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Bella POV

I had finally found it! Our… his meadow. The despair and pain came crashing down on me and I began to sing quietly not feeling at a pair of eyes on me.

"I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When I cried you'd wipe away all of my tears
When I'd scream you'd fight away all of my fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When I cried you'd wipe away all of my tears
When I'd scream you'd fight away all of my fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

When I cried you'd wipe away all of my tears
when I'd scream you'd fight away all of my fears
and I held your hand through all of these years
but you still have
all of me"

I finished and wiped away a tear of many that had come. I looked up to see the black vampire Laurent. "Hello Bella! What a pleasant and fortunate surprise! Where are the dear Cullen's though? I can't smell them!" He said, so quickly it was hard to catch most of it. "The Cullen's left." I said shortly preparing to leave.

He was in front of me in less time then it takes to blink. "They left? Weren't you a pet of theirs" he said a smile plastered on his face. When I didn't reply his smile grew even wider. "They really have left haven't they?" He grinned and Edwards's voice popped up in my head. "Be careful!" was the only words it whispered in my head and the hole inside of me opened again. Gathering my remaining courage I spoke in a whisper "Are you going to kill me?" He had the grace to look ashamed for a minute before continuing with his grinning. "I'm sorry Bella. I'm hungry and you smell delicious." He said before lunging. I 'eep!'ed in surprised and closed my eyes bracing myself for the pain.

Instead I heard a "oh for heavens sakes this has gone on plenty long Sabrina!" and a "CHARGE!" this was said in a 24th of a second by the sound of it before a sound like two boulders crashing into each others was heard. I opened my eyes hoping that these vampires were friendly for me. All I could see was three? Girls fighting with Laurent. "BAD VAMPY! NO ATTACKY HUMAN!","I WILL KNOCK YOU INTO THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK!" and " I'VE GOT A PLASTIC SPORK AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!" was heard as well as a few grunts, a " I SAY!" and general scuffle noises were heard.

Suddenly one of the girls leapt out. "Guys! Werewolfys coming! Gotta cheese it!" she screamed pulling them out as Laurent was currently trying to find his legs. They looked at me and I gulp. One of them grins manically before grabbing me and shooting off with me in her arms. From experience I closed my eyes and hid my face in my arms. A few minutes later she stopped. "Eeee! Third floor men's wear!" I heard as someone unceremoniously dumped me on the ground. "SABRINA!! YOU TOOK THE HUMAN?!" "SHUT IT EVE! I HAD TO! THE WOLFS WOULD HAVE KILLED HER!" "Oh sure Sabrina, that's the only reason not because she can sing well." "Well Adian… okay but she could totally join our band! I mean I can sing a bit but I sound like a guy…" I finally opened my eyes to see three, around 17 year old (or hundreds or years old) vampires arguing. One had black hair with blue streaks, one had black hair with red tips and the other one had plain black hair.

The one with red tips rubbed the back of her neck. "Eh heh heh. Hi?" She said doing a peace sign with her fingers and grinning before the two girls behind her slapped her in the head so hard she fell face first into the ground, creating a small creator. "OI! Knock it off!" She screamed before turning to me.

"Allo govner! Would you like to join our band? We need a lead singer and we heard you in the forest, err… medowy thing. I presume you know about vampires already so do you want to be one? I can fake your death if you want! We all faked our death in 1870! And yes that means I have been a vampire for… a long time! YEAH! So anyway how about it? Huh huh huh?! We need a lead singer and I sound like a dude when I sing. Look kind of like one to. Please please please?" She said really really fast and then ran off as the girl with pure black hair ran after her. "NICE TACT YOU DORK!" "AHHHH!" The girl screamed running quickly in a circle around me.

I suddenly burst out laughing at their antics as the girl with blue tips groaned and slapped her forehead. The running vampires suddenly halted and the black hair girl smacked into the other. "OOF! What's so funny?" black hair girl said before I frowned.

"I'll tell you if you tell me your names." It was getting annoying not knowing them.

The black and red tipped girl stood up proudly and did a weird little dance. "I'm Sabrina, no I'm not a teenage witch and I gotta dance." She said before dancing off. Blue tips walked over. "I'm Eve and I'm one of the sanest here." Sabrina snorted so hard she fell over. "Sure Mrs. 'I have an uncontrollable urge to eat grass.'" She said rolling her eyes before Eve attacked her. The other girl shook her head and wandered over to me "Adian's the name. I play the keyboard and bass." She said doing a peace sign.

Sabrina came back with Eve in a head lock. "I told you don't bother getting in a fight with me. I always win hands down." She grinned and all we heard from Eve is a "gerroff me!" "Anyway… Bella was it? I play the guitar and lead vocal for guys that is, and occasionally the violin, oh and by the way you can call me, siege or my lord." She took off again giggling madly for no reason. Eve, still in a headlock was dragged with her. "owowowowowowowowowowwOW!! Sabrina! Lemme go! Grr" While they fought again I turned to Adian who was laughing at her friends.

