"Carmen Cortez, we've got another assignment for you."

"Fire away," the secret agent said.

"There's a newly discovered island with camp sites in it-"

"You mean the Island of Lost Dreams?" Carmen blurted.

"Close. A smaller island beside it by 4.5003 miles. Our stronger technology has been able to hack into its force against satellite identification. There are camp sites in it but a rash of unidentified disasters have been happening there. You'll need to locate its origin a protect the people. It's a private, reserved island for some kind of camp, but you must go undercover there."

"Wait, it Juni coming?"

"Unfortunately not. Juni Cortez has had more business of his own."

"But he's on break," Carmen pointed out.

"From even secret agent work."

"Well, the villain can't be Floop, Minion, or Lisp. It can't be the Toymaker, and it can't be-"

"We're not asking who it can't be; we're demanding to know who it is. You have 48 hours to pack. Dismissed."

"Juni, can I borrow R.A.L.P.H.?"

"What? No! He's my best buddy."

"But I could really use him. You should have thought of that before refusing to come with."

Juni scowled but didn't disagree. "Fine. Take him. Now will you leave me alone when I play Dance Dance Revolution?"

Carmen peeked. It's different."

"Uncle Machete edited it. Now instead of just feet, it's full body motion in surround screen!" Juni cheered as he scored bonus points.

"I should be back by the next two weeks," Carmen told him.

Her parents were proud of her for taking this journey.

"Good luck, honey," her mother hollered.

"Be ready," said her dad.

Carmen waved. She was loaded with all her gear. She was entering the shuttle pod. Then she was off. She knew she was ready.

Violet Parr and the rest of the Incredibles were on the island from their last adventure. Dash and Vi were allowed to explore the beach area. Who said it couldn't also be a vacation?

Violet was lying in the sun as Dash ran from the cold waves. "Hey, Vi, wanna surf?"

"We don't have a surfboard," Violet said.

"Can we go in your force field?" pleaded Dash.

"Oh fine, I'll go. But I'll go myself first," Violet smirked. She approached the waves steadily. When the water began to reach her knees, Violet plunged into the water, swimming without using her powers.

"Over here!" Dash yelled. He was paddling his feet speedily over a far distance in the ocean. "How many seashells can you find here?"

Violet swam over. "Dash, this is too far away- Dash!" He had ditched her and gone even farther. "How far can you go?"

"Oh I'll show you!" Violet kept on treading water until she didn't see Dash. She turned invisible and burst out of the water to frighten him, but he wasn't there.

Violet worried, What if he drowned? She frantically searched the water. Then Dash laughed from back at the shore. Violet was so annoyed that she swam quickly back, without paying attention to how tired she felt, or how strong the water was.

Instantly, her foot got stuck and caught in something. She fought the water as a forceful current pulled her. But she lost and got swept away, in the direction of another island.

"All right, it's time to watch pro wrestling!" Jerry Russo announced, sitting on the couch and flipping on the T.V. The family all crowded in the living room to watch the sport. Max, Justin and Alex started squabbling over who gets which seat, but the cheer of the T.V. made then forget.

Suddenly, a breaking news report flashed on. "We interrupt the program that you're viewing to bring sudden breaking news."

"Aw....!" the family complained. Max crossed his arms. "That's bunk. What could be more urgent than pro wrestling?"

The broadcast continued: "On many camp sites, there has been stranger weather occuring. Here are what some witnesses have to say."

Justin hoped they would say, "Oh I just realized that there's nothing to worry about. Let's cut this off."

"Well a snowstorm hit, but the strangest thing was that it didn't come from the ground!" said a random person on the television screen. "The next thing I knew, the whole camp vanished. Then when it appeared again, I asked what happened. The kids and consulers began yelling about a tropical island blinking in and out of reality. I didn't know what to believe; it was freaky."

"What did you do?" asked an interviewer.

"I panicked," said the lady. But her tone sounded as if she never panicked.

"These people's reports have been rejected and ridiculed as some mental effect..." someone else said on the T.V. "And I think it's silly, and might as well be forgotten."

"Well how do you explain this?" someone else shot back. Something flashed on the screen, but the family paid no attention to what was on it and instead turned to face someone in particular.

"Huh, that sounds like something a wizard would do," Theresa said. "Alex....."

Alex burst, "What? How do you know it's me? It could have been another wizard, like,........T.J. Taylor! And besides, why am I always blamed? What could I possibly gain from affecting random camp sites?"

Someone said on TV, "We are identifying the origin of this strange disaster......from Waverly Place? But something's wrong here. There's no way it could come from here."

Everyone glared at Alex. Her brothers even pointed, moving their hands around here. Justin used a spell to make it like a neon sign.

Alex, waving away and vaporizing the neon sign, argued, "What? I didn't do it! Remember when I learned the spell to control static electricity for nine seconds, and I didn't get it right and went nineteen seconds? But nothing happened. ....Right? Unless.....if I didn't get the spell right.....I couldn't have been that far off."

"Remember you tried to make my hair stick up all day?" said Justin.

"But there was a power outage, and the clouds blew up. It was awesome!"
Max added. "Then a black hole appeared, and we got to skateboard into it."

"Everything but that last part with the black hole is true," Justin indicated, giving Max a weird look. "Because of you, Alex, we had to erase memories twice, and then I think it affected me, too, because I couldn't remember anything after studying for my vocabulary test!"

"Oh, boo-hoo," Alex said dryly. "You got an A on it, let's move on."

"A but no plus!" Justin exclaimed.

"What a tragedy," Alex said sarcastically. Then she got back on topic. "I'm sure I'm not the only wizard in the world that messes things up."

"No, but you still use it for yourself way too often. Alex, you're going to have to learn to control these things," her father stated. "Even if it means going to wizard camp."

"Camp??? Oh, fine. I'll just make it into a beach party," said Alex.

"You're going to camp where the trouble is," her father informed.

"In the North Pole?" Max brought up randomly. The family glanced at him, rolled their eyes, and continued.

"The tropical blinkin island created out of a snowstorm from the ground," Justin said.

"Oooooh," Max taunted. "Cool."

"At least can Dragon come?" Alex asked.

"No," everyone answered; Dragon barked and set the couch on fire. Justin and Max put it out. Alex moaned.

"Hey, while you're there, Alex, can you get me a pineapple hat? I wanna add it to my surprise collection," said Max, naiive of what was going on.

Alex didn't even answer her little brother to tell him just how off-topic that really was. She was too upset about being blamed for something that could have been just anybody or anything.

Well you know everything's gonna be a breeze
That the end will, no doubt, justify the means
You can fix any problem with the slightest of ease
Yes, please
But you might find out it'll go to your head
When you write a report on a book you never read
With a snap of your fingers, you can make your bed
That's what I said
Everything is not what it seems
When you get all you wanted in your wildest dreams
You might run into trouble if you go to extremes
Because everything is not what it seems
Everything is not what it seems
When you can have what you want by the simplest of means
Be careful not to mess with the balance of things
Because everything is not
What it seems