The morning breeze blew softly in the air, causing the trees to rustle. The birds were chirping happily as the fly in the clear blue sky.

Inside the compound of the Ghafur's house, a man named Rushdi stood firmly nearby the gate. Halim called him yesterday and explained the whole situation. At first, Rushdi was shocked but he accepted it without any problems.

"Alhamdulillah, at least he's fine..." He said, smirking. He then looked at his watch, which shows that the time now was 9.14 a.m. While he was still waiting for the boy, he suddenly heard the sound of flapping wings…and it was getting louder and louder.

He looked around for the noise. He then looked up, only to have his eyes widened as he said, "What the?".


Somewhere in the 13th Avenue Street, two teenagers could be seen walking. Halim was in the front while Lay was slowly followed at the back. They have been talking since the short trip begun.

"So that's what Tamers do huh? Cool." He commented.

"Yeah." Lay said, smiling. Lay then looked at her side, her face was red. "Should I ask him now?" She then turned to face him and was about open her mouth when she was interrupted by the sound of shouting, coming from a distant. Both teenagers then saw several people running towards their direction. The way they ran implied like they have seen a ghost.

"What in the world?" Halim questioned. He then grabbed one of the people by shoulder and asked, "What's going on?"

The person looked at him with a fear in his expression and said, "A m-monster appeared at a house nearby that s-street." He pointed to the said street, where a trail of smoke could be seen. The person than continued his run without giving Halim a second look.

"Come on" He shouted as he ran towards the pointed place. Lay nodded and quickly followed.

When they turned around the corner, something fell in front of them. It was a body, but not just anybody.

"Rushdi!" Halim said as he approached towards him. A maniacally kind of laughter was heard from above them. Without warning, something landed hardly in front of them. The impact caused a cloud of dust to linger and a few pieces of tar to fly off. When the smoke cleared, a figure formed in view. Directly in front of them was a large creature. The creature momentarily stopped in the spot before started to roar, and flapping its wings a few times. The creature stood seven feet tall. Its silver colored wings reflected the sunlight, giving it a shiny appearance. The body was humanoid, covered with black scales with a little mix of grey. The nails were longer than an average human's and more animalistic.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" The creature said after seeing Halim and Lay. "The boy and his girlfriend I presumed?"

Both Halim and Lay blushed by that statement but quickly regained their composure.

"You must be one of Jelfax's monsters." Halim said with a serious expression. "An ugly one at that," He quickly added.

The mutant just laughed and said, "Fool! I AM Jelfax!" He emphasized the 'am'. His face momentarily turned to his normal human one before it changed back, surprising everyone.

"Eww..." Lay commented.

He looked at the boy, analysing him. His eyes stopped when he spotted the broken morpher on his wrist. "Looks like you broke your precious equipment their boy. My, this is going to be easy!" He said.

Without warning, Jelfax lunged and punched Halim's cheek, knocking him hard towards the tree at the other side of the street.

"What's wrong, can't you transform….Nur?" Jelfax mocked.

"Halim!" Lay cried out before she turned towards the mutant. She used her Energy Tone and blast Jelfax with concentrated energy beam from both hands but they only have little effect on him.

"So, you're a Tamer huh?" Jelfax said theoretically. "No matter. You're going to die anyway" He swiftly grabbed her by the back of her shirt and threw her away like she was a broken toy, and she landed on her backside.

"Oww..." She whined.

"Now where wa-" Before he could finish his sentence, he was thrown back by a powerful punch on his face.

Jelfax quickly got up and saw Halim stood firmly on the spot where he was punched, fist tightened. "So what? I can still fight you without the morpher!" He said, answering the remark.

"Why you INSULENT BRAT!" He yelled. Using his wings, he flew and was about to attack the boy before he was blasted by several energy bolts that was rapidly fired, forcing him to fall back and shield himself.

Halim kept firing as he moved forward. Lay quickly got up and helped him by blasting the mutant with her Energy Tone. Rushdi moved and stood beside Halim as he watched the fight, touching his wounded left arm.

"Enough of this!" Jelfax quickly unshielded himself and flew towards Halim, and slashed his chest with his sharp nail, creating medium sized wound. The force of the attack caused the boy to fall.

"Halim!" Both Rushdi and Lay said as they dash towards him.

"Don't w-worry. I'm ok" Halim said as he slowly recovered, touching his wound at the same time, moving forward.

