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-Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like its been forever that you've been go-

Sasuke changed the channel

-Baby, baby - When we first met, I never felt something so strong. You were like my lover and my best friend, all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it-

Sasuke changed the channel again.

-I'm here without you baby-

Goddamn it was there nothing sensible on?

Ice, Ice Baby-

Oh fuck no.

Sasuke switched the radio off and sank forward in his seat to rest his sweating forehead against the cool leather of the steering wheel, forcing himself to breath deeply through his nostrils.

Really, this was ridiculous. A grown ass twenty two year old professional Behavioral Psychologist like himself should not be this fucking scared of a building. Admittedly, it was a building that had played a strong role in life from age fifteen. It was a scary, overwhelming structure, probably built on the bones of slaves and mortared with their body fluids and –

"Get a grip." He scolded himself, jerked his body straight up in the seat and forced his gaze towards Tokyo International Airport.

That's right; Uchiha Sasuke was having a meltdown in front of the airport. The reason?

The date was March 23, 2012. Four years to the day when his lover Uzumaki Naruto had gotten on a plane back to his Canadian medical internship. Today was his due date to come back home and according to Sasuke's dash board clock -7:45- Naruto's plane was landing in ten minutes…and he was too chicken to get out of the damn car.

You'd think somewhere along the line he'd lose his- well Sasuke called it 'perfectly justifiable emotional anxiety issues stemming from a stunted childhood' but Naruto called it 'Emo-ness'- and not have panic attacks at the life changing moments of his life but here he was; four years after the near breakdown he'd suffered through the Wednesday after he'd woken up and it had finally sunken in that the dobe was gone, and still hyperventilating like a schoolgirl.

Once again Sasuke hoped that Fugaku was rotting in hell.

7: 53 – Damnit!

Jerking himself out of the black Mustang- Sasuke had flatly refused to drive Naruto's retina melting Ferrari- he walked stiffly up to the bustling doors and passed through the checkpoints mandatory for all airports ever since the United Council had stepped up its war against terrorism.

Accepting his ID and visitors pass back Sasuke swallowed and maneuvered through the thick throng of people waiting for their flights and nervously glanced up to check the incoming flight schedule.

Damnit again! Naruto's flight was delayed.

Sighing he released the trembling breath he'd been holding and ran a shaking hand through his hair. It had grown longer in the front now, the bangs brushing his collar instead of framing his cheeks, but he'd left it that way after the comment the blonde moron had made about loving Sasuke's hair long. Ah the communication wonders of webcams.

He sighed again – fuck he needed to get in control because this behavior was just inane- and strode over to an open receptionist. He didn't mince words.

"Good Morni-"

"When will flight 283W land?"

She blinked at the abruptness but consulted her console.

"I apologize Sir, but that flight has been delayed for forty-five minutes."

Sasuke nodded and turned to leave.

"…Erm, excuse me Sir but…I was wonde-"

Sasuke didn't even turn around. "Flaming cocksucker walking. Move on with life."

It was rude but shit, he had been on edge about this day for two months. Ever since Naruto had told him that all he'd managed to get his last year of theory and next four of internships transferred to Amatarasu Children's Hospital in upstate Tokyo and was coming home a year early, Sasuke had been a ticking time bomb.

The Uchiha stalked jerkily past a gaggling group of school girls ignoring their points and coy whispers and moved over the slick tile of the airport to a small carpeted waiting area, just left of Gate C. It was mainly empty except for an elderly couple in the back corner of the squarish depression and a quiet looking brunette woman in a green skirt suit.

Good. No annoying toddlers, squalling babies or friendly neighbors. Just Sasuke and his nerves.

He settled down to wait.

And the minutes trawled by.

And by……and by….

Sasuke checked his watch. 8:04. Damnit!

Sinking down further into the padded chair- thank god for small favours- he tuned his surrounding out and mind skipped back to his favourite memory, the morning he and Naruto had first made love.

xxx( lemon ppl. My god I can just see the perverted grins)

It was the absence of body heat beside him that lulled him out of slumber and the groggy Sasuke was grumpily wondering where his space heater was.

"Still not a morning person huh?"


"That wasn't Japanese Sasuke"

"Wah the fuck'r you doin outa bed moron? 'Stoo godd'mn 'erly." Garbled mush. That was what Naruto had reduced him to because the awakening raven was getting all his memories from the night before back and he was surprised he was even conscious.

"Heh." Came the warm breathy response from just above his shoulder. "I think I have a promise to fulfill before we go downstairs."

