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Loud wailing rang out into the open air, in mixing in with the blasts and explosions in the distance where fire rose to the skies from the once proud mechanical cities. Homes all around were left in ruin and were but piles of rubble and rock. The sounds of war went on all around the destroyed city, never halting at the sad, pathetic Sparkling half buried in dirt. Its bright blue optics were shut tight as it screamed and cried.

Suddenly a shadow fell over its frail form like a sudden drop of the sun in the sky. Upon seeing the looming shadow and towering observer over its head, the infant fell silent and waited silently on its upcoming fate.

The tall form knelt down and pushed away the mud off the yellow sparkling and gently lifted it up into his powerful arms. The infant gave a frightened whimper but the tall one only gave a gentle chuckle that soothed the young spirit.

"There, there…" the enormous mech cooed gently. His masked chin and gentle optics smiled down at the baby, rocking him slightly in his muscular arms. "You're a lucky one, aren't you?" he said with a broad smile. The baby finding no danger in the mech's reassuring aura, settled between his arms and rested on his chest. The infant stared at the blue and red paint over the broad chest, finding the colors fascinating. His eyes drawn on the mask covering his mouth, finding no mouth to talk with; he made an attempt to reach for it, fingers smoothing over the silver plates. The Transformer chuckled at his meek taps, finding it amazing that the little bot could forget his earlier sorrows and seem so oblivious to the raging war going on all around them.

The little one seemed to have a knack to find something cheerful, even during war.

The Sparkling fell asleep instantly on the way out of the ruined homes, tuckered out from his long hours of crying. The tall mech smiled a bit sadly and a bit happily at the tiny form and tapped his ear.

"Optimus here. Report back to base. I found a survivor in the city ruins after all. Over and out."

"You don't REALLY expect us, an entire base full of MALE mechs, to take in this little 10 1/2 pound sparkling, with a full and dirty diaper no less, and take him in like he was a long lost son. Right Optimus?" said the medic with a sort of desperate look. His yellow and red paint shined in the lightning while his tired blue optics glowed in his sockets.

"We have no choice Ratchet." Optimus reasoned. He held the yellow infant mech in one arm while holding a bottle of oil in the other. "There is a war going on out there. Do you think a completely helpless baby is really going to survive it? A fully geared solider barely has the chances to live past a day in that aggression."

"But bringing in an infant?! Optimus! Be reasonable! We're not a homeless shelter for every lost soul! You don't really think we could take care of him, do you?!"

"Keep in mind there aren't many Ratchet." Optimus calmly replied. "And yes, I do." he added, ignoring the medic's wail. He brought the infant onto the table and let him be. "Besides, this may be good for the Autobots. A little joy and family comfort might do them some good. Some responsibility as well." he added thinking about the new recruits, the twins.

"But we don't even know the first thing about babies!" Ratchet argued.

"We can learn." Optimus said. He spoke with authority and meant he was not to be argued with. "There are scarce survivors anymore on Cybertron, and fewer young souls alive anymore. I searched everywhere for the sparkling's mother, but there was no one left alive in those ruins. We're all that's left for this little Bee." Optimus said gesturing to the giggling tiny mech who rolled on his back, hanging onto his toes.

"…Bee?" Ratchet said staring at the proud commander.

"Well... yes." Optimus said turning away. "I think he looks like a little bumblebee, don't you?"

Ratchet was grinning ear to ear at the mech, ready to tease him some more when the guns and weapons connected to the walls began to turn on into life and were charging to fire! The room was then filled with blaster rays shooting in every possible way, shooting at coffee mugs, tools, and at the computer screens, sending glass to fly through the air! Optimus and Ratchet ducked behind the table, both gracing marked helmets.

"What in the name of Primus-Who threw the switch?!" Ratchet cried out. He glanced at the infant, feeling the blood drain from his face at the sight of Bee's mouth drooling over the buttons of a remote, perfectly unharmed. He seemed to enjoy the flashing lights, clapping and laughing as though it was a show. It was a miracle nothing had hit him yet! Ratchet jumped up from the table, getting full blasts from the guns as he ran to the baby. His old joints creaked under his sudden speed and he slipped along the way to fall on his back.

"MY HIP!" he yelped, clutching his side and rolling on the floor in agony. A ray blasted at his aft and sent him to his feet again with a screech. He turned to stare at the burnt hole on his bottom and glared at the snickering Optimus Prime. "Let's see you laugh at your next medical check-up!" he snarled. That shut up the commander long enough to let the medic crawl to his feet and storm over to the table.

"Gimme that!" Ratchet yelled and took the chew toy away from the baby boy and clicked off the machines, but not before the last shot hit his shoulder, leaving a dent. "Great." he deadpanned.

His relief was short lived as he cringed at the loud sobs erupting from Bumblebee.

"Ratchet! Don't be so rough around him!" Optimus scolded and picked up the infant. His body was riddled with blaster rays, maybe more than Ratchet due to his size, and looked as though Optimus had tried several times to get to the sparkling but failed miserably. Bumblebee continued to cry onto his shoulder, sad and confused at the toy taken away from him.

