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Lizzie's POV

If my dead heart were still beating I was sure it would've stopped by now. I felt like screaming. I felt like crying. I felt like closing my eyes and letting the ground beneath me swallow me whole. Someone, somewhere hated me so very much. Why could I never catch a damn break?

Where mere seconds ago my mind was full of hope now it was only filled with despair. I was locked in place, my limbs unwilling to move, my mouth and voice refusing to work. My mind furiously trying to reject the crystal clear image my eyes could not look away from.

I couldn't believe this was happening right now. Just when we were so close to getting out of this God forsaken place. I knew that life was never fair, but this? This had to be some sort of sick joke. Was my life someone else's idea of entertainment? Or maybe the universe just simply got a kick out of torturing me so? Either way, this was going to end badly.

"Kurt" I managed to spit out. The fear and panic I'd seen in Alice's eyes became my own. I didn't know what exactly was going on. But something was terribly wrong. I could see it in Alice's gaze and Jasper's face. Even Edward's usually composed expression looked tortured. It made me want to run.

Run? I resisted the urge to snort at my own thoughts. It was too late to run now, years too late.

"Lizzie" Kurt replied. The knowing look in his eyes and the wide smirk on his face were making me more nervous by the second and I longed to punch a hole through his face; if only to let out some of the tension that seemed to cling to my body like a second skin ever since this whole mess began.

"What's going on here?" I asked, getting to the point and forcing myself to keep my eyes on Kurt and not let them wander off to the captive Cullens. I couldn't afford any distractions when facing Kurt.

"An excellent question" he countered, "Which I'm sure you're dying to get the answer to, but first things first. I always thought I had a good grasp on all things you Lizzie; what you think, what you feel, what you'll do, things like that. But Lizzie," he levelled his gaze with mine taking a few steps forward till his face was merely a couple of inches away from mine. "You've been holding out on me"

"What are you talking about?" I willed myself to stay calm under his gaze as I forced the words out of my mouth. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I knew exactly what he was talking about and I didn't like it one bit. The urge to run came back to me again in full force.

"I finally know all your secrets darling," he said his nose brushing my own and his crimson eyes boring into mine, I could feel his sweet breath all over my face and felt repulsed by it. I clenched my jaw and said nothing, steeling myself for what was to come, waiting for him to elaborate. He was always one for theatrics, I was sure he wasn't done yet. He stared at me for a few more moments searching my face for something unknown to me before stepping back with a small smile on his face, apparently satisfied with whatever he'd seen.

"You and I Lizzie," he started turning his back on me and facing the Cullens, "You and I have much in common my dear," he glanced back at me.

I felt myself growing angry at his suggestion. "I'm nothing like you," I muttered through clenched teeth.

"Ah but you are," he said, "We are both smart and perceptive, both determined and stubborn beyond belief," he paused, "We both have suffered great loss," his eyes found mine again and I could tell he was thinking of the day La Push burned. The day I lost my best friend and he lost his brother.

I could remember that day as clearly as it had been yesterday.

"Bella!" Jacob exclaimed, while taking a hold of my shoulders and shaking me, "You need to get out of here! Those bloodsuckers are back, and they're coming for you!" his eyes pleading for me to listen to him for once.

I remembered refusing to leave. Kurt, his brother Hector and his coven were only there because of me, I would not let the wolves fight my battles for me. That day I ran with the wolves and turned on my own kind, dismembering vampires along with the pack and setting them on fire. It all went to hell after the first few minutes. Kurt's power and temper always made him a formidable enemy, and Hector's manipulation of the earth beneath our feet took the wolves by surprise. For who could have ever thought that a single vampire had the power to create an earthquake by sheer force of will.

In a matter of seconds, the reservation had turned into a war zone, the ground had split and fire raged all around us. After disposing of yet another vampire, I was faced with Hector who, for some reason had stopped his attack when he saw me in the line of fire.

"You are Anna's friend," he stated.

"Yes" I replied curtly, my feet stuck in their place. I didn't want to think about my dead friend. It hurt too much.

"Do you…" he hesitated, "Do you know what happened?" he asked.

I stared dumbfounded. Was he seriously choosing this moment to chit chat with me? As Anna's brother I was sure he knew the whole truth behind her death, but as much as I'd like to know the truth, this was not the place nor the time. I was already having a hard time keeping myself from lounging at him. Just moments ago I'd watched as he mercilessly killed young sweet Seth. I was seeing red.

