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Jasper POV

I rolled my eyes at Rose's retreating form, sure I loved my sister but there were times when I wanted to kill her, now was one of those times. This was the third time that we had to move this year because of her temper and I was getting sick of it, "Rose" I called catching up to her, "what Jasper?" she snapped turning around and facing me, the cruel glint in her eyes making me instantly wary. "Rose" I said trying not to set her fiery temper off, "can you please make an effort to control your temper at this school?"

She turned and glared at me, giving me full force of the icy glare that had reduced many to tears, "I will not apologise for that incident Jasper" she snarled "and if something happens here I will stand up for myself, I don't need you to do that for me, besides" she said playing the guilt card "you've had us kicked out of more schools than me" I groaned, I couldn't argue with that, Rose's fiery temper was shared by me, it had been hereditary from our father, a cruel beast of a man, I was glad that was the only thing we had inherited from him.

Rosalie and I looked exactly like our mother; this probably just increased our fathers hate for us, because our father detested our mother, she had divorced him years ago and ran for her life never looking back, try as I might, I couldn't blame her, she'd done the right thing, and gotten out before he killed her.

Rose and I were both very tall, although I had a good four inches on my twin sister and we both had unusually blue eyes and blonde hair, however Rose's hair was a deep blonde whilst mine was more of a honey blonde.

According to many people we were also very attractive, I was puzzled at this I mean I supposed that Rose was very beautiful, but I surely couldn't be as attractive as others had led me to believe, not with these hideous scars adorning my body.

Rose and I were both originally from Texas, although she had managed to rid herself of the Southern accent that she had once shared with me, I, much to our fathers annoyance still had a trace of that deep southern drawl, the one that had belonged to our mother, I was beaten often for having retained my accent, as if it were something I could control.

Our father refused to have any reminder of our mother in the house and I supposed that my accent was just one reminder to many, at least this was what I told myself when I received triple the amount of beatings that our father rained on Rose, although I resented her for this I was also very grateful, I may have some resentment built up because of how scarred I am, how wrecked I am because of my father but I would gladly take double that if it meant saving Rose from the same fate.

Although I had resigned myself to the fact that emotionally she was already almost as ruined as me, we had shut ourselves off from the world, from everyone but each other, it spared us the pain of losing friends every time we had to move and also of explaining our many bruises and breaks, it was the mention of the latter that often set off myself or Rose.

Just as we would be settling into a new school some fool would bring up the subject of a black eye or a split lip and Rose would lose her temper utterly and completely, the last two idiots to mention the bruises on her face were in hospital for weeks, every time this happened we had to move to lessen the risk of drawing attention to ourselves.

Rosalie's temper had gotten us expelled from eight schools in two years; however I had the high record of eighteen. My sister, unfortunately, was too attractive for her own good and often in the locker room of some school I would hear boys boasting their imaginary tales of sexual exploits with my sister, this was when I lost my temper, I was not fond of disrespect for a lady, especially not my little sister.

The last school we had been at was the worst by far, and was in fact the reason why we were now in Washington, I had finished an after school detention and whilst I was walking out of the school to wait for Rose I had noticed a scuffle under some far trees, normally I would not involve myself in something as trivial as school scuffles but something that day had drawn me to investigate and when I approached the four struggling figures I noticed that one of them was my sister.

She was being held down by those scum of the earth whilst they took turns in violating her, upon seeing that, I had snapped, I blacked out and the next thing I knew I was towering over two unconscious teens and one very dead man. Considering the circumstances I was acquitted at my murder trial however my father being a military man could not stand the shame and instead of the mandatory move to a new school we were instead moved to a new state.

So now here we were in this rainy, depressing place, Forks Washington. I thought of the name with disgust, it was my own personal hell, and then I resigned myself to the fact that this was no less than I deserved. Hell was reserved for the evil, thieves, rapists, traitors and murderers and yes now I was the latter. I Jasper Whitlock was a murderer, and no matter what the circumstances were I would always be just that, a murderer.

I glanced over at Rose who was now silent and sighed, I may be a murderer but I wouldn't have changed what I did, not for anything, that bastard had deserved everything he had gotten for what he had done to my little sister. I hoped that he was burning in the darkest pits of hell and if I too were to end up in hell my only comfort would be knowing that I would get to see that piece of shit suffer with me for all of eternity.

Rose's blue eyes flickered over to me and her voice softened, as though she knew what I was thinking, come to think of it she probably did, no one knew me better than my sister. "Jasper" she said quietly in that soft, gentle voice that only I ever heard, to everyone else Rose was a bitch on wheels.

