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Chapter One

A fierce roar rang out throughout Jump City, echoing off buildings and shattering glass. A large, green Tyrannosaurus Rex lifted its large head and screamed out again, its fury building with each breath. Its black eyes looked down at the road around it, and it shifted forward, slamming a foot down on several masses of goop, squashing them instantly. When the goop managed to encircle around the T-Rex's foot, encasing it, the large, green dinosaur let out another roar. Upon seeing that it could not free its foot, it began to shrink down into an eagle, and swerved around the goop up into the skies. The brown goop below, infuriated, let out a torrent of bubbles and immediately stretched itself up into sky, wrapping around the bird.

The bird, panicking, changed into a young, fifteen-year-old, green-skinned boy. The brown goop wrapped around him, and held him tight as it sent him zooming back down to the ground. The young boy struggled, his forest-green eyes showing fierce determination, and he looked behind him to see the earth rushing up to him.

"Ah!" he screamed, fidgeting more. "I'll die, I'll die! Let me go, you stupid whatever-the-hell-you-are!"

Black energy flew at the boy, encasing him and stopping his impending doom. The boy looked up to see a young, grey-skinned woman with a dark-blue cloak holding her hand out towards him from up in the sky, the dark energy reaching out to him like an extension of herself. Her violet eyes narrowed dangerously as she shouted,

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

Black energy flew out from her other hand in spurts, each rivulet breaking off into shards of black energy that sliced through the goop like a knife through butter. The boy let out a sigh of relief as the black energy pulled him up towards the girl. She looked at him through calculating eyes, taking in his overall appearance.

"Are you all right?" she asked softly.

"Yeah," he replied happily. "Thanks Rae – you're the best!"

"It's Raven," the young sorceress responded, glaring at him. "Have a safe drop, Beast Boy."

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked, his eyes widening questioningly before the black energy around him vanished and he went plummeting towards the ground again. As he plunged, he shouted, "That's so not co-o-o-o-ol!" before he changed into a pterodactyl and caught an updraft.

Raven watched him fly off before she raced through the sky herself, black energy gathering in her hands. She let go of her powers just long enough to drop down about five hundred feet before she caught herself again. Another young woman raced up to her, her beautiful, long, fiery-red hair completely covered with brown goop. Raven stared at the other young woman, her violet eyes widening with surprise. The red-haired woman turned annoyed, emerald-green eyes towards Raven while reaching up to grab another glob of goop from her hair. Instantly evaporating it with her green energy, the young woman frowned deeply.

"Raven, I do not like this…goop. It is most difficult to defeat it, and I cannot physically attack it with inspiring results."

"I know what you mean, Starfire," the young sorceress responded. "My powers don't seem to have much of an effect against it either."

"Do you know what enemy may have caused this…goop, to be developed?"

Raven frowned slightly, and quickly sent forward a bolt of dark energy at the oncoming appendages of the goop, cutting it down quickly. "I'm not quite sure. Whatever we do, we should do it fast – I don't have much more energy to mindlessly waste."

"Then, I shall go ask Robin. Perhaps he and Cyborg have defeated their enemy on the other side of the city," Starfire said, tearing another glob of brown goop from her hair in annoyance.

She floated slightly away from Raven before energy flared around her as she raced down towards the street. Starfire, bringing her arms in as close to her body as possible to minimize air resistance, raced across the horizon approximately half a foot off the ground, her eyes glowing a bright green as a large glob of brown goop shifted into her way. Green energy swirled in her eyes before it launched out straight towards the goop and split open a path. The goop roared out in pain, and so surprised was she that Starfire didn't notice a tendril of goop coming straight at her from her front. The tendril slammed into her, whipping her back across the concrete. Her shoulder slammed into the ground, causing her to flip over and continue rolling across the ground until she stopped approximately two hundred feet away.

Starfire groaned deeply as she moved to lift herself off of the ground. Pain raced through her right arm and her eyes widened as she cried out in pain, before falling to the ground again. Her left hand clutched tightly at her right shoulder as she narrowed her eyes at the oncoming goop. Once again, her eyes glowed a bright green and energy launched out from them, aimed straight for the large mound of brown. The energy hit true again, and the goop roared out again. A tentacle ripped out of the monster's body, flying high into the air before the monster whipped it back down to the earth, aiming for Starfire's unmoving body.

Raven gasped in surprise as she saw the tentacle began to race down at Starfire and gathered dark energy within her hands. Damn it, she thought, forcing more and more energy into her hands. I won't make it! She'll die!

A green streak raced through the air, and the tentacle slammed down the large Tyrannosaurus Rex, hitting the dinosaur's back with a harsh impact. The sound reverberated through the air, and Beast Boy shrank back down to his normal size, yelling out in pain. The monster, angered by the interference, retreated its tentacle and slapped away Beast Boy into a building. The green boy slammed into and through a business building, his screams echoing outward towards Raven and Starfire.