"Want some more?" Jelfax said with an evil grin. Just like before, he tried to attack him with his claws but the boy managed to dodge it when he jumped, and landed gently behind the mutant. Before Jelfax managed to turn around, Halim gave a spin kick and hit his head, causing him to be thrown hard to the wall. A crack formed at the spot where he was kicked.

Angered, the mutant Jelfax charged and attempted a barraged of punches but to no avail as Halim managed to block them easily. His taekwondo lessons paid off. After blocking the next move, he punched Jelfax's stomach and kicked him on the chin, causing him to be thrown upward.

The mutant soon landed with a 'thud'. Halim was panting, tired after all that fighting.

A cynical laughter was suddenly heard as Jelfax recovered. "You think you already beaten me. Ha Ha. Not even close." Jelfax said as he wiped the blood that flowed down his lips. Suddenly, his body started to glow with some kind of dark light. "I'll do whatever it takes to kill you. It is my given objective." His voice changed at the last sentence. Within seconds, Jelfax grew into a giant, ten times his normal size, with a few adjustments. Spikes could be seen protruding from his back and his wings, making them more demonic while his skin has become darker.

By that time, Rushdi became conscious again, only to found himself at the monstrous form of Jelfax in front of him.

"Ya Allah..." Halim and Rushdi thought in unison, speechless.

"Oh my God..." Lay said. The three watched in horror as the mutant was growing, till it stopped.

The now giant Jelfax stomped the ground, creating a tremor. "NOW YOU SHALL DIE!" He said and started to spray a stream of fire from his mouth. Fortunately, the group managed to dodge it.

"What do we *cough* do now?" Lay asked. The group turned to face the giant, hearing him approaching.

Before he could reply, a stream of fire was heading towards them. Fortunately they managed to jump out of the way and the fire sprayed on the tar, creating a large burn mark. Quickly, Halim blast the giant mutant's face with his energy ball, angering it. "Over here nasty!" He said before blasting another energy ball. This angered the giant even further. With that, Halim dashed away, with the monster started to follow him. Lay and Rushdi stood there dumbfounded, seeing the boy leading the monster away from them.

"YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!" Jelfax said as he sprayed more flames, barely missed his targets. The neighbours ran away when they saw the giant approaching, destroying everything in its path.


After moments of running, Rushdi made a stop and took out his car keys. He pressed a button, making the black Mazda car 'beep' as it unlocks itself. Lay entered the back seat as Rushdi drove away, following Jelfax.

"HMM!" Jelfax started to flap his wings and took flight, continuing his chase.

The speeding car almost hit an old woman who was crossing the street.

"Sorry!" Lay said through the window. Passing an alleyway, they alerted a policeman who was on road duty. He then alerted other policemen across the street.

Ignoring the sirens, Rushdi increased his speed and continued to drive down the road.

Minutes later...

Halim took another stop as he blasted the giant mutant with his energy balls even though it did not gave much of an effect. The creature countered it with is flamethrower attach, which again missed its target. As the boy continued to run, he looked up. A smile formed on his face.

Peterson's Oil Factory

Big Burg's own oil factory. Just like its namesake, it is managed by the Jervis Peterson of Big Burg, one of the riches people in the city. However, it was a weekend, which means nobody was working to witness the havoc that will be cause there.

Halim, entered the building and found himself in the processing room. He stopped, pressing his knees as he panted. All the running took a lot out of him. Just then, a giant fist punched through the ceiling's walls, startling him. The whole building started to tremor.

"YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER." Jelfax's loud voice echoed. His red eye peeked through the hole that was created and saw the group, which somehow resembled a similar scene from a monster movie. "THERE YOU ARE." Another giant fist punched through the ceiling, this time trying to grab the person inside. It was a close call; he jumped out of the way and made a run for it.

He headed out of the building and soon reached of what it appears to be the containment area where most of the oils, in their natural state are being kept. The area was a close to the size of a football stadium. Tall walls surrounded the place, preventing the petroleum from leaking. "Woah.." Halim said in awe. However, he was interrupted by the sound of an approaching giant mutant.



"Hey there he is!" Rushdi said, pointing at the core room, from a far he could see Halim standing on the balcony. Upon entering, both he and Lay saw Halim just blasted the petroleum with his energy ball. The blast created a small explosion and fire started to form.

He then put both of his hands up, waving and shouted, "OVER HERE UGLY!". This time, he fired a laser beam type of attack, hitting the monster's eyes.

