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Sweet god let it end!

Thirty six…..thirty seven…thirty eight….

Someone up there was mocking him. He bet it was his uncle, Madara.

Forty three…forty four…forty fi-

…If one more word about 'youth' came out of Rock Lee's mouth Sasuke was going to jail for murder. Seriously… just one.

Fifty eight…..fifty nine….

Here he was, stuck in his Human and Social Biology class, paired with the mutated eyebrowed freak, quite willing to trade his left lung for freedom and the young Uchiha was man enough to admit to the tears of gratitude welling behind his eyes as the clock neared the big, black twelve.

Sixty! Success! Yes, there was a God!

The eighteen year old was out of the class and halfway across the Science building before he checked his speed, coming to a slow halt in the deserted west corridor. Pressing his overheated forehead against the cool of the locker metals Sasuke wondered again why he had gotten out of bed that day.

He'd woken up to his usual cold, empty apartment in downtown Konoha,[he firmly maintained that he'd moved out of Uchiha manor because of it's impractical distance from Kon-U pre-med and not that he had been thinking too seriously about… accidentally… putting a knife through Itachi's back], with the grandmother of all ghastly migraines. He'd been late and even sloppy with his hair, because you know what; blinding pain behind ones eyes just does that shit to you. Forced to wear his glasses because his quaking fingers wouldn't cooperate with his contacts, Sasuke then had to put up with the louder than average squeals of infernal female population, the blinding flashes of their camera phones stabbing mercilessly through his sensitive eyes and into his liquefied brain.

Yes, it had been one of those days. The ones where pre-meditated mass murder seemed justifiable.

Heh…so that's why he and Itachi were related.

The weight of a cool hand settled on his shoulder jarring him back to consciousness and Sasuke turned to one of the few persons who had the balls to touch him. Neji.

The Hyuuga gave him a sympathetic look grey eyes shimmering in the afternoon sun, black High school uniform pristine to the knife seams and metre length cinnamon hair immaculate. Seeing his friend's composure made something vaguely resembling jealousy claw through the raven's gut.

"Come on." Neji sighed. "If your fans see you like this they'll just get worse."

Sasuke eased his aching body off the cool metal feeling like Sarutobi's bones in winter. Neji was right. Women were sharks, smelling blood of weakened prey miles off, swarmed like a demented horde and circled until the prey broke down and gave up the ghost. Sasuke liked breathing thank you very much.

The hall way emptied out into the admin reception building where students were milling about in the open space chattering their insignificant lives away. Three…two…one…he held his breath in and hoped to God…


Yep. Like clockwork. Again…somewhere…God was laughing.

He dimly registered his self- appointed girlfriend Haruno Sakura attach herself to his right arm while the other wicked stepsister, Yamanaka, coyly sidled up to his left. Acerbically he gave himself fifteen seconds to lose circulation in both arms.

Mother of God he hated these girls; despised them to the last X chromosome, so why did he let himself be paraded like this? Why did he not give Itachi's best hitman a call and an obscene bank deposit? It was simple really. His fan following was an animal kingdom where the biggest and baddest got the juiciest kill and jealously guarded it from the rest of the hyenas. Sakura, as head hyena, had claim to him and so kept the rest of the bloodthirsty beasts away.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Years of practice screened her prattling about his cuteness in wire frames to background noise as he allowed his mind to wander.

'Is this seriously what I have been reduced to?'

They rounded a corner and descended the marble steps leading out to the senior parking lot.

'Relying on a damn female to keep my sanity and virginity intact?'

Yes, he was a virgin…but that really wasn't the issue here.

'Am I really this path- HEY! Watch where you're going you pointy toothed freak!"

Sasuke glared death and pointy objects at Suigetsu, his fellow senior with the double row of shark teeth who had slammed into him. What was going on anyway? Why was the quad so crowded? Ino voiced the thought behind him and Karin, Suigetsu's girlfriend [and another of his Sasuke's simpering sycophants] giggled.

'Oh, can't you see him Ino-chan? There's this really hot college student here in the parking-"

Sasuke idly wondered how Ino could move that fast in stilettos.

"WHERE?" Sakura hollered.

Seeing as the girls were super glued to his arms and his arms were still attached to his body Sasuke got shoved, dragged and jostled up through the crowd behind the growling girls.

"MOVE IT!" The blond one had yelled- and like Moses before the Red Sea; Lo and behold a clear path and unobstructed visual of the parking lot. Sasuke's slender body went rigid both from both the grips the girls had on his numbing appendages and from the eardrum-destroying shrieks emitting from their mouths.

'Ohmigod! He's such a hottie!"

"Heh..heh..erm…Not as hot as you though Sasuke-kun!" One of them tacked on nervously just then remembering that the object of their affections was still there- tch-like he cared.

What was so fascinating about a college kid anyway?

'Sure they were older and more sophisticated,' he thought, eyes roaming for the aforementioned 'hottie' 'and, yeah, maybe they have more brains too but what's th-"

And then he saw.

And oh God! At the visual his already suffering mind literally whimpered. There, in the student parking lot of the pre-university section of Konoha High School, was beauty.

Pure, unadulterated, beauty sexily leaning on the streamlined hood of an orange Ferrari Spider. Shimmering sun worshiped skin rippled over the bare, muscled arms negligently crossed over a broad, orange, tee-shirted chest. The shirt trailed down over the impressions of stone abdominals to a tapered waist, giving the barest hint of the cut pelvic bones that vee-d down to long legs lovingly wrapped by blue Levi's, hanging dangerously low off narrow hips.

Sasuke's eyes traveled up the striking body to rest on an angular jaw, broad sexy peach lips, high cheekbones sporting three matching razor thin, whisker like scars each to a straight nose bridged by a smattering of brown freckles, up to the shimmering liquid gold hair hanging messily into hooded, amused sapphire eyes.

Those eyes

Surrounding noise faded out of existence.

Those eyes

His heart beat rippled; higher brain functions ceased and the air caught in his throat caused a strangled choke to erupt from his open lips.

He'd know those eyes anywhere…

Heart and mind spun back to the first time he'd seen them, ten, long years ago….



"Itachi nii-san. Where are we going?" The eight year old asked again.

Itachi hadn't answered the first three times so Sasuke figured he might as well ask again. A long suffering sigh slipped out of his fourteen year old brothers barely parted lips, an annoyed tick going in his temple.

"Our dear parents want me to spend," Itachi swallowed bile "quality time with you otouto. Something about: 'inspiring you to achieve for something even vaguely resembling my great knowledge and skills through intense brotherly mentoring'."

Itachi was nothing if not modest.

"But ," he continued "I have a group project due and we're going to meet today to finish it at the library."

The younger raven processed the information.

"So," Sasuke started, 'in other words, 'sit down, shut up, don't bug me and when we get back home lie my ass of'?"

The elder was pleased.

"You're learning."


"Hey weasel-san! Who's the shrimp?"

Itachi smirked.

"This, Kiba, is my dear younger brother Sasuke. I got forced baby sitting."

Sasuke bristled.

"I am not a baby nii-san!"

"You're acting like one."

Sasuke instantly rethought his stance on fratricide.

"Aw man that sucks! " The shaggy headed one with the stupid marks on his face grinned down at him. "So shrimp, how old are you, four? Five on the outside?"

"I'm eight you foul smelling cretin." Sasuke snarled wrinkling his nose. "Shouldn't you be in a kennel instead of a library, shit for brains?"

Absolute silence reigned. Until the laughter started.

" Damn Kiba," someone chortled " you got owned by an eight year old!"

Sasuke's head swiveled around to the source of the laughter and was met with eyes. Big, blue, beautiful eyes, scrunched up in the tanned face of a boy patting his stunned friend on the arm. Eight year old Sasuke was captivated. He'd never seen that shade of eyes before; because, like most Japanese, every member of his family was dark haired and black eyed.

Itachi shook his head.

"Shut up Naruto. Lets get to work."

'Naruto'. So that's his name.

Sasuke spent the next five hours while Itachi and his teammates did their project sitting, ignored, in a corner. None of the older kids paid attention to him especially his nii-san and that Kiba guy he's insulted- but that was okay. He'd long learned to sit quiet and amuse himself because at home he was mostly alone. The minutes wore on and he was getting lonelier. He'd never seen his nii-san act like this before, smiling [or smirking but it was all the same to an Uchiha] and actually interacting with people…voluntarily.

He felt horrible.

Nii- san never acted like this around him. Was something wrong with him? Why didn't Itachi like him like he liked his friends? Slowly slipping into his despair he never heard the footfalls until someone crouched in front of him.

"Hey, kid?"

Sasuke head snapped up angrily.

"I'm not a kid!"

Naruto chuckled. "Sure you're not, kid. 'Sasuke', right?"

He nodded yes.

The bright eyes shimmered, that shit eating grin stretched across his face and Sasuke wondered how he'd gotten those weird scars. He looked like a fox.

