Title: Ghost Of The Past

Author: Cobra

Rating: T/M

Summary: A single letter from a lost friend sends Agent Tony Dinozzo on a long forgotten path of justice.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of NCIS or any other tv shows that may pop into this.....

Anthony DiNozzo hated flying. Not for the normal reason mind you, it wasn't because of the cramped space. Or even the chance of crashing, well, until he thought about it. No, he hated flying for one reason, Airports. Thankfully the small airport in Mexico was easy to manuver. He quickly rented a sedan from the front desk, a large smile thrown to the beautiful woman at the desk. Then he was on his way. A million questions floated through his mind, the thought that he didn't have his SIG weighed heavily on his shoulders. He had no doubts that this confrontation might escalate pass verbal. And even fewer doubts that he would lose. No, Tony knew that Franks was a tough one, you didn't get where he was by being a slouch. But, Tony also knew that he held the edge, and as long as Franks wasn't armed he would win the day. After an hour drive the young agent parked the car in front of a shack, an unfinished hot tub sitting in front of the porch. He opened the door slowly, watching as Franks walked onto the porch, a beer in each hand.

"Had a feelin I'd be seeing you Kid.", Franks said as Tony walked up the front steps and took the unopened beer., "Of course this could have been handled over the phone."

"You could have lied to me over the phone."

"You don't think I can do that face to face?", Franks asked with a snort., "You don't know me to well Kiddo."

"I could say the same Franks. There is one thing you're forgetting. I'm on vacation, in a foreign country. I'm not Special Agent DiNozzo here. I don't have to follow the rules when I'm not on the reservation." Tony stated with an emotionless face. His breathing even as he looked Franks in the eyes.

"Didn't know you had it in you kid.", Franks muttered as he leaned back. He sighed as he opened his beer and took a long swig., "Go ahead and ask."

"Why was the investigation cut short?"

"Wasn't my call. The higher ups shut me down. I was barely able to take witness statements.", Frank answered with a straight face. Tony watched him for a moment, taking in his facial features.

"What aren't you telling me?"


"Got a name with that statement?"

"Agent Lance Crain."

"Why sic Gibbs on this guy?", Tony asked as he tossed down a photo. Franks frowned as he looked at the photo.

"He did pull the trigger, at least as far as I know. Crain told me that I couldn't touch him, he was an undercover operative or some bull shit."

"You sent Gibbs after a CIA agent?", Tony asked his voice tightening.

"Gibbs was going after him anyway. I was never one to let a man get away with killing a kid."

"Why Gibbs?"

"I don't know, I've asked myself that for years. All I can think of is maybe Probie did something to piss off someone. Someone big."

"Gibbs killed one of there own, and he's still alive. Why?"

"Leroy covered his tracks well kid. And once he got back stateside I hired him, that gave him some protection. Jenny told me that it was whispered in certain circles that this was going to come to a head. So I agreed to deliver the envelope.", Franks answered with a sigh. Tony nodded and stood walking off the porch.

"She showed up about six months ago, asked me the same question you are. I didn't tell her squat."

"Then why tell me?", Tony asked asked as he turned back to face the man.

"You better be ready for whats comin' kid. This has been covered up for over a decade, I'm sure there are people who would rather it didn't come out now.", Franks said instead of answering.

"I'll remember that."

"You know where you're going next?"

"Maybe. See you around Franks."

"Hope so Kid." Franks muttered as he finished his beer and picked up the still sealed bottle he had given Tony. ,"You die Probies gonna kill me."


The man sat the binoculars in the passenger seat of his new black sedan. He had just watched DiNozzo turn the corner, out of sight of the house and the road behind it. With a sigh he opened his cell phone and typed a number from memory.

"DiNozzo is leaving."

"Did Franks say anything?", The voice asked from the speaker.

"They're good, Franks had them sit on the front porch, it's to far away with to many obstructions, I couldn't hear anything."


"You want me to sit on Franks for awhile?"

"No, get on a plane back to the states. We'll take care of DiNozzo here. Before he can dig to deep."

"Understood.", The man said with a smile as he disconnected the call. He leaned forward to start the car just as the driver side window of the car shattered. A small pistol sticking to his skull.

"Fancy meeting you here.", The voice of Anthony DiNozzo said with attitude., "I think we should have a little talk."


Franks watched with a smile as DiNozzo finished tying the man into a chair. The run down hotel deep in the bowels of copper canyon fit perfectly for what the two were planning.

"Well, now that your all comfy.", Tony stated as he finished the knot., "I'm going to go throw your phone in a nice old couples luggage. They'll be heading back to the states in a few hours I'm sure."

"I don't know anything. What could you possible get from me?"

"Well, your bosses name would be nice.", Tony said as he walked toward the door.

"Go to hell."

"That's cliched. See you in twenty Franks."

"That's plenty of time kid.", Franks said with a growl as the door closed and DiNozzo walked away.

"What? You going to interrogate me now?", The agent asked with a large smile on his face. Franks didn't answer as he walked over to the man. Slow deliberate steps echoeing off the bare floor.

"Not exactly. You see, interogation is for guys like you and DiNozzo. Me, I'm a civilian now, a citizen of Mexico as a matter of fact. I can make you bleed for hours and well, I doubt extridition would be in the cards."

"You wouldn't." The agent said with a strained voice.

"I'm sure your bosses wouldn't have sicced you on me without giving you a little background boy. I've got a lot of blood on my hands boy, what's a few pints more.", Franks answered as he pulled the knife from his boot and sat it gently on the forearm of the man., "Now, I ask you a few questions, you can either answer.... or," Franks slid the knife quickly, the sharp edge easily slicing through the white shirt covering the mans arm. The man let out a loud scream of shock and pain. Then, through mumbles began to tell Franks everything he wanted to know.


Franks shut the door and smiled at DiNozzo. He walked slowly over and took the chair across from Tony laying both hands on the table top.

"They sure don't make CIA guys like they used to.", Franks said with a smile.

"He's not CIA."

"How do you know kid?", Franks asked as he took one of the cold beer from the table.

"Trust me. What did you get out of him?"

"His boss is CIA, Ted Kord."

"I hate that guy.", Tony said with a sigh before leaning back., "Still, I don't think the CIA is behind this, at least, not all of it."

"So, where do we go from here?"

"I go. You stay, in six hours cut the guy loose.", Tony stated as he stood and pulled a pistol from his jacket pocket., "Thanks for the loan."

"No problem Tony. You know, if the CIA is involved they'll have lookouts at all US airports."

"I can handle that. If you don't hear from me in twenty four hours call Gibbs. Tell him what we know, and let him take it from there."

"You say so kid.", Franks said as he stood and held out his hand., "I don't much care for sitting on the sidelines."

"You got other things to worry about now.", Tony said with a smile as he shook the offered hand., "See you around Franks.", He continued as he dropped the hand and walked toward the door. He turned the knob quickly.

"I told you, and not Jenny. I did that because I knew if I talked things would hit the fan. I didn't think Jenny could handle it."

"And you think I can?", Tony asked as he turned. His eyes boring into Franks.

"If I was a betting man.", Franks answered with a nod. DiNozzo snorted humorfully before he opened the door and walked out.