Starfire's eyes widened imperceptibly, and in her rage, she ignored her pain and launched herself to her feet. Twitching from the pain as she raised both her arms slowly, she gritted her teeth and her whole body began to glow a vibrant green.

"You dare to harm my friend!" she shouted out. "You will pay for that with your life!"

Raven watched as Starfire expelled all of her energy through her right arm at the large, brown monster, her fury causing the young woman's red-hair to float around her.

"Take THIS!" roared Starfire, as the energy flew at the monster, and encased it in green. Both she and Raven were surprised however, when the monster absorbed the energy and sent it racing back towards the Tamaranean. Starfire only had enough time to gasp before the energy slammed into her and sent her flying straight back across a bridge and into a couple buildings at least half a mile away.

Raven stared back at the spot where the energy had hit Starfire, before tracing it back to where her friend had flew into buildings some distance away. Without noticing, rage began to build within the young woman, and her eyes started glowing blood-red. Black energy flew from her fingertips and raced around Raven as she continued staring back at where Starfire had fallen, before she turned to look at the building where Beast Boy had fallen himself. Pain constricted in her chest as her incisors elongated and her teeth sharpened.

"You will pay," she muttered, her voice becoming gravelly and coarse. She lifted her red eyes and stared at the brown goop, her eyes now a swirling red.

"You, will, PAY!" Raven shouted, screaming out as black energy exploded around her and zoomed straight for the monster.

The young half-demon tightened her fists to constrict the black energy around the monster. The monster howled out in pain as the black energy began to cut into it, and cause it to slowly heat up rapidly and evaporate. As the monster shrank further and further, two other young individuals came running across the bridge, each panicking upon seeing Raven in such a rage. Just as the brown goop was evaporated to the size of a small calf, it spit out a white moisture that encased the half-demon, much to her fury. Ignoring the moisture, Raven clenched her fists even tighter and before long, the monster evaporated entirely with a poof of smoke.

One of the two boys on the ground gaped at the damage and the fact that Raven had taken care of the monster so quickly. He twirled his bo-staff a few times before compacting it and hiding it within his utility belt. The other young man beside him allowed his sonic cannon to transform back into his cyber-electronic arm before he nudged the other boy.

"Rob, what ticked her off?"

Robin narrowed his eyes behind his eye mask. He slammed one gloved fist into his other hand. "I don't know, Cyborg. But whatever caused her to get so angry is gone now. What I want to know is where Starfire and Beast Boy are. Why weren't they helping her take down that monster?"

Cyborg shifted his half-human, half-robot gaze around, frowning when he discovered he didn't see either one. He turned his eyes up to look at Raven, who was glaring back down at him with her cold, red eyes. The large, African-American Cyborg flinched back slightly, his one biological eye widening with a touch of fear. Robin glanced over at him before following his gaze, and shifting back slightly himself. Flicking his cape back as he reached for the back of his utility belt, he narrowed his eyes more at the floating half-demon.

Raven casted them an unwavering gaze, before her eyes slowly began to flicker from red to violet and back again. Less than a minute later, the red receded entirely, along with her sharpened teeth and elongated incisors. She gritted her teeth as pain raced through her, and began to gently float down to the ground. Both Robin and Cyborg ran up to her, and helped her touch ground more easily. She smiled slightly at the both of them in gratitude, before glaring down at the white liquid covering her whole body.

"Yuck," muttered Robin, flicking his hands back and forth quickly to rid himself of the goop. "What the hell is this stuff?"

Cyborg frowned as well, trying to rid himself of the goo as well. "It's gross, whatever it is. But, hey, Raven," he said pointing at her. "Why isn't it coming off you?"

"I don't know," she muttered, irritated as she continued trying to wipe it off. She narrowed her violet eyes slightly when she saw her skin began to absorb it, and stared at her hands in surprise when the white liquid completely vanished.

"Well," she began, frowning further. "That was odd."

Robin grasped both of the young woman's shoulders, forcing her to look at him. "Where are Starfire and Beast Boy?"

She winced slightly, and turned her gaze to the ground. Robin frowned at her slightly, and shook her hard. "Where are they, Raven? What happened to them? Are they…?"

"I don't know, Robin," she murmured quietly, her husky voice fresh with guilt. "Beast Boy was rammed into the building over there," she said, pointing at a wrecked business building, before she pointed back across the bridge and far down the street, "and Starfire went flying that way. I didn't…I wasn't sure if they were alive or not. I just got so mad that I…"

Robin let go of her and turned to Cyborg. "Cyborg, help me find Starfire. And Raven," he continued, glancing back at her. "Think you could look for Beast Boy?"