"I'm Naruto. Come on Sasuke-kun were gonna grab some food."

Immediately he looked for his nii-san but was met with a turned back; Itachi was talking to someone else. His eyes faltered. What did he expect? Itachi to care? Psh- right. A bigger, warm hand closed around his and he looked up into softer, sad eyes.

"Come on S'uke. I've got you."

And he had got him. More than he'd known, even after Sasuke had argued that 'S'uke' wasn't his name and Naruto had called him a 'tiny Teme' and Sasuke proceeded to dub the blond 'Moron', Naruto had had him. That day it was the blond who took care of him while Itachi remained 'busy'. When they'd gone back to the library after lunch it had been Naruto who picked out interesting books from the high shelves he couldn't reach and Naruto who picked him up, tending to his skinned knee when he'd tried to be stubborn and climb the ladder to show he didn't need help getting his own books. It had been Naruto who snuck him peppermint sweets which he hated but took anyway and Naruto who'd helped him sign up for a junior pass at the library. Naruto; the neon blonde baka in the huge, too bright, orange sweats and the ratty sneakers. Naruto, with those huge, blue eyes that Sasuke couldn't stop staring at. Uzumaki Naruto….

That night, after reciting a brilliant rendition of his and Itachi's soccer game in the park to his parents Sasuke went to bed, on the fringes of his first crush, dreaming of blue eyes.


"Come on Sasuke…pleeeeeasse."


"Seriously, Sasuke…please! I'm begging here!"

The ten year old looked at the kneeling blond and smirked.

"Hell, no."

'But Sasuke!" Naruto whined from his place on the floor, huge blue eyes watery, sniffling pitifully and overall looking very much like the dejected orphan he was.

"I really ,really, really need this. I'll never ask you for anything ever again! I..i'll do your homework for a month!"

A beat.

"You think I want zeros moron?"

Naruto persevered.

" Come on! You're the only one I can turn to! This is IMPORTANT! Do you have any idea what the stakes are here? You'll be saving a life Sasuke! A LIFE! Do you want me to die? Then you'll grow old and wrinkly and depressed knowing you could have helped poor Naru-tan(1) and didn't! THAT'S how important this is. Pleeease!


"Seriously Sasuke I can do this all day. C'mon, S'uke please!"

There it was. That name.

Sasuke sighed, reached down and pried the controls from the sobbing sixteen year olds hand and with a flick of his wrist made Crash Bandicoot soar across the river the blonde had been trying to pass for the last six hours. Pissed, he lobbed the controls straight into the Naruto's head. Hard.

"OW! Shit, your mean!"

"Fuck, you're stupid." Sasuke mimicked, stalking off.


The 11 year old raven slammed the door behind him, tears welling in his eyes as, frustrated, he tore of his sneakers and dived into bed shuffling over to the side furthest as possible from the fucking door and his fucking parents and perfect fucking Itachi.

So what if he didn't get straight A's like his antisocial ass of a brother? So what if he wasn't always in control like Itachi? So fucking what if he couldn't master their traditional family taijutsu like Itachi….Did they have to rub it in so much?

The sobs wracked him but he refused to let the tears fall. Stupid, stupid Itachi and making their parents always favour him so damn much and making them look down on Sasuke.

He jumped when warm arms wrapped around him, calming only when the familiar scent of apples, sandalwood and cheap soap assaulted his nose. Naruto. He'd forgotten that the blonde had gone with them to Itachi's taijutsu tournament up in Iwate prefecture and had endured with him the three hour drive back to Konoha with his parents singing Itachi's praises all the damn way.

"lee' me ' lone.' He mumbled face half in the pillow.

Right now he just wanted to be alone and to do another un-Itachi-like thing…wallow in his grief. Couldn't Naruto just leave and not care like everyone else? He felt the body behind him shift, then pause. Words couldn't describe how he felt when Naruto quietly mumbled:



He was shattering.

Drenched raven's wing hair stuck to his scalp, trembling fingers tore the sheets, his supple spine arched causing sweat to slip in hot rivulets down overheated his skin and dampen the bed spread under him.


Blue eyes looked deep into his needy black ones as that large, hot, slick palm mercilessly stroked his aching erection. He spread his legs as wide and wantonly far as they could go displaying his core with a shameless eagerness that surprised him.

"Gah! H..harder! Please!"

He got no reply, just that wicked smirk and then…then in a rippling blaze that tore thought away, that burning mouth surrounded him. Pleasure numbed his mind, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, fingers of sizzling, white electricity raked through his brain and just when he couldn't take anymore a wicked finger flicked over his most secret place, the entrance just behind his balls- and Sasuke exploded.

The scream of "NARUTO!" echoed hollowly through the empty room.

Exhausted, Sasuke slumped back into his bed wiping his soiled hand on the towel he kept at his bedside for that sole purpose, wishing to God that his eighteen year old crush had truly been there, nestled between his spread legs, on top of him.


"This is BULLSHIT Sasuke! And you know it!" The blond yelled waving the hand with Sasuke's purple notebook in it.

The raven turned away from his destroyed room to look down at the gathering of 'mourners' below all commemorating the anniversary of his mother's death.

His mother.

The only family member who'd given half a damn about him was dead one year now; victim of cervical cancer. If he'd thought living with Itachi and Fugaku had been bad before it was absolutely, mind numbingly horrible now. The almost thirteen year old had been driven by his 'family's' coldness into depression. Nothing he did was good enough, Fugaku cared only about his company now and Itachi hadn't cared in the beginning.

Naruto had visited for the ceremony and while Sasuke was in the bathroom the blonde had gone snooping.

That was how he'd found Sasuke's poems.


He jerked. Naruto NEVER called him 'Uchiha'. The happy smiling blonde was long gone; a furious teen was left in his wake. His sun spray hair was bristling and his eyes had gone navy and narrow in anger.

"You think life is easy! Huh? Tell me you little brat! Do you think you're supposed to wake up and get everything you want! It doesn't work that way Sasuke! Life's a bitch off her period! It's hard; it's tough and unfair and just when you're getting back up it slams you down again! You can't get a perfect life Uchiha and you can't just cop out like a bitch when it gets too hard. You think I'd be alive if I'd just given up? ANSWER ME!"

Mute with shock Sasuke shook his head, No.

"You bet your ass 'No'." His eyes softened, but not by much. "Take it from a fucking street orphan who knows Uchiha. Now come here."

He got up off the dark blue doona(2) and, shaking, made his way over to the blonde but instead of the reassuring hug he thought he'd get Naruto fisted a large tan hand in the black t-shirt and forced the young raven to watch as the older boy ran the whole notebook through the shredder. Oddly enough it was cathartic.

Naruto turned back to him and yanked his smaller body up against his furious one.

'I don't EVER want to hear you talk about suicide again. You hear me?" The last part was a whisper but Sasuke heard it anyway and after he swore that he understood he was finally allowed to bury his head in the heaving tan chest.


Iachi- nii san?"

The nineteen year old paused in perfecting the knot of his silk tie.

"Why is Usuratonkachi borrowing your car?"

The elder Uchiha flicked his eyes over to the window where the fourteen year old Sasuke was sitting watching Naruto hop into Itachi's black Lexus below him.

"Hn. He's using it to take his girlfriend on a date."




"I told you this would end badly dobe."

Naruto offered a watery smile to the young Uchiha offering him a glass of water now that he had finished puking his offering to the porcelain god.

"Yeah. Binge drinking isn't fun…especially when you're alone."

A pause.

" Tch, baka. Why are you still beating yourself up over…her?" 'The stupid bitch hadn't known what she'd had.' Sasuke mentally tacked on.

Naruto snickered at the disgust in Sasuke's voice and stood wobbly up to his feet. He'd come over to Tachi's house hoping for some company since he was still wallowing in grief about the quite spectacular end of his relationship with Hinata….three months ago. Predictably Tachi was on some business trip half way across Honshu and Sasuke was home alone.

"Ah S'uke. You do dumb things when you're in love."

Back turned, he never saw the sad look that flitted across a pale face or heard a whispered "Tell me about it."


The TV was low, the pizza gone and the dobe was happily half asleep against the arm of the couch. Sasuke cleared away the debris and turned to the face that had haunted him since he was eight.


He'd grown. At nineteen Naruto was really filling out and Sasuke would have had to be as blind as Uncle Madara to not see the appreciative looks the blonde got when they went on trips to the mall or Ichiraku's. Sasuke was in middle school now and his own fan girl following was developing quite nicely; chaired by that unnatural pink haired airhead and the blonde, flower shop girl.

Stupid women.

They could chase all they liked but his heart had been owned a long time ago; by that damn, blonde moron now drooling into his dead mother's leather upholstery. Sasuke 'tch-ed' and reached out to wipe away the line of saliva when his thumb brushed against soft, half open peach lips instead.


