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School Days

In a household somewhere in Johto…

"Mom…" A girl whined, "Do we have to move… AGAIN?!"

"Yes Zea. You know how my job is. We have to keep moving in order for me to keep up with it. Would you rather it, if I wasn't around for a couple of months because of it?" the girl, named Zea, mother replied.

Zea was 17 years old and was about to go into her last year in high school. She had dark brown neck length hair which was always tied up into a ponytail. Her eyes were dark brown colour. She wore blue jeans, not too tight and not too loose; a perfect fit. A striped purple and pink polo shirt, pink and white socks, and cream coloured strap sketchers shoes, and carried a black bag pack.

"No…" she said under her breath.

"Good then. Now, help me bring the last couple of boxes into the moving van."

"Aren't there moving pokémon for that?" Zea asked as she followed her mother into one of the rooms of the now almost vacant house.

"Yes." Her mother replied, "But it'll be done quicker if we help them out,"

Zea said nothing in response, and just helped her mother to bring out the last two boxes that were left.

"There. That's the last of them," her mother said, as she took the box her daughter was carrying and placing it into the moving van

"You may take one last look at the house before we go dear," Zea's mother said.

"Ok mom," Zea replied, with sadden voice.

"I'm really gonna miss this place." Zea thought, "Compared to the other places we've been to, this one was favourite so far. And it's not because of the house, it's because this is where we've stayed the longest so far, and I've made a lot of friends compared to the other places. We'd spend like, a month and then move again. I know being a pokémon professor is a busy job, but can't she find ONE place where we can actually stay!"

"Zea! Come on! It's time to go! Hop into the back of the van so we can go," her mother called out from the front of the moving van.

"Ok mom." She replied.

She took one last look at the house and its surroundings and then went over to the moving van. She was about to hop in when she realized something was missing.

"Mom!" She called out to her mother, "Have you seen Eve!"

"No! But find her quickly honey, or we're gonna miss our boat." Her mother called out from the front of the van.

"I think I know where she is," Zea said to herself as she ran to the back yard of the house.

When she got there, she found who she was looking for. There, sleeping under an oak tree, was her Eevee, Eve. She smiled and walked over to her.

"I thought I'd find here," Zea said, causing the little fox pokémon to wake up.

"Eev?" Eve asked, with some sleep still in her eyes. She got up, did a yawn and started to stretch herself to loosen up her muscles.

"Come on Eve, we have to go," Zea said to her pokémon.

"Eevee!" the pokémon shook its head as it stayed put, not budging an inch from its spot.

"I know you don't want to go Eve. I don't either, but we have to; for the sake of mom's job," she told her pokémon, picking her up and holding her in her arms.

"Eee…" Eve said sadly, drooping down her ears.

"At least you got to relax one last time under your favourite tree,"


"Ok," Zea giggled, "OUR favourite tree,"

Suddenly, they heard a honking noise and Zea's mother shouting.

"Zea come on! Haven't you found Eve yet?! We have to go,"

Zea ran from the back to the front of the house with Eve in her arms. Her mother breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her daughter come back with her pokémon.

"Now get in the back dear. We have a long road ahead of us," he mother said.

As soon as Zea and Eve got in the back, where all the boxes were stored, they heard the van engine start and felt the van beginning to move. Zea hugged her Eevee for comfort on the journey to Kanto.

"Kanto…" Zea said, "I hope we'll be able to make new friends there,"


"It depends on how long we stay this time," Zea said to her Eevee.

"A new home means a new school. A new school means new friends. And you what else it means?" Zea said to her Eevee in a confident and determined tone.

"Eevee!" Eve replied in the same confident and determined tone.

"New bullies to teach a lesson!"



I can't really say I'm fond of school; of course, no one is. And just to let you guys know, where I come from there isn't really such a thing as bullies. Maybe one or two people wanting to be jerks, not to a point of pushing others around; not really. Well I guess all the show's I've been seeing on TV with school's and bullies was what got me to come up with this. Anyway, I better stop now before I give away the story in my notes.

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