I refused to look at her, "Jasper" she repeated again, I forced my eyes to meet hers and she sighed, she reached out and put a comforting hand on my shoulder, "you know it wasn't your fault Jazz" she whispered, I looked down at the ground " I know Rose" I answered my voice sounding strained to even my own ears.

She sighed again knowing that I would say no more on the subject; both Rosalie and I were very introverted but compared to me Rosalie was a social butterfly, until the inevitable move from each school she at least attempted to socialize with others, because of my scars others instinctively stayed away and when they did get the nerve to approach I spoke to them tersely speaking only when spoken to, it didn't take long for the word to get around that it was best to ignore me and that was the way I preferred it.

Rose squeezed my shoulder once more and then glanced over nervously at the massive white and red house that we were now to call home, it was not the house itself that had her nervous but the figure looming in the doorway, it was our father and he was glaring at us.

Great, Fantastic what had we done already, we had only been here for a couple of hours, not that it mattered to him. He often found an excuse, any excuse to beat either one of us and when he couldn't think of an excuse he told us it was to remind us of our manners.

"Move your good for nothing lazy ass's" he scowled Rose and I hurried to the door, both of us buckling under the weight of the boxes we were carrying, "you" he growled turning to me "put my weights in the fourth bedroom, that'll be my gym, and you" he snarled turning to Rose who was almost shaking with fright, I detested seeing that, my strong, brave sister who could deal with everything, even her own rape, quivered with terror at the sight of her own father, "make me some dinner and not your usual slop this time, or else" she shuddered at the implication, we both knew of the horrors that or else could provide and we tried our best to avoid them.

"Yes sir" we both replied dutifully hurrying to do our assigned tasks before he could accuse us of slacking off. It was hours later when I could finally relax, his meal had been cooked, the dishes were done, his boxes had been unpacked and he was dozing on his recliner in front of the television.

I sighed and lay back on my bed but stiffened immediately upon hearing a knock at my door, I laughed at myself when I realised my stupidity, my father wouldn't knock if he wanted something he would barge right in. I walked over to the door, "Rose?" I asked, "It's me" she replied "can I come in", I opened my door and she stepped inside my room, "what's up Rose?" I asked her "well err... he's awake and he sent me to tell you that we start school in the morning and warn you that you better not 'fuck it up here, or else!'' I nodded "thanks Rose" I whispered, I reached out and grabbed her in a quick hug.

Then we both froze as we heard my fathers furious voice, "ROSALIE LILLIAN HALE" he screamed "YOU FUCKING IDIOT, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT FOR THIS", "oh god Rose" I said with dread "what did you do?" She looked up at me the confusion in her eyes was clear, "I have no idea" she started to whisper then she cut off as she realised her mistake.

"What was it Rose, what was it?" I asked her beginning to panic, "I left his golf clubs in the car" she whimpered, I widened my eyes, "oh god Rose, how could you forget" I hissed "I don't know" she wailed close to tears now.

The door to my bedroom burst open and there he stood six feet seven inches tall, he was only taller than me by a few inches yet he had his psychotic rage on his side, "I KNEW I'D FIND YOU IN HERE" he screamed at Rose, his temple throbbing dangerously, I sighed there was only one thing I could do, I stepped in front of Rose "It was my fault sir" I said quietly, "I told her that I would fetch your golf clubs and then I forgot".

I looked up at his furious face and waited for the blows that he would rein down on me whilst I stood there, not reacting, not defending myself. I didn't have to wait long.

Alice POV

I groaned as the light shone in through my window, it was Monday, that meant that it was time to go to school. School. How I hated that word, it sounded dirty to my ears even thinking about it. I hated school, I hated school simply because school hated me, I know that sounds stupid but it was true, the staff treated me as though I were an idiot, which was ridiculous because I had perfect grades, I don't know the reasoning behind their behaviour but my brother Edward informs me it's because I often looked dazed in class and have a habit of muttering to myself.

I did this solely out of boredom though, because the class work assigned to me was simply too easy, the teachers of course scoffed when I tried to bring this subject up and I had given up on trying.

The staff however were definitely not the worst thing about High School that particular title would have to go to the other students; I was hated by every student in the school, with the exception of two students, my adopted brothers Edward and Emmett.

There were numerous reasons why I was hated by the people at that school, the cheerleaders hated me because I refused to join their cliché of mini skirt wearing, baton twirling twits, the jocks hated me because I refused to date any of them, the nerds hated me because I was smarter than them, the band geeks hated me because I didn't have a musical bone in my body and everyone else hated me because although I was everything it takes to be popular, rich and pretty I was above all else, strange.