A small shift brought the tan face with the whisker scars he now knew to be the results of an abusive foster parent closer into his palm.


Naruto nuzzled, mouth slipping open further, warm puffs of moist air ghosting across Sasuke's pale skin and raising tingling gooseflesh.


Sure…surely...one kiss wouldn't hurt. He was asleep anyway. One, just-

Before he could stop his mouth was centimetres away, three, two-

The soft brush of that malleable skin against his own mouth sent something dark and frightening rippling down his spine and coiling in his gut. The black flame of what he would later learn to unadulterated lust clawed at his throat and he had to assuage the hunger again.

His head tilted, the moron unconsciously leaned into the touches and, his control dead, Sasuke sucked the plump lower lip into his mouth, licking an inexperienced tongue against the broad bow of the upper one.

His heart stopped when his moron shifted a bit then seemed to kiss him back, his breathing caught; hope welled behind his eyes and then-

Naruto was gone. Blinking Sasuke looked uncertainly into the wide blue eyes of the blond backed up against the arm of the couch. And in those eyes that never hid a thing Sasuke read the shock, confusion, guilt and –

He closed his own.



"Sasuke, we've been over this! You can't like me!"

"WHY NOT!" Sasuke was at his wit's end. Four months. That's how long it had been since he'd kissed Naruto and time and again he'd been rejected. He couldn't take it anymore. Something inside him was dying-painfully.

"I know you like me dobe! You kissed me back!" It was his last card and he played it like a desperate gambler.

Naruto flinched violently.

"That was a mistake." His voice was cool as he stared out the window. He'd been avoiding Uchiha manor lately but that day he'd stopped by to borrow some of Itachi's Psychology notes, expecting an empty house and found Sasuke at home, alone-again- sick with the flu.

Itachi, that bastard.

Sasuke slumped down to the couch. He was…tired. Of everything. Putting up with his bastard father and brother, school work and all the extracurricular activities he'd been getting in to make his resume as pretty as Itachi's, dealing with the obsessed stalkers he acquired, and this, his fucked up 'love life', trying to get Naruto to like him as more than a surrogate 'little bother'.

"I mean," I still don't understand what bought this on! You're my friend's little brother. Admittedly I was more of a big bro than he was bu-"

It struck.

"Oh god." Naruto buried his face in his hands. "That's it isn't it. 'Cause I did what Itachi didn't do. I actually cared." He looked up, desperate. "But Sasuke can't you see? You're confused. You saw me as a big brother and then puberty hit and you got mixed up cause I was the only older guy you really knew! You're confused Sasuke!"

The heart sick, black haired boy looked up. He knew he was a mess, red nose, bird's nest hair and splotchy face as he battled running snot and tears. He looked up because, though faint, he'd heard a note of hysteria in the blonde's voice that shouldn't have been there. Sure enough Naruto wasn't looking at him but staring at his own hands, eyes darting around wildly and for the first time in a long while Sasuke found a flicker of hope. Shuffling to the doorway he turned to the slumped over blonde.

"Who're you trying to convince dobe?" He sniffed weakly before walking out. "Me… or yourself?"


Every chance to brush up against Naruto, he took. Now that Sasuke knew Naruto had a -tiny-something for him he did everything in his power to make Naruto want him.

Yes, fourteen year old Uchiha Sasuke was trying to seduce a nineteen year old.

And it was working.

That dark pleasure in his mind swelled when he heard Naruto choke as he bent over; shamelessly displaying his ass he might add, to get a tomato out of the fridge.

Then there was that time he'd accidentally walked into the living room in nothing but black boxers conveniently forgetting about Itachi's group study session. Naruto had snapped his pencil clean in half and wouldn't take his eyes of Sasuke's chest. Yes that had been nice.

Oh, then there was the tanning session by the pool when Naruto had been cleaning it once. Of course, he'd wanted to get a full tan and Naruto had fallen headfirst into the pool when Sasuke'd dropped his towel.

He'd smirked over that one for days.

So here he was, on his fifteenth birthday party watching the moron out of the corner of his eye. Yes, skin tight black jeans had been a very wise choice. Naruto-and a good number of others besides-couldn't take their eyes of Sasuke's ass.

Damn, but the dobe was annoying though. Naruto wanted him, Sasuke knew Naruto wanted him and Naruto knew that Sasuke knew… but the fucking moron was still holding back. What the hell did he need? A fucking neon arrow saying 'Take me dobe' on top of his head?

His mind registered when Naruto slammed back a shot- yes, Kiba, Sasori and Hidan had said he was a man now and man parties needed alcohol- nodded tersely to Kiba and began walking over to him, a determined glint in sapphire eyes.

Sasuke shuddered.

A warm, firm hand latched on to his wrist, removed his bottle of Smirnoff Ice and without a word Sasuke was being dragged out of the noise and up the stairs to the darkness of his room. He was yanked in and the door had barely been slammed behind him when his back and ass met the same fate; pinned to a six inch thick, oak door by the rock hard body of a horny twenty year old.

'FUCK YES!' His mind screamed.

He was already panting as he wrapped thin arms around the tan neck; Naruto's muscled biceps caging him and molding every line of his solid body against Sasuke's slender, aching one.

"About time Dobe," He panted. "What the fuck did you need; a printed invitation?"

Naruto said nothing but one calloused palm went up and wrapped around Sasuke's interlocked hands, brought them over his head and mercilessly pinned them to the door…a good foot above Sasuke's head.

Something suspiciously like a whimper erupted from the young Uchiha's throat.

His body arched, chest and pelvis grinding into the larger, hot ones above his and his mind began melting; this was a scene straight out of his fantasies. Naruto throwing him up against a hard wall, ripping his clothes off him, shoving his legs apart and just taking what he wanted. God Sasuke wanted Naruto to take him.


He stilled. Something was wrong. Naruto hadn't moved but his hair was blocking his eyes.

"What dobe?" God, couldn't the idiot see he was a hairs breath away from shoving Naruto onto the bed and impaling himself dry on that thick-

"I'm leaving."





"What the fuck do you mean you're leaving usuratonkachi?" Sasuke hissed, deliberately misconstruing the words so he wouldn't understand.

"You've got me aching and hard against a fucking door and you just going to leave me like this?"

Naruto chuckled and let Sasuke down, stepping away.

"I've been offered a full medical scholarship from one of Granny Tsunade's associates."

Sasuke was confused. He knew Naruto was pre-med, that he wanted to be a pediatrician like his adopted Grandmother but-

"It's for this really good Uni-"

'Well of course Tokyo Med was a good University what was his poin-

"…..in Canada."



For the second time that night Uchiha Sasuke whimpered.

"CANADA! HALF WAY ACROSS THE FUCKING PLANET USURATONKACHI?" He was dimly aware that he was screaming but the rushing of blood in his ears almost blocked out everything else.


He was shaking now, and he probably would have to buy a new laptop 'cause the one he'd just flung at Naruto's head was a mass of broken plastic.

"And you were just sitting onit and didn't tell me! Were you ever going to tell me? Huh! You think I wouldn't care- that I'd just give up and move on and leave you to your happy fucking life an-

Absolute nonsense was streaming out of his mouth along with the bitter tears out of his eyes and his room was pretty well destroyed now but it didn't matter cause it fucking hurt, and everything was blurry and it was like he couldn't catch a fucking break, and Naruto was leaving and he wouldn't want Sasuke and-

"Sasuke! SASUKE! Breathe! Breathe damnit!"

A dim part of his mind registered that he was on the floor having a panic attack like some distraught female but hey; fuck it, he was stressed, perfectly justifiable.

He came to with his back braced against Naruto's chest.

Minutes passed.

The dobe was leaving.

For about eight years.

Sasuke was fucked.

"When do you leave?' His voice was empty, hollow.

Naruto paused, checking Sasuke's condition before answering.

" Sunday."

A bitter laugh chocked him. It was ten to one on Saturday morning.

"I bet you're glad huh? You never wanted me. You don't have to put up with the annoying kid trying to seduce you anymore. Hn. Don't you think halfway around the world is a bit much though?"

Naruto growled.

"Never wanted you? What the fuck is wrong with you Teme? Have you looked at yourself lately?"

Naruto spun him around so that he was straddling the twenty year old's lap, endless sapphire chip eyes boring into his soul.

"God S'uke." Naruto's mouth was at his ear now, hot breath slivering over the sensitive lobe . "You don't know how long and hard I denied that I was attracted to you."

As hot palms wandered down the back of his cashmere sweater Naruto's voice deepened to a husky growl.

"You don't know how much it pisses me the fuck off to see all those eyes staring at you and not be able to walk up behind you, grab your ass and tell them all to fuck the hell off cause this-" Naruto's hands smoothed over the dip of his spine, possessively grabbed each cheek and squeezed,

"-all of this is mine."

