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This is a smuttier version of chapter 30's dirty-talk on ze plane. Below is what *could* have happened if Sookie was just a bit more frustrated, and Eric just couldn't keep his hands to himself.

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"You wouldn't care if anyone heard you or saw you. You wouldn't even have the ability, because I'd make you come for me, over and over until your throat was hoarse from your screams and your body was spent from the effort. You'd be nothing but a pile of tired muscles in my hands when I finished with you, Sookie." I bit her earlobe with my teeth gently teasing her as the plane continued to push higher into the air, pressing us further into our seats. Sookie moaned out, squirming in her seat, oblivious to her own actions. The man across the aisle from us looked over with an arched eyebrow at the sound. I glared at him until he turned back and minded his own god-damned business.

Running my nose up and down the column of her neck, I moved my hand to unlatch her seatbelt, and lifted the seat divider between us. I wanted her closer to me. She hissed as she felt my hands on her abdomen, purposefully pressing down as I pulled the latch to free her. "Shh," I told her. "Do you want me to take you right here, Sookie?"

She gulped and bit her lip once more, her eyes still shut. I pulled her towards me in my seat, dragging one of her legs over my own. "Do you?" I asked, a bit more firmly. She swallowed again before nodding, her eyelids fluttering.

"I need to hear you say it, Sookie," I spoke in her ear, moving my hand to her hip.

Sookie made a small noise, a mixture of a whine and a whimper. I ran my hand down the back of her thigh, urging her on.

"Sookie..." I warned.

"Yes," she gasped, finally opening her eyes. They were glazed over and pitched almost black, her look was so heated. I smiled down at her with pride in my eyes and leaned in to give her a chaste kiss on the nose.

"Good to know," I said before leaning back in my seat and removing my hand from her thigh. Sookie's face fell within an instant as she realized that I wasn't going to actually fuck her on the seat--even though that thought appealed to me greatly.

"You ba--" she started to say, formulating an insult, but I shushed her with my mouth, stealing away her words.

"Shh..." I said. "This is a nighttime flight Sookie. People will be popping pills soon with their mini servings of White Zin and Merlot. It'll be dead quiet before you know it. The lights will dim, and the nice flight attendants in their sensible heels and French twists will hand out blankets to everyone for their sleeping pleasure." I told her all of this with direct eye contact, watching her irises change color from bright sky blue to a deep ocean gray.

"What happens once all goes quiet?" she breathed, her chest rising and falling in an erratic rhythm.

"What do you want to happen?" I asked her with a bit of leer. I couldn't help it. Sookie's face flushed and she dropped her eyes. I placed my hand on her thigh, skimming close to inseam of her jeans. She jerked in her seat, turning her head back towards me. She looked torn as she bit her lip.

"How long do you think we'll have to wait?" she asked after a very pregnant pause. I chuckled next to her.

"We'll see," was all I said.

Sookie squirmed for the next half hour. She was so restless, in fact, that a stewardess actually offered her an Aleve, assuming she was simply anxious from flying. I tried my best to hide my smile as Sookie blushed and waved off the woman's pill packets, but then pulled her back by the arm and asked in a thick, southern twang, "When do y'all hand out the blankets?"

I might have let a snort escape, then. Sookie was too adorable sometimes. Leaning into her neck, I kissed her soft skin before telling her so. "You're adorable when you're being denied something you want."

"Not just something," she hissed back at me, and I placed a little love bite on her neck before we were interrupted again by the stewardess. She gave me something akin to a seductive smile while handing me a blue blanket wrapped in plastic. I nodded at her in recognition and pulled it from its plastic casing. It fell open over my lap and Sookie literally started to vibrate next to me.

I waited an appropriate amount of time for all to settle around us. The stewardesses had taken their seats in the back of the plane, their hostess duties completed for now, while seats all around the cabin reclined with people snuggling down to get some shut-eye.

Draping an arm over her shoulder, I leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Turn your back towards me, luv."

Sookie gave me a strange look but didn't question as she turned her back into me. I pulled up my right leg onto our seats as I swiveled to sit against the wall of the plane by the window, bringing Sookie into my lap. She draped one leg over my left thigh and kept the other bent and placed on the seat, effectively tenting the blanket over our legs and covering all that was needed. I smiled into Sookie's neck. "Good girl."

Sookie snorted, "Not really." I nuzzled her hair and slipped my arms beneath the blanket to give her waist a squeeze. She was perfectly positioned now, hidden and open all at once.

Without any warning, I popped open the top button on Sookie's jeans and slipped a hand beneath her waistband. She yelped out into the quiet of the plane and the man across the aisle grunted in his sleep before his snoring continued. I could feel Sookie sigh in relief as she turned her head into my neck, burying her face away from any other roaming eyes.


