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Heart of the Sun
Chapter 5

"Darling, I really wish you'd talk to me. There was a time when you told me everything."Serenity spoke standing in the tidy, little living room of Serena's apartment, watching her daughter type into her labtop as if her life depended on it. She'd come home a week before and had been working tirelessly on her book, gathering her information together and putting it down. And when she'd gently asked her about the trip Serena had snarled at her and continued her work.

Serena didn't even look up from her typing."I have to finish this Mom. I don't have time to talk."

Serenity sighed deeply."I'm worried about you Serena."and she hadn't dared to call Malachite and tell him that Serena had returned and was working so much. Malachite would come back to find out what had caused it and go beat up the cause. That was, if he didn't already know.

"I'm sorry, but I need to get this done. I have a deadline."the truth was she'd made a deadline for herself and was determined to meet it.

"Fine. All right. Don't forget I want you to come to dinner this Friday though. Your father wants to see you."

The thought of her father and there fight before she had left to South Carolina made something in her boil darkly."I'm sure he does. I'm sure he's very excited to hear all about the legend he kept from me."

Serenity opened her mouth, then shut it, deciding to leave and not attempt to make Serena understand. Father and daughter were extremely upset with each other, Serena hurt and aching from something Serenity couldn't place, her father bitterly angry that his mother had taken his child from him.

She went to Serena and kissed her on the cheek, turning and leaving the apartment quietly. She drove home and found him sitting in the parlor of there home, reading a book. She knew he missed Serena desperately, but was too stubborn and hurt to bend enough to call her or go see her.

She went to him, sat next to him."Harry, we need to talk."

He put the book down, put a hand on her back and rubbed it up and down."What is it honey?"

She knew what she would say would anger him, but he needed to listen and react."Serena's been back for a week. She's been working tirelessly, without a break, and hardly a bite to eat. I am seriously worried about her."Serenity felt him stiffen in response, but didn't stop."I don't if it angers you that I speak of this. I trully don't. She's your daughter and somethings wrong."

He was quiet."Its probably something my mother did to her."

"If thats the case then you need to go and speak with her. To Serena AND your mother. You can't keep her a secret any longer, our children know about her. And besides that, she must miss you Harry. Your her only child."

He stood and walked from her to the window to look outside. He wouldn't deny he missed her, even if she had hardly payed any attention to him as he was growing. She was his mother, after all, and she had been his center.

It had been hard for him, and even harder as his children had grown and he'd seen how much Serena had come out like his own father, and where Malachite had gotten his quick temper and passion for life from.

Perhaps everything had happened for a reason, he thought as the wind blew through the trees outside. Perhaps it was time for him to face his mother again.

He turned back to Serenity, his expression firm."All right. I'll go see her. First my daughter, then my mother."

Serenity sighed, smiled."I'm glad. But don't tell Serena about your intention to see your mother. I have a feeling she won't be too happy to hear that."

Raye had given Darien enough time to mope and feel sorry for himself. Serena had been gone for over a week and from what Chad had told her, Darien spent all his time working, or locked up in his home. No one ever saw any sign of him or even had a decent conversation with him.

Enough was enough and it was time to get things rolling. If Darien didn't make a move to get Serena back soon, she was just going to have to smack him.

She drove to his estate, up the drive that seemed eerily dark and ominous to her in the night. It fitted his mood, she guessed with a grim set to her mouth.

She parked and climbed out, slamming the door behind her and making her way up the stairs. Considering for a moment, she put her finger on the bell and left it there.

Two minutes later the door was yanked open by a very furious looking Darien."What the hell....."his voice trailed off when he saw her."Oh, hey Raye. What do you want?"

She rolled her eyes, went with instinct, and smacked him on the side of the head."You idiot! Your such an idiot!"and stormed past him inside.

Rubbing his head, he turned to watch her narrowly."If your here to hit and insult me, then I think you should just get out."