"She's dead, what else should I need to know about what happened?" I spat out, "She's gone, and she's not coming back no matter what you have to say to me," I crouched low and prepared myself to spring forward. I didn't care this man was once Anna's flesh and blood. He'd messed with my family, and that I could not forgive.


"No!" I snarled, "I don't want to hear it!"

I remembered Jake coming out of nowhere and I remembered watching as he tore Hector apart until he was nothing more than a pile of munched and bitten limbs. I knew I should probably have felt something, anything, after all, Hector had the chance to kill me, even apprehend me but he didn't. He'd spared me. Even so, I couldn't bring myself to care, to feel anything but numbness. I couldn't bring myself to do anything as I watched the reservation burn.

But Kurt could. He'd watched as Jake finished his brother off and shot forward to end my best friend's life.

Jake had burned before I had the chance to scream.

The pain I felt now at my memories was still as fresh and still as real as it had been all those years ago. And the years that followed.

"You and I," Kurt's voice shook me out of my reverie, "We could have made a wonderful team, we can, still,"

I stared at him, disbelievingly. Was he for real? I could see out of the corner of my eyes, the Cullens were frowning as well, no doubt confused as to where this was going. Jasper was throwing me a weird look, no doubt feeling the turmoil of emotions swirling inside of me. Disbelief, anger, sorrow, guilt. All threatening to overwhelm and consume me.

"I will never" I seethed, narrowing my eyes, "Be part of whatever it is you're planning,"

"Lizzie," he sighed, "This would be so much easier if you would just cooperate. You need to let go of the past darling,"

"Like you have?" I huffed.

"I avenged my brother's death. I've moved on," he replied calmly. Alice's eyes were darting from Kurt to me periodically and I could almost see Edward's brain at work. They were trying to make sense of this.

"Well I haven't" I growled.


"You killed him! You burned him alive!" I snarled furiously the only thing keeping me from going after Kurt were the three siblings his coven had tightly restrained. "I will never forgive you for that," I hissed, trying to breathe steadily and calm myself.

"And that dog, tore my brother apart!" he countered stepping dangerously close to me again, "I would've burnt the whole of La Push down if it meant killing that stinking mutt!" he snarled to my face before taking a step back, "Oh wait a minute, I did," he sneered.

A ferocious growl escaped from me as I moved forward only to stop as I noticed Kurt's hand alight with flame just a couple of inches away from Alice's face. My heart clenched and I growled in frustration. She looked so scared as her eyes searched mine looking for reassurance.

Reassurance I could not give.

She kept staring at me though her eyes pleading for me to understand something I probably couldn't hear. But I could, I could spare a small amount of energy to listen to her mind.

He's gonna kill me…Oh dear I –Bella! Bella! Oh God…Can you hear me?

I couldn't exactly say yes or nod my head but I could hear the desperation in her voice even through her mind. So I continued to hold her gaze willing her to catch on.

Okay, okay I don't know if you can hear me but I might as well try anyways right? You need to get out of here! I had a vision! You cannot do what he says!

A vision? So Alice already knew what Kurt was asking of me?

Oh, let her be listening! Please Bella, listen to me and go! You won't survive this!

I caught a flash of blinding light from her mind but was shaken out of her thoughts by Kurt's voice.

"You need to control your temper darling," Kurt warned me, "You do not want little Alice to suffer for your impulsiveness right?"

I struggled to take a step back, my eyes never leaving Kurt's hand, wishing I could tear it off.

"The La Push werewolves?" Edward questioned looking at me, his beautiful face turned into a frown, his voice small. "How?"

"Oh young Edward," Kurt began, his tone patronising, "There is much about Elizabeth you do not know yet lad," he stopped for a moment, taking his hand away from Alice and letting the flames die before continuing. "By the end of this night you might know just how much,"

I let out a low and deep growl.

"What the hell do you really want Kurt?" I asked.

He stared at me for a few seconds before speaking "I want to ask something of you," he started, "Now I know you'll flat out refuse me as soon as you hear me out so first, I want you to know just what exactly is at stake here," he said motioning for Sabrina to go.

I watched as she turned to leave and stared at her empty spot ignoring all the questions running through my mind. I was feeling exhausted. My mind couldn't take much more stress at the moment. I should've died forty two years ago, I couldn't help but think. I wouldn't be stuck in this mess. I wouldn't have suffered as much. The Cullens probably never would've run into Kurt and his lot. The Pack in La Push, Jacob, Jason, Daniel, they'd all be alive now if only I could've just died. Why couldn't I just die?

"Oh God," Alice breathed, and I turned to look at her. She was staring at something far to my left. I heard, rather than saw what had upset Alice. Dread threatened to push me down on my knees, my stomach dropped as I slowly turned my head to follow Alice's pitying gaze.