Something primal shifted in Sasuke's gut when he heard and felt the possessive jealousy in both that word and the claiming grip on his ass. Naruto kneaded the pert flesh again before sharply hauling Sasuke up on his broad chest and directly over his fevered groin; the raven shivering hard when he felt the rigidness and heat below him seeping through two sets of denim. The blonde was actively growling into his ear now.

"You don't know the sick, perverted things I do to you in my dreams Sasuke. How I fantasize about spreading your legs and riding you through the fucking headboard."

The Uchiha's mind was melting and dribbling out of his ears. Fuck, he was so hard again, his hips unconsciously began grinding it tight, desperate circles on the hardness beneath him.

"But," Naruto breathed stilling his hips with a hand. "Despite what I want, right now, you're too young Sasuke. And no matter what you think, you can't handle what I want to give you."

Sasuke choked. He disagreed but when Naruto got that steely glint in his eyes there was no use arguing with him.

"And I have to leave S'uke." Naruto's voice was softer now his chin moving to rest on Sasuke's forehead. "This opportunity won't come again. It's just a really fucked up case of bad timing."

And the worst part was that Sasuke understood. He knew Naruto had to leave and he was too young but, but-



Sasuke paused then whispered, "I won't be too young forever."

He felt the hidden smile in his hair.

"No, you won't."

"…And you won't be gone forever."

Naruto pulled back eyeing him seriously. "…It's a long time to wait S'uke."

"I know." Sasuke looked up, relief flooding through his veins about what Naruto's statement implied. "But I'm an Uchiha. I can be patient."

The brilliant grin that crossed the dobe's face made Sasuke roll his eyes. "Baka. Just…we'll wait for each other okay." Naruto nodded, that huge shit eating grin back on his face and Sasuke wondered where sexy, dominant Naruto had got to. Before he could voice the thought a pair of firm, moist lips claimed his and reason fled.

The kiss was so gentle and patient it tore at his heart. The hot tongue that finally-finally, licked a wet entrance past open, pink, begging lips, wrapped around his own tongue and suckled blew heartache and pain away like desert chaff and when they parted Sasuke knew he would wait for this.


"Hey moron!" Sasuke mumbled from his nest in the bed [Naruto had insisted on tucking him in]. The blond paused at the doorway, curiosity scrawled across his fox face, head cocked to the side.

Sasuke smirked and stored the memory in his mind.

"Make sure to pack sweaters."



That was the last time he'd seen Naruto. They had communicated through e-mails for the last three years, but Sasuke had still anticipated another four year wait…but…but now…

Now the dobe was standing right in front of him.

"Naruto." he stepped forward again.

He absolutely, positively could not fucking believe it. Naruto. Naruto was there. At his fucking school. NARUTO!

He freed himself from the girls ignoring their questions.

His messenger satchel slipped of his shoulder to the ground. He didn't care.

Every fucking eye in the quad was on him… Fuck 'em.

Jerky legs carried him until he was standing directly in front of his smirking blond idiot, absent these last three years. Naruto.

The blond unfolded his arms, leaning down and forward, his eyes unashamedly roving over every inch of the pale Uchiha.


"S'uke-kun isn't so young anymore." Came the husky reply.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record he whispered again, shaking palm reached out to the blonde's face.


And then he was being kissed. Hotly, deeply, sinfully plundered by that wet tongue and those sexy lips while big, hot hands slipped off the car, around his waist, grabbed his ass and hauled him between parted thighs.

His arms were around the tan neck before he could think, willingly tilting his head, opening his lips and shamelessly sucking on the wet tongue plunging into his groaning mouth. Naruto was devouring him. The Uchiha's pale, slender fingers fisted coarse sunshine hair to haul the blonde head closer, shivering when the rough muscle slid across the sensitive roof of his mouth.

Fuck… He needed air.

They were flush against each other now, foreheads pressed together, hot breaths panting on sensitive, bitten lips.


It was the rabid screaming that brought back reality.


Bleary black eyes looked up to see chaos. Everybody in the quad was screaming, fainting, pointing and gaping or just looking dumbstruck….and then…when it sunk in properly… the cell phones started appearing. He could see the school paper's headline now. Oddly enough- Sasuke snickered. This was probably the single, funniest fucking thing he'd ever seen; each and every one of his fangirls looking like it was Armageddon.


Suddenly, there it was. The long overdue, golden plated opportunity from God to get rid of Sakura, Ino and every other menstrual pain in his ass, presented itself. He turned his head to Naruto; the blonde smirked.

"Sasuke-kun," the ashen, pink haired girl managed to get out. "Wh..what's going..what're you doing?"

In answer Naruto slipped his warm palms into Sasuke's back pockets, leaned down and obscenely bit the raven's bottom lip.

"Ready to go, babe?"

Sasuke gave the girls one last supreme 'I-finally-got-rid-of-you-and-I-am-one-happy-motherfucker' smirk before nodding back to the blonde. He turned to get into the car but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

Neji. Shit. Sasuke was supposed to drop him home.

"Don't worry about it Uchiha." Neji was smirking. "I've got…alternate transportation. Besides," he jerked his head to the stone still girls. "I'd leave before the shock wears off."

Sasuke nodded, accepted his messenger bag from the outstretched hand and sunk into the leather interior.

"B-but Sasuke, what are-"

"Leaving with my boyfriend Sakura. What does it look like?"

The Ferrari blazed out of the parking lot.


The phone answered on the fourth ring.


"Could you come get me? Uchiha just left with his man and I'm really missing mine."


A breathy chuckle came from the Hyuuga.

"Yeah…long story… So …is ten minutes okay?


"Oh…and Gaara…wear leather."


It was strangely awkward.

Neither of them really knew what to say, despite the one blistering hell of a 'Hello'.

Naruto was staring resolutely out the windshield, bronzed knuckles tight on the leather steering while a nervous vein throbbed in his neck. Apart from covert glances up from beneath his thick lashes Sasuke hadn't looked up once from the khaki messenger satchel Neji had shoved into his hand …and the silence was wearing on.

That is until Naruto sped them off the college exit and into main street Konoha.

Now any local native knew that since the diversion of the bullet train railway the last year Konoha traffic at four-thirty in the evening was a death trap with bumper to bumper backups in the stalls and speed demon racing when it was clear. Being quick, smart and ninja ruthless was the only line between arriving home safe and being crushed under a six car pileup, identified by dental records.

Naruto hadn't been in Konoha last year.

So Sasuke found himself being decapitated by the seatbelt while the frightened blonde pulled a mad two-wheeler around a corner, desperate to escape the onslaught of speeding vehicles.

"What the hell is wrong with these people?" Naruto shrieked, narrowly avoiding a barreling green truck hemming sharply upon his left. Quickly jerking the wheel again he evaded the slick Porche undertaking him and managed-barely- to careen out of the mad moped driver's way.

"T-Things change usratonkachi! There was a – WATCH OUT!- traffic reformation a year ago cause of the influx of Suna flood refug- ON YOUR LEFT, DOBE!- and now the city's always conges-"

The boom of a trailer horn drowned the end of Sasuke's sentence.

"Quite fucking obvi- MOVE IT ASSHOLE! – of course I expected things to change, but this is ridicu- HEY! NO U-TURNS, YOU DICK!- and I didn't expect anything to stay how I left-"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean you don't expect things to stay the same like you left them?"

Naruto's eye flickered over to the brunet.

"Oh, well people change and- IF YOU SCRAPE MY CAR ASSHOLE I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU- no one really sticks to older things-"

Sasuke saw red.


Naruto turned from the mean old man driver on his left, confused.

"-….huh? WHAT? What do you-"

"MOVE IT OR LOSE IT SONNY!" Came the screech from outside amidst the aggravated honking. Naruto stuck his head back to the old man.


"NARUTO! Answer m-"

"This ain't a conference room kid, NOW MOVE!

"LISTEN MISTER I'M BUSY! No, Sasuke I swear! Back down at-'


Naruto snapped. "You know what. Fuck it." He slammed on the brakes shouting a "FUCK YOU ALL!" to the drivers outside; turned up the windows and stopped the car completely…in the middle of the road. Ignoring the protesting yells muffled by the tinted glass Naruto turned to face Sasuke.

The raven wasn't looking at him but staring off to his left, berating himself for letting his paranoia and dumb insecurity get the better of him. Naruto sighed and ran his had through his hair.

"I knew this wasn't gonna be easy. Look Sasuke, over the years I-"

"When'd you get back?"Sasuke cut him off not wanting to hear what he knew for sure was rejection.

"Huh?...oh. Last night. Ero-sannin and the Old lady finally decided to tie the not. Don't know why though. After forty-five years of cohabitation everyone already thinks they're married. But don't side track me damnit, I wanted to say-"

"And the car?" Yes he was desperate…so? Naruto blinked, then that wide grin spread across his face as he leaned down crooning and rubbed his cheek against the leather steering wheel.

