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Ikuto's POV

I gently laid her down on the bed. "Please, sleep here for tonight," I whispered in her ear, kissing it. She let out a terrified squeak and scrambled off the bed. Amu was shaking a little, but I knew she couldn't leave. I let my hand out for her, and, with great reluctance, she took it.

Amu's POV

Why couldn't he just leave me alone? Did we have to go through this all over again? Can't he realize that I can't take anymore of this? I felt afraid, so afraid. But for some reason, I couldn't leave him now. What was this feeling? Hope? I forgot how good it felt…unless…my heart gets broken again….


Ikuto and I walked in silence. I looked down to avoid this fake love. He didn't mean it….he probably felt sorry for me….

Once we got to school, he stroked my hair and gave a smile. "Come sit with me," he said. I denied the invitation and shook my head; his eyes turned sad, but ignored my rejection and led me to a seat. I wanted to get up, but every seat was taken.

"Hey, Ikuto!" a classmate yelled from the other side of the room.

"Hey! I'll be right back," he murmured to me while pecking me on the cheek. But little did I know that the Whore-Gang was watching with a wicked glare. The dumb blonde came up and surprised me from behind, sliding all my books onto the floor.

"Having fun with OUR boyfriend, you slut!" she shouted.

"N-no…I didn't mean to sit b—"

"Oh no! You aren't sitting with him, b—tch!" the cheerleader raised her hand angrily and she was prepared to slap me with that triumphant smirk on her skinny, bulimic face as I cowered and shut my eyes. But I felt nothing. When I looked up in fear, Ikuto held her by the wrist, furious.

Ikuto's POV

Blah blah blah is all I heard coming from a big-mouthed classmate.

"I can't wait for this date tonight! This girl is so HOT! She has hot red hair and the biggest, squishiest looking br—"

SLAM! I noticed that Tina (random name, right?), the straight F+ student in the class, threw all of Amu's books onto the floor. Amu could only look in fear as those girls fought over me and ganged up on her. Amy, the cheerleader, looked the angriest. We were together the most out of any one of her stupid friends. She looked explosive and deadly and I knew what she was thinking of; luckily, I stopped her from the hard slap she was planning on my poor alarmed Amu. Amu…she just stared at all these girls and me and began to shake again. This made me angry and I tightened my grip on Amy's wrist.

"Hey! CUT IT OUT! She's the one who deserves it!" she yelled in a shrill voice.

"Just shut up and get out! You're in Amu's seat!"

"This crap of a girl isn't getting you, Ikuto. We'll be back," Tina muttered as the gang took their own seats from across the room. I looked over at Amu who was staring back with a light shade of pink on her face. She noticed me and kneeled down to pick up her books. I helped her, trying not to smile; I could tell that she was on her way to forgiveness and trust.

~After School~

Darn it! I just forgot that I was supposed to take a math make-up test after school. I didn't want to leave Amu, though…. "Amu, I have to take a test. It will only take twenty minutes I promise. Meet me at the park….I love you…" I said while giving her a quick hug. "O-ok…"she replied, flustered. I ran into the building. This won't take long, I promise, I thought.

Amu's POV

I thought about ditching him, but Ikuto always had a way of finding me, so I sat on the swings thinking about the incident in the classroom. He didn't look as though he was lying…could he still love me? He could, but that doesn't mean that he won't leave you again… My mind still struggled with these wrestling thoughts when the girl gang appeared. They looked menacing and towered over me since I was only 4'10" (that's my actual height!). "You better stay away from our man, squirt," Stupid Tina said.

"FYI, He was coming back to ME!" I retorted, but fear was still exposed as I spoke.

"Well, we're going to have to do something about that, won't we girls?" Funky-nose Natasha replied. They closed in on me with their perfectly manicured claws exposed. Then, everything became a blur….

Ikuto's POV

Finally! That was a hard test. I ran to the park, still hoping Amu was there. She was….but she was hanging her head down while hugging her knees. I held her. "Amu, tell me what's wrong…" And that was when I saw a small splatter of blood on her shoulder. She looked up with tears and I saw bruises and cuts and pulled-out hair. I AM GOING TO MURDER THOSE F—KING S—TY B—CHES!!!!!!! I thought. "Amu….I…" I stuttered, trying to think of something to say. But she shook me off and ran with her tears; no, not ran. She limped…

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