That was the only way to describe how Amaye felt on the streets, bleeding to death. It would catch any newcomer's eye, but the civilians of Yugakure found it absolutely normal. Anyone who was against the village's becoming a tourist site would be found beaten up at the sides of the road by former shinobi who gave up their jobs. Amaye was no different.

Amaye was a regular kunoichi, except for the fact that she had lived by herself before anyone could remember. She was highly against the elders' plans to make the shinobi country turn into a stupid tourist site—her life depended on the money she made as a kunoichi and nothing else. No one knew much about her except the elders who had chosen to forsake the shinobi world and her only "friend."

"Amaye?" an unfamiliar voice asked. The kunoichi looked up feebly to see violet eyes and gray hair. Hidan, of course. The S-class criminal frowned slightly when she didn't respond. "What? Can't you see I'm about to die? Leave me alone…" the girl finally replied when he shook her shoulders roughly.

"You'll need help. You're lucky I'm always around at 3 in the morning to save some stupid kunoichi's sorry ass," he said with much sarcasm.


The gray-haired man stood up, throwing Amaye's limp form over his shoulder, making her bloody purple-black hair swing around in one motion. A few minutes of walking later, Amaye exhaled her last breath.

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