Tina gets set up on a blind date, hoping to meet the man of her dreams, turns out to be Gary.

"Tina, you really need to get back out there!" Holly said to her friend as they were out to lunch.

"You mean as in dating?? No, I'm good. You know, after I fell in love with my married boss…. You know, I think I'm fine."

"No, seriously Tina, I mean it must be hard for you to see me dating, & you not. Henry, Ben, & Vi--- well, Vince doesn't really count at the moment…."

"Holly, it really doesn't bother me that your dating! We're friends! Besides, when did guys mean everything?"

"Well, since I've had enough of em' and you've had none!"

-laughs-"Well, are we going to start keeping score or something?!"

" Hey girls!" Val said as she walked into her & Holly's shared apartment. "What are you two girls talking about?"

"Oh, nothing sis, just how I think Tina here, needs a boyfriend. Can I get a second opinion…"

"Well, Holly, now if Tina doesn't want a boyfriend, than you shouldn't push her; even though it's been how long Tina?" Val asked kindly.

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Guys, I get it. And you two are just being an awesome friend and, well, friend, but seriously, I think I'll stick to flirting.."

Just as Tina was about to finish, a loud, quirky blonde named Lauren walked in. J

"Hey gals! I couldn't help but overhear "flirt" and "Tina" in the same sentence. Dish."

"oh, it's nothing Lauren. We were just talking about Tina and her lack of guys." Holly answered.

"WELL, now that I've only heard this 20 times today- it would be nice to have that "special someone"…"

"IVE GOT IT!!" Lauren shouted out.

"What Lauren?" Val answered looking confused & startled.

" Tina, have you ever tried the ever-popular blind dating service?"

"Noooooooooo…." Tina answered nervously.

"Well, you are now!!!!"