The young sorceress nodded slightly, her expression one of determination. She watched Cyborg and Robin run away from her and across the bridge, and sighed softly, walking slowly over towards the building Beast Boy had disappeared in. Not having enough energy to fly with ease, she jumped from rock to rock until she was inside the destruction. Her violet eyes roamed around the interior.

"Beast Boy! Where are you? Beast Boy?"

A quick spark of fear ran through her and she forced it down. After allowing her demon side to come up to the surface, the last thing she needed was the last of her energy going askew. Taking in a deep breath, Raven hopped from rock to rock, going further and further into the area. Sighing softly, she lowered herself and crawled through a small crevice, looking around sharply.

"Beast Boy. Answer me!"

A small groan filtered through the area, and her eyes widened slightly. She scurried through the hole and jumped from rock to rock. "Talk to me, Beast Boy!"


Raven heard him mid-jump, and she immediately changed course upon landing on one rock. Jumping from the one she was on, to another across from her, and back in the opposite direction, Raven pushed herself to where she thought she last heard her teammate's voice. Flipping forward, Raven landed on a pile of rubble, and cried out softly when she felt herself start to slide backwards. She glanced up the pile lazily before looking away and freezing. Her eyes widened and her gaze snapped up to see a green arm, blood running heavily down it.

"Beast Boy!" she gasped, running up the hill and pulling off rock after rock. As soon as he was cleared from all the rocks, she wrapped her arms around his torso, and pulled him up slowly. His quick intake of breath made her pause, before closing her eyes. A bubble of black energy flickered around the two, and within seconds, they were floating up and out of a large hole in a side of building. She maneuvered them to the bridge where Robin and Cyborg were waiting with Starfire. Setting Beast Boy down gently, Raven let go of her energy bubble, breathing in and out harshly from the amount of energy that procedure had taken.

Robin frowned at her. "I hate to ask you, but do you think you have enough energy to get us out of here?"

"Barely," she murmured, fighting an oncoming headache. "But don't expect me to be jumping for joy when we get back."

"That's fine. Cyborg and I will handle the rest when we get back."

Raven nodded slightly before straightening up and extending her arms out. Beads of sweat drifted down her face as she struggled to pull more and more energy from within her until a small barrier just barely surrounded the entire team. Closing her eyes tightly, she visualized Titan Tower in her mind, and less than a minute later, the five-member team had vanished from the bridge.

Upon arriving in the living room, Raven dropped down to the ground gently, sweat dropping in rivulets down her face. She rose a trembling hand to wipe across her forehead as she peered through her shaky vision over at Starfire and then Beast Boy. Turning to gaze around her, she found that her vision was growing far too dark for her to tell where they were.

Robin popped his head into her limited vision, and placed his hand on her shoulder – she could hardly tell. She grasped onto the last wisps of strength remaining with her.

"D-did we…?"

"We're back in the Tower, Raven. We're safe. You did well, so rest. We'll…"

After the first sentence, the young half-demon began to fade out, and she barely felt Robin clutch her to him.

It was the soft beeping that rose her from unconsciousness. Raven slowly opened her eyes, taking in a deep breath as she glanced around her. Shadows permeated the area, and she felt herself slowly lower down towards the bed. The young sorceress ran her right hand slowly through her hair, frowning at the small presence of grease in it. She needed a shower, but first…

She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and walked over to the other side of the medical bay, frowning when she only saw Beast Boy lying down. Starfire must have healed up quickly, or not been in as bad of shape as Raven had first assumed. However, Beast Boy was practically a normal human being with just an added ability to change into animals at will. Walking over to him, Raven took careful note of his overall condition, and found that he was healing quite nicely. She looked at her hands, frowning when she discovered she hadn't gained back even half of her energy yet. Despite that, it was still more than enough to finish healing up her teammate.

Wait, she thought, stopping as her hands hovered a few inches over his skin. Why am I doing this? Wait, does it even matter why? He's still hurt, and I have the means to heal him. Stupid much, Raven?

With that in mind, blue energy surrounded her hands and she shifted them around Beast Boy's upper torso, and along his rib cage. Once finished, Raven let her arms drop to her sides and she shifted closer towards Beast Boy's head, lowering her head to see if he was breathing well. When she didn't hear any air coming out of his mouth, she frowned and leaned in a bit closer. Raven never noticed Beast Boy's mouth widen into a grin before he said,


Shock raced through Raven's system, surprising her as she flew back away from Beast Boy and fell into the separation curtains. Black energy raced from her fingers and bounced across the florescent lighting in the room, immediately shattering each one. The glass on the doors shattered with a large crash, and medical supplies within several of the drawers suddenly came flying out in every which direction. Beast Boy shrieked when a scalpel came flying at his head, and he jumped off the bed to avoid it.

As soon as her surprise wore off, Raven stood up, her face full of fury.

"Beast Boy! What were you thinking! Were you even thinking?"

"Not like I knew you were going to freak like that!" he shouted back, cowering under his bed.

