Of Books and Knives

by stones

Most would call if a gift from the heavens above.

She would like to tell those certain people to suck it.

They didn't know until they walked in her shoes, and very uncomfortable shoes they were. The title, School Gang Leader, had caused her nothing but trouble. She had a group of pesky followers, constantly trying to do things for her. Yes, it sounded good. She knew this. But what others didn't know was that at a certain point, it just got plain annoying. She had gotten a knife so very close to her neck and a death threat from a rather cute boy. Some boys even guided her away from a cat, claiming it to be too dangerous. Seriously?

"Got to practice!"

"Keep those lips nice and soft for me, School Gang Leader!"

"School Gang Leader, look what I'm doing!"

She mumbled rants to herself, holding her school books closer to herself.

Having a competition in which the prize was lunch with her was fine. She liked lunch. She liked to share lunch. Lunch was okay. A kiss? No. Way.

Ducking into a classroom was the best she could do and she wandered down the hallway, keeping a close eye for anyone who might spot her. In the windows she could see the masses throwing baseballs, doing jumping jacks, or racing against each other. This only made her more jumpy.

She found the perfect room-- the library. Who would be practicing in there?

She opened the door and entered, making sure not to make too much noise. Blowing her hair from her face, she gave an exhausted sigh before casually walking over to a table and setting her bag on top. The room was completely silent except for the low hum coming from the blinding lights in the ceiling.

The book shelves were tall and intimidating as she neared them, head tilting farther and farther back as she got closer. She grazed the spines with a finger, glancing casually at the titles. At the end of the first shelf, she rounded the corner and did the same with the next. It wasn't until she reached the fifth row that she noticed this wasn't the perfect room. Far from it.

Images of hair, fear, and glinting metal ran through her head as her eyes landed on him. They were close enough that she could count the piercing in his ears and the way his lips looked soft and welcoming because of the small smile tugging the corner of his lips as his eyes scanned a page in the book he had been holding.

"Oh," she breathed out in surprise, a hand coming out to rest against the shelf to her left to compose herself.

This slight sound made him turn his head only slightly, catching the image of her in the corner of his eye, before he flipped the book shut, causing her to jump slightly.


He turned to her fully, one hand on his pocket as he tucked his books underneath his arm. His legs looked long and tall in his black slacks, making a great contrast against the white title of the floor.

His eyes were fully on her as he spoke. "Where are your dogs?"

"Shouldn't you be practicing?" she asked suddenly, noticing he the only one not participating in the mass chaos that was preparing for the competition.

He seemed to be taken back because he paused, his shoulders leaning back. There were some words on the tip of his tongue, lost in the conversation forever, because he set his lips into a thin line, observing her carefully.

"You think too highly of yourself," he told her, straightening once again.

She noticed his lips curve into a tiny scowl, so different from the small, innocent grin he was just wearing--so different then the welcoming and happy smile he had given her the first day they had met, when he had come seemingly looking to comfort rather than deceive.

"I didn't mean it like that," she whispered, shaking her head slightly.

"Well," he said, shrugging his shoulders coolly, "what are you here for? Trying to escape your fans?"

"It's a little exhausting to have to deal with them," she replied, the conversation running like a broken record. Her feet shifted back, knowing how this ended before. Her hair on the floor and her nerves running high. "But I'm flattered they are doing this for--"

He scoffed, knowing the perfect remedy. One he already knew she would reject. "Well then what? One slap wasn't enough? Back for more?"

Her lips twitched as she looked away from him. "I'm running out of hair for that."

He made a satisfied sound, smirk placing itself on his lips.

"You were smiling," she commented awkwardly.


"You smiled when you tried to trick me," she said, lazily picking at the corner of a book on the shelf that was eye-level.

"Don't flatter yourself," he drawled out. "It's called acting, Hirayama."

"You were still smiling when you got angry."

She heard him huff a laugh. "Because I was going to get what I wanted. And maybe it was cute, the way you stood up against me. But it quickly turned annoying."

She searched her head for something to reply with. Nothing seemed to satisfy her.

"You liked my smile," he observed, his voice light and high, obviously amused. "Act charming to a stupid, naïve girl and you get what you want out of the brat, whatever it may be. If you're good enough, you can charm the pants right off of her, quite literally." He paused. "It was going to work."

"But it didn't," she bluntly stated.

