In Time To Come…In Time To Come…
By: ~KaZe~

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Author's Notes: Hello People, I don't think a lot of people read this part of
the fan fictions but I am one who does…anyways…this story is…quite odd. It's
kind of supernatural I guess you could say…I'm not sure how I can possible clear
the vagueness…I hope you'll enjoy it…I know I'm not that great but, please
review…so I know if I should keep going…or stop because I'm tedious or
something, on to the story…oh and also this story is told in view of an
omniscient (sp?) narrator.

Italics – thoughts
][Author's Notes][


"Whoa…hot chicks…" Duo drooled.

Wufei snorted. He looked over at the group of girls and silently contemplated
each of them. Well, well… for the first time I'm going to have to agree with
him. Wufei silently thought.
Trowa had the slightest smirk on his face, which you could only tell if you
looked very carefully. Quatre chuckled at his friend's behavior and Heero
remained his impassive self.


Minako, Rei and Makoto gossiped happily while Ami and Hotaru silently debated
about a book they just read together. It had been 3 years since the
incident…When Usagi died. After all she'd done and gone through she dies because
of a simple plane crash, ironic no? She wasn't dead anymore, just not here, not
in their dimension. Setsuna refused to exude any information on her. Why? A
reason unknown and yet to be discovered.
They are all eight-teen now and attending 'Gakuha University'…][Gakuha- school
-of thought][. Today was their first day of their second semester and everything
just went back to the same old routine from the preceding semester. Even though
they had specialized in diverse subjects Ami was able to get them on a round
about time schedule so they could see each other between classes. College wasn't
all that complicated. Four hours of schooling each weekday which meant 20 hours
a week. Pretty good considering that they had all the time of the world in their
Leisurely lounging at the trunk of a tree, they contemplated life. Fact to the
matter is… Life was great, so far anyways.

"Don't look behind you!" Mako squealed.
"Why?" Rei insisted.
Minako being the person she was turned right around to look. Makoto
slapped her forehead with her palm and looked down.
"Oh my…" Minako stammered, " they are…are…are yummy!"
Rei sweat dropped and casually looked towards the guys while Makoto
blushed furiously. All the while Ami and Hotaru were completely oblivious on
what was going on and the fact that a group of handsome boys were walking
towards them…

Short I know…but I don't think I can continue unless I have the pairings. Hotaru
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