"Oh that would be nice, wouldn't it? For me to just walk out and leave you to your sulking and moping over Serena. Well forget it! Someone has to knock some sense into you!"she snapped at him, pacing the entrance hall."You let her go, just let her walk as if she meant nothing to you!"

"What happened between us is private and over. I don't see any reason why I should discuss it with you Raye."he said coldly.

"Keeping that shield of ice around you isn't going to help forever Darien. One day its going to melt and your going to look around and realize you lost something that could have been everything."

"She was everything!"he shouted at her, his shift in mood shocking her."She was everything to me and when I told her that, she walked! She didn't care!"he ran his hands through his dark hair, the misery rising to the surface."She left without a word."

Her anger deflated, leaving her ashamed she had snapped at him."Oh Darien."

"I tried keeping her here, I tried telling her how important she was, but she wouldn't listen."he sighed deeply, ran a hand over his face."She's too stubborn to accept that were meant."

"Darien I always thought you were a smart man, but now I know I've been decieving myself."she shook her head at him.

He looked at her slowly, his face tense."I've had almost enough of you insulting me."

"Don't you see? Don't you understand why she left?"at his glowering look she blew out a breath in frustration."She's terrified you idiot! Didn't she ever tell you about Josh?"

He stared at her a moment."Bits and pieces. I know they were engaged."

"You don't know."Raye whispered, shocked before quickly recovering herself."Yea they were engaged, but did she ever tell you WHY they broke it off? Or why she did?"at his silent look, she went on."He cheated on her Darien. She found him with another woman only weeks before they were supposed to get married."

He could feel his fists curling with rage, felt clawing anger for the faceless man who had hurt her so much."Bastard."

"Your right. Absolutely right. But past that is the fact that she had loved him, trusted him, and he betrayed her. He broke something inside her with what he did, left her scarred for a long time. You were the first man she had gone out with since him and it gave her a hard time trusting you, accepting you."

"I haven't looked at another woman since the moment I saw her sitting in Sara's parlor."

Raye's heart simply melted."Its not that you would cheat on her Darien, although thats what it was at first. Just as she was beginning to trust you, she went and fell in love with you."

He waited a beat, sure he had heard her wrong."Say that again."

"You heard me the first time. Look, falling in love for her is one thing, but accepting that her life had been leading up to it and that she HAS to love you in order to break the curse is another thing. Serena may be calm, may be kind and cool, and may write about ghosts and myths, but deep down she's as stubborn as rock and more down to earth then most people. Half the things she writes about she doesn't believe in, she does it for the thrill of the story, not for the romance and belief in it."

He paced away, paced back."How do you know so much?"

"She's my friend. Its easy to read whats there if you really look."

"And I didn't."he said grimly, halting to look at her, his blue eyes shadowing with shame."I was too wrapped up in my own feelings, in what
I wanted and not what she was or what she felt. I never thought about asking her about that asshole Josh, never reassured her I was different, that we would be different. I never told her I loved her."

Raye watched him a moment."Darien, what did you tell her before she left, your exact words."

He explained briefly, was too busy broading to notice how Raye's dark eyes flashed."You expected her to stay when you told her she HAD to stay because of the legend, because Selene had been waiting for the two of you?! God, its no wonder she walked away like that."

"What do you mean?"

"Darien, you made it sound like the only reason you wanted her was because you two had to fullfill a duty."when he stared at her blankly, she threw her hands up."I don't believe this. Didn't you even LISTEN to yourself when you were busy telling her why she should stay with you? You took the easy way out!"

"Easy? There was nothing easy about it!"he shouted at her, insulted.

"Ok answer me one thing. In all the begging and degrading you did, all the humbling you swear you did, did you tell her once that you loved her?"she watched him, watched his mouth open and close."Its a simple question."

Because he could see what she was getting at he turned away, ran a hand through his hair."She should have known."

"No one can assume to know another person's heart. Don't pin this on her. I can see where Serena made her mistakes, but I can also see now where you made yours."shaking her head, she went to the door, opened it."I've done what I can, but the rest is up to you two. I can only hope that some miracle makes you both see what idiots your being."

