Bonus- "Monster"

Note: This is about Edward and Devan, so I have not put in other people's thoughts, etc....just you you know I have not forgotten Edward can read minds. I just hate to write him for this reason. Too much going on in his mind! Haha! Enjoy! It is better with just the two of them as the main focus anyway! ;)

The Ambulance Ride in Chapter 26 'Slip Up' from Edward's POV:




"Call for an ambulance!" a panicked voice called out.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" a higher pitched shriek rose from the swarming onlookers.

There was constant streams of voices running through my mind, but I was trying not to listen to them.

"Is she okay?" A close voice asked me as I nearly gagged on the thick scent of sweet blood. The sweetest I had ever had to resist. Isabella Swan was staring at me, doe eyed and pale.

"I don't know," I barely was able to choke out. I fought hard not to jump the poor girl and devourer her right then and there. It didn't matter that there were hundreds of people around watching. I was on the brink of losing everything my family had worked so hard for. I was about to spill blood!

Thankfully, Mike Newton, who I normally thought of as a preppy jerk, saved me from losing control. He took Isabella by the arms and ushered her away as a thicker crowd of less tempting smelling humans surrounded me. I was able to focus on what was most important.

'Oh please, God. Please don't take her from me,' my mind reeled as I gazed down at my dear little sister's listless body. I could hear her breathing. 'She is still breathing. I haven't killed her, thank God.' The crowd of students began to form a circle around us. One that Isabella Swan was now absent from.

"Devan?" I asked in hoping she would hear me and open her stunning, violet eyes. Nothing happened. She remained still.

It seemed like eternity for the ambulance to arrive. And for an immortal being like myself that was a very long time to wait. It was excruciating. I had not felt pain in over a hundred years, but I felt it now. I was practically ill worrying about her. 'She has to live. I only just found her. I cannot lose her now!'

The paramedics got her loaded and began assessing her, taking her vitals. They assured me that she was doing well.

No statistics could tell me she was all right. I needed her to wake up and see it for myself. My knowledge from retaining two medical school diplomas held no value compared to Carlisle's perfected practical experience in the field. I needed him to examine Devan personally and tell me that she was going to live and that there was no damage to her perfect existence.

I watched as the trees flew by and we headed to Forks Hospital. Alice had called Carlisle and he was waiting for us. 'I could have ran her to the hospital faster than this! What the hell is the driver doing up there?' I ranted internally as we moved the screaming rig through town. Then her body jolted and her hand tightened around mine.

I bent over her and hoped she could see me. Her eyes fluttered open and she seemed to recognize me for her lips bent upward a slant as she spoke.

"I love you," she breathed softly.

I felt warmth. Actual warmth! I knew that was impossible, but those words spoke to me. I couldn't help but smile. I was relieved that she was beginning to come around and was able to speak. 'Does she know what she is saying?' I wondered. My smile left, as I doubted her words. 'Surly, I am imagining this,'

She began to look around a bit more and was agitated to find herself injured and in the back of an ambulance. She leaned forward, but I demanded she stay still. She obeyed me, but seems to resent doing so.

Her color was still very pallid.

"I love you, Edward," she repeated the words that stabbed at me like knifes.

'What a cruel joke. She must have hit her head very hard. She is delirious. In shock, no doubt! She couldn't possibly love a monster. She doesn't know what she is saying,' Thoughts ran through my mind making me dizzy. I looked out the window again to see if we were nearly at the hospital. When I gazed to Devan again she now seemed upset with me. I attempted to calm her with a kind smile.

"I love you," Devan uttered more clearly this time. Her eyes pierced me and I believed it! The words were like music to my ears. 'I love you too, my darling,' I thought the words I was not allowed to speak. Something in her forceful confession made me smile again. She was determined she loved me!

I couldn't react. I w

as not allowed to love her. She was a human. 'A magnificent, human girl who deserves better than a freak like me. I will not let her love me. I have to protect her. I have to pretend…for her sake…that I do not feel for her.'

Devan's heart began to thump erratically when I didn't respond.

"Devan, please relax. You hit your head," I told her and I laughed. I don't know why I laughed. It was inappropriate. She would not understand.

She was so strong. So beautifully stubborn. An angel. She had no idea how many lives she saved today.

No pain could be worse than this. My still heart ached in my silent chest. She saw right through me and she closed her eyes in anger. I had made my angel cry. I truly was a monster.

We reached the Emergency of Forks Hospital and Carlisle and his team ran a battery of tests on Devan and found she was only suffering from a mild concussion. She was going to be fine after a few days rest.

I was still in a state of shock. I had not being able to stop her from hurting herself. She ran out in front of a moving vehicle to save one life. And in doing that she saved me as well.

She saved me from taking an innocents life! I could just imagine all the frightened faces of our peers looking on as I sucked upon Isabella's bloodied corpse.

But that didn't happen.

Devan had saved us all. Our family was safe because of her act. And now she was lying in her hospital bed, bruised and sore. Hurt, because of her selfless deed. And I had hurt her the most.

I am a monster!

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