Brushing off the sting of the attack, he said, "WHY YOU LITTLE!" and started to move forward. Without much of a thought, the giant crashed through the wall attempting to grab the boy. This time, he let himself get caught.

"Perfect!" Halim thought. The monster brought him near to his face.

"ANY LAST WORDS?" The mutant asked with an evil smile.

The boy did not reply. Suddenly, the monster cried in pain, which then loosen his grip on his captive. Taking this opportunity, Halim squirmed and managed to free himself. This was his plan all along. When the monster was busy trying to put out the fire, he jumped from where he stood; the monster's hand and aimed to grab the metallic bar on the second floor. However, he miscalculated one thing; his height.

"Ya Allah! This can't be!" He said as he was falling down slowly, towards the burning petroleum. Seeing this, he closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate.

Suddenly, he felt his hand was grabbed by another. He opened his eyes and looked up and saw Rushdi, who was hanging on the balcony's metal bars with his feet!

"Pull me up!" He shouted. Soon, he was pulled up, bring Halim along. When they reached safety, Halim saw Lay standing there, panting. All of three of them stood up quickly, here the giant mutant's cries of pain getting louder. The flames started to engulf the creature, now reaching his stomach. It then turned his attention towards the boy, and grabbed him once again with lightning speed.

"IF I'M GOING TO DIE, I'M BRINGING YOU ALONG!" Jelfax said as he laughed manically.

Gasping, Lay shouted, "HALIM!" She shot a blast of green energy from her palm, hitting Jelfax's right eye, causing him to lose his grip over his victim.

Halim was fortunate as he managed to grab on the edge of the walkway, and climbed back up. Lay and Rushdi ran towards him to checked.

"Are you ok?" The girl asked with concern.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Halim said with a smirk as he slowly stood up.

"YOU ALL SHALL DIE AS WELL!" Jelfax roared as he tried burned the three people with his flamethrower. However, Halim shot an energy bolt towards his left eye before he could attack, causing him to cry in pain again. He took a step backward but then slipped down into the burning oil. He screamed in agony as the fire burned him. He tried to get up but soon fall again. His tail swung down hitting the edge of the walkway where Lay stood.

"Ahhhh!" Lay screamed as she falls. However, Halim managed to grab her hand just in time and pulled her up.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

Lay nodded with a smile. "Thank you!"

Halim returned the smile. "No problem."

They then felt that their surroundings started to shake. Small violent explosions occured as the burning petroleum started to burn the walls. Several pieces of debris from the ceiling fell down, resulted from the Jelfax's attacks on the building. With this, the three ran out of the building as fast they could. Fallen pillars were blocking their exit but Halim and Lay used their respective powers to remove the obstacle. Within seconds, the made it out. Several more explosions were heard as the factory was being destroyed.

"Woah..." Lay commented when she saw the burning factory.

Rushdi stood up, arm folded. Apparently he was not happy with the situation. "What were you thinking?"

Halim stared at him for a moment before he answered. "That's the only thing I could think of at the moment." He looked back as the factory continues to explode. Probably his plan caused more damage than he intended. "Sorry."

A smile returned on Rushdi's face. "Actually, you did well." He said as he pull both kids up to their feet. "Now, let's get out of here before the police arrive." He smirked, twirling his car keys with his fingers.


And so, the group went back to Oldmill Village. By the time they left, the police just arrived. When they reach town, Rushdi dropped Lay off to her house first. Her mom was gardening when she saw Lay arrived home. She was surprised to see her daughter got home by a stranger's car but was more surprised to see her covered with dirt and ashes.


Two weeks have passed since Jelfax's defeat. Since then, no mutants have appeared. Even the news said that there we no more strange sightings and cases happened lately. Well, except that the destruction of the oil factory was still being discussed. Surely, they would not find nor identify the culprit.

Back to our hero, who was in class at the moment. Like usual, his always paid attention in class and copied notes from A to Z but for the past two weeks, he also seems to be day dreaming a lot, often looking outside the window. The monster fighting thing must have worn him out. At least he can enjoy his normal life again. "Now turn to page 63," The teacher said, continuing to write on the black board.

"Peace, Alhamdulillah." He thought before turning his text book to the said page.


Or is it?


There you go, the new ending. From my point of view, I think this ending is superior than the last one. Just trying to set up the mood for the next one. Also, this will be bridged by another fanfic called "Chronicles of Nur". Read that before you read the second one.