He stood silently when she'd gone, listening to the sounds of the night.

She hadn't planned on going to dinner at her parents house, especially after her mother had called and told her Malachite had come home to visit for a few days. With Malachite there, things would surely go out of control. He would know something had happened between her and Darien and would want to know every detail. Like he always did.

But she wasn't going back on a promise she'd made to her mother. Wearing grey slacks and a cream colored turtle neck with little Italian shoes, she entered her parents home, shutting the door behind her. Warm scents immediately came to her, the soft lights washing over her and soothing her as nothing had been able to since she'd walked away from Darien.

Then Malachite walked in from the parlor, halting in his tracks when he saw her. Obviously he had thought she was still in South Carolina."Hi."she said lightly, beginning to walk past him.

He reached out, gripped her arm tight."What are you doing here?"

She raised a brow at him."Coming to Friday dinner like I have for years now."

"Don't give me that shit, your supposed to be in South Carolina. Unless Darien dumped you."he ignored her wince, his grip on her arm tightening painfully."Did he?"he had trusted him, thought he was different, but why else would she have come back?

"Its none of your business."she replied coolly, for once not attempting to calm him when he was angry."So let go of me."

"None of my business?"he hissed, the rage building rapidly inside him."He hurt you, didn't he? The bastard probably cheated on you the same way the other did! I'll kill him, I swear to God I'll rip his-"

"Stop it Malachite!"she shouted at him, surprising him so much he did."Will you just shutup for once? My social life is none of your business!"

He quickly recovered himself, reaching out and grabbing her other arm, holding her still."What did he do? Tell me what he did goddamnit!"

Serenity and Harry came racing into the room, both shocked at the raised voices."Malachite, Serena, whats going on here?"there mother asked, watching Malachite's big hands tighten on his sisters arms.

"This is between me and her Mom."he snapped at her.

"No there is nothing between us, nothing for me to tell. You have no right prying into my personal life and I'm under no obligation to tell you about it, so let me go!"she pushed at him, but he didn't budge.

"What happened? What did he do? Tell me damnit!"he shook her once.

"Let your sister go this instant Malachite."Harry spoke, his voice firm and tinted with warning."Serena's right. She doesn't need to be telling you things that are personal to her."

He knew they were right, knew the truth in those words, but he had always struggled to protect her, had always struggled to keep her from pain as much as he could. She was his little sister, had been his center since the day he had peered down at her in her crib. When someone hurt her, he felt responsible that he had been unable to prevent it. He had protected her as much as he could for years, but Josh had gotten past the defenses. Now he was afraid Darien had as well.

His grip on her loosened, but he didn't let go."Serena please. What happened?"

She looked into his eyes, saw the worry there and answered him quietly."I walked away. I left him."

They were all silent, Malachite more shocked then his parents."You left him?"he whispered, completely taken back.

"Yes."and because she hadn't fully realized it until saying it out loud, she could feel tears gather."I left him."

Malachite saw the tears and tightened his fists."What did he do?"

"Nothing. I left him. It was my choice, not his. was my choice."she said, horrified when her voice trembled.

Harry came forward, wrapped her in his arms tightly."Oh my baby."

She didn't want to hug him, didn't want to need a man who had deserted her when she had needed him the most, but the sorrow was closing in."I can't. I just...."giving up, she wrapped her arms around him and held on tight.

Neither of them noticed when Serenity took Malachite by the arm and led him quietly from the room.

She came back to herself after a moment, pulling back and wiping at the tears that had escaped."I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Your my baby girl, I'll always have a shoulder for you to cry on."he reached out and wiped a few tears from her cheek."Tell me about him."

She knew who he was referring too, but just the memory of him broke her heart."I can't."

"Yes you can. Tell me why you left him when its clear that you love him."

Her eyes whipped to his."I...I don't....I mean-"

"Don't bother denying it. I can see it in your eyes."he cocked his head, smiling down at her."Now I'd like to know why you won't tell your father about him."