The sound of shoes rubbing against the floor brought her eyes to his feet and she noticed he was coming closer. Falling back, she pressed the left side of her into the book shelf and backed up only slightly, eyes following up to his face until he stopped before her.

"You're scared," he said.

"Maybe a little," she mumbled, eyes resting on his shoulder.

"Why are you still here?"

"I have no where else to go," she said, noticing her answer was extremely odd. With a twitch, she shook her head. "Ah, no. I mean, I would only get bombarded anywhere else. All they talk about is competitions and kisses and…"

His arm reached up and she flinched, closing her eyes. It wasn't until his hand rested on her shoulder lightly that she opened them again and turned her head to look at his hand. But at that point, he had already moved it up to her neck, leaving a warm trail. He shuffled beside her, making her turn so that her back was fully against the bookshelf. He was getting closer and closer. Her reaction, tilting her head lower and lower.

She felt some loose strands of his light hair against her nose and suddenly felt something place a force on her forehead. It was his own. She could feel his breath against her lips and she pressed herself farther into the bookshelf, her hands against some books.

He bent down and in doing so, made her lift her head upward, giving him access to her lips. But they just hovered, so closely that she could have swore they had touched at some point. By now, she had forgotten nearly everything else-- all that she could think of was her anxiousness, his lips softly hovering above her own, her fear of just what would happen next, and her curiosity, just what did his lips feel like.

"Guess you can't stay here then, Hirayama," he whispered before pulling away. He left her against the bookshelf, finally catching her breath, and wondering when she had started to hold it. She gave a large huff, making her hair float up before landing on her forehead once again. She pushed herself off of the bookshelf and turned towards his retreating back.

"Is that your way of getting to me?" she asked, one foot coming forward. "Let me tell you something, Tenshima! You'll have to try harder than that!"

"I wasn't trying at all really," he said, shrugging as he stopped in his steps. He paused and turned his head to throw a glance her way. "And it seemed to work just fine."

She hoped her blush wasn't as red as she felt it was.

"But if you insist…"

She flinched when he reached down and let his hand dig inside of his coat. Instinctively, her hand shot out and grabbed a book. She held it front her face as she squeezed her eyes shut. After a few moments passed and she oddly felt no pain, she peeped an eye open and looked over the top of the book.

He was holding the knife casually in his hand as he leaned against the bookshelf, the other hand in his pocket. Leisurely, he held the hilt of the knife with two fingers and swayed it back and forth mockingly. "Remember this?"

She opened her mouth and clumsily said, "Ya." Right when that sound left her mouth, she regretted it. It sounded nervous, idiotic, and juvenile. She noticed she was still holding the book in front of her face and she dropped it, trying hard not to blink as it crashed against the floor. Her hands were still in front of her where she had just been holding her book shield.

"Is it getting to you?" he asked, still smirking.

She bit the inside of her cheek, trying to figure out how she would play the cars just dealt to her. She supposed she could just nod her head and scurry along because she saw how the light bounced off the knife and remembered that her hair like last time could very well be her neck right now. On the other hand, her newly acquired status, army of boy followers, and Katou, who she stupidly figured would come to her safety any minute, because he always did, made her feel like she could push Tenshima's buttons just a little longer. But how far would she go?

She straightened herself out and dropped her hands to her side, brushing her uniform as she smiled sweetly. His grin faded slightly and suspiciously at the sight.

"I can't seem to take serious any boy who can't even kiss a girl when he's that close," she told him smartly, trying to drive a stake through his manly pride. She glanced up at him and shrugged. "Nervous? It's okay. Most boys are."

"I'm wasn't nervous," he snapped back, smile fully gone, now replaced by a frown, a frown that promised many painful things.

She looked away quickly, making sure not to look at this for it would only frighten her, she was sure. If anything went out of control, she always had her bag equipped with metal plate. She went to pat her bag that should have been at her side, but her palm connected with her thigh. She glanced down. Where was her bag? She could see it in her head, sitting lazily on the table she had set it on.

"You want me to prove it?" he asked, pushing himself off the bookshelf. He gave the knife one last twirl before he caught it fully in his hand, gripping it tightly.

She glanced at him as he advanced quickly. Turning, she was ready to make a run for it, some calls for help already on her lips, when she felt his hand heavy on her shoulder. She was pulled back and pushed to the side, back painfully colliding with the bookshelf, making it budge. She cried out as the books shook.


