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After what seemed like forever I found myself driving down a small dirt road and approaching the most beautiful house that I had ever seen, my family had never been short of money and the homes that we'd lived in over the past few years had always been very nice but it was obvious that Emmett's family were far too rich to be living in small town Forks. I continued driving up the very long driveway toward the house and began to plan out what I would say to Emmett and Alice that wouldn't sound completely insane.

I brought the car to a stop and slowly walked my way to the front door, I rang the doorbell and began to shuffle my feet as I waited for someone to answer it- maybe coming here today wasn't such a good idea after all, after all I had only met them today and yet here I was on their doorstep without so much as an invitation- I didn't have any more time to rethink coming to the Cullen's house because the door swung open and I was greeted by the sight of Emmett's beaming face.

"Rose, what are you doing here?" Emmett asked me a broad smile on his face "I just didn't want to go home, I can't handle it anymore, not without Jasper, hell not even with Jasper. I can't go home tonight; can I stay here, please?" I stuttered out, surprising myself even more than I surprised Emmett.

"Sure Rose, come in sweetie, just let me talk to Esme and tell her you need to stay the night" Emmett said, a concerned look etched onto his perfect features, I nodded dumbly and followed him into the large living room, sitting myself down on the massive white leather sofa. I could hear hushed whispers coming from the kitchen and moments later a beautiful middle-aged woman with long caramel hair and warm brown eyes was leaning over me.

"Oh honey, Emmett was right you look awful, whatever is wrong don't you worry about it, you're free to stay here as long as you'd like, I can make up one of the spare rooms for you or you can stay with Alice if you don't want to be alone tonight" She smiled kindly at me before her eyes widened "Oh gosh sorry honey, where on earth are my manners? I'm Esme and you must be Rosalie"

I nodded and returned her smile half-heartedly "if it's alright I'd like to stay with Alice tonight, I don't want to be alone" "of course, I'll go and tell Alice, Emmett you see if she needs anything" she gave me another reassuring smile before turning and heading up the staircase.

"Your mum is really nice" I murmured, unsure of what else to say "thanks, she's our adoptive mother but she's the best. Did you want to call someone Rosie and let them know you're here, your parents' maybe? Or your brother?" Emmett asked me gently, I shook my head and looked down at my nails "I just really needed somewhere to go and you and Alice were the first people I thought of"

"Rose I assure you it's no problem, Alice will be thrilled that you're here to be honest she doesn't have a lot of friends, or any friends really, and I love having you around"

Emmett told me a serious look on his face. I shocked us both by engulfing him in a hug and bursting into sobs on his shoulder, he didn't say a word he just wrapped his arms around me and held me until my sobs subsided, and then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and escorted me up the stairs before knocking on a door.

The door opened and Alice's tiny figure was visible standing there "Rosalie, Esme told me you were here, come in" she smiled

"Thanks Alice" I said returning her smile "I'm sorry to impose" "it's no problem, really" she reassured me.

Emmett stood hesitantly at the door and I looked pleadingly at Alice and she nodded in his direction "come on in Em".

I sat down awkwardly on the edge of Alice's oversized bed and smiled timidly at her and Emmett, it seemed that today was bringing a lot of new things to me, I'd never been timid before but then again I'd never trusted someone besides Jasper like this before. It was amazing the changes that the Cullens were bringing out in me in only one day.

"Do you want to talk about it Rose?" Emmett asked gently and I nodded, for the first time in my life I did want to talk about my problems, to share them with someone else who could comfort me and care for me.

"Well I said some things to Jasper that I shouldn't have and now he's gone off and I don't know where he is" I murmured and Alice frowned.

I looked at the floor guiltily and Alice touched my shoulder gently "I wasn't frowning at you Rosalie, I was frowning at the fact that he would just disappear and leave you to worry about him".

"He wouldn't usually" I objected, instinctively jumping to his defence "but I said some really bad stuff, I don't blame him for leaving, if anyone had said something like that to me I'd have killed them but Jasper would never hurt me, he had no choice but to go off, at least until he'd calmed down"

"Then what's the problem Rose?" Emmett asked gently "are you feeling guilty about what you said to him?"

I shook my head "No...Well yes I am but that's not the reason, you see I didn't want to go home without Jasper because our father would have been very mad"

"Dad's get mad Rose, it's normal, you being here overnight wont be making him any happier, he'll probably just give you a lecture and then help you find your brother" Emmett smiled.

"No Emmett you don't understand my dad isn't like your dad. When he gets angry he..." I sobbed unable to continue, Emmett looked absolutely bewildered but I could see by the look in Alice's eye that she was beginning to piece things together.

"Rosalie, are you trying to say that your dad beats you?" Alice asked hesitantly and I froze- what on earth was I doing telling people I didn't even know my personal problems, it wasn't any of their concern or their business and I didn't want this to get around like gossip tends to in small towns- "of course not" I told Alice haughtily, before feeling guilty at the affronted look my tone had caused.