The raven, having slept on his belly, shivered into the mattress when he heard the husk from last night overshadow Naruto's normal tone. He didn't have to look up to see the dilating pupils because he could feel the stare burning into the skin at the nape of his neck. He knew, of course, which promise Naruto had been alluding to but he played along anyway. Nuzzling his head back onto his folded forearms Sasuke, eyes still closed, whispered out in that hoarse, needy voice he'd realized Naruto liked.

"What promise Dobe?'

Slowly, sensually he undulated his naked body under the covers knowing Naruto was perched on all fours like some dominant beast directly over his form.

"Your promise to make me scream? I did remember…right after you sucked my soul out through my cock."

The tension in the room thickened so fast it the air literally went heavy.

"Or," he sucked in a breath still slowly humping the mattress and tantalizingly rolling his ass. "Was it your promise to make me come? I came for you three times Naru…remember? Each one screaming your name."

There was a low guttural growl building in Naruto's gut as he saw the young Uchiha taunt him. Narrowing sapphire eyes watched as the resting raven slipped his pink tongue out to obscenely lick his lips.

"Nghn," Sasuke widened his legs under the blankets until they struck resistance with Naruto's knees posted on each side of his body. Panting, he fisted the sheets below him, furrowed his brows and began to strongly hump the bed really trying to get some friction on his hard cock. "Or...or was it your promise to fuck me Naru? Was that it? How you said you slide into me and ride me through the headboard? Cause you did Baby, I can still feel you where you took me."

"ENOUGH!" Naruto jerked the blanket of the ravens writhing body and tossed it off the bed. He stared possessively at the slender, pale body littered with hickeys and bruise marks from the night before. The sight of them made Naruto's ardor cool a bit as he reigned himself into control. He couldn't just fuck Sasuke, not like he'd done last night. He'd promised to make love to Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto didn't go back on his promises, believe it.

Leaning down he pressed his lips to a hickey on the shivering teen's neck and whispered.

"May I make love to you S'uke?"

Damn. Even if Sasuke hadn't already had that in mind the use of his nickname from Naruto sealed the deal. Sasuke shifted as the mood in the room simmered down to sensual.

"Please Dobe. I've been waiting a really long time."

In answer Naruto pressed a soft kiss to the juncture of Sasuke's neck and began to lick the lily white skin. Slowly, softly Naruto ran his mouth over ever inch of flesh on Sasuke's back, licking in broad swipes over the shoulder bones and mouthing each vertebrae of his spine from his neck down to his waist.

Sasuke was shivering again his forehead pressed into the navy sheets and his eyes closed tight as Naruto pleasured him. The blonde pulled up from the small of Sasuke's back and shifted down to his feet. The raven let out a surprised whimper at the feel of that talented tongue on the sensitive sole of his left foot.

"Naruto, what-?"

'Shhh." The blonde quieted him. "Just relax S'uke."

The tongue swirled, dancing wet nonsense patterns up over his shin and up to attack with teeth the flesh at the back of his knee. Worrying the flesh there Naruto slipped up even further up the thigh and just before he reached Sasuke's clenching ass, stopped and began the process all over again with his right leg.

Sasuke was already hard and leaking by the time the blonde hooked large tan hands under his waist and pulled him up a bit to slide a pillow under his hips. Embarrassed at the revealing position Sasuke turned his face back into his arms and yelped when Naruto's body fully covered his.

The blonde didn't move for a while but Sasuke could clearly feel the blonde's hardness right between the cleft of his buttocks. It was comforting, Sasuke realized to feel Naruto's weight on top of him like that, and after a second he turned his face away from his arms to the blonde head resting on his shoulder.

Their eyes locked and Sasuke swam in never ending blue. But damn Naruto was beautiful. How did he get this lucky again? Oh that's right, he hadn't. He'd damn well worked hard for this and he wasn't going to let it just get away because of embarrassment. He stared brazenly back into the cobalt chips daring the blonde to make a move. A smile flickered over the fox's face and Naruto leaned forward to softly kiss him.

They hadn't kissed much the night before so Sasuke was relishing this one, accepting Naruto's questing tongue into his mouth and sucking welcomingly on the appendage. Pulling back he panted for air.

"You've got me Dobe…So what are you gonna do with me?"

Naruto grinned evilly and disappeared from view.

"Just wait." Naruto whispered back from the region of his lower back. Sliding his palms back under Sasuke's hips the blonde spread his legs further and sat on his haunches in the V.

"You know what I love about virgins Sasuke? Their reactions. Completely raw and untamed."

