Authors note: This takes place after "They Keep Killing Suzie," and there are some references to the Captain's Blog. Flashbacks are written in italics.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC because if I wrote it, it would be the "Captain Jack and Ianto Show, featuring Tosh and Owen."

There was plenty to think about that day in the wake of Suzie's attempt to cheat death. Luckily after knocking off early the previous day, the team looked refreshed - if still a bit shaken - and ready to get to work. Even Gwen who had come so close to death had shown up bright and early, if only to gain a small bit of closure by tying up the loose ends of the case.

However, Jack's attention that day was being monopolized by Ianto, mostly because the young man's behavior was so unremarkable. There was no awkwardness in the man's gestures, nor clinging, nor public displays of affection. There were no stolen glances between the two men as Ianto served the coffee that morning. When Jack passed the Pilgrim file to Ianto, their fingers didn't "casually" brush against each other. Things were exactly how Jack wanted them to be, and he didn't even have to ask.

In spite of the busy day, Jack's mind kept drifting…


Shirtless and slightly amused, Jack sat at his desk with his palms laying flat on the surface of his desk.

"For the next twenty minutes," Ianto said, standing on the other side of the desk He was also stripped to the waist and barefoot. "No matter what I do, no matter how much you want to, you are not to remove your hands from the desk."

"Contrary to popular belief, I have an enormous reserve of self-control," Jack replied.

"We'll see about that." Ianto said as he clicked the stopwatch. "If you move your hands, I'm gone."

Ianto placed the stopwatch on the desk in between Jack's hands and moved behind the chair.

The tickling sensations of Ianto's fingers ghosting along his neck caused Jack to shiver. As Ianto moved his hand down Jack's chest, he fanned out his fingers but kept a light and almost tentative touch. His face mirrored the expressions of many a Torchwood operative after finding a piece of alien tech that was sort of familiar and yet so much more sophisticated than anything on Earth. There was that awe and admiration over the beauty and intricacy of the device along with the fear of not knowing what to do with it.

Of course, Jack knew that Ianto's earlier confidence had all been a ruse, and he understood that the young man needed to think he was in control in order to feel comfortable. Fair enough. Jack knew that it would all end with him on top; he just had to sit back, be patient, and indulge Ianto for a few minutes.

He did have the urge to run his fingers through Ianto's hair when those gorgeous Welsh lips began to kiss his neck and shoulder. After all, there was nothing binding his hands to the desk other than his own free will, but he stopped himself, worried that the young man would make good on his threat. Jack may have been amused by it all, but Ianto was dead serious.

And yet, Jack loved the sensuality of the game and shamelessly enjoyed the reverence being paid to his body. It was just the ego-boost that he needed.

Ianto cleared his throat. "Would you stand up, please?" he asked politely.



"Owen?" Jack asked, slightly startled by the other man's sudden presence.

Owen entered the office and slumped down in the chair. He picked up the broken stopwatch off the desk and raised an eyebrow at Jack.

"Yeah. So?" Jack told him.

"Does Ianto know?" Owen asked with malicious glee. "Nah. I've seen him get all worked up if we so much as breathe on his favorite toys."

"Do you have something to say to me? Something work-related?" Jack demanded.

"Just came in here to tell you that Gwen is ready for duty. No headaches, no scars, no permanent damage. Physically, it's as if nothing ever happened to her."

"And mentally?"

"Still shaken," Owen said absentmindedly as he played with a paper clip. If Jack didn't know Owen any better, he'd swear that the medic was concerned. "But you try convincing her to go home. She's in the conference room with Ianto going over the information about Pilgrim."

"Right. I guess you can get started on de-programming Max."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Owen says as he got out of the chair. Just before leaving, he turned around and asked, "But if Ianto gets all wibbly when you tell him about the stopwatch, I want to be there to see it."


"Okay, okay," Owen muttered as he left.

Jack picked up the stopwatch and ran a thumb over the button on the top while the cursor on the computer screen blinked at him from its stationary position, waiting impatiently for him to complete a report of the previous day's events. Even though he owed Detective Swanson and the Cardiff Police Department an explanation for all the trouble Torchwood had caused, all the wrong words kept entering in Jack's mind…


"Would you stand up, please?" Ianto asked politely.

Jack suppressed the urge to laugh because he knew that would be openly mocking Ianto who nevertheless noticed and stepped back, not amused and slightly disconcerted. Jack didn't mean to react that way, but here was this boy trying to be in control while being so bloody genteel.

Nerves, Jack reckoned. It was cute… in a way. And when Ianto was nervous, he fell back on the structured order that his good manners provided, but there was something turbulent within Ianto. With time, confidence, and the proper instruction, Jack could turn him into a lover to be reckoned with.

