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...Two angels sitting on golden chairs and drinking water. They were laughing and giggling as Amaye entered the room awkwardly.

When Amaye was only a few feet away from them, they looked at her and smiled. The angel with dark green hair stepped up to her, her robes gracefully flowing after her.

"Amaye, I am Midori, the Angel of Orphans. I'm...I'm sorry to have our meeting last time be so rushed, but I had some business. Now, I think this is going to take a while, so I suggest you sit down."

She gestured at a silver chair to her right.

"I am Hizoku, tha Angel of Rebels. I would like this meeting to be straightforward, so let us start. We, the representatives of the groups, would like to discuss a transfer," the other angel with meek brown hair said.

"Yes, since we found you dead as a rebel and not alone, you will be transfered to my group. You will be assigned a new human, a more rebellious one than Hidan," Midori said, sighing.

"So we will let you choose another human through the portal," Hizoku finished.

Amaye let her hand feel the same sliver of words again, and she pulled her hand out.

"S-Sasuke Uchiha?" Amaye mumbled.

"Oh, someone's already looking after him...actually, a whole bunch of people are. His clan, Sakura-san-"

"Wait, Sakura-chan died?!" Amaye knew Sakura, the girl who had taught her how to have perfect chakra control.

"Yes, unfortunately. She died of a fire a few days back. You won't know how horrible it is... And the thing is, Sasuke-san doesn't care for that. He's still unaware of her presence," Hizoku explained.

"Well, choose again," Midori chuckled.

For the third time, Amaye felt a sliver of words and pulled her hand out.

"Hidan again? This is certainly abnormal. Well, if the portal of names wishes for her to remain with Hidan...But she will stay in the Rebels' group now." Midori muttered.

"Alright, this will be reported. Amaye, you may leave now. If you follow this light, you will find Hidan." Hizoku showed her a dark brown light, and it flew away.

Amaye and the light were invisible to everyone until they reached the Akatsuki base four days later. The light left, and Amaye flowed through the wall to where she thought Kakuzu might be.


"You again? I see. Why are you here?" he asked gruffly. She noticed the many bandages all over him.

"Where is Hidan? I'm here for the same reason as last time."

"Hidan? Oh, you won't like this. That idiot died in a battle against some chuunin...Shikamaru, I think. That was about yesterday."

"Oh, I see. Can you tell me where he is?" Amaye gulped. She really loved Hidan, ever since she became his rebel partner.

"Buried in the Nara forest. When you see rocks and explosives, call out for him. He should be alive for a few more months, unless he kills some more."

Amaye nodded her thanks and ran to Konoha. She was in the Nara Forest before she knew it, staring at boulders piled on top of each other and used explosives.

"H-Hidan-kun? Are you here?" she yelled.

The group of boulders seemed to let out a muffled grunt. "Oh, I didn't think you'd come so soon," she heard Hidan hiss.

"It's Amaye, you idiot. How'd you lose against them?"

"I'd appreciate it if you dug me up first, then let me talk."

"Oh, of course." Using levitation, Amaye lifted the large boulders one by one, until all of Hidan's body parts were uncovered.

"Now, sew me back together, bitch!" he scowled, not enjoying the fact that a girl got the advantage of seeing him cut apart.

Amaye wasn't sad at all. She knew they'd always be (long forgotten) partners, and nothing else. She would just be there to guide him until he died, which was never.

"Fine, just hold your tongue for a second, will you?" she snapped.

She sewed him back, and it took a few hours. He wouldn't shut up, so they were bickering the whole time.

"Finally! Let's get something to eat...wait, you don't eat, do you? Fine, then you just set camp somewhere." Hidan left to get some food.

He came back an hour later, looking stuffed to the bone.

"Ah, those traitor Akatsuki members! Didn't even bother to fucking help me at all! I fucking quit!" he grumbled.

"Hidan-kun, would you calm down a little?"Amaye was beyond annoyed with her former partner now.

"Who do you think you are, bitch?" Hidan smirked, waiting for a face of defeat.

"Well, for a start, I'm your angel, and if you do something wrong, they're gonna blame it on me."


"Forget it. And second of all, I'm not a bitch..."

"You know what? Just shut the hell up. I never asked you to be my angel, and I don't think you were forced to be my angel, either. You might have been a crazed stalker-fangirl when you were alive, and I don't care. Just leave me alone, bitch."

That was enough to make Amaye snap.

"Fine, maybe I will just leave you alone! I'll just leave you now! You can just die for all I care!"

And with that, Amaye stomped off.

Now, what the hell was she supposed to tell the other angels?