"You've had a lot of virgins?"

Naruto pinched him. "Don't start Sasuke."

Sasuke shrugged. "What could you possibly do to me that you haven't already done Dobe?"

In answer Naruto dipped his head, pulled Sasuke's cheeks apart and licked a broad, slow swipe over Sasuke's abused opening.

The brunet screeched in surprise.


A hand pushed him back down. "Stay where I put you S'uke, I want you to feel this."

Trembling the brunet sank back down and spread himself again. Despite his reaction, that had felt amazing. Who knew it would have?

Naruto seduced him. Slowly he kissed the cheek of Sasuke's behind, bit the plump globes of flesh and licked everywhere except where he was needed most. Sasuke whined out a protest but the blonde just chuckled and went right back to his work; studiously ignoring the Uchiha's squeals, murmurs and death threats. When he finally slipped his tongue down the crevice of Sasuke's ass he took his time there too.

With soft kitten licks he flitted his tongue over the quivering ring delighting in the spasming of the muscle and the hitches in Sasuke's voice. When the muscle began to open for him Naruto gently ringed it then pushed just the tip inside the channel. Over and over he did it and Sasuke was near tears with want and frustration. Suddenly the tongue dipped in further, much further than before and Naruto began to tongue-fuck him in earnest.

Hotly, slowly, slickly the muscle breached him over and over and over again, sliding into his most secret place for a gentle conquest and Sasuke was shamelessly riding the waves of pleasure.

Naruto pulled away delighted in the frustrated huff emanating from his young lover. He recovered Sasuke's body with his own and with a soft kiss to his clavicle sank a slippery finger into moist depths.

"I want you so much S'uke and I'm going to take you."

The stretching finger was joined by another and shamelessly Sasuke rode them. He couldn't take it much longer and Naruto knew it. The fingers were gone and in a swift move, not unlike a falcon sweeping down for his prey Naruto gripped both cheeks, spread them and sank home in one fluid thrust.

Could Sasuke possibly describe what it felt like to be thoroughly made love to? Slowly, thickly the blonde breached him over and over again, his slick cock driving into a channel that eagerly welcomed him.

Naruto was crueler than Sasuke would have thought. With both hands he pinned Sasuke's wrists to the mattress and began a rhythm that left the brunet literally sobbing. In a pattern of fives, Naruto thrust shallowly four times into his body before making the last one a deep stroke in followed by a torturously slow withdrawal. Three shallow thrusts and two deep, two shallow three deep, and it continued until the sequence ended and Naruto was repeatedly buried to the hilt so very deep inside Sasuke, spearing the teen on the wealth of three years of desire…before starting right back up again.

It was a hot, slow, sensual fucking and Sasuke had long since given up on trying to be quiet. His gasps and moans rang through the room as Naruto took him. Sasuke reveled in being worshiped, the sliding of slick skin on slick skin and the press of Naruto's balls against his perineum every time the blonde sank into wet, tight depths. Tan hand weren't idle but aided the rolling pale hips up into his thrusts while Naruto's mouth nibbled marks into the flesh of his neck.

Sasuke's lungs fought for air while pleasure obliterated thought from his mind and he finally understood why people called this act 'Sin'. Fire was consuming him, clutching at his entrails as, desperately, he parted to accept every deep thrust of the burning, stone hard rod fucking into him and mewled pitifully while greedily clenching his muscles around the invading cock trying to keep it inside him for just a moment longer on the pulls out.

He tried everything he knew, every second hand material come across, every flick watched and every story he'd heard told, because he needed this. This claim, this conquest, He needed to finally give all of himself.

He rolled his ass, pushing up against the flexing stomach muscles of the hot body over him. He clenched the over-sensitized muscles of his anus and voiced every emotion shooting through him when the cock inside him brushed his prostate. Naruto, it seemed, had memorized the spot already and Sasuke was held firm in a half kneeling position while the blonde battered the bundle of nerves.

The brunet was biting the sheets, fisting the pillows and doing nothing to stop the tears flowing from his eyes because it would have been an insult to try and suppress the pleasure his lover was giving him.

He was going to come and they both knew it, right before Naruto snaked a hand under Sasuke's hips and captured the previously untouched dripping organ. He clenched his wrist around it and prevented the orgasm. Sasuke screamed in protest.

"Dobe, NO! I c-can't h-hold-d it-."

"I want you to come from the inside Sasuke. I'm going to make you scream form the pleasure burning inside you and not just from your cock."

