Title: Ghost Of The Past

Author: Cobra

Rating: T/M

Summary: A single letter from a lost friend sends Agent Tony Dinozzo on a long forgotten path of justice.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of NCIS or any other tv shows that may pop into this.....

Tony sat at his desk in the empty bullpin. He smiled slightly as he booted up his computer. Sure, he was at work, at close to midnight. But, the thought of where he was only a few weeks earlier made this job seem like heaven. He heard the intruder before the door of the stairwell opened, his hand snaking to the butt of his SIG out of instinct.

"You're here kinda late kid.", A gruff voice said causing Tony to relax.

"Franks, you're a long way from Mexico."

"Tell me about it.", The older man said as he walked into the bullpen. A large minella envelope in his left hand.

"Delivery for Gibbs?", Tony asked with a careful tone. After the last time Franks was in town Tony thought caution was prudent.

"Nope, this is for you kid.", Franks said as he tossed the envelope on the desk in front of Tony.

"What is it?"

"My last favor to an old friend.", Franks said with a sigh., "Do me a favor kid. Don't tell the probie I was here."

"We'll see."

"I guess we will.", Franks said with a sigh as he began to turn around., "I'm warning you now kid, you open that envelope and things are going to get complicated. And, well, If you don't, there's no chance it will get any better."

"Thanks for the advice.", Tony said with a hollow tone as he watched the man leave the bullpen. He didn't bother asking how the ex-agent had gotten into the building, the name on the outside of the envelope answered that. Jenny Sheperd. Tony sat there for a moment, his curiousity bubbling even as his stomach turned. The last thing he wanted was to get caught up in one of Jennys' personal vendetta's. With a sigh he broke the seal of the envelope, and prepared for the worst as he read the front page.


If you are reading this then I am dead. And Franks has stuck to his word and delivered this. Before I go any further, I wish you apologize to you, I know it doesn't mean much now Tony, but I honestly never meant for you to get hurt. And during the time we have known eachother I've grown very fond of you. You are without a doubt the most capable agent I've had the pleasure of knowing, Gibbs included. What I have for you is not much. Behind this letter you will find my last will and testemant. I have no family Tony, at least none I wish to speak of, therefore I have left most of my personal possessions to Gibbs. To you Tony I have left something that Gibbs shouldn't know of yet. In this envelope you will find two keys, to two safety deposit boxes. The bank names and addresses are on the bottom of this page. If you wish to know more you will have to open them. What I can tell you, is that I hope you go this last mile for me. This is one of the few cases I had wished to close before my death. One that I'm sure you will be just as driven about. Give my will to Gibbs, and, Tony, give him my love. I never meant to hurt him, it just seems to be what I'm good at. Goodbye Tony, and one last thing I never took the time to tell you, I cared for you deeply Tony, a brilliant young man, and agent that I knew in my heart and mind could be so much more. If I did have family Tony, you would be the perfect son.

Love Jenny, Your friend, Your director. Your family.

Tony closed his eyes for a moment, tears threatening to spill. The man had never quite put his finger on why he liked and respected Jenny. Now, though, that he could be honest with himself, he knew. It was in his mind a childish reason, Jenny had liked and respected him, much like Gibbs. But, Jenny expressed that respect, and she showed her gratitude. Tony had always longed for acceptance, but more than that a deeply selfish part of him had yearned for praise. For the good job after closing a case. The loud roaring of the crowd after a touchdown. The young man wanted acknowlement. Gibbs was never good at that, and Tony never tried to change that. Jenny however, was open with her praise to him. And until the undercover op had turned sour, had seemed to deeply respect and care for him. He knew when he opened the letter that he would go all the way. Run the distance, and hopefully, he was as good as she thought. Hopefull, he would score the winning goal.


It was lunch the next day before Tony could get away from the team. Jenny's will was soon mailed with no return address from a mailbox across town. He was careful to leave no fingerprints or DNA on the will or the envelope. He made it to the first bank rather quickly, the death certificate as well as his federal ID granting him easy passage into the deposit box. The bank manager gave him one last sideways look before he left the small cubicle. Tony stood still, his eyes never left the box as he thought of what he was getting into. Finally after seconds ticked by like an eternity he sighed and opened the lid. The box was filled to the brim, a letter sat on top.


I'm glad you agreed to help me with this last wish. I know it must have been hard for you to trust me again. But, I promise this case will mean as much to you as it did to me. I might as well come out and say it. Jethro's family, his wife Shannon, daughter Kelly. There deaths weren't accidental as Jethro was led to believe. Jethro of course thinks the case is closed, with a bullet. I however have found evidence that it was a contract hit. I do not know who ordered the crime, that is why I need you. I've searched for years, went through everything I could find. But, I could never see it, I know the answer is there, I know it. But, it has eluded me at every turn. You have a way of seeing things Tony. A way of seeing the most mundane thing as extraordinary. I think you can solve this case for me. I know I am once again asking you to break Gibbs' trust. But, if you were to tell him about this, he would break Tony. He is one of the strongest men I know, but this, this would break him. His blood lust would consume him, and his lack of tact would most likely get him killed. In this is what you need to get into my other safe deposit box. Along with all of the information I have on what happened that day so long ago. Please end this for me Tony. I, no we, owe it to Jethro.

Tony fell limply into the lone chair in the small cube, then sighed as he rubbed both hands over his face.

"Damn you Jenny.", He muttered to himself before he stood and removed the contents of the box. The last item he stuck in the back of his waste band. The Desert Eagle pistol an additional weight., "You always did like big ones director.", Tony shot out with a humorful smirk. One last piece of innuendo between to close friends.


Late that night Tony sat on his couch, a bottle of whiskey on his left, every file and note Jenny had in front of him.

"No witness statements, no real crime scene work. What the hell was Franks' thinking?", Tony asked himself with a sigh. Not one witness statement. Yet he sicced Gibbs on a known terrorist?

"Well, I know where to start now."

With a sigh Tony opened his cell phone and called a number he had long ago memorized.

"Hey Boss? I was wondering if I could take a few of those vacation days I have saved up."

"I was thinking a week maybe. There are a few things I need to get lined out now that I'm back."

"You know as well as I do boss that four months on a boat full of sailors isn't a vacation."

"Sure thing boss. I'll see you next week."

As Tony disconnected the call he sat back with a sigh.

"Their, the hard parts over with.