Jack shook the idea out of his mind; perhaps, the evening of sex was a one-time deal. In the excitement of Ianto's proposition, Jack hadn't bothered to ask. Of course, would either man even want to make this into a regular thing?

It would certainly be… convenient, Jack thought to himself. Not that he had any problems getting warm bodies into bed, but as much as he liked the hunt, sometimes he'd rather do without all the flirting, the introductions, the small talk and other 21st century formalities. It was true that eating out is fun and offered so much variety, but there were those days when all a person needed was the easy comfort of take-away. Certainly, there was nothing wrong with that.

Ianto moved the chair to the side and, with a violent jerk, removed Jack's belt. Jack delighted in the burning sensation caused by the friction of the leather against his skin. The trousers were next. Jack let out a soft moan as Ianto opened the zipper, but the young man peeled them off carefully and knelt on the floor so that he could help Jack out of them. Then, he ran his hands up Jack's legs, kneading the muscles of his calves, kissing the back of his knees, tickling his inner thighs. Ianto chuckled quietly at the hitch in Jack's breath and allowed his hand to travel further up along the leg.

Ianto stood up, and though Jack did not turn around, he could hear Ianto unbuckle his own belt. He smirked when he saw Ianto's trousers fall on the desk, and then came the boxer briefs. Then, those hands ran down the "v" of Jack's body and into his boxers, which was the last article of clothing to go.

Jack pressed the heels of the palms of his hands into the desk. He curled up and flexed his fingers, but his hands stayed in place as Ianto began to play with his balls. He could feel the young man's cock pressing against his ass, and suddenly, Jack wanted to melt into the floor. It was either that or throw Ianto over the desk and ravish him thoroughly. Knowing that either option wouldn't do, Jack gritted his teeth and held on.

Meanwhile, the hand on the stopwatch dial ticked away slowly. He'd have smashed the damn thing if he hadn't felt so good in the midst of this torture.

However, Ianto shortly whispered the words that Jack was longing to hear: "It's time."


"Jack?" Tosh said as she peeked into the office.

"Yes?" He fumbled with the monitor, trying not to let on that he was watching Ianto bend over the boardroom table as he sorted through files.

"There's a small problem with the security cameras," she reported. "Four hours seem to be missing from last night's feed."

"That was me. I did a diagnostics test with Ianto last night."

"With Ianto?"

"Yes, he volunteered," Jack replied.

"If I had known, I could have stayed…" She bit her bottom lip in disappointment. She looked like a child who was not invited to a classmate's birthday party, which never failed to provoke a tenderness inside of Jack. If he wasn't the boss, he'd sit her on his lap and coddle her.

"It was just a routine check-up. You would have been bored to tears," Jack insisted. "Is that all?"

"Yes. I think."

"If it makes you feel any better, would you go through the system and look for anything else Suzie might have left behind?"

Tosh smiled brightly and said, "I'm taking care of that as we speak."

"Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a piece of fiction to create."


Jack smiled as he left, and for a moment, he thought about returning to that report. However, he looked down at his hands. They casually rested on his desk, palms down.


"It's time," Ianto murmured.

Jack turned around to face Ianto and kissed him softly. When Jack pulled away, he asked, "Are you ready?"



"Yes, Tosh?" he barked, unable to hide the annoyance of having his memory interrupted.

The tone of Jack's voice made her flinch, but didn't call him on it. She took a few seconds to remind herself why she entered the office, "Did you find anything that I might need to know about?"


"In last night's diagnostic test. I'm just asking because I didn't see a log and…"

An image of Ianto's beautiful fingers grasping his erection flitted through Jack's head, but he managed with a straight face. "Nope, but I only did a standard check-up."

"I'll do a thorough test, but it'll take me a while."

"Yeah. Sure," Jack said, relieved that the task might keep her busy and out of the office.


Jack pulled away and asked, "Are you ready?"

Jack considered sending the boy home before going any further, even if it meant polishing himself off. He knew that affairs with co-workers weren't always a good idea, and their particular history made matters more complicated. However, as Ianto's mouth enveloped his cock, Jack found thinking increasingly over-rated.

He grabbed Ianto's hair and perhaps he pulled on it more roughly than he should have as he fucked himself in the young's mouth. At that moment, he didn't care, and Ianto didn't seem to mind. Instead, the young man's hands continued to wander on Jack's body, caressing it one minute, scratching the next, trying inject more sensuality into the experience, but all Jack wanted… all he needed was to come.

Then he came, and everything was silent, including all of that those voices in Jack's head that whispered about betrayal. All of those people whom he had let down and those who let him down had been hushed. For one moment, nothing existed but peace.

And after, still kneeling before Jack, Ianto rubbed his scalp, his neck and his jaw with a joyful smile on his face. His eyes sparkled… but maybe it was just sweat.




