Title: The First Step
Author: psyco_chick32
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Word Count: 475
Summary: Each journey begins with a single step… or a new kosode…

Sango sighed – a heavy sigh, wistful and thankful and sorrowful all laced in one frustrated exhale of breath. This would be so much easier if she had Kagome here to help her…

"You look fine, my child," Kaede said gently from her spot near the fire. Sango flushed as she heard the men talking outside.

"Keh, I don't see the fuckin' point," InuYasha groused, obviously closest to the door.

"It's a new-" Miroku cut off as his soon-to-be-wife stepped out of the hut, eyes on the ground, hands nervously flatting the new material he had picked up for her. His eyes sparkled at the alluring blush; nearly the same shade as her new kosode, he noted amusedly.

Rin was the first to speak up, clapping excitedly, "Sango-sama looks like a lady!"

"Sango, my beloved… you look remarkable," Miroku said, taking her hand and lifting her chin with his other one.

"I still don't see the fuckin' point," InuYasha insisted. "It's a new kosode. So what?"

"You're so insensitive," Shippou muttered from the safety of Kohaku's shoulder.

Rin looked up at the kit, biting her lower lip in what seemed to be a perfect imitation of Kagome. Sango winced as she saw InuYasha clench his fists. "How is InuYasha-sama insensitive?" the little girl questioned. "Does a new kimono mean something important?" Her gaze fell on her youkai guardian, who stood passively in the shade. He'd been waiting a few days to make sure Rin was settled before taking off to do… whatever it was he did on his journeys.

Sango smiled at the girl. "This is a sign of looking to the future," she said gently. "Besides, this is the first gift m-my houshi-sama has given me."

"The first of many," Miroku promised quickly, visibly preening at Sango's claim.

Rin actually began to bounce. "Will Rin get pretty clothes from Sesshoumaru-sama when she becomes a lady?" InuYasha snorted into his hand, hiding his amusement.

Sango spoke up when it appeared Sesshoumaru didn't plan on answering the girl. "You'll probably get plenty of presents from suitors when you're older," she explained, chuckling inwardly at Sesshoumaru's poorly-muffled growl.

"Why clothes?" Rin asked, eyes sparkling with childish wonder, dreams of beautiful kimonos dancing so obviously through her head Sango wondered that she couldn't see the outfits in her eyes. She grinned at the girl's exuberance.

"Well, different people give different gifts for different things," she started.

Taking Sango's hand again, Miroku broke in. "Sango has lived the life of a taijya," he smiled, recalled his beloved's armor-clad form. "Now, she has a new kosode for a new life… one of a wife." He grinned, touching Sango's belly, "And eventually, a mother."

Miroku cringed, rubbing the new knot on his head ruefully.

"Things are changing, Houshi-sama," Sango said through clenched teeth as InuYasha and Shippou laughed, "but not that quickly."