Raven clenched her fists in anger until she heard the metal door to the medical bay come unhinged and fold in half. Staring first at the door in surprise, she immediately began rubbing her temples and murmuring, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

She felt herself calm down slowly, but surely, and just as she was about to yell at her teammate again, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg came bursting into the room. Robin looked at the damage, then at Raven, and seeing her disheveled appearance, glared down at Beast Boy. The green changeling winced when he saw Robin's expression, and he glared over at Raven.

"Way to go, RaeRae."

"Don't call me that, you idiot."

Beast Boy got out from underneath his bed, and stuck his tongue out at Raven, who glowered at him in return. As soon as they were all out into the hall, Robin took in the conditions of both of his remaining members, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"As much as I wish I could give you two leave, we can't really afford that right now. Sorry. All I can suggest is that the two of you go ahead and get some rest. However," he continued, turning to Raven, "if you feel that you can't head out to battle due to low energy, tell us. I don't want you trying to fight if you really can't."

Beast Boy gaped at the young leader. "Uh, hello-o-o-o? I'm low on energy too, you know! Why's she get to get out of battle while I'm sitting here like some old gum on the bottom of your shoes?"

"Because unlike you, Beast Boy," Robin stated condescendingly, "she went all out on the enemy. What did you do? Weren't you sleeping underneath some rubble?"

Before the young changeling could protest, Starfire slid in between him and Robin, gesturing wildly. "Boyfriend Robin, it is not Beast Boy's fault! It was actually because of I that Friend Beast Boy hurt. Please do not place blame on him."

Robin's eyes widened slightly, and he frowned again. "What are you talking about Starfire? You were in the completely opposite direction of him."

"Actually," Raven interjected calmly, violet eyes concentrated on the Teen Titan leader, "Beast Boy jumped into the path of one of the tentacles of that…thing. He was hit twice, the second of which slamming him into that building."

Beast Boy squirmed around Starfire and jumped into Robin's face. "Yeah! And do you know how much that hurt? A lot! You ever go flying into a completely whole building all the way to the center, and then have a bunch of floors fall on you? Yeah, I bet you haven't! Well, let me tell you: it hurts!"

Robin, annoyed, shoved Beast Boy's face away, and crossed his arms once again. Taking in a deep breath, he said,

"Despite all of that, the fact is that you still have energy, whereas Raven is running pretty empty. Until she's ready-up again, we can't take her into battle. One man down, or girl, is enough, and we can't afford more. Sorry Beast Boy."

Beast Boy snorted, glaring over at Raven, who glared back. Then he shrugged past Robin and kept on walking down the corridor. Robin shook his head slightly and turned back to look at Raven. "Sorry Raven. Tell us when you're ready to go again, yeah?"

Then he, too, turned to walk down the hall to his room. Raven watched him walk away, and sighed, staring down at her hands. She hoped her powers came back soon.

Though her powers, as per normal, came back within a week, it wasn't until the end of the next week that Raven came out of her room in a daze. Aside from feeling nauseated, feverish, and unable to walk a few steps without becoming dizzy, she couldn't breathe in through her nose and her powers were…

She breathed in deeply before allowing herself to drift down through the floor several levels until she hit the common room. Walking in through the main doors, a flurry of emotions slammed into her, causing her already present headache to begin pounding more. She glared across the room at the two boys scrambling around.

"Where is it!" Cyborg yelled out.

He wore a panicked expression as he continued throwing pillows off the couch and across the room. Beast Boy came whizzing around the living area, changing into different animals to look at different places. Turning into a puppy, he checked under the couch, and was disappointed to find that the remote was not there. Cyborg threw his hands up to his head in aggravation, before taking a pillow and throwing it elsewhere. "It's got to be here! BB, keep looking!"

Starfire and Robin, who had been talking avidly about another galaxy she had visited, stopped their conversation to witness the other two teenagers search desperately for a remote control. Starfire turned concerned, emerald-green eyes towards Robin in question. He blinked back at her, confusion marring his face. She gestured towards the television, and then looked back at him, and he raised up his hands in surrender.

"Whoa, hey!" he said slowly. "What do you expect me to do? This happens every week!"

Starfire just stared at him, and a few beads of sweat ran down Robin's face. "Ah…hold that thought…"

Robin backed away from Starfire and sighed as he turned around, his eyes slit in annoyance. Every week, someone would place the controller in an obvious spot, and every week, Cyborg and Beast Boy would go screaming through the tower in efforts to find it.

"This is getting old," Robin muttered.

Walking around the couch, Robin picked up the remote off of the coffee table, and held it up in front of Cyborg. Cyborg and Beast Boy blinked at it, before grinning sheepishly. Cyborg took it from Robin's hand, and grinned wide, showing all of his pearly-white teeth. Beast Boy just chuckled hesitantly. "Heh, heh… Thanks Robin…been looking for that."

