Spoilers: "Last Word"
Disclaimer: Ilene Chaiken should be blamed for The L Word, and it's self-destructive last episode. I only tried to save Jenny. (aka I do not own The L Word. No profit made, no infringement intended.)


Jenny Schecter. Eros the Bitter, sweet taste long gone. She'd had her fun with havoc, and now the knife twisted back.

Sand castles built to wash away at sea. Towers of wooden blocks to bring crashing down. She had enjoyed the intoxication of chaos and destruction. The tug of the strings hadn't bothered her. She could ignore the voices and still play their games.

She'd been laughing as the world spun around her, when she caught her reflection in the pool. As the voices murmured her fate, anger grew inside her.

"No," she whispers back, shaking her head frantically.

Hands had held her down before, but now all they needed were voices. "I'm going to kill fucking Jenny Schecter," they all chant. A creator destroying her creation. Used up, worn out, out with the trash.

Jenny rages. She was more than a joke, more than a plot twist. She can't be simplified to just villain or victim.

The puppet fights back today, the creator tied up with her former strings. Jenny starts her opus, fate now hers to write.