"You didn't even want me to go."she blurted out, amazed she had said it.

The smile faded and he nodded slowly."Your right. I didn't want you to go. I didn't want you near a woman who had ignored me for most of my life over some legend that was probably never true. I felt...I felt as if she was taking you from me Serena, as if she was taking something else precious to me in my life."

"Dad she could never take me from you."taking a deep breath, added,"His name's Darien."

"Darien? Thats all?"

"Darien Cunningham."she watched recognition dawn in his eyes."According to grandmother, he and I are the first two lovers of the
legend, the one's that will break the curse."

"The first two....oh, I see. So she still believes it exists."

"Yes. does exist. I can't believe it myself, but it does. I SAW Selene at the estate, I saw her. Malachite and I both did."the excitement came as it always did when she spoke of her work."She talked to us Dad."

He took a moment."You saw a ghost?"

"Yes! And I have something of hers too."she took the ring out of her pocket, where she had carried it since the day she had found it."He gave it to her, the man she had loved. I saw him give it to her. It was at night and the Moon was the only light they had since they met in secret. He bent on one knee and put it on her finger, telling her he loved her and would always love her until his dying breath. And he did love her. I could feel it."she fingered the ring, stared down at it."I think she left it for me to find."

Harry saw several emotions move through her, but the utmost was sadness."Serena, why did you leave Darien?"

She looked up at him, away."Because he believed we were meant over the legend. He also believed what Sara did, that we would come together and break the curse."

"You believe in the curse Serena. You just told me that."he pointed out.

It came to her suddenly that she did."Well I....I guess I do."when she looked at him again her eyes were bright."I do believe in it."

"Yet you walked away when Darien believed in it."

"Its not as easy as it sounds."she paced away, back."He didn't even say he loved me, only that we should get together because of some curse we were both meant to lift!"

Ah, Harry thought, the pieces finally coming together."Perhaps he was scared of admitting his own feelings."

"Darien scared? Ha! The man doesn't know the meaning. He thinks because he's rich and handsome and perfect he can order people about and get whatever he wants. He thinks-"she cut off, eyeing her father when he began to chuckle."Whats so funny?"

"He sounds exactly like the type of man I would want for you."when she opened her mouth to protest, he held up a hand."Only because you can handle him, just as he can handle you. Serena, you have a will of iron and are as stubborn as a mule sometimes. No weak, simpering man would ever be able to handle you. In fact, most of the men you've dated haven't been able too. Josh for instance. I think you scared him more then half the time you were together."

That statement was so shocking it took her a moment to respond."What? Josh, scared of me?"

Harry laughed out loud at her look."Your so independent he didn't know what to say or do about it. You were always packing up and going to different places in the world, haunted places that scared him to death. Didn't you ever notice that he only accompanied you once or twice whenever you went away?"

Now that he mentioned it, she did realize it."I thought it was because of work."

"The man was scared out of his wits of ghosts and demons. You were always able to walk into a room that was said to have been haunted and where people had been attacked by ghosts without a thought. He never could."and saying it, realized something he had always denied himself about his daughter."Serena, I'm proud of what you do."

She froze, looking up at him slowly, seeing the pride shining in his blue eyes."You are?"

"Yes. I never told you because what you did reminded me so much of my mother and the way I had grown up. It made me wonder if you would become like her and the thought terrified me. Now I know your exactly as your mother and I always wished for you to be. Smart, independent, and with a will of your own."he reached out and touched her cheek."And in love."

She hadn't known how much she had needed to hear him say it until that moment."Dad, I love you."she hugged him again, felt the sorrow that had been inside fade."There's something else."

"What is it?"

"I have to go back."

He smiled, his cheek against her hair."I know."

"I want you and Mom to come with me."

"I know that too."

"So.....will you?"

"Of course."

"Darien, its not your fault. Don't blame yourself. Perhaps she just wasn't ready for love."Mina Jade said, her voice soft and comforting as they sat together at a booth in the bar.