"That's the reason!" I say and she looks at me oddly. "You and your friends are so spontaneously random! And you never seem to stop trying to attack Sabrina. It funny!" Adain grinned and waved to an imaginary crowd. "Thank you thanks you! Oh stop I'm blushing! Oh you want an autograph?" she said in an incredibly girly voice. "I LIVE IN A GIANT BUCKET!" Sabrina screamed, earning a scream from me, especially since I didn't know she was there. "YOU SHOULD SEE IT WHEN IT RAINS! I SWIM TO MY MAILBOX WITH A HORSE NAMED ARTHUR!" she screamed again and Adain burst into uncontrollable giggling. "What?" Sabrina said. "Ha ha! I thought you said you swam with a whore!" "Oh sure who doesn't swim with a whore?" Sabrina retorted.

Eve ran up reattaching her finger. "Thanks for that, Sab." She said sarcastically before addressing me. "Anyway Bella I play the drums and background female singer. None of us can sing at all but you can. So want to live an eternal life and be in a cool band and lead vocal for girls?" she said and Adian groaned. "You two have no tact do you?" "Nope." They said as one and fell over laughing. I liked these girls and they were ready to give me what I wanted.

To be a vampire.

I sighed. "Why not? It'll help me heal this hole in my chest anyway." I said then blushed as I realized the last part I had said. They all inhaled deeply and I saw that they had really dark eyes. Sabrina's face went deadly serious. "Eve. Adian. Control." She said shooting a hand in front of them. She took a deep breath and her head sagged. Suddenly she looked up with a grin. "Sorry but you do smell delicious. All good now. We were hunting when we heard you. Blushing smells awesome. Anyway what's this about a holey chest?" she said curiously.

"Nothing. Anyway can we move onto business?" I said impatiently. "After you eat and sleep." Adian said and sure enough my stomach growled. I sighed. Great. Food. "I sort of don't eat much…" I said and Eve nodded. "We figured. You're thin and smell highly anemic. Not been eating meat by the smell. By the sound of it you knew some vampire family who left according to whatsisface. You clearly loved one. That's the reason of the hole. And also-"

She was cut off by the fact that she was current floating. "Adian! Put me down!" "Not till you learn tact." "We'll then we are going to get really weird looks going shopping for new instruments. Which we wouldn't have to do had SOME people… vampires sorry… not decided that we needed to go out with a bang! This included packing my drum with fireworks and NOT TELLING ME! AND AT BAND PRACTICE TOO! Honestly. NOW PUT ME DOWN!" Eve screamed and I exploded in giggles as she glared at Sabrina. "Hey I did so tell you! In passing… when you weren't in the room… when I was hunting… so yeah!" she said poking her tongue out. Adian then let Eve down, who began chasing Sabrina again. "MUST THIS HAPPEN EVERY FIVE MINUTES!?" Sabrina yelled stopping dead in her tracks, causing eve to run into her.

"Anyway Tink, we need you more then skin and bone before you turn. Other wise for the rest of time you would be uber thin. Not good for the band image." Sabrina said while Eve tried to get up, massaging her sore nose at the same time and ended up falling flat on her ass. "Tink?" I said annoyed. "Yeah Tink. As in tinker bell. As in Bella. As in you." She said doing a handstand for no apparent reason.

I sighed. Clearly this whole changing thing would have strings attached. "So Tink!" I growled. This was clearly my new name. I turned to Adain. "Yeah?" I said with a bit of attitude. These girls were clearly rubbing of on me. "You have any family?" my eyes filled with tears. Charlie had died in a police shooting the week before. Renee and Phil's plane crashed. It seemed my luck really had become a weapon against my family. A soft breeze ran over my face. "Cheer up Tink." Eve said, as the wind stopped.

Then it started snowing. Then RAINING! I ducked as the hail started. "Eve! Stop showing off! She controls the weather Tink. Adain has telekinesis. I can blow things up and am an empathic. I can feel emotions and change them. It's really cool. I'm fairly certain that no other vampire has the ability." Sabrina said and again I felt a stab off pain. She has the same power of Jasper. Sure she has two powers but she had to have Jaspers? I felt my self suddenly happy. I shot her a look and she grinned. "Heh sorry. But you're getting me down. Literally. Anyway what's your background story? You don't seem to be scared of us and we're vampires. Guys were scared of me when I was human! Well… I was more masculine than them. Hmm. Anyway tell us your story!" she said hanging upside down from a tree.

I only realized then that we were in a clearing. Again. So I told them my life. Edward, James, the Cullen's, high school, vampire baseball and my birthday. "So you are, biologically, 1 year older than all of us." Eve said but Sabrina butted in. "Baseball? Pfft. The best pass times are boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling, fighting and dancing to crazy dance mixes. Actually all music is good with me. Now that you will join us, you will see our different taste in music. Hmm. That means you will have to take the gym room. Not that we need the gym… hey you like dark colours and posters of emo fairy's right? If so you will love the gym room. Oh and probably mine. But it's so messy that I totally haven't seen the floor in months. Anyway… so want to come see your new house? Any stuff you need we can afford easily. We have billons. It happens when you live for 122 years. WEE!" she screamed leaping off the branch and zooming of. Adain sighed and grabbing me, followed suite. Eve ran off in front of us.

Well this is going to be a strange eternity.

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