The sound of books hitting the floor and a clang of metal against tile floated to her ears as he pressed against her, her body sandwiched tightly against him and the books behind her. Her hands came up instinctively to clutch onto his upper arms. His lips were on hers quickly and she closed her eyes tightly when she felt them connect. She felt one of his hands under her jaw, fingers right behind her ears, tilting her head. His other hand was against her waist, holding her in place against the shelf. She gasped in the back of her throat as he began to grind against her

He picked his head up for a second, giving them both a second to breath. Already she had her lips open, calling out for help, though it same out as a pathetic whisper, her breath completely taken from her.


"Shut up," he hissed as he came down again. She tried to turn her head away, and he caught the corner of her lips in a small kiss before using his hand to turn her head, giving him full access. This time the kiss was rougher, and she felt something moist skim against her lips. He wanted to turn the kiss deeper and as she noted the hand on her waist trail upward slowly toward her chest, she realized he wanted something a little more. This school really needed to increase the female population.

Her thoughts were quickly gone, what usually happened when macking on someone. He made an impatient groan and in the spur of the moment, she allowed the kiss to deepen as she slumped against the bookshelf, allowing him to hold her up as he pressed against her. She tried to push him when she needed to breath, having not caught it before when she had the chance. He pulled back and she inhaled deeply, following it with shorter breaths. He was still holding her up against the bookshelf and she realized she was still allowing him to. His hand, which had now made it fully to her chest was not retreating.

"Enjoy yourself?" he asked, smiling as he leaned forward to look at her face which she was hiding by tilting her head lower and having her bangs fall in front of her eyes. "Has your opinion changed or should we continue?"

She blinked once before looking at him.

"Why practice and work for the prize when the prize will come to me?" he spoke smugly, not really caring for her answer since her face showed all. He took a step back and she balanced herself on her legs before straightening out, promising the shelf that that would be the last time she would need its support. He bent over before her, picking up his things. She watched with dazed eyes, mind still buzzing around the kiss. He looked at her when he straightened up and gave an amused smile. Tipping his head in a farewell, he turned and started to walk away. "I'm not just another pathetic loser in this school, fighting for your attention."

Quickly, she shook her head to get back to her senses and jumped to the middle of the small aisle, holding her hand out. "Tenshima, you think this is over?"

He stopped at the edge of the bookshelf and turned to her, books tucked underneath his arm as he shrugged. "No."

His answer, not what she was expecting, caught her off guard and she brought her arm to herself, titling her head at him to which he grinned at.

"Until later then, School Gang Leader."

She watched as he walked away and she noted that this scene was different from the rest. Since being at the school, she had been the one walking, the others following. It didn't mean she was conceited, nor did she feel she deserved this superiority, but it was odd to see his retreating back. Different.

After thinking over the last few minutes in her head, she turned, quickly retrieved her bag before leaving the library, mind buzzing with nervousness and anticipation. But between these feelings, she could still feel a small smile just dying to escape.

"School Gang Leader?"

She looked to the side and stopped in her step, giving a smile. "Katou!"

"Is something wrong?" he asked, lifting a brow as he moved next to her to carefully observe her. She swatted her hands in front of her, giving him a large smile.

"Nothing's wrong!" she piped cheerfully. "No need to worry. Why would anything be wrong?"

"You were just mumbling to yourself," he commented, still looking over her, avoiding her flailing hands as he did so. "You're smiling quite oddly and you're cheeks are red." He lifted a hand to her forehead and she stopped moving around to look up at him. "Are you feeling faint?"

She shook her head.

"I'm here to take care of you, School--"

"No!" she blurted out, then quietly apologized for her outburst. "No, Katou. I appreciate you worrying about me, but I'm fine. Really."

He brought his hand back to himself and put it against his chin, giving her one more look. In time, he shrugged and stepped back. "Alright then."

"Well, we should go," she said while smiling and titling her head. He nodded in response and she continued to walk, Katou just behind her.

He was following. And she noticed.

There was a difference.



A/N: I love Dear School Gang Leader and seeing there are barely any fics, I knew I had to write one. Anyway, I might just leave it at that, I might keep my Dear School Gang Leader one-shots here, or I might do something else. I don't know. Only time will tell.

Tenshima/Hayaka are love.