"Oh yeah. She's beautiful ain't she? Early birthday present from Jiraiya. Horsepower like you wouldn't believe and- HEY! You distracted me again!"

Some things never change.

"No they don't." …shit had Sasuke said that out loud?... "And that's what I want to talk to you about before your emo-self starts making up all sort of bull. Sasuke, it's been a while, but believe me when I say I still want you. Fuck, I probably want you more now."

The twenty-three year old was sincere. Sasuke could see it in the glistening blue eyes that he'd fallen in love with as far back as nine years old. Suddenly he was braced back against the window as Naruto invaded his personal space, tan lids dropping to a sultry leer.

"You look good enough to eat Sasuke."

"Tch. Dobe. I'm not Ramen." The brunette weakly pushed Naruto away despite how his mind was playing, in high definition, all the things he wanted that body to do to him. Some of his old perverted, fifteen year old fantasies, enhanced with the experience of age, were dancing over his eyes. Naruto sucking dark hickeys unto his skin, licking him until sweat soaked his body, putting him on all fours, grabbing his hips, tugging his hair and –

"Excuse me sirs. Open up please! Public sex is a criminal offense !" The words probably wouldn't have been that embarrassing… if the cop hadn't been using a bull horn.

"Once again sirs; please stop all indecent acts and…hey…Sasuke? UCHIHA SASUKE, is that you?"


Kisame the cop.

Kisame, the cop who was Itachi's best friend since kindergarten

Sweet mother of fucking Jesus God, kill him now.

Sasuke turned to the shark face of Suigetsu's older brother and restrained the urge to slit his throat on the window glass. Said glass power rolled down and Kisame peered inside.

"SASUKE! I can't believe you having public sex Sasuke! Who knew you were so kink- HEY NARUTO! What's going on man! You and Shorty here doin' the nasty in the middle of the-"

"Stop using the bull horn you moron!" The Uchiha snarked, positive that he wouldn't be able to show his face in downtown Konoha until his reincarnation.

'Er…sorry. But seriously Naru'; I didn't even know you were back in town man. And here you are banging the littlest Uchiha. Come on, fess up. Is he some sweet meat or wh-"

"Dobe, Drive."

"Huh, but I wanted to-"

"DRIVE. Or I'll get creative with rusty implements."

"Later Kisa. Well talk yeah?"

The car sped down the clear highway and Sasuke leaned back into the headrest. At least he'd gotten away before-



"Hey!" Naruto perked up. "Was someone talking about Ramen before?"


The convenience store was two blocks away from his apartment, nestled between the old Mayor's tower and the community centre; the single check out line manned by a sales clerk.

They'd stopped to get some packaged ramen as Sasuke'd be damned before he went back into the town for Ichiraku's. He had some pride left.

He was at the checkout counter cashing his few groceries when Naruto staggered up to them, unseen beneath the pile of ramen in his arms.

"What the hell dobe? I am NOT storing that much sodium in my house!"

Naruto dumped them on the counter, smiling apologetically the sales girl, TenTen or something; and then stepped behind Sasuke wrapping his arms around the younger's smaller waist. Pressing the full length of his body against Sasuke's back the blonde nuzzled the hair at his neck.

"Oh come on S'uke. You know me. I couldn't choose just one flavor so I got them all."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, refusing to admit that the hold the taller one had on him was doing funny things to his resolve...and his knees.

"Fine." They paid for everything and Sasuke twisted in Naruto's hold, craning his neck to look up into sapphire eyes. "Is there anything else you want to get?"

Slowly, ever so slowly, those blue orbs drifted over his face, down the column of his neck, and then his entire body, eyelids falling half over clearly dilating pupils.

Then, without a word, Naruto reached over the counter to the personal items shelf behind the sales girl, plucked a dark object up and, unabashed, dropped the entire box of condoms on top of the pile of ramen.

Sasuke didn't know who went redder. Him or the girl.


"So this is it huh?"

Sasuke ignored the blonde, still pissed at him for embarrassing him in the store. Damn-now he'd have to find a new place to get his groceries.

He kicked of his shoes, and turned left through the- shockingly enough colourful bohemian living room, to the kitchen.

"Ooooohh……plasma screen…….Niiiiiiiiiiiiice."

"Baka, that tv is worth more than your next six lives. Step away."

"Yeesh. Touchy. Why're you so pissy anyway?"

Sasuke didn't answer him but spun on his heel to the bathroom. In the solitude he leaned heavily against the sea-green porcelain counter [what! Just cause he liked black didn't mean colours burned his retinas] and stared at himself in the mirror. If he was truthful with himself, and Sasuke made it a point to be, he was…nervous. The great, fucking, liquid-nitrogen-for-blood, ice-bitch-prince of the Netherworld, never-loses-his-cool, Uchiha Sasuke was sweating bullets.

All because of that damn blonde.

It was too much. His life had been absolutely miserable this morning and now his first friend and surrogate big brother cum the object of his most perverted dreams; his most precious person whom he had waited so long for, was slouched in his couch and Sasuke was wondering who had stolen his spine.

He took a deep breath, washed his face carefully inspecting the features that he prayed Naruto wanted and walked back out of the living room ready to-

-To find Naruto leering through the curtains at the half naked girl in the apartment across from his window.

Nervous, paranoid and utterly pissed Sasuke did what came naturally to him and Naruto.

He picked a fight.

He threw the nearest cushion at Naruto's head.

"Like what you see moron?"


"Get out."

"Huh?" Naruto turned fully away from the window to stare at Sasuke confused. What was the young raven pissed at him for now? He asked but-

"Sorry, my mistake. I knew you were bi but I didn't think you wanted cunt laced with genital herpes. If you're gonna ogle that bitch in front of me get the fuck out." It was said darkly but he was so angry that he was shaking.

Naruto caught on when Sasuke made a move for the bedside lamp. The shorter of the two jerked against the arm lock the dobe had him in, both his wrists pinned behind him while his face and front were crushed to the wall.

"What the fuck Sasuke? What is your problem?"

Sasuke managed to get free, dropped to his knees and sweep kicked Naruto's legs from under him. The whiskered man collided with the floor just before Sasuke's serpentine body clambered on top of his, bracing the back of his fore arm against the tan windpipe.

"You're lusting after that thing out there when you say you want me. If you just came to fuck you can leave now."

Naruto's eyebrows disappeared into his hair as he processed the words. Then he got angry.

Ripping, the younger one from off him Naruto switched their positions, pinning the jerking Sasuke back under him, securing his fists with one palm and crushing the smaller torso under his weight.

"I absolutely cannot believe you think I came here, to see you, just cause I wanted ass! So everything I said in the car meant nothing to you! I TOLD you that you're the one I want, twice. I waited, three fucking years before the need to have you, in every way, got so bad I used every excuse to comeback to see you! After all the hell you put me through, MAKING ME DOUBT MY OWN SANITY, for lusting after a boy five years younger than me, you're going to think that just cause I appreciate a pretty body, natural instinct after growing up with Jiraiya I might add, that I'm playing you. What the fuck Sasuke?"

Sasuke wriggled, feeling the fight go out of him but unable to stomach swallowing his pride.

"If you want me you shouldn't be looking at others. You know I don't share dobe."

Despite the situation Sasuke was getting painfully hard under the blonde's bulk. There was just something about being trapped under Naruto's body that did things to him. His hips unconsciously arched up reveling in the contact and when Naruto's pupils dilated to pools of black rimmed by the barest blue Sasuke's mind told him that this was where the make-up sex came in. He could feel the hot breath of Naruto's pants ghosting across his skin, and was painfully aware of the wonderfully potent male above him. Fuck, Sasuke could feel the urge to spread his thighs wide and welcoming apart crawling up his back and Naruto was leaning forward to kiss him and-

"I thought you'd have matured more than this. I was wrong."

Huh…what? Where'd that come in the hot sex that was-

Wait. What was happening? Naruto couldn't take him if he was walking out the door!

"I'm over at Tsunade's and Jiraiya's place." The tan man ran a frustrated hand through his hair."Call me when you grow up, yeah?"

The blonde didn't even have the decency to slam the door. Isn't that what usually happened after soul-breaking arguments?

Sasuke lay prone on the floor, his eyes staring at the clock above his mantle watching the minute hand mutely.

Forty-four, forty-five, forty-six…


why had he gotten out of bed again?


"What the hell did you do wrong Uchiha?"

Sasuke gazed up blankly to find a pissed of Neji Hyuuga glaring down at him, hands akimbo and his right foot tapping an annoyed tattoo against the floor.


Yes, he'd had to go back to school the next day, only to find that the birth people normally gave him- which he expected to be wider after his and Naruto's display yesterday- had indeed gotten smaller. People hemmed in on him from all sides and Sasuke was growing sick of the groups of giggling females surrounding their phones, viewing what was probably the best and most scandalous moment of his life.