Robin frowned and was about to tell them off for breaking up his conversation with Starfire before the two pushed him out of the way in efforts to watch one of their favorite television shows. Robin went flying behind the couch, landing on the red carpet with a loud thump. Starfire walked up to help him, and he sighed. Looking back at the two couch potatoes, Robin felt another twitch of annoyance, but he shrugged it off. Grabbing Starfire's hand, Robin marched away from the living room, eager for some alone time with her. Starfire, her eyes wide in question, tried to keep up with Robin's long strides. As soon as Robin had climbed the steps to get to the main door, he noticed Raven and her level gaze on him.

"Oh, hey there, Raven. We…haven't seen you for a while."

Lifting a hand to her forehead, she muttered, "Yeah. Sorry about that."

"Well, it's fine. But, you don't look that hot. You okay?"

"Uh, about that…"

Beast Boy launched himself at Raven. "Yo, 'sup Raven? You've been in your room for the last week! What you been doing that's so important that you can't talk to us?"

Raven stared at him out of the side of her eyes. "You don't want to know."

Confusion crept across Beast Boy's features, and he blinked slowly. "Wha…huh?"

Raven walked out of the crowd, feeling very weak as she sat down at the kitchen counter. Cyborg finally joined the party, and Raven looked down at the carpet, unable to meet anyone's eyes. Her normally pale face was even more so, and her eyes were quite red, as if she hadn't been able to sleep, or had been crying. Her small nose was pink from a large amount of sneezing, leaving her looking vulnerable, and young. Starfire put a hand on her shoulder, and Raven looked up in surprise, before looking away again. "Ah… The reason I haven't been out of my room all week is because I've come across a problem…"

All of a sudden, before Raven could finish her sentence, an alarm sounded, and the tower began flashing red, warning the Titans of trouble. Robin clenched a green-gloved fist, and glanced apologetically at Raven. Beast Boy frowned at Raven, who seemed unusually sad, and, more or less, very sick. Starfire tightened her grip on Raven's shoulder gently, before letting go, showing her compassion. "Come. We must go and fight the enemy, Raven."

Cyborg lifted up Raven in his arms and grinned. "Cyborg to the rescue!"

Raven gasped as she was lifted up, and Robin gave Cyborg a thumbs-up. "All right!" he announced, looking at everyone. "Titans, go!"

Across the city, various renegade robots were stomping about, causing mayhem throughout Gotham City. Two renegades picked up a car and began to feed on it, valuing its high steel composition. One robot rubbed its middle, its visual screen showing its pleasure at what it 'ate.' A larger robot, the largest of them all, stomped through the city, its size bordering two hundred feet. It took a large semi and started to eat it as well, and the little robots cheered as it looked happy and satisfied.

Robin rode in on his motorcycle, and stopped to look at the size of the robot. Beast Boy came in behind him as a raven, nestling down on Robin's helmet. Behind them, Starfire carried Cyborg who carried Raven. As soon as they touched ground, Raven jumped out of Cyborg's arms, stumbling a bit before falling down completely. Starfire again rushed to help up her best friend, and Raven stared at the ground. "I feel like a child."

Starfire ignored her and proceeded to keep helping her stand. Robin frowned back at the two, before glaring up at the giant robot. Rubbing his chin slightly, Robin turned towards Raven and Starfire. "I need you two airborne. Concentrate your power on hitting those small robots – make sure to keep from causing too much damage if you can. We don't want a repeat of last time. Cyborg, Beast Boy? Concentrate all your power on the larger robot. As for me, I'll act as a decoy from my bike, and draw the giant one's attention. You guys got it? All right – Titans, go!"

Robin pulled back on his handles, revving the engine for a few moments before unleashing the built up power and sending him soaring towards the giant robot. Flicking his cape back, Robin grabbed his grappling hook and shot it one of the monster's legs. His bike's wheels screeching from an edgy turn, he shifted to the right and raced around the other leg before coming back to the first. He ducked under the wire of his grappling hook, and ran a circle eight around the robot's legs, before zooming away, his grip on his grappling hook tight.

"Beast Boy, do it!" he shouted at the oncoming dinosaur that was racing at the large robot.

Beast Boy slammed into the robot, knocking it forward as Cyborg lifted his sonic cannon. Blue energy swirled around Cyborg's arm before propelling itself forward and knocking off the head of the large robot. Robin gritted his teeth as the wire from his grappling hook pulled him off his bike and flying back towards where the robot was falling. He yelled out in surprise as the wire flicked him across the ground and rolling into a parked car. Groaning, Robin struggled to move before realizing his arm was more than likely broken. A shadow slowly casted its way over him, much to his disbelief.

Beast Boy turned back into his normal form, falling to the earth as he shouted,

"Raven! Starfire! Get Robin!"

