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Last time

Takuya and Koji have commenced their battle with Arkadimon and it hasn't been going so well but their hanging in there until their friends come to their aid. They've managed to get a few hits on him but that only enraged him. Meanwhile the others were able to defeat Shawjamon but didn't delete him since they found it would be wrong. Instead, they knocked him out and continued on their way but when they got there, Takuya and Koji seemed beat and saw that their friends had arrived, Arkadimon launched an attack that took some of their data while restoring his own.


Chapter 39: Evil Never Walks in the Light

"I think this has gone on long enough." Furydramon called out and even Celestimon agreed.

"Then what's keeping us?" Saltellamon called out. ShineAuroramon and the others made their way towards their fallen friends.

"Takuya, you and Koji alright?" Zoe called out to EmperorGreymon who looked down at them.

"Never better." He tried to stand up but just ended up falling over.

"You guys should take it easy for a moment." ShineAuroramon said and she knew better than anyone that Takuya would actually listen to her.

"Fine." He said but watched helplessly as his other friends just fought.

Celestial Wave

Spiral Burst

Raining Arrows

They all launched their attacks but they had no effect. Arkadimon just laughed at them. He couldn't believe that these were the famous digidestined, destined to defeat him. In all honesty, he was very disappointed. He was hoping for more of a challenge but he thought they weren't even a bump in the road. "You digidestined are pathetic, I should just rid you of this world once and for all." He said and raised his left arm.

Exile Spear

He slashed at each other them and they all came crashing down towards the ground. "That was easy!" He laughed evilly.

"Man, this guy should be on a Staples commercial." Furydramon struggled to get up.

"So are you coming back for more?" He looked at him.

Takuya and Koji both glared at him. They couldn't take anymore of this guy, they didn't care how much they had to go through, they were going to take him down personally. This isn't just about the fate of the digital world anymore, it was about them, their friends and the people in the human world. This reminded them of the time when Lucemon almost broke into the human world and they weren't going to let that happen again with some crazed, power hungry weirdo.

"You guys stay here." EmperorGreymon said and took off.

"And listen to him for once." MagnaGarurumon added especially to his twin. And with that said, they were into battle to back up their friends. They all then started to get up when the two arrived and they all started to fight their hardest. It was really hard for the others to see this and not being able to do anything to help but they could help in spirit. Although, most of them didn't really like doing that but it's not like they had a choice.

"They're battling pretty hard out there." Nami said taking in the sight that was in front of her.

"Yah, I hope they come out in one piece." JP said downing everyone's vibe.

"JP don't say that, I'm sure they can beat him." Shou said and everyone else was too worried to say anything else.

Dragon Fire Crossbow

Takuya slashed at Arkadimon who used his left arm to counter, just like he planned. "Hey kid, you don't think that attack is going to work on me? Do you?" He taunted and expected Takuya to get a bit angry but instead, he was smiling. "Why are you smiling?" He smirked. Takuya didn't reply, in fact, he wasn't even looking at Arkadimon. Arkadimon then realized that they tried this before and when he turned around, it was too late.

Magna Saber

He slashed at his back again and he let out a terrifying wail. Furydramon and the others found this opportunity to attack while he's down.

Spiral Burst

Golden Starbreaker

Samurai Swift

They all attacked him and when they backed off, he was on his knees and his right hand was trying to support his left arm. He was snarling at the digidestined and giving each of them death glares. "You guys, we better have some sort of shield for this next attack." Koji yelled out.

"Oh, too bad, you're too late digidestined!" He started to laugh hysterically.

Dot Matrix

Every suddenly was swept away but the attack and fell in pain. Koji and Takuya felt especially worse since it was the second time getting hit with that attack. Takuya went and rushed over to his group of friends that couldn't digivolve and covered them. "Takuya!" They shouted.

"Aha! I feel very refreshed by the extra data!" He yelled out as the 3 Fusion Soul Warriors got up on their feet and tried to take him on again, but Takuya and Koji dedigivolved and layed on the ground unconscious. ShineAuroramon just stared at them while half the group went over to Takuya and the rest went to Koji. "You guys alright?" Zoe looked down at the two guys.

"We're fine." Koji said avoiding his brother's gaze. This was worse than when they first beat Cherubimon. He got an earful from his brother telling him to be more careful.

"Well what are we going to do?" Tommy asked Zoe who was looking at Shou for an answer.

"We fight." He said as everyone just stared at him. "I mean, we all have our spirits now right?" And everyone was about to agree when ShineAuroramon walked in.

"I think there's a better plan that we can perform." She said as everyone wanted to know what it was. "Susanoomon." She said simply. Takuya and his original group just stared at her.

"But we had Ophanimon and the others there to lend us their power." Zoe said.

"And I don't think they're going to come around here anytime soon." JP added in downing their vibe again.

"Well there has to be another way." Takuya said trying to get up as well as Koji.

"There is." ShineAuroramon continued. "Ophanimon and the others gave you their angelic powers well, I'm about to do the same thing." She said.

