These are outtakes from "Northman's Off Rivington" that didn't make the final cut. I've been having some trouble as of late getting out a new chapter to you, so in order to sate your needs, I am going to try and clean up some parts that didn't make the final chapters. Here is the first.

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This outtake starts off after Eric walks back into the dinning room of the hotel. He's just smoked his cig outside, and is now sitting down to eat with Sookie. It went in a direction I thought inappropriate for the mood of the piece. I wanted the sexual tension to build some more, and I had already given you elevator head, so this was just overkill in my opinion. However, it was funny and cute, and I thought y'all might like it.

Enjoy the teeny tiny sip of citrus...


Back in the dinning room I was met with echos of laughter. Apparently everyone was having a good time. Even Pam was smirking, for her that was a huge reaction.

There was one empty seat next to Sookie and I took it, touching her shoulder gently as I sat. She shivered under my hand and I smiled to myself. It was nice to know I had that kind of effect on her, and when she looked over at me shyly and blushed I almost laughed. She was just too cute.

Breakfast passed with ease, and Jerry even came out to ask how we enjoyed the meal. Everyone was very responsive and Jerry beamed, having successfully fed another round of tourists a satisfying meal. Nothing boosted his ego more. Except for maybe seducing the New York Times food critic with his signature risotto. It was a toss up.

The only small catch, were the looks both Pam and Amelia kept on giving Sookie and I. Sidelong glances mixed with raised eyebrows and sly smiles. Pam had actually texted me on her phone asking what had happened last night. I responded without the slightest trepidation, telling her "Nothing. Eat your food." I watched as she smirked after receiving the text and replied back quickly with, "What about this morning, bitch?"

She looked at Sookie and I glanced at her from the side. Her hair was tousled, though that was the wind's fault, not mine. No one had mentioned her wearing my shirt, except Pam had bought me that Dolce suit, if anyone were to pick up on it, it'd be her. Sookie also did have a slight afterglow about her. She looked incredibly relaxed and her skin was flushed slightly, even when she wasn't blushing. Her eyes also had a bit more sparkle to them. A sparkle that I think I'll start referring to as, I-Just-Got-Head-From-Eric look. I laughed slightly, Pam knew me too well.

Conversation was flowing freely at the table thanks to Amelia's non-stop stream of comments, observations and questions, so I didn't feel rude in texting her back once again with, "Don't know what you're talking about. Eat."

Sookie was paying attention now, glancing back and forth between us as if she were at a tennis match. I smirked at her and leaned in, whispering in her ear, "Pam wants to know what we've been up to." She flushed crimson and looked down at her plate before giggling. I put my hand on her knee to give her a little squeeze, just to reassure her. Her lower body jerked at my touch and I once again wanted to play with her a bit. Not too much, just a little.

"Sookie," Amelia started, "You should have heard what Mr. De Niro was telling us..."

Good, I thought. We'll see how much she pays attention now.


Oh god, Eric was going to kill me. First when he sat down, he had ghosted his hand over my shoulder and even that slight touch made me jump. I wanted to feel his hands on my skin again badly, and we had barely started eating. I of course chided myself for that thought. I was supposed to be a lady, and none of my behavior this morning would have been considered lady-like. Get it together Sookie.

About five minutes later, I wished I hadn't thought about his hands on me, because as if anticipating what I wanted, Eric put his hand on my knee. I flinched again, but held it in better this time. He squeezed it though and it made me want to giggle, I was slightly ticklish on my knee. I didn't want him to know that though, that would be dangerous information in Eric's hands. Skillful hands... wow. And such long fingers... Spot thinking about the elevator!

I took another sip of coffee and tried to focus.

Amelia was retelling me the story Robert De Niro had told them, and I was completely riveted with the prospect of hearing it, except Eric's hand then started to crawl up my leg. I froze. I slapped on my signature crazy smile and nodded my head enthusiastically with Amelia's, trying desperately to actually comprehend what she was telling me, but all that was getting through was the sensation of Eric's palm on my thigh.

I put down my fork and knife, it wouldn't be good for one of them to go flying out my hands from me gripping them so tight. I placed my hands on the table, signaling for Amelia to go on. Eric's hand moved further up, and forced my legs to uncross. I didn't allow him at first, but he moved back up to my knee and tickled it, I immediately move my knee away from his fingers and in doing so uncrossed my legs. Damn, this guy was good. I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye. He then passed the salt to Plaid Button Down as if nothing unusual were going on. Kill me.

His large hand slipped down between my legs, massaging my right thigh. I almost groaned, but covered it with a giggle. My mock enthusiasm for the story spurred Amelia on to talk about her favorite De Niro film. This then prompted the boys into the conversation with their own bad impersonations of "You talkin' to me?" and retellings of whole scenes from Meet The Parents.

Good, fine, keep talking. Please keep me distracted!

Eric's hand started to move up more and I had to stop him before I started having heart palpitations at the table. I calmed my thighs together, holding his hand in place. He hadn't reached the promise land yet, but this of course created another problem, his hand was now clamped between my thighs. God, I couldn't win.

Or could I?

I bent down, pretending to look for my discarded napkin on the floor, and when I sat up, scooted my chair in closer to the table. In doing so, I had also scooted my chair closer to Eric's. No one took notice. I then readjusted my napkin on my lap, but instead of bringing both hands back up onto the table, I only brought up one, picked up my fork and started eating left handed. My right was now on Eric's thigh. He instantly froze. I had to smile. Two could play at this game.

I gave him a warning look out of the corner of my eye as I ate a piece of the best sausage I ever tasted. He looked at me with a worried if not wry smile. I didn't know if he was accepting defeat or my challenge, but either I moved my hand into his lap. Eric shifted in his chair, it just made me grab on tighter, as if to say "where do you think you're going?"

I slowly curled my hand around his..... joy stick. God! Wow! A woman should not enjoy holding a man's penis as much as I enjoyed feeling Eric beneath my palm.

"Mmm" I said with glee, but covered my little moan by pretending it was about the food I was eating. (Ironically, sausage.) I was only getting started.

Eric coughed and tried to shift his chair, I squeazed him and he hissed, which he quickly covered with a cough. I almost barked out a laugh. I was an idiot though, because as I tried to hold in the laugh the grip I had on his hand with my thighs loosened, and his hand slipped up into the promise land.

I gasped. Thank god Amelia had told me something surprising about De Niro so it looked like I was just paying attention.

Oh boy, was I paying attention.


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