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Alex found her spell book, destroyed. There were some pages left. Alex saw that it was a truth spell. Huh, I haven't used this in a while. Maybe I could use it on us, so I see the truth about if they're a threat. Why would I need to use this spell? I'm sure they're up to something. Well, maybe this is a sign. I should use this spell to see if they really are up to something, what it is. Okay, here goes.

"Some are evil, some are kind
But now all must speak their mind"

As she headed back to the cabin, she quickly added, "One at a time.
Like that'll do any good, but we shall see."

"I have to find an escape from here," said Violet. "I think I've been kidnapped here and now they're going to use me as victims." She gasped. "Why did I just say that?"
Alex thought out loud, "Wait, you think you've been kidnapped? That's why you're trying so hard to mess things up? But why me?"
"And me?" said Carmen. "Well let's face it, we've all messed with each other."
"Well, I was just on a family vacation, then this current brought me here. I thought someone kidnapped me, and I thought that wizardry was evil, like in stories," said Violet. "I was only trying to protect myself ahead of time. And as for Carmen, well, people with technology are always trying to do something to us supers...only one person I know comes to mind, but I thought it might happen again."
"Well, after what you pulled off," said Carmen. "I was just trying to make you guys keep your distance. I thought maybe you were both wizards that were trying to keep me from knowing something. As a secret agent, I shouldn't get too close and befriend people easily, because I have to be cautious. My only friends right now are just spies in the same agency. It was only to be safe from traitors and double-crossers. Nothing personal. I just didn't have time for it, I needed to get on with my mission, and not get too distracted."
"And after what you guys did to me, I thought I've already made archenemies. I guess since I was so mad when I came here, I was willing to take it out on somebody, and I thought it was best to use revenge as an excuse," admitted Alex. "And I never met a secret agent or a superhero before...well, except for my brother's action figures, but I guess I was afraid because on the occassion that I pay attention in class, I studied about past supers and spies, and they seemed dangerous."
"Well I guess we all misjudged each other," sighed Violet. "Would it be okay if we shared a little more about ourselves so we'd feel more comfortable?"
"Being me is kinda hard. I mean, I just learned that my parents were spies on a regular school day, and then I became part of the agency. I have to learn many skills, languages, and how to use gadgets. But I'm okay with that," said Carmen.
"I had powers almost all my life, but I wasn't allowed to even use them until just recently," said Violet. "And now, I still need to keep my identity a secret, because the government hasn't decided to let us out of hiding yet. And on the one day we get to have a family vacation, I somehow got here. I don't even know how to survive another day pretending to be another wizard!"
"You think pretending to be a wizard is hard? Try actually being one," said Alex. "I have wizard school after school, and I'm not allowed to use magic unsupervised. Well, I still do, but I'm tired of getting in trouble for it. But besides that, I hate to brag about it, but prank spells are always fun. Oh who am I kidding- I love magic, I just hate the rules."
"So, all this time, we've been trying to hurt each other, but it was a waste," said Carmen.
"That's what it looks like. So, can we just be a team for the while we're here, and figure out everything else later?" said Alex. "It might keep your cover from being blown."
All the girls agreed to cooperate for at least a day, and they decided that once they had the time, they'd find a way to help Violet find out how to get out, Alex get better wizard grades, and Carmen with her mission.