"Maybe your right. I don't know. I've thought about going after her, but I can't. She did the walking. Its her choice, not mine."he watched as Chad swung through the front doors of the bar and went to Raye, where she stood taking an order from a couple, sweeping her into his arms."I'm glad those two found each other at least."

Mina glanced over her shoulder, sighed a bit at the way they gazed at one another."So am I. Raye deserves her happiness."

"What about you? Any guys?"he leaned back in his seat, taking a sip from his beer.

"None worth mentioning."

Darien flicked another glance at Raye and Chad, watching Chad tell Raye something hurriedly, then the both of them turn to look back at him with wide eyes. Raye was immediately racing over to them, Chad right behind her.

"Darien! Oh my God, I knew she'd come back!"Raye breathed as soon as she was standing before them, her dark eyes bright.

"Who Raye?"he asked vaguely.


His dark head snapped up, his eyes intense."What? What did you say?"

"She's come back."Chad said, his voice quiet."I just saw her driving down toward her grandmothers home, with her parents I think."

So many emotions came to him, so many he was sure his heart couldn't take it and would burst."She's back."he whispered it, closing his eyes for a moment."She's come back."

Mina watched him a moment, then heaving out a sigh, leaned forward and smacked him on the head."So go get her!"

"Goddamn it Mina."he rubbed his head, glaring first at her, then a chuckling Raye."Whats with the both of you abusing me lately?"

"Someone has to knock some sense into that idiot brain of yours."

"I get it, I get. But.....should I go after her? How do I know she's come back for me?"

"You WON'T unless you go find out!"Raye restrained herself, barely, from hitting him again."So go get her before I have to hit you!"

He was on his feet in an instant."I'm going. She has a lot to answer too."and was out the door before any of them could blink.

"Well."Mina said, smiling at the couple before her."Why don't you two join me for dinner?"

Raye was tense, staring at the beautiful blonde, then felt Chad slip his hand into hers and relaxed."Oh hell. Why not?"

Serena could see the memories coming back in her father's eyes as he stared up at the home he had grown up in. Because they'd been standing in the front yard for five minutes already Serena took his hand, giving it a light tug. Snapping back to attention, he allowed her to lead him up the steps, Serenity beside him.

She pushed through the front doors, called out,"Grandma! I'm back!"

Sara came rushing into the room from the parlor, her eyes bright at the sight of her granddaughter."I knew you'd come back! I knew you would!"she hugged her tightly, shutting her eyes for a moment and not seeing how Harry watched this in amazement."I missed you, my little girl."

Serena hugged her back."I missed you too grandma."pulling away, she stepped aside and allowed her father and his mother to see each other for the first time in over thirty years."I brought some company with me too."

Sara's eyes went wide, her entire face radiating shock."Harry?"she whispered, her voice trembling.

"Hello mother."he stood uncomfortably, shifting."Ah...Serena wanted me-"he was cut off when Sara launched at him and enveloped him into her arms, holding him tightly.

"Oh my baby."Sara's voice was now shaky, the tears streaming from her eyes."I never thought I'd see you again."

It took him a moment, but he lifted his arms and held onto her just as tightly."I've missed you Mom."

"I've missed you too."she pushed back, but didn't let him go."And you've made me so proud. Such a fine granddaughter you gave your father and I. I know he's smiling right now, wherever he is."

Harry glanced over at Serena for a moment."She is something, isn't she?"

"Both of them are. Malachite and Serena. You did well."she looked past him and saw Serenity."Oh my. Is this beautiful thing your wife?"

Laughing, Harry pulled back and held out a hand to his wife."She is. Serenity, I want you to meet my mother."

"Sara. Please call me Sara. And now I can see where it is my gorgeous granddaughter got her looks from."

Serenity laughed."Thank you. Its a pleasure to finally meet you."

Serena remained with her family for only minutes, excusing herself from them to go to the Whittington Estate. It was time she faced what was there, really faced it, before she went to face Darien.

