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"Professor Z, where are we going?" Vaughn called ahead of the group.

The science club was walking through the woods, their professor, wearing a brown coat lead them along a barley visible path. There was a mist hanging in the trees, and everybody could see their breath come out in white puffs in front of them. Professor Z looked over his shoulder and smiled. But didn't say a word. The students and teacher continued to walk through the woods until Z stopped in front of a low hanging branch.

"Everyone gather around, but be quiet." Z whispered.

The other students gathered on either side of Z and examined the branch. Balanced delicately on the branch was a small nest. Inside the nest delicately lay three eggs. The soft shells were off white and speckled brown. They were glowing eerily in the twilight. Everybody gazed at them, their innocence casting them in a respectful silence.

"Wait, where's the mother?" Corrine asked.

"Good, question. The mother of these eggs would usually be sitting on them to keep them warm."

"Maybe she went to get something to eat." Josie breathed.

"That's the thing." Z said. "I've been monitoring these eggs for a while, and there have been no signs of nurture from the mother"

Everybody was silent. Suddenly Vaughn reached out, and before anybody could say anything, touched the eggs with surprisingly delicate fingers. His fingertips lightly caressed the shells.

"They're still warm." He said, taking his hand away.

"I've been keeping them warm." Z said. "I don't think the mother is coming back."

"You mean she's…?" Corrine didn't have to finish the question.

"Possibly, but it isn't unknown for mother birds to abandon their nest when in the presence of danger."

"We should take care of them." Josie said.

"That's what I was thinking, and that's why I brought this."

Professor Z pulled a padded box out of his coat. Very carefully, the science club extracted the eggs from the nest and put them in the padded box. When they were all stowed away, the science club looked at each other with smiles.

"Ummm… guys." Lucas said. His voice was shaking. "I think I know why the mother bird left the nest."

Everybody turned to where Lucas was looking. Through the mist, up on a nearby small hill, a scraggly gray fox was watching them. It's orange eyes were glowing in the twilight. The fox just watched them, but he hung his head low, and crouched down on the ground.

"It's just a fox, he can't cause any real harm." Josie said.

"On the contrary, Josie. Fox's can take fingers. But…something's wrong." Marshall said, peering through the mist.

"What makes you say that?" Corrine asked.

"Because fox's won't normally approach humans," Lucas replied. "And they're nocturnal."

The fox took a tentative step towards them, coming out of the mist a little. Lucas could just barely see the pockets of bubbled saliva on the side of the fox's mouth.

"We've got to get away." Lucas said. He turned and ran. "Now!"

Everybody raced away from the fox. But they could hear the snarling and the sound of paw steps behind them. Lucas, who was the slowest runner, fell behind the others. Lucas screamed out as the fox jumped on his back, knocking over face first. The fox sank it's teeth into his shoulder, and Lucas screamed again. The fox twisted its head, and a few blood spots landed on the ground in front of Lucas. Lucas stared at the blood. The fox let go for a second and bit down again, and again, and again. Lucas' shoulder had become numb with the pain.

Suddenly, the pressure in his shoulder was yanked off of him, and Lucas looked up to see Vaughn battling the fox in front of him. The fox sank it's teeth into Vaughn's arm, and all Vaughn did was grunt and toss his arm and the fox against the nearest tree. The fox's back connected to the tree with a snap and the fox fell limp off of Vaughn's arm.

"Lucas, get up!" Vaughn said coming over to him.

Lucas tried to get his hands beneath him, but found he was having a lot of trouble using his right arm. Vaughn grabbed him by his unhurt shoulder and lifted him up off the ground. Lucas' coat got in the way of how much damage the fox had done. Running through the woods, Vaughn practically dragging Lucas, the two made their way back to the others in which they raced back to the school. Lucas' knee's collapsed when they got to the science room. It had become instinctual to go there whenever there was something wrong.

"Lucas, Vaughn, are you okay?" Marshall asked.

"I'm fine." Vaughn said holding up his arm to show the few puncture wounds he had received. "But Lucas is hurt pretty bad."

They helped the boy up onto a chair, and very carefully removed Lucas' coat. Immediately, fresh blood blossomed on his uniform shirt. They removed his shirt, and everybody grimaced at the mess the fox had left. His shoulder was chewed up pretty bad, and the teeth marks went deep. The skin was twisted and loose, some torn in shreds hanging off his body. Lucas looked away from it. He looked like he was going to be sick.

"We need to clean the wound, and keep pressure on it." Corrine said, her medical lessons from her father coming into play. "And rinse it with an antibiotic."

Nobody said a word as Josie went to the cabinet and got a bottle of hydrogen peroxide out. Marshall went over to the nearest sink, wetted a paper towel and threw a rag to Vaughn, who pressed it against Lucas shoulder. Lucas gasped. "Not so hard."

Once the wound was clean of blood, they leaned Lucas over one of the science lab sinks and poured the hydrogen peroxide over the punctures in his skin. They did the same with Vaughn's arm. The wound was inflaminated and red. But it was at least clean, and the bleeding had stopped. But, once when they weren't looking, little purple sparks of electricity zapped in each one of the bite marks on Lucas' skin.

"It doesn't hurt as bad anymore." Lucas said, sighing and looking up gratefully at his friends. Bu winced when he raised his arm the put his shirt on. They bandaged it and put his arm in a sling. Lucas assumed that maybe one of the muscles might have been torn.

Lucas put his shirt back on, but paused. The shirt still had a lot of his blood on it. Lucas shrugged and zipped up his coat over this, which was only shredded at the shoulder.

"It's strange that a fox would just come and attack you. Usually they're very wary around humans, and they spend most of their active time at night." Professor Z said.

"Maybe it had an attraction towards Lucas." Josie said. There were a few snickers.

"I think we should look into this and see if we can come up with any reasons. See if there might be any dangers or risks."

"Risks?" Lucas paled.

The science club was silent for a while, taking in that word.

"I can probably get my father to come and look at that. He's not only a brain doctor, he's also a Ph.D. medic."

"That would be excellent, Corrine." Professor Z said. "Professional help would be excellent."

"Professor Z," Vaughn exclaimed. "Did you get the eggs?"

Z reached into his coat and pulled out the padded box. When he opened it, the eggs lay there huddled together, undisturbed by the commotion. They put the eggs in the incubator and as soon as they were in there, they seemed to glow with an inner light.

Just then the bell rang for the second course of classes to begin. Everybody jumped.

"Alright, I guess we'll see what the result is in maybe a couple of weeks. Eggs don't hatch over night, you know. Lucas, I would suggest changing your shirt." Professor Z said. As they all left the room. It had seemed that the events of this morning had been forgotten.


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