Sasuke was past the point of rationality, he needed release NOW! What could Naruto mean he was going to come from the inside? Wasn't that where all orgasms came from? He was confused but he trusted the blonde to take care of him. Naruto had never failed him yet.

Pulling Sasuke upon to his lap, with his unoccupied hand Naruto guided Sasuke's arms to wrap up and behind around his neck. The brunet did, and realizing his position on Naruto's lap began to move.

"That's it S'uke. Ride me. Don't stop."

He couldn't if he'd wanted to and he'd have been dumb to want to. Sinking down on the rigid flesh beneath him Sasuke tossed his head back, arched his tight strung body and with everything he was worth began to put on a show for his older lover. Naruto growled low in his chest, grabbed the wet bouncing hips and counterpoint to Sasuke's motions began to fuck straight up into the gripping heat.

"…Fuck…That's it Baby. Bounce on my cock."

Something foreign, dark and strange was boiling in the pit of Sasuke's stomach and with every slam of that wide cock onto his sensitive bundle of nerves the tide built. With every hot, dirty word dripping from Naruto's lips the tide surged like a rearing dragon. His cock was dark red from the restriction Naruto still had on it and the pressure in his gut was scaring him. He'd never felt anything like this before, it burned up his spine and swirled a dark miasma in his head but he kept to Naruto's command and didn't stop riding.

Naruto saw the change of expressions in the Uchiha's face and grinned maniacally. Harder and harder he thrust up into the pink, flushed body, reveling in the uncontrolled shudders wracking the slender frame of his younger lover.

The raven threw his head back onto Naruto's shoulder and began to thrash as the pressure overcame his mind, seized his lungs and claimed his constricted chest. His eyelids fluttered and Sasuke came screaming with a malevolent beauty when the hot pressure seized his very soul.

This was the true 'Little death"; the scary passion of an orgasm caused by stimulation to a very sensitive prostate and not the tradition penile one.

Over and over shudders wracked him as Sasuke's mind orgasmed before his body. He was so taken over by the literally mind-blowing pleasure that he barely felt as Naruto kept slamming recklessly into him and with a primal roar and the sinking of his teeth into the back of Sasuke's neck filled the brunet with hot come bathing the abused passage while he released Sasuke cock and made the raven come again. A multiple orgasm.

Sasuke's come shot out of him into Naruto's waiting palm in wave after wave while his un-calmed body reached that indescribable high again and mingled with the pleasure from his first cumming. Sasuke literally saw music dance in front of his eyes as his overwhelmed brain made sounds become visual.

Too much.

Far too much.

He passed out again.


"Attention please. We are sorry to inform you that Flight 283W from Ontartio Canada will be delayed for 2 more hours."

The announcement jerked Sasuke out of his memories. What? Why?

He glanced at his watch, forty minutes had passed and now the plane was delayed for two more hours. What the fuck? A despondent sigh reached his ears and he looked across the row of seats separating them to see the brunette woman sigh again and glance worriedly through the glass windows that showed the empty Tarmac outside.

'She must be waiting for someone on that plane too.'

Sasuke studied her, finding that he had nothing better to do as going over to question the authorities again would have been pointless.

She was quite attractive….for a female.

Dark haired with long, loose bangs at the front, pale skinned with huge brown doe eyes and a soft looking smile. She was extremely slender and short, [the word 'Petit' came to mind] and the simple cut green skirt suit fit her figure. She had been sitting extremely still but the announcement about the flight's delay had caused her to sag back into the chair. She caught him staring just before Sasuke could turn away and gave a slight, almost timid smile but nothing more.

Aggravated with himself for scaring the woman, especially since she was one of the few who hadn't immediately tried to jump him, Sasuke got up, nodded stiffly to her then walked of to find the bookstore. If this was going to take a while he might as well do something productive.


( 2 hrs later at 10: 00 am.)

"Attention all listeners! Flight 283W from Ontario Canada is experiencing technical difficulties in their stop over station at Hokkaido. We apologize for the delay and advise that that there will be a further three hour wait-"

"What the FUCK!" Sasuke snapped out throwing his book, Dan Brown's 'Digital Fortress' down on the seat beside him. His outburst had startled the woman across from him who hadn't left her seat once in the two hour wait.

"What the fuck is going on!" He grated out frustrated, forgetting all his manners about not cursing in front of women.

"The plane is having some tech trouble-"

"Well yes I know that!" he snapped at her, "But why? What in the name of god is going on?"

Her affronted look slapped some sense into him and he sighed.

