Remember when we were children
and we wandered in the desert, searching for Galbana Lilies
and I asked you whether they would bring us luck?
The answer was no.


Remember when times were hard.
And we lived on the streets.
I danced for our money and you bought our food.
I asked you whether you thought we'd die out here;
the answer was no.

Remember when Archadia ran in and invaded
and took over our home and city.
They carried swords and guns, but
when I asked you if you thought they were bad people,
the answer was no.


Remember us in the hospital.
I was holding your hand and stroking your soft hair.
I thought of all our memories;
Men with guns, desert lilies.
The way you said we'd never dieā€¦
But when I asked the doctor whether you'd wake up from your coma.
The answer was no.

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