Never Know



Part One

This is a sequel of It's just a wedding from the Closer and the Sequel to What the Soul Want from the L Word.

Captain Brenda Leigh Johnson-Howard was walking into the office and she had a slender black woman standing by her door with Chief Pope. "Chief I hope this isn't yet another nominee for a replacement." Brenda said and Chief Pope responded, "Chief this is Officer Tasha Williams and she comes recommended to priority homicide she is a former military officer and she has served our country, I believe she should trained for our….." Brenda shot him a look and smiled only as she could. "Ms. Williams, may I see you in my office, thank you?" Brenda asked and Tasha walked in as Brenda followed. Chief Pope came in and she looked over her files. "You seem to very qualified officer." Brenda said and Pope responded, "She could also be a go-between your division and the uniforms to established a strong communication line." Brenda who lost Sanchez was still mourning even after getting married. "I would like to speak to Ms. Williams." Brenda said and Pope left.

"Mama, I'm sorry for the timing of all this. I actually met Lt. Sanchez briefly and he was someone I would have love to have learned from." Tasha said and Brenda responded, "Thank you."