Both young women looked over to see Robin struggling to move from under the parked car and away from the oncoming robot. Starfire gasped, abandoning her attempt to rid the city of the smaller robots, and she sped forward through the sky. Raven turned her concentration onto the large robot, and with her three-word chant, threw her energy forward to surround it. She grunted when caught it, and began to pull it back when she felt a feverish heat run through her. Ignoring it, Raven was surprised to see her black energy flicker before fading completely. Surprised, her violet orbs widened as she looked back at her hands.


"Raven!" a scream came, snapping her out of her surprised state. "Raven, they're going to die! What are you doing!"

Turning quickly to look back at the scene, she saw the robot nearly on them, and desperation ran through her. As soon as she reached for her powers, she felt that same fire run through her veins and she cried out. Shaking her head, Raven reached deep within her and pulled her powers to the surface.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!"

The black energy wrapped around the giant robot just before it touched Robin and Starfire, before Raven tightened her grip and sent it flying in the opposite direction, crushing several of the smaller robots. Breathing in and out hard, she felt herself lose grip on reality and she began to fall down towards the ground. She barely noticed a green pterodactyl catch her and take her back down to earth gently.

It was with apprehension when Raven opened her eyes to see the medical bay, again. It seemed that it was practically her second room as of late. She lifted a hand to run it through her hair before quickly stopping, only then noticing all the wires attached to her arm. Her eyes narrowed in confusion, she slowly glanced around her, seeing various computer screens and medical equipment. Shifting slightly, Raven glanced away from the computers towards the blinded window, registering the time as moonlight filtered in. How long had she been out? She looked at her hands, narrowing her eyes when black energy flickered over her hands before quickly dying.

"I'm still sick," she muttered. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

Pressure built in her chest and she groaned before exploding into large coughing fits, not receding until she felt someone raise her up and pat her back. Taking deep breaths, Raven gritted her teeth. A green face appeared right in front of her, and she flinched back quickly. Beast Boy's worried eyes peered into her hers, annoying her slightly. "Beast Boy? What the hell? Get away from me."

Beast Boy frowned and slid out of her lap. "You seem okay," he started, "but you're still really shaky. What's up with you anyway?"

"It doesn't matter. Where's everyone else?"

"Oh, the rest are all asleep. It's three in the morning, you know. Even though they're all worried about you, they weren't going to stay up this late."


Raven rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands, beginning to once again feel exhausted. "Okay, all right. So, they're all okay? No one's hurt from before?"

"Well, my head's a little bruised–"

"Whatever, Beast Boy. I don't have time for this."

She began to pull off wires and tape from her skin and quickly pulled out her IV, wincing all the way. Beast Boy grabbed her arm, eyes wide. "Hey, what are you doing! They're what's keeping you stable!"

The young sorceress batted his hand away and glared at him. "Damn it, I'm fine. Just leave me be, Beast Boy."

"Hey!" Beast Boy shouted. "You're the one who fell unconscious! We're just making sure you don't do it again. Starfire was ready to go back to Tamaran to get some special medication. It took all of us to keep her here."

"Special medication? What?" She quickly pulled the covers off herself and got out of the medical bed. "That would have taken months on her own. Maybe weeks if she was determined."

Beast Boy watched as Raven continued to rid herself of more wires, and unattached an arm band around her right upper arm. He sidestepped out of her way and continued to stare when she picked up her own clothing. Her violet eyes trained on him and he tilted his head. "Turn," she ordered.

He sighed and turned around, arms folded across his chest. "We weren't sure if you were dead or not. All we knew was that the little green line on that machine wasn't straight, so your heart was still beating."

"How ingenious of you all."

She pulled off her hood and headed for the door, stopping only when Beast Boy got in her way. "Get out of my way," she said, pushing him aside gently. Beast Boy grabbed her arm again, frowning. "Raven, you don't get it. You're out for weeks, and are suddenly trying to walk around like you own the place? You know how much everyone else would kill me if I just let you go wherever you wanted?"

She stopped pulling back at her arm and narrowed her eyes slightly. "Weeks? How many…weeks?"

Beast Boy ran a hand through his hair. "Five? You never moved, at all. We had to set up a machine with a needle put in you to feed you. You don't know how disgusting it is. I mean, the stuff that Starfire made was just revolting –"

"Wait," interrupted Raven. "You let her give me Tamaranean food? And five weeks? What happened all the time I was asleep? Is the city okay?"

"The city is fine, Raven, ever since we beat Trigon. But if Star catches you out of bed, well, you know her."

"Yes, I know her, but I can't waste time waiting for them to wake up. I need to do some research right now."

Again, Raven swept by Beast Boy, him frowning the entire time. He followed her, looking around in indecisiveness. She went down the hall and up the stairs while Beast Boy followed her every step of the way. Their footsteps made no sound on the lush red carpet as they went up to the next landing. Beast Boy followed her to her room but stopped short. "Raven, what do you mean, 'research'? What are you researching?"