Sabrina was back, and she was dragging someone along with her. Someone with his head covered with a black bag. Someone whimpering. Someone with a heartbeat, a heartbeat speeding away in fear. Someone with a scent I'd recognise anywhere, after all, it was a scent I'd lived with for four years in a row.

If I weren't sure I didn't have a heartbeat like him, I could've sworn mine was pounding in my ears.

It was Bryan.

He was barely standing and when Sabrina let go of him he crumpled to the ground only to be prompt up by Kurt. He took him by his right arm and quietly said, "Now, now Bryan, calm down. You are in for the night of your life!"

I could only watch as he helplessly trembled under Kurt's hold.

"Now I'm gonna be a good guy here," he carried on, "And I am going to take care of this awful bag okay lad?" he asked tugging at it. "Don't you worry if you can't keep up with what's going on, I just need you to stay put. Do you understand?"

Bryan just continued to tremble.

"I said, do you understand?" Kurt asked more forcefully tightening his grip on my friend's arm. I couldn't help the growl that escaped me and Bryan nodded furiously.


As soon as the bag left his head out in the clear his eyes landed on the Cullens. "Alice?" he whispered frowning, blinking away the sudden brightness.

"Hey Bryan," she said in a small voice, a small but sad smile adorning her beautiful features. Her eyes were soft as she appraised the scared human in front of her.

"Wha– Why? How?"

While Bryan was otherwise occupied Kurt decided to turn his attention back to me. "Well aren't you gonna say something?" he asked amusedly, "Have I finally rendered you speechless Lizzie?"

At the mention of my name, Bryan's head whipped around faster that I ever thought he could move to look at me. His eyes widened and his breathing hitched, "Lizzie?"

I couldn't bring myself to answer. My mind couldn't quite grasp what was happening right now. It seemed so ridiculous that my brain couldn't deem it to be true. A surge of anger and fury ran through me and I could barely suppress the snarl threatening to leave my chest. It wouldn't do to scare Bryan even more. But how dare Kurt mess with him too? How dare he bring an innocent human into this? He'd already had his fun with Jacob and Jason. Why did he have to go after Bryan too?

I knew why though.

Because he hated me.

And, oh how I hated him.

"Ah Lizzie, come on, it's no fun if you don't participate," Kurt goaded me. "Don't you want to explain everything that's going on to Bryan?"

I kept silent. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think.

I was furious.

"Well since you won't I'll do the honours then," Kurt's words echoed through the silence enveloping us. "Look here Bryan, I'm sure you've noticed a few oddities in my friends and I so I'll let you in on a little secret," he started, "The world you live in, isn't exactly as you think it is. No, you see, you may find it hard to believe right now, but you are the only human currently standing in a room full of vampires,"

Kurt's little speech was met by silence and then, "Wh–What?" came Bryan's disbelieving stutter.

"You remember your friend Jason?" he asked.

My fists clenched.

"Ho–How do y–you know about Jason?" Bryan continued to stutter, his heart picking up the pace.

"Do you remember how he died?" Kurt waited for Bryan's nod, "How he had no blood left in his body? Not a single drop left?" Another nod, heart beating faster, "Well…I drained him," he snickered and I felt the fire growing inside of me, screaming to be let out. Kurt's power was always hard to control when he was near, mostly because I was always so angry when he was around.

Then Bryan turned to me, as if waiting for me to laugh out loud and say this was all a huge joke, but when his eyes met my golden gaze I could see it dawn upon his face.

There was no joke.

Kurt was telling the truth.

There were monsters in this world.

And I was one of them.


"I'm so sorry," I blurted out. I had the strong urge to apologise. Ask for his forgiveness, for bringing him into this world, for ever meeting him, for ever letting him mean something to me. For that was the only reason Kurt had gone after him.

"I'm so, so sorry," I whispered my butterscotch eyes pleading and begging for him to understand that which I knew he could not. I'd lied to him, and it was my fault he was in this situation in the first place. I just hoped he could forgive me, and that I would have the chance to right this wrong, though I knew my chances of that happening were sliming by the minute.

For I already knew I would do whatever Kurt wanted me to, to protect the people I loved. I'd already decided. No matter what it was, I'd do it. And Alice had said I wouldn't survive whatever it was that I would have to do.

And well, you never bet against Alice.

