Never Know



Part Seven

Jenny drove like a bat out of hell and saw that the ambulance was there. Reese and Bianca would there in the house with Alice. Nikki Stevens came out first as Annabelle Johnson escorted her out and Nikki had blood splatter on her. Jenny ran from the car and Nikki saw it. Jenny hugged Nikki so tight and so hard just like the first night she said I love you, she looked at Nikki and quietly said, "I love you." "Oh now you love me, I could have died." Nikki said and they kissed really good. The door opened for two stretchers…..Brenda Leigh Johnson was leading one fifteen minutes later with Tasha with a bullet-hole in her shoulder and Alice ran out of the house to drive.

"Officer I speak for my team when I say welcome to our division." Brenda said and Tasha smiled. Annabelle hugged her mother. Tasha was in the hospital and Alice's mouth was down the hall, Alice ran in she chew her out then cried. She carefully hugged Tasha and quietly said, "Yes I will married you." Jenny didn't stop holding Nikki and vice versa. Reese walked in and kneel down to her then hugged her tightly, Reese was crying hard then Bianca came in, she hugged Nikki. Reese motion that she was going to see Tasha and walked in, Reese and Tasha had a rocky start. Reese slowly hugged Tasha and Alice was happy for this moment.

Brenda Leigh lid a candle and looked up then said, "Julio, thank you….." It was rare that a forty-five would jam with a full magazine but then able to shoot without any adjustments when the direction of the target was moved to Tasha. Brenda saw another day, Tasha was going to have to endure wedding plans. Reese, Bianca, Jenny, Nikki, Tasha and Alice would their own family.