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This is my first MA fanfic. I started to become a fan after watching a few episodes. It was good show and very unique. Other the main two, my other favourite character is Lay Mamery, which is one of the major characters in this fic.


Raining. The once clear sky now poured down water, wettening the earth. On these rainy day, people usually just sit in there homes, keeping warm. However, one house was in a different situation. Inside, a little boy stood still in front of a broken window. the hole was big, able to fit a grown person to slip through. Several pieces of glass was lying down nearby the boy's feet. He seemed to be stunned and was looking at his hands. However, the sound of sirens snapped him out of the trance. He quickly turned around, looking for his parents but was greeted by two unconcious bodies.

"Mother!" The boy started to cry as he ran towards her. "Father!" He shakes their bodies, hoping to wake them up. Blood started to cover his hands.

A man in a police uniform enters the house, armed with a gun and shouted, "FREEZE!".

The boy was startled by the appearance of the police. He was shaking with fear. Seeing this, the police put away their guns and went towards the boy. Another police called out, saying he found the body of a person outside the window.


Around 15 minutes ago...

Clicking sounds was heard coming from the door before it unlocked. Once the door opened, a man walked in, carrying a briefcase. He closed the door behind him. It was the boy's father who just got back from work at the office. Apparently, he was doing an extra shift. He smiled, seeing his son doing his homework on the table.

"Assalamualaikum, dad!" The boy greeted with a smile.

"Waalaikum salam, Halim." His father returned the smile.

The boy stopped and got up, running towards him to give a hug. "You're finally home!" He said happily.

"How are you today, son?" His father asked.

"Fine, Alhamdulillah." His son replied, letting go of his father. His father smiled and rubbed the boy's head. With that, he went upstairs. A few moments passed and the boy continued to do his homework. Suddenly...


The boy dropped his pencil when he heard the crash. He stared at the now broken window, only to find himself facing a tall figure, wearing a black ski-mask. He backed off from the table, seeing the person was walking towards him. His mother quickly made her way to the living room, only to be shocked by the appearance of the tall man, now armed with a gun.

The mother quickly took a broom and quickly hit the man as he was about to pull the trigger.

"Stay away from my son!" The mother shouted, shielding her son. The thug was annoyed and quickly elbowed the woman, hitting her stomach, causing her to fall. Aiming his gun, the thug shot her stomach, causing her to be unconcious.

"Mother!" The boy cried as he went near her. The man stepped forward and pointed the gun at the boy, preparing to shoot. Before he got the chance however, the boy's father gave a quick punch at the man's face, knocking the man down. As the thug was about to reach his gun, the father kicked it out of reach.

The thug suddenly grabs the man's leg and pulled him down to the ground. Taking out a knife from his pocket, he attempted to stab the man but failed as he was kicked at the stomach. As the man recovered, he quickly ran towards the thug and was about to punch him but he was stabbed directly at the heart, knocking him down.

The thug looked over the boy's fallen parents and chuckled, before he turned his attention towards the boy.

"Now you're all that's left, kid!" The thug said as he approached the boy, armed with the now blood stained knife. The boy continued to step back but he was trapped when he touched the wall. The thug gave chuckle and prepared himself to stab the boy. However, something unusual happened. Lights started to form from the boy's palm. The lights formed into two energy balls, one in each hand. They were soon released and hit the man on the chest, knocking him out the house and towards the window.

The boy slowly opened his eyes, staring at his hands with disbelieve.

"What happened...?" He thought.

Flashback ends

After the incident, the police brought the boy, his parents and the criminal towards the nearby hospital. They checked up on the boy for any injuries. As he walked out, someone called him. It was a doctor.

"Looks like you're alright." The doctor commented. He then saw the boy rushed towards him.

"How's my parents!" He asked.

The doctor was silent for a moment and just shake his head as a reply. "We...We're unable to save them...".

Hearing this, the boy started to cry and pushed the doctor away. He ran as fast as he can until he was out of the hospital. He continued till he reached a playground. There, he went under the tree and took a seat. He tilted his head on his elbow, covering his face. He did not care about the rain. He was to sad to care about anything. Suddenly, he heard footsteps approaching him, though he did not looked up to see who it was.

"Are you..Ok?" The person said. It was a girl's voice.

Looking up, he saw a little girl standing up in front of him. Her hair was blue in colour and so is her eyes. She was wearing a pink raincoat while holding a pink umbrella.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." The boy replied.

"So, what's your name?" The girl asked.

"Halim." He simply answered. "What about you?"

"My name is Lay." She answered.

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Arabic Dictionary

Assalamualaikum- May peace be upon you

Waalaikum salam- May peace be upon you too