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It was the second day Lucas came back. And as it appeared, to both the science club and his physical therapist, there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. In fact, he seemed to actually be a little bit stronger and more confident than he was before. His friends joked that it was because of all the blood transfusions Vaughn had given him that Lucas had picked up a little bit of Vaughn's personality. But the jokes were half laughed at. The eggs hatched not long after, and it wasn't until they began to molt their baby feathers that Professor Z was able to tell what they were.

"They're called Red Fox Sparrows." He said. "Kind of Ironic if you think about recent events." He glanced at Lucas.

Lucas gave a half smile. "So now what going to happen to the little guys?"

"I'm going to turn them into a animal center. They have no mother, so it would be very hard for them to learn how to fly. But in captivity, they might probably never have to, and they will also live longer, and safer."

Nobody seemed to have a problem with that. They set it up to go to the center in a couple weeks. In that time, they decided to name them. They each split into two groups, and named them. Marshall and Lucas named theirs Skandi, after the Norse goddess of winter. Mostly because when all the other birds had a cinnamon brown under side with red spots, this bird had a white underside with light red spots. Vaughn and Professor Z named theirs Tobias. And finally, Josie and Corrine named theirs Randall. They thought it was cute, and laughed at the look Lucas gave them.

When they finally got taken to the animal shelter, they were all sad to seem them go.

"It seemed like they were only hatchlings several days ago." Marshall said in a teary voice.

"They were hatchlings several days ago." Josie said, rolling her eyes.

"And now they're all grown up and moving out of the nest; out into the big bad world." Marshall continued. Lucas elbowed him in the ribs and they both laughed.

All of them started walking up the steps to the school.

"Lucas," Professor Z pulled Lucas to the side. He waited until all the others were out of earshot. "It been a week and a half since you got out of the hospital. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine, other than that my head feels a little fuzzy every now and then." Lucas looked up at the professor.

"Really? Cause you know if anything doesn't seem normal, you should tell me right now." Z said, laying a caring hand on Lucas' shoulder. Lucas' eyes clouded for a split second. Suddenly Lucas furrowed his brow, an shoved Z's hand off.

"I said I'm fine! Okay?" Lucas turned away. "Will you lay off a little?"

Lucas ran up the steps inside. Professor Zachary stood there on the steps in front of the school. Was that normal? It was too early to tell, so he would just have to wait and see. Professor Z straightened his jacket and dusted off his shoulders. He had to hurry. There was a class he had to teach about how DNA is created. He couldn't wait.

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