"I apologize. I- I'm just-."

"Waiting for someone special. I understand." Her forgiving smile made Sasuke feel even more like shit. He'd been a complete bastard for the whole day and he knew it. In an uncharacteristic display of vulnerability the raven leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees and tiredly rubbed his face.

Damn, he hadn't gotten any sleep last night.

"Still." He persevered. "It doesn't give me any right to be an ass. I apologize again Miss-"

"Just call me Haku, please. Oh and I'm a boy."

Sasuke snapped up and did a double take. What? He looked over the gir- no boy- again and searched incredulously for any signs of masculinity. None. No facial hair, thick musculature not even a slight Adam's apple. He looked pointedly down at the skirt for a full minute before sitting back hard in the seat a palm over his eyes.

She was a he. Wow.

"I'm sorry." Came the nervous voice before him. "I saw you looking at me earlier and if I led you on in any way I-"

Sasuke waved her-his- apology off. "Forget about it. I'm as gay as they come-Haku was it? I was looking at you because you're the first 'woman' in a long while who hasn't thrown themselves at me."

Haku nodded back, pleased that Sasuke was engaging in conversation and giggled at the ending off the raven's sentence.

"Yes, I can see why. Don't worry though. I'm committed. Forgive my forwardness, but is the person you're waiting on your lover?"

Sasuke nodded again and finally sat up in his seat to face his companion. It figured that the only woman he could stand was a transvestite.


Haku seemed satisfied with his answer and didn't pry anymore. For that Sasuke was grateful.


"Why haven't you been to school for the last week?"

Sasuke paused before answering Itachi. "Do you care?"

"Not really. Whatever you do don't fuck up. I'm too busy to bail you out of trouble."

Sure...Sasuke thought snidely. "Fucking Deidara is that much work huh?"

Itachi didn't even acknowledge the slight.

"Goodbye foolish little brother and tell Naruto 'Hello' for me."


(10: 45)

"This is ridiculous. What the fuck is going on?"

"I apologize sir but the technical difficulties are-."

"Yeah, whatever. You've said that already."

Sasuke turned back to the waiting are annoyed and distinctly on the edge of hurting someone. Haku looked up from his book and smiled.

"Still nothing Sasuke-san?"

He shook his head and slumped back into his chair. He had returned the courtesy of Haku's name exchange and allowed the pretty brunette to call him by his first name. He removed his newest purchase, "Analysis of a Serial Killer" from the Borders bag and settled down.

'The messenger stalked in front of the mirror calmly checking the refection of his victims struggles. Tired and smeared with his victims fluids-'

Sasuke's mind drifted again. 'Mirror.' That word brought back memories.


Sasuke swallowed around the thick pulsing cock buried in his throat. In two days Naruto had taught him to not only give head but to deep throat.

The swirling strobe lights of the club outside flitted under the locked door of the washroom which Naruto was leaned against, panting.

"Fuck S'uke; keep sucking me, just like that."

Humming around the thick, slick appendage in his throat Sasuke finished preparing himself and pulled off the wet organ. "I'm ready Dobe."

In a heartbeat Naruto swung him around, braced him against the row of sinks facing the wall mirror and in a swift spearing motion Naruto buried his dripping dick into the waiting brunet.

It was hard, rough desperate wall sex, brought on by too much grinding on the dance floor and accentuated by the alcohol singing through their veins.

When the blonde came slamming into him Sasuke crested to his own orgasm and shuddered as the strong blonde slipped his hands under Sasuke's knees and brought them up so his feet were on the sink counters.

The mirror gave them both a clear unobstructed view of Sasuke's stretched hole fit snuggly around Naruto's softening cock. Sasuke blushed. Locking their eyes in the mirror Naruto slowly withdrew from his young lover and once out whispered into the raven's ear.

"Look S'uke." He nodded to the claiming trails of come slipping out of the abused, red orifice. "Beautiful isn't it?"


Haku's giggles snapped him back to reality and Sasuke was mortified to find that he had a hard-on.

"Pleasant memories?"

"Very." Sasuke smirked back to the blushing crossdresser and sighing, tossed his book aside and stood. "Care to join me for lunch Haku?


"What's your lover like Sasuke-san? I'm curious to see who could have elicited such a… response from you."

Sasuke eyed the mischievous glint in Haku's eyes and shook his head smiling.

"He is the singularly most annoying, ramen obsessed, orange loving, perverted brat ever born… Oh, and he's Blonde."

His companion burst out into pretty trills of laughter making some people turn around to find the owner of suck a nice voice.