Alice's POV

Oh my God, I thought for what must have been the hundredth time in the last five minutes. How can everything turn this wrong in such little time? Bella's human friend being here just complicated everything, this I had not seen coming. Not for the first time since we got captured I wished for Edward to be able to read my mind. I needed to be able to communicate, and we had to send word to Carlisle. For all I knew they were next on Kurt's list.

"I'm so sorry," I heard Bella blurt out. "I'm so, so sorry," she whispered.

My heart was breaking for Bella. I couldn't even begin to imagine what she must be feeling right now. And my poor Jasper was having such a hard time with the emotion-charged atmosphere. I could tell, Bella was nearing the breaking point. No one, human or vampire could ever take this much and not break.

I needed to do something, anything to change the future I saw. We could not lose Bella now. Not after everything that's happened. I would not lose her again.

The silence following Bella's words was becoming unbearable when Bryan's voice rang out.

"So this is why you'd never come out in the sunlight to watch my games!" he smiled his eyes glued to Bella's while trying to appear less scared. His accelerated heartbeat wasn't fooling anyone, but I was sure Bella appreciated the effort he was clearly making to make her feel better. "It all makes so much sense now," he whispered.

A strangled laugh escaped out of Bella and I noticed her immediate relief. We were still waist deep in quicksand, rapidly sinking. But Bryan didn't hate her and for just a second I saw a flicker of joy flash in her eyes and I was so grateful for Bryan. For making her feel this way, if only for a brief moment.

"Well boy, looks like you're taking everything in stride," Kurt chuckled, "Would you like to see some awesome vampire powers?" he asked.

I saw a flash of fire in my mind before anything else actually happened, before Bryan could answer, before anyone could move and I could barely warn Bella before Kurt's hand had flung forward.


Her eyes widened and she crouched low as fire erupted from Kurt's hand and a ring of fire engulfed her, quickly turning into a big dome, trapping Bella inside.

"No! What are you doing!" I growled at him, struggling against William and Trevor's hold on me. "Lizzie!" I noticed my siblings too were struggling to get out of the others hold. The fire was rising the temperature of the room drastically and I could see Bryan begin to sweat as he stared dumbfounded at the display that lay before him. He was trembling again.

Kurt didn't pay my words any heed. Instead he focused on the raging dome in front of him. The flames blazed in all their glory and I couldn't see anything past them. The longer the fire burned, the more anxious I became.


"Kurt!" Edward and Jasper snarled furiously.

"Stop this!" I pleaded, "You're going to kill her!"

But Kurt just smiled, "No I'm not,"

And just as suddenly as the fire had appeared, it dissolved into thin air, leaving a light curtain of black smoke behind that was quickly dispersing. I felt myself almost go limp with relief when I saw Bella. She was alive. On one knee, breathing heavily and with some of her clothing severely teared and burnt. She looked so tired, but she was alive. She raised her golden eyes to glare at Kurt as she trembled a little while struggling to get up.

"Unbelievable," he whispered. "Absolutely brilliant"

"Lizzie" I breathed out her name and her gaze flickered to mine softening for a second before returning to glare at Kurt.

"Well I'll be damned," Kurt exclaimed, "It is true then, that medallion of yours is truly something,"

"I'll ask you again," Bella muttered, "What the hell, do you really want?" her breathing had returned somewhat to normal and her limbs weren't trembling as much.

"Well I thought it would be obvious my dear," Kurt smiled, "I want your medallion,"

"I will not give it to you,"

"I need it darling," Kurt said, "I need it to–"

"To overthrow the Volturi? Kill the three brothers?" Bella cut him off. "You'll never be able to, it cannot be done"

My heart dropped to my feet. I knew what was coming next. And I knew what Bella's answer would be. There was nothing I could say to change her mind now. I just needed to come up with a plan before she did something she could not take back.

"Oh I know exactly what the limitations of your medallion are Lizzie" Kurt chuckled, "Which is why you'll give me the medallion, but not before you take care of the three rulers for me first."

Bella's eyes darkened and I saw her jaw clench. She knew what doing this for Kurt meant for her. She would not live to see another day. The medallion would consume all there was to her, that was exactly why she hadn't tried to do so herself she'd told me as much.

"So," Kurt took a few steps dragging a speechless Bryan with him till he was near Edward and me again. He dropped him by our feet and lit up both his hands, keeping them close enough for us all to feel the heat against our skin. "What's it gonna be Lizzie darling?" he smirked, "Are you with me, or are you not?"

I saw Bella glance at the floor briefly, taking a deep breath before lifting her determined eyes to lock with Kurt's a fierce glint in her golden irises. For the second time since I'd met her she looked dangerous, and I couldn't help the shiver that ran through my spine.

"I am."

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