Herein the Student Council Room was the only place he'd been able to find peace. Until Neji.

"What did you do wrong, DAMNIT? You're supposed to be at home soaking your torn behind in ice water and popping Advil like a hobo with mints!"

What the…Neji? Was this Hyuuga Neji, the apathetic genius scion of the Hyuuga family, so crudely and excitedly alluding to anal sex?

Apparently it was because the brunette sat own and looked at Sasuke pityingly.

"God, Uchiha you dumb bastard. I'm talking about the hot blonde you walked out of here with and why you aren't either limping or at home taking it…and I know you take it, so don't get pissy."

Sasuke blinked.

"Who are you and what'd you do with Neji's corpse?"

The brunette sighed. "We're alike Uchiha, you and I …both rowing with the rainbow oars. You've never heard me talk like this because I usually don't outside of the club but," he sighed "What did you do to piss him of Sasuke. He's a good man, and before you ask, my boyfriend and Naruto used to be friends in their Martial arts class down at the Leaf Taijutsu dojo.

Sasuke shook his head and waited for the creepy little voice to say he was in the Twilight zone.

It never came.

"I accused him of not really wanting me because he was staring at some half naked bint waggling her fat ass. He said I hadn't grown up and left." Neji nodded sagely.

"Ah, yes. The age old problem with Bi-men. You never know if they want you- or your mother. It's simple, Sasuke. You were being dumb so swallow your words and go apologize."

Sasuke stiffened.

"Not fucking likely."

Neji sighed. "Do it Uchiha, cause I'm not gonna be getting any from Gaara if his friend isn't okay."

"And this is my problem how?"

"I still have the pictures of you, the chocolate sauce and the llama."

Black eyes narrowed.


"The llama, Sasuke, the llama. Just remember that the llama might meet you-tube."


In the hall outside the Council Room Sasuke turned to gaze at the pristine Hyuuga.

"Neji…We did not just have that conversation."

Cool, guarded, apathetic silver eyes stared at him in an impassive face. In a soft voice his company returned:

"What conversation?"


(LAST WARNING! there will be sex. Hot, nosebleed causing mansex. If you don't like leave. U have been warned. I worked too fucking hard to finish this to get it deleted.)

Sasuke fidgeted. An action he never thought himself capable of as he waited for the butler to return with Naruto.

The soft-padding of feet against marble flooring caused Sasuke to lookup…and immediately choke.

Naruto was standing in the door frame in low riding orange sweats…only. His bare chest, adorned with the sapphire necklace Tsunade gave him, glistened with fresh, labour produced sweat, probably due to all the wedding redecorations of Mayor Tsunade's house.

Beneath his periwinkle hoodie Sasuke couldn't bring himself to raise his eyes from where they had fallen after getting a solid view of the muscled chest that caused him breathing disorders.

So he stared at tan feet instead.

He recognized the shift in motion when the blonde silently redistributed his weight to lean against the doorframe, those traitorously loose pants slipping to reveal a hint of blond pubic hair.


Sasuke idly wondered how many of the maids Naruto has sent into cardiac arrest. No woman would be able to- SEE! Right there! That was what this whole thing kept coming back to. Sasuke was such a possessively jealous bastard it wasn't funny. He'd meant it when he'd told Naruto that he didn't share. The last kid who played with his blocks had ended up with skull damage.

Still silence. Well, Naruto obviously wasn't going to make the first move…so…

Sasuke thrust out the packet of instant ramen that he'd brought as a peace offering, studiously ignoring the fact that his fingers had decimated the noodles to flavoured dust. Here it went:

"Erm-" deep breath "you forgot your ramen over at my place and you didn't come back for it and I though to bring it over and apologise cause I wasbeingsuchachildishbastardandi really really don'twantyoutoleave,so could you-"*another deep breath* "please forgive me andiwon'tbesostupidagaincausei want you back and Neji wont leave me alone because of thellamasand-"

He stopped.

Damn that was lame.

The person who eloped with his pride could bring it back now.

Naruto said nothing for a while but then, slowly, reached out with both hands, one for the ramen and the other for Sasuke's left elbow, dragging both of them inside.

The packet was tossed aside to the key table just inside the foyer and forgotten. Naruto widened his stance, firmly planting his feet apart, then, by gripping Sasuke's hips the brunette was pulled forward into the vee of Naruto's strong legs.

Which, of course, nestled Sasuke flush against the blonde's semi-hard penis.

They stared at each other in silence the awkwardness fading and the sexual tension taking its place. The brunette was getting hard being this close to that part of Naruto he'd fantasized about more than others.

"You want me to forgive you?"

Sasuke nodded.

"…All right, I may. This once. But you better find some way to make it up to me S'uke, 'cause I had planned the whole evening and that was a pretty fucked up way to ruin it." Naruto's reply sent a surge of something so delightfully wicked shooting through him that Sasuke shuddered. He paused for a second… could he really do this? Naruto had just offered himself up, but could Sasuke take the biggest risk of his life and –finally-grab what he wanted?

Smoky blue orbs dared him.

…..heh…caution was for losers.

He titled his dark eyes up, allowing the thick lashes to slide halfway down his eyes as he stared into Naruto's dark blue ones. Ghosting his hands up to the bare chest Sasuke started to trail his fingers over the damp skin, down the hard pectorals and with a coy smile, around a brown nipple.

"Naruto." the lust in it shocked even him. "I have to make it up to you huh? I…think I have something you'd like."

The slender, pale hand slipped downward ghosting over taut abs, circled and then slipped the tip of a questing finger into the navel.

"Really?" The finger tip, so dangerously close to forbidden territory, slid out and traced the spiral of the blonde's tribal tattoo. Lower and lower it went still.

Three inches, Two inches…one. Inexperienced fingers cupped softly over the rigid hardness in the sweats. Sasuke shuddered at the feel. The heat alone in Naruto's cock was driving him spare but the thickness he felt encased in that cloth sent want through him like a freight train.

"Depends though. How well can you use this?" Sasuke gave another soft squeeze to the rigid flesh and began stroking almost imperceptibly. Naruto's body shuddered and he pressed the Uchiha back against the key table.

"Heh….better question Teme. Can you handle it?"

The unabashed desire sliding of Naruto stripped Sasuke of his dignity. He pressed harder into the elder male to keep his balance, blood singing through his ears. "Naruto, I swear, if I don't-"

The hands on his hips slipped down, curved up and over his ass before sliding further and tugging at the short sleeved hoodie.

"Raise your arms."

"Hey don't order me-"

"Your arms Sasuke. Don't make me repeat myself."

The arms went up and the hoodie was slipped off then tossed aside just as carelessly as the ramen.

In his thin, wrist length white shirt Sasuke shivered, pressing harder into the body before him eager to soak up Naruto's warmth. The tan hands dipped down again, this time to just under the swell of his behind, and squeezed. Sasuke got the hint and with a small hop his legs were wrapped firmly around a corded waist.

And then, completely ignoring the gaping decorators, Naruto carried his writhing burden up the flight of stairs and left to his room. They never made it inside, what with Sasuke's lips and tongue fervently licking Naruto's neck and jaw. With a curse the blonde deposited Sasuke on his feet in the wide open hall.

"What, I'm not being carried over the threshold Dobe?"

"You'll have to be… after I'm done with you."

Somehow, that should have come out creepy, instead it did funny flipping things to Sasuke's clenching stomach. Suddenly, Naruto pun him around, slipped both hands underneath the hem of the shirt, pulled it up over Sasuke's head and yanked back causing the brunette's arms to strain backwards. Quickly Naruto wrapped the loose body of the material over his locked forearms and, somehow, secured it.


Naruto was officially trying to kill him. [but oh what a way to die. XD]

Sasuke's dick was threatening revolt from the confines of his pants as Naruto pulled back on his bound arms and forced his chest to arch out. The blonde head came in his peripheral vision as Naruto leaned down to his ear.

"You know Sasuke, you really pissed me off. I would never go after some woman, especially when I finally have you back where you should've been three years ago."

The words were whispered directly into his ear, in a husky voice that danced havoc with Sasuke's lust. Naruto hadn't even kissed him yet and he was stone hard. "Remember that night Sasuke? At your party, before I had to leave? You don't know how bad I wanted to turn you over and fuck you. And I mean really raw, hard, animalistic fucking with you legs on your chest, and your hole bared, taking me. You were begging for it all night and I know you wore those jeans just to tempt me."

A large hand slipped over his chest and without preamble, caged the aching flesh of Sasuke's dick in an impossibly hot hand…and stopped. Sasuke literally sobbed.

"You made me suffer that night Sasuke. One more drink and I would have backed you in a corner, pulled out this cock that I knew was screaming for it, slipped it down my throat and sucked you dry….and Sasuke, I wouldn't have given a fuck who saw."

The hand started circling, hot hard rotations on his suffering length.