She arrived, went inside and was greeted by the little old maid who welcomed her, happy to see she had returned. After a polite nod to
her, she went upstairs, to the room where everything had happened. She stood silently for a moment, listening to the grandfather clock that was downstairs annouce the hour.

"Closing a circle."she whispered, glancing about the empty room."Its almost as if I'm closing an old circle and re-opening a new one. But thats crazy, isn't it?"

There was no answer, just the silent breeze outside that seemed to whisper in answer. She took the ring out of her pocket, held it up for a moment.

"This was yours. I know it, I can feel it. And I think you wanted me to know it was yours too."caressing it for a moment, she closed her hand around it tightly."And I've accepted you do exist, that what happened between you and Endymion was real. And I know your waiting to join him one day soon."

It came to her, a soft brush against the back of her neck, an indication she was there with her, listening. Serena glanced about another moment, hoping to see her, sighing softly when she didn't appear.

"I think this is one of the hardest things I've had to accept yet."she said it quietly, shutting her eyes a moment."I do believe Darien and I are the first, and I do believe your waiting for us to accept each other. And that makes me sad, because there's no way he'll accept me after what I did to him."when she opened her eyes again they shone with determination, with purpose."But I'm going to try. For the both of us."

She walked out of the room and out of the house, emerging outside in time to find Darien come to a screeching halt before the house. She froze and stared, watching as he leapt from the truck and slammed the door, beginning to stride up the walkway, his features set in grim determination.

She noted the moment he saw her, coming to an abrupt halt, his eyes going from firmly set to sheer shock, the expression on his face melting to one of pure joy. But just as the joy had come, the anger came on its heels, replacing any welcome she had seen.

"So your back."he knew he sounded angry, looked furious, as opposed to how he felt inside. He'd long since thrown the anger away for fault toward both of them. But he needed to play out the part a bit, let her see she had angered and hurt him and see if perhaps Mina and Raye were right about how she felt for him.

The coldness in his tone could have frozen a person's insides at twenty paces, but she refused to back down. She deserved this."Yes, I have."lifting her chin a bit, she looked him in the eye.

She was so beautiful, standing there with her flashing blue eyes and silvery hair tucked neatly into a twist at the nape of her neck."What for?"his tone held a menacing bite to it.

"For my own purposes. What difference does it make to you?"she made sure to keep her expression vague.

"It doesn't. You made sure to end what we had, even any hopes of friendship. I only hope we can be civil to one another since I have no intention of staying away from Sara."viciously polite, he watched her eyes tear up to his, hold as he kept his own distant."Now I should go. I have a date tonight."

When he turned to leave, she stood silently, the anger and jealousy boiling to the surface despite her attempts to reign her temper in. She went after him and planted herself in front of him, enraged when he merely raised a dark brow."Don't you dare walk away from me like that, as if we meant nothing to each other."

He was delighted, ecstatic with the anger and jealousy she was displaying that was so unlike her. His first instinct would have been to laugh out loud, to gather her to him, but he couldn't. Not yet."If I remember correctly, I wasn't the one that did the walking."

Her cheeks bloomed with color."And if I remember correctly, I didn't hear any reason why I should stay."

"Oh? Then were clear on this."when he tried walking past her again, she slapped her hands on his chest.

"Hold it, just hold it. Your going to hear me out on this before you go on any dates with some other woman."taking a calming breath, she speared him with a glare."I was afraid. God! What else can I say, I was afraid! I didn't WANT to believe some curse was real, I didn't want to believe my life had been leading up to this one time with you. And besides that, YOU never told me you loved me! How did you expect me to stay when all you said was we should be together, that we had to get together to get rid of some curse?!"


"Shutup!"she snapped it, darkly pleased when his eyes narrowed in warning."Just shutup and let me finish this. I've never believed in any curse, never really accepted that ghosts were real. I always thought myths and legends were there for me to write about, for me to document. Sara's right. I've never put my heart into my work."she took a moment."But I do believe in this one. And not just because its in my family, but because I've seen Selene for myself. I know she's waiting to join him, her love, and her waiting is finally coming to an end. But I won't accept you Darien, not for one moment, if the only reason you want me is to put an end to this curse."

