I'm Still Standing

Summary: Bella is broken after finding that all Edward wanted from her was a child. As a newborn vampire she had no one to turn to except the Volturi. There she accepts a position with them. What will happen to her now?

Chapter 1

He left; my life seemed to be non existent. He took it away from me and now I wanted it back, yet I couldn't get it back because I had no idea where he went. He even took my daughter with him, too bad I couldn't commit suicide now. Why did I even ask to be changed in the first place, why did he change me, he could have left me to die after I had given him what he wanted, Renesemee. Maybe he felt sorry for me, maybe he wanted to damn me to eternity and suffer at the thought that I may never see my daughter again. His family had up and left as well, though whether they were willing or not I didn't care. They took me in, used me as an experiment and then shredded my non beating heart into a million pieces. Even Jacob left with them, he didn't want me either; all he cared about now was Renesmee. The day I found the Cullen's house empty, I ran back to Charlie and cried a tearless cry.

"Bella honey, I got some…blood here for you," Charlie said still having difficult with the fact that blood was the only thing that could sustain me. I looked up; my hair fell into my face. It was sweet of Charlie to go through all that just for me but I shook my head saying I wasn't hungry yet the deep black of my eyes told that I lied. Charlie sighed, placing the cup of blood on the bedside table before leaving without a word. I looked at the cup, the metallic smell was intoxicating. With all my power not to drink I turned over, shielded my nose with the blankets. Looking at the other bedside table I saw the CD player. Opening it, there was Edward's CD that he had made for me. I growled throwing the CD across the room and it shattered against the wall. I watched the pieces fall to the ground, as if it were my own heart that laid there. I wondered how Alice was, whether she had already forgotten about me, no doubt Edward would have forced them to. I was when o realized that I needed to get away from this place. The second I had decided that, I was up and had my suitcase unzipped on the bed. Opening the wardrobe, I flung the clothes into the suitcase with precise movements. Closing it, I picked it up, looked at the cup and drank the cold blood before heading downstairs. Charlie was already in bed asleep. Grabbing a pen and piece of paper, I wrote a quick note explaining why I had to go, and that he had my number just in case he needed it. I walked down the street still unsure of where I could go, all I knew was Forks and Phoenix, though I didn't want to take the burden from one parent and give it to another. I got to the bus stop, waited 5 minutes before getting on the very next one, finding it stopped in Port Angeles. I got off that bus and got straight onto another, this one headed towards the airport. Yes I'll leave America for now, get miles away from the place where he broke my heart.

I walked up to the check in area, not paying attention to what airline it was and asked the girl behind the counter to get me on the next fight out. She had given me a curious look but accepted the money I gave her for the ticket. That was the one good thing that I had gotten from the Cullen's. Alice had set up a bank account with a lot of money in it, never did check to see how much was in there. It was meant for shopping trips, and only I could access it. It made me wonder if she saw this coming; that Edward would leave me again. I mentally shook the thoughts from my mind as I went through the security checks before heading to the terminal I needed just in time to get through. A found my seat, next to a window so I pulled the blind down even though it was night. The doors closed and I was glad I had the row to myself. Glancing quickly up and down the plane, finding that not many people were flying out so late at night. Perfect, I could relax. I accepted the headphones the hostess handed to me and plugged it in, letting the music blast into my ears. Turning down the volume just a little, I closed my eyes, trying to see if meditation would help the flight go quicker. I had never done meditation before, but everyone on TV had made it look easy. The tall figure of him flashed through my mind and I cursed him. All I could see was his smirk, one that made me feel worthless as he walked over to Rose and got Nessie off her. Both vampires glared at me, I couldn't see the rest before they disappeared into the darkness. I opened my eyes and kept them open, afraid of seeing that again. I decided to turn my attention to the screen in the back on the person's seat in front of me. Flicking through the channels I decided to leave it on the movies. It wasn't until the intercom came on did I realize that the plane was preparing to land. Either I hadn't gone far, or I was too engrossed in the movies to notice, only when the captain stated we were heading into Rome that figured it was the latter. Italy, the home of the Volturi, maybe I could go to them, see if I can get a position there, the Cullen's would never expect me to go to them. Yea that's what I'd do. I collected my luggage and decided to walk a little bit; it had just gotten dark over here. Walking didn't get far and so thanks to the little technique Rosalie had taught me I had jumpstarted a BMW before heading off to Volterra to meet the vampire royalty.


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