Hey hey what-up gur-freeeeeeend! I know random LOL XD! So this is my third story, but it's a little depressing a romantic way.... Oh just read it...or, gurl, I will CUT you! Ha-ha! I just watched Bon qui qui I had to do that! ENJOY! I do not own Shugo Chara!

Amu's POV

I was sure we were madly in love. All the smiles and kisses and laughs; they were so priceless. So what happened when I walked into class this morning? He was with four other girls and kissing one while the rest just giggled stupidly. I subconsciously dropped my book bag as I stared in horror. I recalled all his promises to me.

"I will always love you," Ikuto said.

"I will never leave you," Ikuto said.

"You'll be the only one for me," Ikuto said.

All of them were lies. He finally noticed me standing in the doorway. His expression was unfathomable. And all he did was ignore me and continued his make-out session.

~ The Next Day~

I needed to talk to him. I tried to confront him today but his little whore-gang stopped me.

"Sorry, but you can't talk to him anymore," a girl with a nose-job spat.

"Really, and why not?" I spat back.

"He said he lost his love for you now. He doesn't want you anymore," a preppy cheerleader sneered. That hit me. He told these people…..people he never talked to….and he never told me to my face….

Ikuto said nothing, but smiled at the girls. I was just invisible to him now.

~One Month Later~

He was with another girl every single day. He flaunted them right at my face. I had so little restraint to keep myself from punching his face. But it seemed as though I lost everything. Life is really a blur now. I couldn't see anything happy about living. The world will turn on you at the time when you needed it the most. It will dispose of you like trash. I learned that the hard way…

~Two Weeks Later~

Ikuto's POV

Man! Those girls just whine and whine all day! "Take me out to dinner" and "Let's go the movies!" with all the pleases' and fake cries. Things were so much easier with Amu; she never forced me or complained. She was always happy….we were always happy. I loved her, but there was no more spark left. I had this strong desire of wanting her….to… take her. But she always pushed me away. One day I couldn't stand it and I had to take my desire elsewhere. This urge drove me insane; it made me want to be with completely idiotic strangers. It made Amu, my one love, look like a stranger; all those sweet moments together seem like nothing. But now I wanted her back. I needed her back now.

I was planning to talk to her tomorrow, but she was right there by the park where we used to swing the swings. She seemed so different now. She looked so small, so defenseless.

"AMU!" I cried out cheerfully, happy to see her again.

I walked up to her but she kept looking down. She let out a small gasp and looked up. All I saw her lifeless eyes and mocking smile; her pale, bony skin and her dirty-pink hair. But most of all, I saw all the hurt and pain repressed inside her heart for the longest of time.

"H-hello Ikuto…." She said trying not to cry. "I was planning to talk to you…"

"A-about w-what?" I stuttered, too stunned at all that I have done to her.

"I just wanted to say that…I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I drove you to another girl. I'm sorry that I didn't fulfill all your needs," she whispered looking down. But she looked as though she wasn't lying. She felt bad….for herself?

"But….but I'll try harder next time. I'll do everything for you, even let me do the things that you want me to do. I'll do anything for you because I love you. I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused you. The old me….it was a bother to you wasn't it?" she said with a repressed cry.

I couldn't take it anymore…. I hugged her so tightly and stroked her hair over and over again.

"That's not how you really feel. Tell me everything," I said trying my best to comfort her. I'll let out all her suffering. She can let go of all the pain.

She looked away and covered her humiliated eyes. "…I always loved you. I tried my best to give you everything I had to offer. And then….you leave me for someone you barely knew. Someone who never loved you or even liked you. All the effort that I've put in…..was it all worthless?!" she shouted, finally looking at me. I saw no hope or happiness in them; it was all gone.

"No. You're not worthless, you're not worthless. I love you, I do. I'm so so sorry," I whispered over and over again, clutching her tightly. She cried in my arms and it seems as though it just couldn't stop.

It was getting late and she couldn't be left alone. I took her back to my place, gently placing her small body on my bed. She finally stopped all her anguish cries, but still had those emotionless eyes. I know; she loved me, but she couldn't trust me.

I'll prove to her that I love her. I'll never let her go ever again, I vowed.

So that's my story! BUT I'M NOT DONE YET! This is only the beginning.... Bon qui-qui would be so proud (SE-CURR-ITEE! WE GOT A COMPLICATED STORY XD!!!)