"I'll be quiet," she spoke into my skin and I shivered from the heat of her breath. I nodded, knowing she could feel me do so as my hand slipped further into the front of her jeans.

"Unzip your jeans, Sookie," I said as softly as possible, realizing only then how quiet the plane had become. Fortunately, the murmur and buzz of the plane's engines dulled most of the noise our voices created.

Sookie again didn't question me as her little hands joined mine, loosening her jeans around her waist. I hummed happily as my fingers wriggled their way into her panties and teased her heated skin. I held in a groan at how wet she was, instead letting my head fall to her shoulder and gently biting down. Sookie's hips jerked in response.

"What's gotten you so worked up?" I asked, speaking into her shoulder. She shook her head, having bit her lip to keep quiet, refusing to answer. I pinched her, and she let out a tiny little squeal of pleasure before turning towards my mouth and telling my lips her secrets.

"You," she moaned, repeating that single word over and over as I started up a rhythm of delicate teases and forceful pressure where she'd enjoy it most. My hips started to involuntarily move with hers, matching her little rolls and grinds against me.

I didn't let her become comfortable with any sort of rhythm for too long before I changed course to keep her on edge. Her back pressed into me heavily as the leg supporting her on the seat started to shake. She dipped her head, her breathing ragged from having to stay silent. I kissed the shell of her ear, whispering to her how good she was for staying quiet.

This, of course, made her little face flush with anger--she hated to be told the obvious--but I shocked her with a flick of my wrist, pressing two fingers inside her. Her mouth fell open, but no sound escaped, and she bowed her head once more, desperate to keep our little frisk session a secret.

Allowing myself an indulgence, I pressed my hips forward as she rocked back on my lap. The friction our jeans caused was starting to feel a little too good. Realizing my own breathing was coming out in pants, I shook my head and regrouped, doubling my efforts on Sookie. Her body stiffened and slackened under my attentions, contorting in the very limited space I allowed her. My other hand was pressed firmly on her abdomen, trying to keep her still, but this didn't stop her from breathing into my neck and nibbling my collarbone in her desperation to be discreet.

"Are you close?" I whispered against her lips, and she gave me an urgent nod, her eyes squeezed shut.

"Pretend I'm inside you, Sookie," I continued, urging her on, needing this to end before I snapped and took her right there on the seat, stewardesses and sleeping businessmen be damned. The softest whimper escaped Sookie's lips, and I knew my teasing had worked.

"Can you picture it? Your back is arching as I thrust deep inside you, deeper than I've ever been, our hips so close, so connected you wouldn't even want me to pull out." Sookie nodded into my chest, her face looking strained with the effort of her silence. "I'd claim you, Sookie. In every way--"

"I'd claim you," she shot back, surprising me. My face lit up. What a little minx this girl was.

Biting down on her shoulder, knowing she liked the pressure, I continued as my fingers worked her into a quivering frenzy. "You wouldn't have to, Sookie; you already have me."

A moan escaped then, breathless and fleeting. She cut herself off as soon as she let the noise slip, but I knew she was right there. On the edge.

"Come for me, Sookie. Please," I begged her, needing her release almost as much as my own. "Let me feel you come for me."

Sookie gulped before her brows furrowed and her mouth dropped open in a perfect little "o." Her body rocked against mine as I felt her start to squeeze around my curled fingers, and I pressed more firmly down upon her while simultaneously pushing forward with my hips, letting her feel what she did to me.

Her head fell back against my shoulder, her face a frozen image of the orgasm that was silently rocketing through her. It was almost too much to witness; amazed at how quiet she was, I growled in response. It was involuntary and instinctive. I latched my free arm around her waist and bucked into her, unable to help myself. A small squeak came out of Sookie as her head fell forward, and I bucked again.

I felt wild and careless as Sookie shook her head back and forth, trying to keep her climax a secret. Some irrational part of me wanted her to scream out, but as she sighed and slumped against me, I smiled despite my urges, knowing she was sated and spent, and that I had made her that way.

"Oh my god," she mouthed, over and over as she attempted to calm her breathing. I nuzzled her neck, kissing and nibbling, whispering to her how amazing she was. She nodded, agreeing with me, and I smiled, amused that she was proud of herself. She should be.

Slowly, I dragged my hand out of her jeans and we both saw how my fingers glistened in the dim light. Sookie's face flushed, but I wasted no time. There's only one thing to do about that, I thought, as I brought my arm up, curling around Sookie's neck to reach my own lips.

I sucked my fingers clean as Sookie watched, slack-jawed.

"You're still hard," she said, her hand slipping between us to palm me. I hissed at the warmth of the contact, even through the denim. Dammit, I was beyond hard, my cock was actually screaming at me.

