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I never thought I would get to witness the moment when earth was no longer inhabited by humans, but the moment was fast approaching as they were nearly extinct. All thanks to a group of rogue vampires set in destroying our main source of nourishment.

Now, my family and I had embarked on a voyage looking for the one thing that could end it, a tiny bit of hope. So small in fact, that we had questioned our purpose multiple times. We had risked everything to find the only thing that could save the remaining humans and stop the madness.

I would have been less hesitant if we would have had concrete evidence that this was not a hopeless trip. I would have been less angry if it would have been based on something tangible, some true facts. Instead, we were following a road lead by a very old vampire legend, a legend that no one believed in, at least not anymore.

The only piece of evidence we had was a fingerprint. A careless print left on an empty Coke can. The only evidence that proved there was someone out there with the extraordinary ability to end this war, the war against the humans. The only possibility of destroying Jane's army.

That single fingerprint had taken us in a path where everyone had become our enemy. A path that would test our loyalty, and one that had a price. A price that most would find too steep to pay, our lives.

At first we were eager and full of energy. We were naïve about what we have gotten ourselves into. However, we quickly learned that we could trust absolutely no one, and that there was no going back to how our lives used to be. Yet as time passed, we became more and more disappointed and restless. We knew that at the end of the road, there was the end of our existence, yet we were too far gone to turn back.

It also took us into a deep competition. The price? Humans. Some fought to find and destroy them, use them for their worth and toss them aside, while others, such as our family, fought to find survivors and protect them from going extinct. We were the underdogs and our disadvantages were immense. We had yet to find a single live human.

The fingerprint belonged to a human, a seventeen year old girl.

We had absolutely no idea how she looked like. We didn't know if she would be willing to help us once we found her, because if she helped us, she would pay the biggest price of all.

For her, there was irrevocably no hope.