"Wait, I don't get any of this!" Shou started scratching his head.

"And who is this Susanoomon anyways?" Den wondered.

"He's an ancient digimon that we used when all fused together to defeat Lucemon, Chaos Mode." Koichi explained to them.

"Everyone, just hold your D-tectors out." Takuya told them and they did as they were told. They all started to concentrate and their D-tectors started to glow.

Execute, Ancient Spirit Evolution


When Susanoomon showed up, Auroramon dedigivolved back to her rookie form. She sighed and took a good look at her 10 friends who fused together. "Wow, I never imagined that I'd ever see Susanoomon." She said breathlessly and looked at her other friends who were still fighting Arkadimon.

"Hey you guys, you might wanna step back." She called out to them. When she got their attention, they saw Susanoomon and they all stepped back from Arkadimon who was grinning a wide grin. When you look at him grinning like this, it'll hurt your face.

"Finally, no more swatting flys, it's time for a real fight!" He flew towards Susanoomon who didn't look threatened by him at all.

"Hey Auroramon, mind explaining why your back to rookie and who that big guy is?" Furydramon looked at her. She recapped everything that she and the legendary warriors were talking about and when that was said, Celestimon and the other 2 were speechless.

"So that's our 10 friends?"

"All fused together?"

"Just to fight Arkadimon?"

"Ok this finishing each other's sentences are kinda creeping me out." Auroramon said sweat dropping.

"So why'd you do it? I mean, give up your power." Saltellamon asked her.

"Well, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do much and since my friends need my help to achieve this power, I gave it to them." She said simply. That got the other 3 thinking, they couldn't really do much either, they'd probably just get in the way. Suddenly, they were interrupted by an outburst.

Heaven's Thunder

Susanoomon fired an attack that looked like Lightning coming out of the sky. Arkadimon just barely stopped it with his left arm and when he looked at the results, his arm was steaming.

"Nice try, but not enough." He called out.

Exile Spear

Celestial Blade

The two digimon clashed blades which caused an earthquake. "Hey guys, I think you guys know what we're supposed to do." Furydramon told them and they nodded.

They focused their energy on Susanoomon just like they did when Diaboromon made his surprise visit in the real world. When they were done, they each dedigivolved back into their human and rookie forms. "Wow, that took a lot of courage to give up your powers just like that, I'm proud of you guys." Auroramon smiled at them.

Kari came over and picked her up. "You saying it to us is more important than anyone else saying it." Kari hugged her and started to watch Susanoomon continue the battle. He was starting to push Arkadimon backwards and he finally pushed him back into a wall, damaging him in the process.

"Fine have it your way!" He said and focused the rest of his energy.

Dot Matrix

He yelled out, "Oh no, not again!" Davis and Veemon yelled in unison.

"Like that'll work!" Susanoomon said and slashed at Arkadimon who was in even more pain, he was literally turning into digidust by now.

"I won't get beat by an old geezer digimon like you!" Arkadimon spat at the ancient digimon but he wasn't getting into his head like before.

"This is where your reign ends." Susanoomon said and focused all the energy that his friends had given him into his final attack.

Celestial Blade

He slashed and a giant dragon came from the blade and hit Arkadimon causing the wall to tear apart. When the light died down, the digidestined looked around and the area was in ruins. "Did they do it?" Ken asked while he and TK looked around.

"I don't see any sign of Arkadimon." Cody looked at the place where they last saw him.

"Maybe they got him." Yolei said when she realized that Susanoomon was still there.

"So did you guys get him?" Davis asked the ancient digimon.

"You bet, now the digital world is free of his evil!" He said but suddenly the castle started to shake and the roof started to cave in slightly. "We got to get out of here!" He said picking everyone up and bursted out of the castle creating a huge hole in the wall.

"That's what I call making an exit." Veemon said and even if it wasn't that funny, they all needed a reason to just crack a smile and laugh. The threat was finally over and all they had to do was get the digimon back into the digital world, when they arrived back at the edge of the forest, Susanoomon turned back into 10 kids and they all watched as the dark castle was finally torn down.

"At least that's over and done with..." Takuya smiled and sat down on the grass.

"Maybe we should just chill for a bit before going back to work." Davis suggested and joined Takuya on the grass. The rest exchanged glances for a moment then joined them.

"I just hope Tai doesn't mind or worry about us." Kari said.

"We should just send him an email." TK suggested and Kari nodded. Yolei wanted to do it so she got it out and texted Izzy since Tai and the others must be pretty busy. After a few moments, Izzy replied back and said that they were sending the last of the digimon that escaped into the real world and was happy to report that none of them were noticed. And sooner than they knew it, digimon had been popping out of the tiny TV screen and collapse on top of them. They all then started to play with the digimon who were thanking them for making their world a happy place again. Kari got up and took her camera out, she told everyone including all the digimon to come into the picture, she put it on a tree branch and ran towards the group.

"Everyone say digimon!" Auroramon yelled out right before the picture was taken they all said...

"DIGIMON!" each one of them smiled and they never looked happier, especially the digidestined.


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