"But I held back, cause you were young, but now that I can get what I was supposed to…what you promised me…you go and screw it by saying I don't want you. But you know what, you're going to give me what I want…cause we both know how much you're aching for it."

Sasuke's voice was lost in space…right beside his sanity.

In the hall was a low chest of drawers opposite Naruto's door that held bulb replacements for the hall lamp. Sasuke was deposited on the smooth wood and, arms still behind his back, he watched Naruto unbutton his jeans and yank them down.

"…no underwear Sasuke?"

The brunette chuckled. "I cleaned myself too. Uchiha's are always prepared dobe."

Naruto didn't bother to answer but stared instead at Sasuke's dripping sex. He wasn't huge by any standards, a solid seven inches when aroused, but hey, he wasn't the one who had to worry about size.

"I want to taste you Sasuke…slide your dick down my throat, suck you to a screaming orgasm and swallow your come. Do you want that? Come on, tell me. Don't be shy...we both know that there's a raging slut behind that cold mask."

See; that was what was so scary about Naruto. He knew everything about Sasuke…all the bad, dirty little things that made him up and probably scared other people did nothing but entice Naruto. The blonde knew how much Sasuke wanted it, how he'd fantasized at thirteen about walking in on Naruto in the shower, shoving the blonde down and just feasting on his dick. Naruto knew how much he needed control taken from his hands because, sweet god, he'd had to be in control all his life and he was sick of it.

In the end Naruto was the only one who knew how to take care of him. And Sasuke loved him so hard for it that it scared the shit out of him.

"You w-won't make m-me scream." He was stuttering yes, but the hot hand slowly pumping his red, slick flesh was fully to blame.

"You sure about that?" And then Naruto's mouth was on him. Slowly the wet lips parted around the head and ever so delicately white teeth scraped over the sensitive, wine coloured dome swollen with blood.

"Oh FUCK!"

Naruto chuckled but said nothing, opting instead to lick slowly around the head, flit his tongue across the slit and- just as Sasuke was used to the teasing- plunged down fully on the shaft, burying his nose in neatly trimmed black hair.

Sasuke's scream echoed through the whole house.

A maid who'd just turned the corner yelped when she saw the young Uchiha, arms bound, back arched and head tossing restlessly, sweat glossing down his bare body while the blonde head between his legs started to suck in earnest. Neither of them cared, especially Sasuke. Hell, it was good to let them all see who Naruto wanted.

"F-Fuck, N-n-naruto. P-please!" He screamed, brows scrunched all al focus in his body narrowed to the hot, silken mouth sucking and swallowing his weeping cock whole.

Naruto didn't let up on the brutal pace he'd set, pulling almost all the way off before sinking his mouth fully over the pulsing muscle, his tongue palpitating against the thick vein underneath it while his throat milked the sensitive cockshead.

It was maddening! Sasuke was aching to bury his hands into Naruto's hair but they were bound behind him and since Naruto was only touching his dick all sensation shooting from his groin were multiplied in the absence of other physical contact. Watching him was worse. Just seeing the pink lips stretched so tightly around his shaft did things to his brain…well, the part that hadn't ran out of his ears at least.

The sensory overload was wracking him. Never in his life had he felt something like this; the bone shattering pleasure of a hot, skilled tongue laving and wetly sucking his most sensitive part. He had to get more. Unconsciously he began thrusting his hips up, ramming his hard flesh further and further down the convulsing, slick passage. It was reckless, desperate mouth fucking and Naruto just parted his lips, relaxed his throat and swallowed it.

Sasuke came so hard his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His back snapped up, his chest seized and he shot the thick proof of his pleasure right down Naruto's throat.

It couldn't get any better that that.

"Heh, just wait till I'm inside you."

Sasuke's soul, which he knew had been parted from his body, dimly realized that he needed to stop these Freudian slips or he'd get fucked one day. (pun definitely intended XD)

The blonde stood, scooped Sasuke up and carried him to the room.

Soft surface…soft surface …what was big and so-… oh. Bed.

The brunette opened his eyes just in time to see Naruto strip of the rest of Sasuke's pants before attending to his own.

All form of fatigue left when he saw what was between Naruto's thighs…and his mouth started watering.

Thick, long, dark red from pulsating want and at least nine inches. Sasuke mentally gave thanks for Naruto's German ancestry.

His strength was returning now as he watched Naruto

The blonde pounced. The younger's already reeling mind was again besieged by a new flow of sensation. Naruto sucked kisses almost desperately into his damp skin, ran his tongue over ridged muscles, bit into the flesh caught between his teeth and ruthlessly marked him. Sasuke's neck, nipples, abs, thighs; no limb escaped. The sweat dripping Uchiha let out a pleasured shriek when the blond sank his teeth into the femoral artery in a gesture so bestial it threw him. But something was wrong. Naruto…Naruto seemed to be fighting something.

Snapping out of his daze the flushed raven looked up and saw the blonde press his forehead against the covers just to his right, his back heaving with hard breaths while tan hands shook in their death grip on the comforter.

Reaching down he fisted a hand into the blonde mane, jerked the head up and pressed their sweaty foreheads together. He gazed deeply into dark eyes, the blue overpowered by extended pupils and saw complete, utter lust. Sasuke smiled. Slipping his lips oven he slowly dragged his tongue across the bow of Naruto's upper lip, eyes locked with the blonde's while he enjoyed the flashes of utter savagery lurking in their depths.

"Sasuke." Naruto managed to croak out before swallowing thickly around the solid lump of desire in his throat. His voice was raspy, his throat probably sore from the head. "..This. Your first time..I..ca-"

The brunette suddenly understood, and smirked.

"Hn…It's okay, Dobe." He whispered giving his permission. "Fuck me now…make love to me later."

Immediately his back hit the bed, strong hands grabbed under quivering knees and Naruto forcefully spread him. The Blonde hadn't lied when he said he'd wanted Sasuke's knees on his chest…because the brunette was now bent double; knees at his ears, thighs flat on his chest and shins up in a high V. The blonde braced both knees with one forearm, stuck two fingers into his own mouth and pulled them out slick.

They dropped down to Sasuke's clenching hole, slipped around the edge and rammed into him.

"UGH! God, Dobe, more!"

Sasuke felt the long, calloused fingers began a pulsing rhythm of slamming into him and swirling to stretch the passage before slowly, torturously pulling out. Repeat process. Hot words slithered over his neck.

"You finger yourself don't you? Lie back on your bed, spread you thighs, shove you fingers in and play with yourself. I know you wouldn't be stupid enough to let another man take what's mine, so my question is; 'Since when'?"

Sasuke had no business blushing but his face was flaming anyway.

Since when had he first done this to himself? When had his lust started getting so out of hand that, frustrated to fits, he'd rammed his fingers into that secret place, desperate to alleviate the empty ache where Naruto should have been to fill?

A hard thrust jammed into his body straight unto his prostate and stopped motion; just freezing there pressed hard against the sensitive pleasure centre of his body. Fire erupted in his brain and he couldn't answer.

'Answer me Sasuke. And you'd better damned well say that it was my name you screamed when you came."

"A-Always." he whispered out.

"Since when?" The fingers started again and Sasuke was too busy rolling his hips up against them to talk.



Naruto paused entirely, his head cocked to the side as his eyebrows disappeared into his hair.

"Wow. Fouteen Teme? Damn, you're a bigger pervert than I am."

The brunette screamed in embarrassed frustration and slapped his lover across the head. "NARUTO, I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T FUCK ME RIGHT NOW I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLE- NGN!"

Naruto had given him what he wanted.

Tears nearly came to Sasuke's eyes when he realized that what he'd wanted, craved, literally begged for, was finally happening. Naruto, his sweet, sexy, moron was buried, inch by hot, thick pulsing inch, deep inside his shuddering body. Reaming his pulsing hole open and stretching him blessedly wide. His knees were at his ears and his eyes shut while his mind reveled in the feeling of finally being split open by that beautiful cock. Heaven. Nirvana. Utopia. Nothing could describe being so utterly, wantonly, whorishly spread and claimed.

But Sasuke swore to God that if Naruto didn't move he'd die painfully. He shifted to tell him so, reveling in the burning shaft plugging him when…wait…was the Dobe praying? The snippets he caught slapped a superior smirk on his face.

"…sweet fucking mother of g….tightest hole I've ever fel…sucking my cock in like a….lose control..gonna fuck it… hard..need-"

Evilly, Sasuke rolled his body like a sensuously breaking wave, and clenched his stuffed passage around the throbbing cock…hard.

Naruto couldn't take it anymore. Sasuke was gonna get what he was asking for. Pulling out he slammed right back in using every the force of every muscle in his back, belly and thighs.