"I'm not quite sure," she said as she walked into her room. Looking behind her at the green teenager, she raised her eyebrow when he proceeded to keep standing outside the door. Blinking, Beast Boy smiled and walked into her room, staring around in marvel. Ignoring him, Raven went up to her large bookcase, hand raised to her chin as she glanced at each book. Beast Boy flopped down on her bed, enjoying the size of it. He sat up to watch her continue to look down the book shelves, staring at each book individually. "So," he began, "you don't know what you're looking for?"


He let out a sound of protest when a book hit his stomach and threw him back against the bed. Looking at the three-inch thick book, Beast Boy looked back at Raven who came to sit on the bed beside him, a few books in her arms. "That's why you're going to help me," she said, looking at him with a level gaze.

Beast Boy stared back at her and then looked at the giant book, opening it to gaze at an abstract title. "What is this? 'Azarath Metrius Sarcala?' And what am I helping you look for, basically, anyway?"

"You know how I say, 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos?' 'Azarath Metrius Sarcala' is a brother incantation to it," Raven explained patiently. "That book will deal with everything that may, or may not, obstruct my powers."

"Obstruct?" Beast Boy questioned. "What, you mean like, block? Or stop?"

"Something like that, yes."

She flipped a page in a book called, Reverse Procedures of Harmful Maladies. Beast Boy grabbed her book away from her and stared at the cover. "Maladies? You're sick?"

She nodded slightly, holding up a finger as she turned to sneeze. Beast Boy waited while she sneezed a few more times before asking, "Well, what happens when you're sick?"

Raven coughed, saying, "Nothing aside of losing my powers just yet. That's why I wasn't able to help Robin that night. And it seems that if I force myself to use my powers, I force myself out of commission. Ugh, have you found anything in that book yet?"

"What?" he asked, caught unaware. "No, no. Not yet."

"Well, help me look a bit more. If we can't find anything, I may have to try something a bit more drastic."


"Just keep looking, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy grimaced as he moved back to the book, and began to read through it. Hours passed as the two read through the books with Raven eventually finishing all of hers and moving to help Beast Boy go through the larger one. Sunlight began to peek through her dark blinds over her windows, and Raven slammed a fist on her bed, pushing herself up quickly. "Damn it all, this isn't getting us anywhere!"

Beast Boy laid his head back on her pillows, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yeah. The others should be waking up soon to check on you."

Raven nodded slightly, frowning as she thought quickly. Something occurred to her and she looked back at Beast Boy. "Hey, why weren't you asleep, Beast Boy? I would think you would want sleep more than anyone else."

"I, ah, couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd check on you."

"Couldn't sleep?"

The two jumped when a shout sounded on the landing below them. Beast Boy's eyes widened in fear. "Dude, if they find out that I let you leave the medical room, I'm going to die. I'm too young to die!"

"Cut the melodrama, Beast Boy. I have a plan."

"Melodrama? It's my butt they're after!"

"Shut up, or they'll hear you," said Raven as she walked over to her desk to grab a mirror. Looking into it, she took in a deep breath. Beast Boy came up behind her, peering over her shoulder. "Whoa, it's that crazy mirror. Are you going into it again?"

"That's the plan."

"You're going to leave me here by myself? That's cruel!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Raven, her voice having an edge of annoyance. "You're coming with me."

"Are you crazy! We nearly died before when we went into your mind! I'm not going!"

"Ugh, it's either this, or you can wait for Robin and them to get to you."

"Tough choice…"

Outside of Raven's room, they heard Robin's voice yelling for Beast Boy, and the changeling teenager grabbed the mirror, grinning. "So, when do we leave?"

"Now," said Raven, grabbing Beast Boy's hand and muttering, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

Beast Boy cried out when he felt himself pulled into the mirror, before he ended up flying across a flowery ground. He sniffed a few times before sneezing. After sneezing a few more times, Beast Boy sighed and pushed himself up to his feet. Raven raised an eyebrow at him, her arms crossed over her chest. "Are you finished?" she asked patiently, her voice slightly more gravelly than normal.

He nodded and she gestured for him to follow her. The young, green boy ran up to Raven and dutifully followed her as they went through a portal after portal. Eventually, they came across a cavernous room with rows and rows of bookcases, much to Beast Boy's chagrin. He looked at all of the books, and sighed, hanging his head. Just how many books did she expect him to read anyway?

"Don't worry," she whispered reassuringly. "We aren't here to read. I'm here to see someone."

Beast Boy let out a sigh of relief as Raven moved forward, and he quickly moved to catch up with her. He raced ahead of her into the center of the room and ran straight into another person. Shifting back quickly, he was about to apologize when he saw what looked like another Raven with glasses on her face. Beast Boy pointed at the second Raven in disbelief.