"Wha zat…who maka so merch noise?" came a tired voice from the hallway. The silver door slid open to show Ironhide standing in the doorway with a humorous sleeping cap on his head and a teddy under one arm. His dark red and black armor plating glinted a bit as he stepped out of the dark hallways into the room, completely oblivious of the disaster area he now stood in.

The baby immediately stopped at the sight of the bear and began to cry out in a happy way to it, reaching his tiny arms out to the half-awake Autobot.

"Whaz a parrot donin here Optimus?" Ironhide slurred sleepily. He stepped into the room to stare face to face at the yellow thing with half lidded eyes.

"It's a sparkling survivor Ironhide." Optimus said calmly. He hid his amusement well as Bumblebee placed his hands over the trigger happy shooter's face, playing with the ball at the end of his hat. The Autobot didn't look like he minded nor seemed fazed at the tiny fingers picking at his faceplates and gave then a yawn. Optimus bit down a chuckle as the yellow bot mimicked the funny look Ironhide had, opening his mouth wide like him.

"Ohm….a sparkling." he mumbled standing up not noticing his cap being pulled off. "That's nice."

Optimus and Ratchet watched the sleepy Transformer walk out with his head exposed. Seconds went by and the two were wondering if the bot even heard what they said at all.

The door slid open again with a more awake Ironhide rushed back in, gripping the door frames and staring at the yellow bundle shocked.

"A BABY?!!" Ironhide exclaimed wide eyed. Bumblebbe gave a giggle while munching on the yellow sleeping cap. "Hey! How'd he get my cappy?"

"Ironhide, please." Optimus sighed. How long had it been since the elderly mech had a good night sleep or a vacation from these crazy soldiers he wondered.

Sometimes he hated his job.

"The baby is called "Bumblebee". Not "it". And second, I found him in the outskirts of Civic City. I'm shocked he had no severe injuries." he commented and gave a bounce to the little boy. Bumblebee giggled again at his new found toy and cuddled against the leader's chest.

In a shear moment of brilliance, Bumblebee stared at the hat and gently placed it on his head. It was a little big, but Optimus figured he'll grow into it sooner or later. A proud, fatherly grin grew under his mask, and he resisted the urge to cuddle into the cute creature in front of his subordinates.

"Yeah, yeah! I can see that!" Ironhide yelled stepping into the room fully. He paused. "Wait, did you say CIVIC city? That's impossible! That was one of the first targets those 'Con scum attacked! Everyone was wiped out! No survivors! How in Primus's name did a BABY live through that?!!"

"More miraculous things have happened Ironhide." Ratchet commented mildly. The door slid open again and in came Jazz, looking less alert about the situation while holding a glass of half drank energon milk. The medic noticed the Autobot was still wearing his razor rimmed glasses, covering his optics from sight.

So he does sleep with those on.

If his shield eyes could have allowed him to, Ratchet knew they would have widened at the sight of the tiny bundle held in his commander's thick arms. If he was surprised, he showed little sign of it, but managed to show enough emotion of his shock by dropping his milk.

Great. He has to clean that up too, Ratchet noted as he stared at the liquid to the burnt marks covering the room.

"Alright, I'll give ya that. But I just wanna know how that little ankle biter took my cappy!" the weapon specialist snarled, glaring at the drool soaking up the fabric. Bumblebee stared back innocently, oblivious to the anger burning in the mech's eyes.

"He just wants to play with it." Optimus said in a half sigh. It was times like these he REALLY wondered why he took up the job. He looked down and grinned. "And I think he wants your teddy too." he said gesturing to the sparkling's outstretched arms and grabby hands.

"Ain't no way I'm giving my Gunslinger to a drooling little space monkey like that!" Ironhide growled hiding the bear from the baby. Jazz snickered in the background, leaning over to Ratchet to laugh, "Gunslinger?" Bumblebee gave a small whimper and hiccupped; a sure sign for more sobs. Optimus turned his gaze to Ironhide with a pleading look. "Ironhide…"

"But he'll drool on-" Ironhide stopped seeing tears gathering in the corners of Bee's shining blue optics. Ratchet rubbed his head in annoyance while Jazz shifted his weight uneasily. When another whimper came from the tiny form both mech's took precaution and covered their ears.

Bumblebee let out a whine, bottom lip trembling. Ironhide simply glared back... then groaned out loud. "Alright! Alright! Here!" he said nearly shoving the doll into the baby's miniature fingers.

The tears vanished and the yellow bot took the toy happily, hugging it close.

"Thank you Ironhide." Optimus smiled.

"Just make sure that greese monkey don't mess him up ya hear? Or it'll be ME who'll mess you up!"

"Aw, Hide' is worried over his wittle teddy, Gunslinger." Jazz taunted. Ratchet joined in the mirth and gave a small laugh. They both ignored the hate filled stares and turned to the small giggling bundle. Jazz then proceeded to make faces at the Bee and earned loud giggles. The trigger happy mech stared at the laughing duo before making a grunt and left the room; hatless and teddyless. Ratchet let out a sigh of relief he didn't know he was holding and stared at the yellow bot.

"I'm guessing there's no way to hand the little devil over to the Decepticons?" he said, thinking solely of his poor devices he knew the little one will demolish once it starts to grow older.

Optimus gave Ratchet such a glare. It made the baby scream and Jazz jump over a meter high when he shouted, "NO!"

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