Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: None
Summary: She killed him. To her, her actions were completely justified, now she must face the consequences.

- - -

She placed her hands in her pockets; the air was bone chilling. Slowly she walked along the path, she wasn't sure if she had a specific destination in mind, all she knew was that she needed to get away from her office for a while. Work consumed her days and more often than not, her nights as well. She had worked very hard to get where she was, after all, it wasn't easy for a woman to become the Director of an armed federal agency. She continued to walk trying not to think too much, after all, that's why she came out on this walk, she needed to forget. However, it wasn't that easy, her actions had consequences, consequences that weren't going to go away soon. She had made it clear what her intentions were, which made her the obvious person to blame. She was never really good at being subtle.

At the time, she had been so consumed by her obsession that she hadn't thought about where it would take her. She killed him. To her, her actions were completely justified, this man had killed her father therefore he should pay the price. She knew all along what would she would have to do to stop him, though she made it seem like she would simply apprehend him, rather than take his life, however, she suspected that Gibbs knew her intentions all along, after all, he would have done the same thing. They were a lot like, though they still had their differences. Sharing so much history as they did made for some complicated moments, but Jenny learned things were about to get more complicated than they ever had. Even after what she did in Paris. This certainly tops that she thought. Back then she had an excuse, she was a newbie. And it's common knowledge that newbies make mistakes. And her actions had been a mistake, she knew that and understood that now. She had also dealt with those emotions and the consequences a long time ago. She was trying to rationally justify her actions on this night, she thought about it and believed that what she had done was a necessary thing and that she had done something for the greater good, she had eliminated a threat, and a dangerous threat at that. She figured if she hadn't done it one of La Grenouille's adversaries would have done it, but her reason for doing what she had done was personal. Personal vendetta's such as this didn't go away easily, which is why she had to go through with it. By doing it she had gotten, at least in her mind, justice for her father's murder. She couldn't do anything then, but she could now. Which is why she had to do it, she wouldn't let her father down again.

Though she was content with avenging her father's death, she still knew it would take time for this to blow over. Jenny was smart, though someone just as smart could quite capably put two and two together and the pieces would inevitably come together and point straight to her. She thought about how everyone was caught up in her mess, it really wasn't her initial intention to bring so many people into it, but that is how it evolved. In her mind, the bottom line was that her father's killer had been stopped and he could rest in peace and she knew that now, no one else's daughter would ever have to go through what she had, due to La Grenouille. Knowing that reassured her that she had in fact done the right thing. The only thing left to worry about were the consequences, and she would deal with them when they came.