I was short, I was full of energy and I said what was on my mind to anyone and everyone, people often didn't like hearing the truth about themselves, but I couldn't help myself I spoke the truth and only the truth.

This combination of things about me had fit together to make me a social outcast, I did not have a single friend. My brothers of course were willing to sacrifice their lunch times to sit with me and keep me company but I wouldn't allow it, they, unlike me were very popular, Edward is admired by the other students for being a musical prodigy and he is soft spoken and polite. He has a great deal of friends in the music and art departments and I am happy for him.

Emmett is the opposite of Edward, Emmett is a jock, he is not only captain of the football team, but also the soccer and baseball teams, he is loud and like me he says what's on his mind, the difference is what's on his mind is usually simple toilet humour used to amuse his barbarian friends. That didn't mean that Emmett didn't have his deeper side, like Edward and myself he was well read and very smart however he kept this well hidden from his friends knowing that it would not gain him respect, but it would have the opposite effect making him an easy target for mockery.

Emmett and Edward are opposites, not only in personality but also in looks, Edward was an average height and had an average build, slender yet muscular, he had striking green eyes and tousled bronze hair. Emmett was tall and very muscular; often he had been asked if he took steroids, which always dissolved me into a fit of giggles, he had curly brown hair and big brown eyes. There were really only two things my older brothers had in common, the fact that they were both incredibly good looking and their love and loyalty to their family.

It was because of this loyalty that I refused to let them be seen with me at school, they would gladly sacrifice their friends to hang out with their 'weird' little sister. My brothers were to nice for me to allow them to do that, it was better for all of us if I stayed on the sidelines, I was just Alice Cullen, Edward and Emmett's social outcast of a sister.

I decided that I'd had enough moping around and I rolled gracefully out of bed, skipping to the shower before Edward or Emmett could claim it as their own. After I was done in the shower I rushed back to my room and stood before my open closet, eyeing my many clothes. Clothes were very important to me, they were my passion, my escape from day to day life, I loved clothes and I loved to look good in clothes, even though no one but me cared about my appearance.

After several minutes of deliberating in front of my closet I finally decided on a simple pair of pink skinny jeans with a white tank top, I wore a white jacket unzipped over my tank top and I slipped on a pair of white flats. Deciding that I was happy with my outfit of choice for that morning I stood in front of the mirror and made a face at my appearance, I knew I was pretty but why did I have to be so damn elf like.

Why wasn't my face rounded with full lips and rosy cheeks, why wasn't I taller or curvier, I sighed as I picked apart my appearance in the mirror, my pale face was small as were the features that belonged on it, my hair instead of being long and blonde like I would have liked was short, spiking out in every direction like that of an elf or fairy and it was a deep, dark black which contrasted with my pale skin.

I did love my eyes though, they were deep violet and framed by thick, long black eyelashes, they looked at home in my fairy like face. I sighed again hating the fact that I could only compare my appearance to that of mythical creatures like fairies or elves.

I finished spiking my hair out to all sorts of crazy angles and skipped my way down the stairs, Edward and Emmett were already there and waiting for me, I grabbed my school bag quickly and turned to my loving parents Carlisle and Esme kissing them each on the cheek before I followed Edward and Emmett out the front door.

Rosalie POV

I pulled my long blonde hair back into a ponytail and flattened my baggy white t-shirt over my jeans, satisfied that I had done all I could to down play my looks I walked into Jasper's room where he lay, still asleep and shook him gently.

"Jasper get up we have to go to school" I said, wincing as he rolled over and I caught a glimpse of his badly beaten face. He noticed my expression and grinned up at me flinching in pain as the movement tore open his newly healed split lip, "damn it" he scowled as the blood began to flow, " no" I sighed answering his unspoken question "about the usual amount of damage" he nodded and then noticed me glaring at him. "What did I do?" he asked raising an eyebrow, "Jasper Whitlock you fool" I hissed "why did you say it was you?""Just looking out for my little sister" he shrugged "besides it'd be easier to explain why I'm all bruised rather than you".

I sighed knowing he was right "you're an idiot" I hissed "and thank you".

He laughed "No problem Rose" he grinned ruffling my hair, I picked up a pillow and hit him with it, "get up and get ready for school" I scolded, leaving the room as he began to change. Twenty minutes later after our father's breakfast had been cooked and left to warm in the oven whilst he still slept, Jasper and I were in my BMW on the way to school.

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