Sasuke found out something new about himself then. He was a screamer. Nothing on this earth could have stopped him from vocalizing how it felt for that huge cock to drill into his tight hole, virgin to anything but his own fingers. He tried, he really did, but every hard thrusts of that burning cock went straight through him and came out in a scream. He was writhing, moaning shamelessly with saliva slipping down the corner of his mouth when some voice at the back of his mind-sounding suspiciously like Fugaku- asked him what kind of an Uchiha he was for being bent over and taken.

"A god-damn happy one." he thought back viciously while convulsing around the thick breaching going on in his body.

It was so good that he barely registered the words that fucked his mind as much as the cock violating his body was.

"You little slut. God, do you know what you look like? Bent in half, swallowing my dick in your begging body. You know what inside you feels like S'uke? Fucking heaven. That's what."

Okay. Sasuke really needed to stop whimpering now. He didn't whimper dam- Ohhhhhhh­- oh fuck yes! R-right t-t-there….fuuuuckkkk…..wait what was he thinking again?

The slick breaching was driving wave after wave of sensation mercilessly into his brain and Sasuke just knew that he was gonna come early. Fuck. It was so embarrassing but he was so horny and so full and Naruto was fucking him so well that it just didn't matter much to him. His aching cock was untouched but he felt himself swell just as the immeasurable pleasure crested into his mind and with a stifled warning to his blond Sasuke shattered, come spilling out of him in waves while his gasps rang loudly in his ears. The rrom blacked out momentarily as he jerkily sobbed out his orgasm.

Naruto didn't even stop. He just bent down, still fucking hard into Sasuke's convulsing body and took his panting mouth in a blistering kiss.

Sex after a ripping orgasm was insanely sensational. The out of focus room whited out completely as Naruto continuously rammed his prostate and made his already singing body writhe in the foreign sensation of the colossal pleasure that almost hurt.

It was so fucking good but with a particularly hard thrust they both realized the position was awkward. Sasuke's back was painfully arched over his bound arms behind him. The blonde paused momentarily, frowning. Ramming back inside the tight heat Naruto reached down, scooped the Uchiha up to sit on his lap and furiously tugged the binding off. Pressed against the heaving, wet golden chest Sasuke reveled in the feel of Naruto's clenching stomach muscles and slick skin.

In a second his arms were free and his back was kissing the headboard. Glad for the blood flow back in his arms Sasuke took stock of the new position. He was trapped, literally, between a wall and a hard place, sitting half on the blonde's lap with his legs splayed out on either side. As the elder man grabbed Sasuke's knees again and forced them over his broad shoulders the young Uchiha wrapped his slim arms around Naruto's neck and prepared for it.

And it started all over again.

If Sasuke had though Naruto had been really fucking him before he was proven wrong. Sasuke's screams had turned into a litany of mindless rambling. Naruto had a tight grip on his hips and was hauling him forward to meet every sharp, jabbing thrust the blond sent into his body. Sasuke was shivering, his eyelids fluttering like an epileptic's and his soaked hair matted to his scalp while sweat rolled of his overheated form. Naruto felt so wonderful inside him, rubbing so deliciously against the burning ring of his anus Sasuke threw his head back in bliss and allowed Naruto to abuse his willing body.

It was too much. Something had to give and Sasuke knew it would be the blood vessels in his brain. A human simply could not have been built to manage this much pleasure.

Naruto was losing control too and he knew it. The only way he had held out against the fierce claws of pleasure raking his body raw was his need to look at the writhing, wet, moaning raven trapped beneath his body and speared on his cock. His resolve shattered when Sasuke's bitten, pink lips slipped open and for the first time whispered,

"I love you, Dobe."

The blonde was lost. He grabbed the slippery hips with the last of his strength and looking into half-open black eyes came like a crashing train.

Sasuke sucked in his breath as rapture finally snared Naruto. He was so beautiful with his tan face scrunched up, canines cutting into his lips and his head thrown back in abandon. The flood of hot, wet come bathing his abused insides was the trip off to Sasuke's third orgasm. The blistering high he reached this time, aided by the soft "Love you S'uke" whispered against this forehead made the raven achieve his first 'little death'. His sanity swam and, over sensitized, he surrendered to darkness.


Naruto was licking him. Naruto was licking him. Sasuke was repeating himself. Naruto was licking him like a momma big cat did to her kittens. The touch was… surprisingly comforting and non-sexual. Sasuke opened his eyes, embarrassed to find out that he had fainted and stared softly at the blonde that was, with eyes closed, lapping tenderly at his wet skin.

Naruto moved over his chest and belly, swiping away the gathered come and sweat while nuzzling the soft flesh. It was such a primitive, intimate gesture Sasuke's breath caught.

At the tiny hitch Naruto looked up and locked their gazes. A beat. Saying nothing to break the intimate silence the blonde went back to his cleaning. Sitting back on his haunches Naruto gently parted Sasuke's legs again and surveyed the damaged he'd done to untried territory. Sasuke saw the sorrow in his pretty blue eyes at the red torn ring and without hesitation he dropped down and kissed there too.

"…dobe" his voice was a sibilant whisper that fit the quiet intimacy surrounding them.

In wordless reply Naruto lay back beside him and smoothly rolled Sasuke's lethargic boy on top of his. Hooking one pale thigh up Naruto turned around to his bedside table and rummaged in the drawer finally emerging with a tin of healing salve. Sasuke didn't have the time [or the energy] to get jealous as the tin was new. Dipping two fingers into the odourless balm the blonde turned back to face him and, still wordless, slipped the digits down to the abused area.

Sasuke shifted his body to grant easier entry, wincing at the soreness already setting in.

"I'm sorry S'uke. I know it hurts but I have to do this. Like all suddenly exercised muscles just leaving them to cramp does more harm that good." His voice was so apologetic, sorrowful at seeing Sasuke's pain that the raven winced.

"I know Dobe. And don't be sorry. I asked for it remember."

The slick fingers tenderly slipped past the bruised opening and with the care of a saint Naruto began to massage the medicine into his walls. This too was…oddly comforting instead sexual and Sasuke eventually relaxed into the feeling, relishing in the sensual slip of fingers in and out of his body.


"Dobe if you apologize for giving me exactly what I want I will hit you. Worse than that time Kisame accidentally slapped you with Samehada."

The blond flinched, feeling the phantom pain of the accidental blow across his head flare up again even after five years.

They turned simultaneously to stare at each other for minutes before Sasuke, self-conscious, tired and being lulled to sleep by the gentle massage snapped at him.

"Go to bed damnit. We are skipping the corny cliché love professions."

Naruto shook his head smiling….Same old Sasuke. Bipolar to death.

"Goodnight S'uke…. Love you."

It took a while but finally Naruto heard Sasuke resigned grunt. "You too moron. You too."


"Well someone looks happy."

"Go away Neji. What happened to the old you damnit?"

"Gaara fucked him out."

Sasuke shuddered at the unwanted mental image and glanced over the half empty dojo to where Naruto, bared to combat sweat bottoms only, was sparring with a pale, somewhat psychotic redhead that had been introduced as Gaara. Neji's boyfriend.

The half naked chest brought back memories of their first night together, just a couple of days really, but Naruto had already made an addict out of him. Sasuke had played hookey for the rest of the week and it was Sunday. Naruto had a flight back to Canada on Tuesday next and Sasuke would be fucked if he gave up any of that time with his lover for something as trivial as learning.

Heh, he clearly remembered how Naruto had kept with his request to Make love to him later. The next morning he'd woken up on his belly with a warm, dominating weight settled on his back, a hot mouth smoothing smoldering, wet kisses down his spine and a rigid, dripping rod slowly sinking in and out of his sensitive h-

"The fuck Uchiha! No getting losgt in sex fantasies."

Sasuke 'Grinch grinned'.(3)

"That was no fantasy Hyuuga but pure, un-adulterated memory."

"Whatever. Hey, you better look up cause that Yoga teacher is eyeballing you man."


"The purple headed instructor with the death wish."


"Why do you automatically assume the worst of me Hyuuga?"

"…maybe because you just unsheathed a katana from the wall and are looking for all un obstructed exits?

"…I was admiring the sharpened edges."

"..Uh huh. That's probably what Jack the Ripper said too."

Sasuke shook his head and leaned back against the padded wall of the Dojo beside his best friend. He looked over at Naruto who was patiently bearing the woman's flirting and then glanced up to meet Sasuke's gaze with amusement in his eyes. Naruto wanted him and only him so the petty flirting of some no-name didn't matter.

Grinning- an occurrence rarer than hen's teeth- the young Uchiha turned back to the cinnamon haired brunette.

"It doesn't matter. I know he only wants me."

Neji nodded back at Sasuke's self-confidence.

"True, but what about when he leaves?"

"What about it?" Sasuke shrugged idly as Gaara sent Naruto sailing back into the ground. "He'll go, become the best -if not most annoying- doctor on the face of this planet, achieve his dreams and when he comes back to Japan, I'll be right here waiting."


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