When she would have paced away he grabbed her arm, hauling her close so he could see her face clearly."Why do you believe that?"

"Have you given me reason to think otherwise?"

He nodded."Your right. Absolutely. I did beg you to stay, but not for the right reasons. We were both wrong in things that were said that night, things that were done. I should have been more open with my heart instead of shielding it from you."his eyes suddenly softened, jolting her."Why didn't you open your heart to me?"

"I don't know. I had done it with Josh, given him everything, and he had ended up betraying me. That betrayel made it hard for me to accept any man afterward. I guess it made things worse because you brought out so much in me, opened more then he ever had."furious suddenly, she yanked her arm away and began to pace once again."I don't like this. I don't! I don't want to depend on you, I don't want to need you or love you!"

He watched her, let her vent only because if he touched her, he would be pouring his heart out. And it wasn't time just yet."I have yet to hear you apologize about what you did."

She looked at him, her eyes going from confused to burning fury."There's no way your going to get an apology from me. No way, never! You were just as much at fault for what happened as me! If you think I'm going to degrade myself even more, you can just go to hell!"

When she attempted to march past him he caught her arm, pulled her to him and enjoyed her struggles."I guess I could always go to hell with my date. Did I tell you about her? Tall, leggy brunette, very hot. She-"he was cut off when her fist plowed into his stomache.

"I don't want to hear about you and your latest woman! Let me go! I take back everything I've said! I HATE you, I can't stand you! I had
the right idea when I left you! I-"she was halted when his lips smashed down on hers, swallowing up the rest of her curses.

He kept his lips glued to hers, even when she kicked and scratched and bit. It took a few moments, but she finally relaxed against him,
her arms coming up and wrapping around his neck. That simple gesture turned his heart over and he knew he couldn't keep up the cold front with her any longer.

He pulled back, his lips trailing softly, gently, along her cheek."I love you."he felt her stiffen and tightened his arms around her."I've missed you Serena, you don't even realize how much."

Joy such as she'd never felt before leapt into her heart, but she fisted her hands in his dark hair, pulled him back to look up at him."What about this date you keep rubbing in my face?"

He grinned down at her, delighted with the razor gleam in her eye."I don't have a date."

She squinted at him, wanting to stay angry, unable to because of the simple words he had spoken."You lied."

"Yup. For a good cause, of course."he kissed her again, holding her head between his hands and letting the mesmorizing feeling take over them both. When he pulled back they were both breathless."Tell me Serena. Tell me you love me."

"For some odd reason I do."

"Say it. Say the words."

She sighed, felt in her heart that time had been waiting for this moment for centuries, that two hearts stood a breath apart."I love you Darien. I love you."when he swept her into his arms, she laughed, a delighted sound that flew on the silent wings of the wind.

"Were getting married, you know that right?"he told her, holding her close to him.

She raised a light brow."I haven't heard you ask."

"I'm not asking and giving you the satisfaction of telling me no. Were marrying and thats that."he stopped abruptly, listening."Do you hear that?"

"I do."

A soft melody, romantic and sweet, heartbreaking. A tune they'd both heard before, in there dreams.

"He played it for her whenever they met together in secret."Darien whispered."He's playing it for her again because there finally together."

A couple watched them from the window of the estate above, two people who resembled those standing on the yard so much. The man with dark hair took up his flute and began to play for her once again, smiling into her glistening eyes as they both faded slowly, together at last.

"There together again, but were just starting out. Were going to make a life and children together, aren't we Darien?"

"Damn right we are."and swinging her into his arms before the house and legend that had brought them together, he kissed her.

The End
By: SailorPerfect
Well wow. Done. Thank God! Anyway, its not the end to this two part series. The next is "Blood of the Moon" with Malachite and Mina. Now its there turn to fall in love and accept one another. Serena and Darien will return in that fanfic, although they won't be the main characters anymore. So we'll see how the new couple does. Stay tuned!