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Author's Note: I'll be the first to admit I didn't really like Jenny in the last few seasons. Over the entire 6 seasons though, there were moments I could relate to her, moments that she fascinated me. I saw some Jenny/Shane subtext early on, and saw a potential for an interesting relationship. Ilene Chaiken being Ilene Chaiken, made Jenny/Shane completely unrealistic in the final season.


It's dark.
Dark like waves and manatees.
Dark like the world really is, not how we pretend it is.

Her hands are rough. She's not a hand lotion kind of girl.
Her fingers trace your scars. Her eyes study you, sober and serious.
You realize suddenly that she sees you. No amount of lying, flirting, or avoidance can hide you now.
For the first time, you're truly naked.

You feel yourself start to tremble, so you look away, pretending that a tear isn't making its way from under your mascara-heavy lashes.

"Jenny..." her voice is soft and simple, worlds away from Marina's throaty accent.

You slowly open your eyes, mascara running wild. Her lip curls in a half smile.

You manage to return the smile. Pressing yourself against her, you surrender. You match the pattern of her breathing as her strong hands hold you against her.