"Ah!" he cried. "You look like Raven! But that's Raven!" he continued, pointing back at the blue cloaked Raven he had come with. "No way! What is this?"

Raven hit him hard on the back of his head and he glared at her. "Do you remember what I told you last time?" she growled. "It's a mirror into my mind!"

"Oh," Beast Boy whispered, drawing out the word in amazement. "Oh yeah. So, they're all you. So, who's this one?"

Raven rubbed her temples before looking at the bookish-looking Raven. "Knowledge," she stated evenly, hands on her hips. "I am in need of your help."

Knowledge adjusted her glasses slightly, and nodded. "I know precisely why you have come, Raven…but I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done."

Beast Boy and Raven's eyes widened, and the two looked at each other before looking back at Knowledge. Raven frowned slightly. "What do you mean?"

"May I assume you came here to discuss the mysterious illness that you have contracted, and wish for a way to purge your body of it?"

Upon seeing Raven's slow nod, Knowledge continued: "I will tell you what the illness is, and then you will see why there is nothing you can possibly do about it. The illness is actually of a demon affiliation. No others species but a demon can contract this, and once they do, it is nigh impossible to survive it. Although your human side would normally allow you to bypass whatever diseases can harm demons, you were out of luck this time around. It's a severe disease, what that Bigsleserk gave you. It's passing slowly, but within a month, it will break down all of your molecular cells, absorb your power, and leave you dry. You will lose your demon powers, and be susceptible to whatever other diseases may be out there. Were you completely demon, Raven, you would simply fade away, for a demon without its power is no demon at all, and therefore, cannot exist."

Raven felt pain constrict in her chest and she looked down, breathing in and out heavily. Beast Boy gaped at Knowledge, unable to believe what he had just heard. He didn't understand all of what was going on, but he definitely got the basics of nothing being able to be done and that Raven would indeed die without a fight. That wasn't fair! She had survived three lives, her crazy father, and everything else imaginable, and now she was going to die because she was sick? No way!

"No way!" Beast Boy shouted, surprising both Knowledge and Raven. "She can't die! There's got to be something!"

Knowledge stared over at him for a few moments after his outburst before smiling slightly. "Well, there is one way…"

Dread crept its way into Raven's stomach, causing her to become very cold. "What is this way you are thinking of?"

"It is a bit impractical, I will admit. However, it is the only chance you have of surviving, Raven, so it just depends on whether you're willing to try it or not."

Raven's eyes narrowed as she thought about Knowledge's words. Frowning, she thought deeply on whether it would be a good idea to try it out or not – there must have been some reason no other demon had ever tried this method, but she couldn't take the chance of not doing it, even if the results weren't favorable. However, because it was a demon method, would it cause her demon side to take prevalence? What would happen to the Titans if she suddenly, and sporadically, went out of control and started killing everyone? They were her friends – she couldn't just try something without making sure they were okay with it as well. But, did she have much a choice? What could she–?

"We'll do that way! We'll do it! Tell us how!"

Raven gaped at the green goblin, as she would have preferred to call him, unable to believe that he had just signed her up for something without anyone else's permission. She turned her attention to the chuckling Knowledge, who pushed her glasses back up her nose.

"So, you will be her partner in this? She needs a partner."

"I'll do it! Anything to save Raven."

Knowledge hid a grin behind her hand and turned to Raven. "Raven, could you tell me the incantation of the last known incarnation of Philis Vans in the original order of the Azarath monks?"

The young Halfling blinked slowly, before she paused to think.

"Um…Azarath Menshole Psyricalurus?"

"Well done," Knowledge said, perhaps a bit too happily. "And you, Beast Boy, can you repeat that line? Azarath Men-shole Psy-ri-ca-lu-rus."

"Azarath Menshole Psyricalurus."

"Well done, well done! And thus, the incantation has been completed, and the Blood Oath has been enacted. Well done to the both of you. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Knowledge began to scurry away before the dark voice of Raven froze her in her tracks:


"Yes, well," said Knowledge, sweating slightly. "The reason no demon has ever considered this method is due to the fact it both requires a partner…and is not solely dependent on the demon itself. Oh, and if your partner dies, so do you."

Raven's blood drained from her face and Beast Boy looked at her. "Hey, what's she mean?"

The half-demon's violet eyes glared at him. "It means you signed us up for something that we knew nothing about without my permission at all!"

She turned back to Knowledge, gritting her teeth. "Okay. So, what is involved in this pact."

"I'm not quite sure."

"How do we go about making sure I survive?"

"I don't really know that either."

"How long does this last?"

"I'm not quite sure–"

"Is there anything you DO know?"

"Well no, Raven," Knowledge said with a smile. "Unfortunately, this is the part at which you stopped reading when you were younger. So, unfortunately, I don't have a clue."

Raven felt her world shift slightly. Oh Azar, she hated Beast Boy.

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