Gwen's eyes were wide open. "I could come back," she said, trying not to glance at Jack's crotch.

Jack immediately stopped rubbing himself through his trousers and sat so that his body was pressed up against the edge of the desk. "What do you need?"

She pushed away an imaginary strand of hair from her face and continued, "Tosh just found a file fragment that Suzie left in the system which led us to believe that she may have brainwashed two other members of Pilgrim to go on killing sprees. I think we should find them and test them for traces of ret-con."

"Sounds like a plan."

She pursed her lips and nodded, "I'll go get Owen, and -"

"Woah. Wait a minute," Jack said as he leapt out of his chair. He caught her arm and pulled her gently back into his office. "You almost died yesterday."

"But Owen says I'm fine."

He cupped her face in his hands and told her, "You've been through a lot yesterday, and we may be dealing with ticking time-bombs set to go off on a killing spree. Ianto and I will take care of it."

"He doesn't have the field experience."

"You ever see him with a Weevil?" he asked with a smirk. When her eyes practically popped out of their sockets, Jack realized that the delivery of his remark was much too sexual for Gwen's comfort. He softened his expression, "Trust me. He can handle himself."

"But, Jack…"

He took her by the hand and led her back to his chair. "Gwen, if you want to feel useful, why don't you do me a favor and finish the report for Detective Swanson?"

"That is so patronizing," she sulked.

"But it'll keep you safe if only for today," Jack said as he kissed her on the top of her head. Then, he happily bounced up the stairs to the boardroom.

However, in spite of the enthusiasm of Jack's entrance, Ianto briefly glanced at him with a neutral expression and quickly returned his focus to the GPS device.

"I'm almost done sorting all of this out. I reckon Gwen and Owen should also have a sedative kit handy, just in case," Ianto muttered.

"You and I are going," Jack told him.

Ianto did a double take and replied, "But Owen is a medic."

"I don't need him out in the field. I need him here to figure out the best way to fix Max. As much as I enjoy the poetry of Emily Dickinson, I think it might be nice to give him the opportunity to move on to other poets. T.S. Elliot might be nice."

"Or Whitman?" Ianto suggested, raising an eyebrow.

Taking any opportunity to flirt, Jack asked, "You're not worried about being alone with me, are you?"

"No!" Ianto blushed. He probably didn't intend for that to sound as loud as it did, but Jack was relieved to see the mask drop for just that second. Ianto straightened his posture and stammered, "No. It's just that I rarely go out for this sort of work. I never go out for this sort of work."

"I can handle this on my own if you don't think want to go."

"No. I mean, I do want to go," Ianto said, this time with more confidence and control. "I'll grab that sedative kit, and we're off."

"Take the lift up to street level. I'll meet you there in the SUV," Jack said with a wink. He paused to see Ianto's reaction, but the man didn't even blink.

Jack went out to the SUV and checked his reflection in the rear-view mirror. Immediately, he felt silly for doing so. He put the key in the ignition, but didn't start the engine right away. Instead, he leaned on the steering wheel and closed his eyes. It felt ridiculous that he was replaying the events of the previous night over and over in his mind. He was embarrassed about being excited about spending time alone with the youngest of his employees. It wasn't as if he expected a hand job in between nabbing the baddies, although Jack wondered if Ianto would acquiesce if asked. It bothered Jack that he had to remind himself that Ianto was just another notch on his bed post, nothing more and nothing less… except he wasn't, not after everything that's happened. And Jack did have a great deal of affection for Ianto.


Ianto sat back in the chair; his erection pointed up at Jack in the most obscene manner. The young man was about to do the job himself, but Jack wasn't going to allow him to do that.

Jack palmed the stopwatch over to Ianto with one hand and grasped the erection with the other. "Time me," he whispered.

But he never knew the result.

The stopwatch dropped to the floor as Ianto reached his orgasm, but Jack was so lost in watching every twitch of his lips and flutter of his eyelids that he didn't bother to pick it up to stop it. The issue of time was irrelevant when what Jack really wanted was to witness a raw moment of honesty from man who kept so much of himself hidden away, and it felt good to hear his name coming from Ianto's lips. It felt good to have the young man at his mercy. It felt good to see the young man drop his façade so that there was nothing but lust in his eyes.

The seconds continued to tick away as Ianto gasped for each breath as he regained his composure, but Jack couldn't tear his eyes away as he waited for Ianto to turn back into his shell.

But the young man didn't retreat.

Instead, he whispered, "Thank you."

"We're just getting started," Jack replied. "I am so not done with you, yet."


"Sir?" Ianto said into the com.

"Yes, Ianto," Jack replied gently.

"I'm waiting."