"He just has a bad temper, rather like my brother, and me for that matter. He was in a very bad mood this morning and I felt that it wouldn't be in my best interests to go home without Jasper. He wouldn't hit me though, I'm sorry if I gave you that idea"

I knew my backpedalling wasn't convincing Alice but I was appalled at the fact that I'd almost told her something so personal, something that would, undoubtedly be common knowledge amongst the townspeople of Forks by tomorrow afternoon had I confirmed her suspicions, so I plastered a firm expression on my face and jumped to my feet.

"I'm sorry I came here over something so insignificant, I should probably go home" I mumbled, walking briskly toward the door.

"Rosalie wait!" Alice and Emmett called in unison "I'm sorry I shouldn't have assumed something like that" Alice told me sheepishly and Emmett squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. "Alice didn't mean anything by it Rose, really she didn't"

I glanced at Alice's face and noticed the pained look in her eyes "Oh god, no Alice I'm not angry at you, I promise. I'll stay if you'll have me?"

She nodded happily and I sat back down at the edge of her bed "Em I love you but scat, Rosalie and I are going to have some girl-talk and you can't be here" Alice told Emmett as she nudged him and he allowed himself to be propelled out of the room by her small frame "see ya later Rosie" he said with a small wave before closing the door behind him.

"Girl-talk?" I asked Alice with a raised eyebrow, amazed at the sudden change of atmosphere in the room, she had managed to change the tense mood into a light and happy one. "yes" she nodded "we're going to chat about girly things, first we're going to watch Pretty in Pink, then we'll paint our toenails and eat ice cream and then we can talk about boys" she beamed, looking pleased with her plans.

I giggled and she noticed my amusement "is that not what people do at sleepovers?" she asked anxiously "that's what they do in the movies" "Alice have you ever had a sleepover before?" I asked her.

"No" she said, her embarrassment evident "me neither" I grinned "let's do all of that and don't forget the popcorn"


I allowed myself to be pushed out of Alice's room so she had some time to get to know Rosie better and do all the girly things that she'd never had a chance to with Eddie and me. Yet even as I trudged slowly down the hallway I couldn't help but think about the fact that Rosalie's shithead of a father was beating her, I know she'd told us that he didn't but I wasn't as stupid as people assumed and I could add two and two together.

I didn't think that it was as simple as a spanking either, I knew that punishments of that sort were common in many households, not mine because Esme and Carlisle would never even dream of punishing us by striking us, but I'd heard that in most houses spankings were acceptable punishments. Something told me that Rosalie's situation was much direr than that, she didn't seem the type to make a big deal out of nothing and even though I'd only known her one day I could recognise the obvious signs of terror in her eyes.

Contrary to popular opinion there was a lot more to me than jokes, innuendo and football, I liked to see people happy and I liked to make people happy and I'd never met anyone as unhappy as Rosalie, perhaps her brother was but he hadn't given me a chance to meet him properly and find out, not that it was entirely his fault. I was a jerk to him the first time I saw him and there was obviously lots of secrets and underlying tension between Rosalie and Jasper that my presence had roused.

I had to admit that I was furious at Rosie's brother for leaving her on her own to deal with her father but judging by his state this morning I figured out that his bruises and cuts had been marks left by their father and perhaps he wasn't entirely to blame.

I knew that Alice had noticed that Rosalie's home life was less than perfect too and if I was going to do anything to help Rosie and her brother then I would need to enlist Alice's help as well, tact and subtlety weren't specialties of mine and I had no idea how to approach a delicate situation, especially when it was clear that Rosie didn't want us to be aware of her circumstances.

One thing was for sure, I was going to help Rosalie Hale if it were the last thing that I ever did.


I was a serious asshole, no matter what Rose had said to me I shouldn't have left her alone to deal with our father, that was a spiteful and malicious punishment that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy let alone the person who cared about me the most in this world.

I had to go home immediately and make sure that she was alright; I could protect her from our father and make it clear that as far as her life at school was concerned I would butt out; as long as she was happy I would support her decisions. I would watch over her from afar, where I belonged. I shouldn't be around people; it wasn't fair on them or me.

From now on I would make sure that I was alone, it's what I deserved, seclusion and isolation; it was the only way to protect others from me, from my poisonous presence. It was a dramatic and abysmal solution but as of now I wouldn't speak a word to anyone, not Rosalie, not my father and certainly not Alice Cullen.

Why on earth were my thoughts always returning to her?

She was nothing to me, a girl I had met twice; a girl who'd barely spoken a sentence to me. So why was she in my mind? Her sad eyes and musical voice filled my thoughts and I felt myself feeling almost as bad about upsetting her as I did about what had happened with Rose.

Damn you Alice Cullen get out of my head.

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