Poor guy.

Sookie started shifting around, turning her body in toward the seat and curling up into a fetal position, as if readying herself for a nap. She faced me as she laid herself down, hooking an arm under my thigh and bringing it up between my legs as she rested her head in my lap. I looked down at her in shock... what the hell?


"Shh... your turn."

Oh. My. God!

I loved this woman!

I stroked her cheek and played with her hair, pretending that I was simply holding and cherishing the woman I loved as she slept in my lap. Instead, I was holding and cherishing the woman I loved as she popped open the buttons of my jeans, one by one. Oh, how happy was I that I threw on button fly jeans that morning and forgot a belt? Fuckhappy!

Apparently, so was Sookie, as she realized that I also forwent putting on any underwear. She looked up at me from under her lashes, a mixture of shock and hunger on her face. I felt a sudden jolt of panic at that look, because there was no way I was going to be able to stay as quiet as she had. I closed my eyes and attempted to give myself a mental pep talk.

You're on a plane. Everyone is sleeping, and your girlfriend, who you just brought to a fan-fucking-tastic orgasm--one that should go down in the record books for greatest fingering administered on a plane in the history of Ever--is about to repay the favor. Calm the fuck down and enjoy the moment!

Warmth, heat, and wet enveloped me, and my eyes flew open. Sookie had taken almost all of me inside of her tiny--or should I say, deceptively tiny--mouth. That is not a small feat, and sweet Christ, she was so quiet, swallowing around the head while slipping the hand in between my legs into my jeans to fondle me.

My head fell back against the seat and a single "ha" escaped me. I wasn't laughing at her technique; far from it. I was just amazed by how fucking incredible it felt to have this happening to me--here, of all places. Sookie's pace didn't halt, nor did the fondling. I was so enwrapped with sensation, on top of having to not grunt and growl and howl like I wanted to, that I started to feel light headed.

"Breathe, Eric," Sookie instructed, and I realized I'd stopped gulping in oxygen. Gasping, I dropped my head forward, my hair falling around us as Sookie continued to tease, stroke, suck, and hum. It was low, barely audible, but it worked. The vibrations in the back of her throat, mixed with the way she kept swallowing around me were a potent combination. My hand was gripping the seat so hard that I thought I heard the fabric rip.

Sookie pulled back suddenly, releasing me from her wicked lips before kissing me—gently, softly—on the tip. I was frantic with animalistic need, but couldn't help but smile at the sweetness of such a gesture. The sweetness ended when her tongue flicked beneath the head of my erection, and so engulfed me once more, taking my entire length into her mouth and throat. My entire body went rigid as she held me there, pulsing around me with fluctuating suction.

When I felt her teeth lightly scrap the base of my cock, I lost it. I pounded my fist into the seat and rocked back in forth as quietly as I could as my climax came in hot streams down her throat. She milked me as I released into her mouth, never once spilling a drop, even with her odd angle in my lap. With one long exhale, I ran my hands through my hair, pulling it back off my now sweaty neck, and tried to steady my heartbeat. I'd come so hard, I was surprised I hadn't shot Sookie back out of my lap with the force.

"Jesus," I said, looking down at her with awe. She was resting her head in my lap with half-lidded eyes and a lazy smile. Her hair was a mess from my hands, and her lips were swollen and red.

She looked a spent mess, and entirely too beautiful for her own good.

I carefully rearranged myself, buttoning my jeans and hissing at how sensitive my skin felt against the denim. "Come here." I pulled her up and curled her into a comfortable position in my lap, holding her tight. "Let's get some rest," I said, kissing her hair as I reclined the seat. She arranged the blanket around us again and nuzzled herself into my chest, seeming so small in my arms.

A few silent minutes passed before I heard someone clearing her throat beside me. I looked up to see the same stewardess who handed us the blanket earlier.

"You're not supposed to be sharing a seat," she whispered, leaning over a bit, her cleavage threatening to spill out of her blazer.

"She has trouble relaxing on planes," I whispered back, pointing to the girl I loved, sleeping in my arms. The stewardess's face turned from "come hither" to a look of pure adoration. Her eyes darted back and forth between Sookie and me as she placed a hand over her heart, making that "taw" noise women use when looking at puppies or something. I blinked at her, confused from her quick change in behavior, and just fucktired from the sexcapades that had just taken place between Sookie and me.

"You two just keep the naughty to a minimum, ya' hear?" she retorted, winking at me as she walked on down the aisle.

I beamed at her retreating form, wanting to laugh out loud, but not wanting to wake Sookie. Turning my head to the window, I gazed out on the field of pitch filled with stars.

If she only knew...