Takuya looked at Auroramon who still looked a bit nervous. Then someone started to tap him on the shoulder and he turned to see that it was Zoe Orimoto, Koji Minamoto and Koichi Kimura.

"Boy, am I glad to see you guys." Takuya said, Auroramon got out of her place and went over to the twins.

"At least we're all in the same class this time." Auroramon said quietly.

"And what was the deal with you and that girl?" Koji asked.

"Why you like her?" Koichi teased his brother and he started to blush. Zoe started to giggle which made him blush even more.

"No." Koji said sternly and looked away. Then Kari made her way over to Takuya.

"Hey, um, I didn't catch your name before the thing happened." Kari said secretively.

"Takuya." He stuck his hand out to her and she shook it.

"Oh and can I tell you something, over here." She pointed to her group of friends who looked at him strangely. Takuya nodded uncertainly then he got up, took one last look at his friends then made his way over to the others.

There were 5 kids in total.

"Hey." Takuya said with Auroramon on his shoulder still looking a bit nervous.

"Kari, is this the guy with the you- know- what?" Kari nodded and he looked at Takuya. "I'm Davis Motomiya, that's Ken Ichijoui, TK Takaishi and Yolei Inoue and I assume that that is Auroramon." He said a bit quieter.

"Yah." Takuya said and turned to Kari. "So then they know about Gatomon?"

"Well, of course, they have partners too, come with us after detention and we'll show you. It's kind of like you to Auroramon." Kari said smiling.

"Wait you don't get it, I'm not his partner in that way. I don't really fight his battles for him, we fight together. Oh and do you mind if we bring our friends since they're kind of involved with this as well?" Auroramon explained but they didn't get what she said in the first part but agreed to the second.

After detention, Kari brought Takuya, Auroramon and the others along with JP and Tommy to the computer room and they showed the rest of the digimon partners along with Gatomon.

"Takuya, Auroramon, you know Gatomon, you guys, this is Gatomon." Kari started then Davis continued. He introduced himself and his friends and their digimon partners and Cody but Cody and Tommy already got acquainted. Takuya and his friends were amazed at the digimon. After they were comfortable with the digimon, Takuya introduced his friends.

Now that the introductions were over and done with, they had to explain their stories but before they could get started the computer behind Davis started to shine and sucked him in.

"Davis!" They all shouted and ran over to the computer. DemiVeemon started to pound on the computer then it started to glow again and they all got sucked in this time.

Where are we going? Takuya wondered but before he could think about it even more, they all landed in a dog pile.

"Where's Davis?" Veemon said.

"I'm at the bottom Veemon!" He said. Then they all stood up and examined their surroundings.

"We're back in the Digital World." Zoe said. Then a man came up to them and greeted them.

"Why yes young lady, that is correct." He said.

"Gennai." Davis and the others said. The Legendary Warriors looked very confused but went along with it.

"Come with me, I'll explain everything." And they all did as they were told.

At Gennai's house, they all sat and listened to his story. He explained that evil has risen and it's bigger and badder than anything that they've faced before. He plans to destroy the Human world and he has an army of Digimon that he controls. It seems that they are being controlled and they don't have their own will power to stop him. So that's where the digidestined and the Legendary Warriors come in. He also explained to the Warriors that their Spirits are scatter once again and that their quest is to protect both worlds.

Once finished with the 'meeting', they were off on their quest but they had to return to the Real World before anyone found out that they were missing.

"Okay so we'll meet back here?" TK asked everyone and they all agreed and went their separate ways.

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