"You sound like you love him. Has he been away long?"

"I do." Sighing he sucked in his breath "He's been away for s-seven years."

The warm pressure on his hand made his eyes flit back open to stare at the boy looking at him with heartfelt sorrow in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, and now this delay is making it so much worse." Oddly enough Sasuke felt no compulsion to remove the hand even though he despised human contact with pretty much everyone. Glancing down at the slim, delicate fingers Sasuke's eyes widened.

"You're engaged!" Haku blinked at the change in conversation and then nodded, finger going in what was probably a nervous habit to fiddle with the ring on his left hand.

"Yes. Zabuza proposed just before he left."

"Hn." Sasuke chuckled out. What were the odds. "So am I."


"I'll never forget it too, most unorthodox proposal ever made."


The lunch meeting with his four superiors was going well but being stuck in a room with four, old, crotchety shrinks was not Sasuke's idea of a good time.

"And so Uchiha-san, we feel it necessary to congratulate you on you hard work even though you are somewhat of an unconventional professional and do not completely listen to our guidelines for proper psychological treatment."

Sasuke rubbed his eyes. "Juugo is criminally insane. Shock therapy was necessary."

"Well yes, but stabbing him with your letter opener wasn't."

"He admitted where he hid the body didn't he?"

"Yes again but-"

"Problem solved then. Nothing else is-"


The young Uchiha jerked so hard he upset Superior #3's scalding green tea right into the owner's lap. Ignoring the howls of pain Sasuke focused on his speakerphone where his receptionist had a standing order to immediately patch through all calls from Naruto.


"Naruto I'm kind of bus-."

"Well blow them off! This is important! It's not like you like those crazy fuckers anyway!"

"Naruto stop! This is-."

"The president just approved gay marriage S'uke! We can get hitched!"


"Oh, sorry, American slang. But seriously S'uke let's get married!"




"Yeah! Repeat after me. "I, Sasuke Teme-"

"Naruto! I-"


Sasuke sighed. He was gonna get fired anyway. Fuck it.

"I, Sasuke Teme…"

"..Do take the awesome Uzumaki Naruto…"

"Do take the awesome Uzumaki Naruto…"

"…His ultimate superiority-ness, Ramen king of the Earth and owner of the only cock that leaves you begging…"

Sasuke hung his head in abject shame and repeated it.

"… as my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in sunshine and in rain…"

Sasuke didn't have the heart to tell him that that wasn't how the vows went.

"From this day forward. For ever and ever and ever and ever and ever-" Sasuke smiled and repeated.

"…cause you love me and I'm awesome."

"Cause I love you and you're awesome." Sasuke meant it too.

"See Teme, that wasn't so hard! Now , I Uzumaki Naruto the afore mentioned awesome Ramen king of the Earth, do take thee Uchiha Sasuke, the snarky bastard, duck butt head, tomato loving love of my life, as my husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in…erm.. hey Sasuke what was the other part again?"

"Sunshine and rain dobe." He supplied gently.

"Right...In sunshine and rain, cause I love you even though you call me mean names and I promised to help you hide Itachi's body with my vast medical knowledge. For ever and ever and ever and Uzumaki Naruto doesn't go back on his promises. Believe it."

"Dobe...you know that wasn't a proper marriage right?"

"Pshh. Sez who? …Hey Sasuke, why is my voice echoing?"

"You're on the speaker phone Usuratonkachi, in the middle of my job assessment meeting."

"…oh…well…fuck. …erm…Hey! All you assessment people! Vote for Sasuke 'cause he's awesome like that and he's the best crazy-doctor you've got and if you make him cry I'll do cruel and unusual things with you internal organs!

"Thank you Dobe." Sasuke said gently. "We'll talk when I get home all right."

'Yeaaaah…um Sasuke… you're not mad enough at me to withhold phone sex right?"


"…and the damned moron sounded so pitiful too." Sasuke finished the story.

Haku had collapsed into a fit of giggles and was swiping mascara stained tears from the corners of his eyes.

"He sounds like a sweetheart."

Sasuke shook his head amazed to find himself liking the crossdresser's company.

"…He is. And that's why even though he's half way across the planet the Dobe's got me right here waiting for him."


(11: 56)

Sasuke came back from the bathroom just in time to see one damn stupid bastard harassing the kind boy he'd come to like.

"Come on toots." The warthog ground out licking his chops. "If you can give it to that prissy bastard you can give me some too."

"I-I apologize Sir but please move on now. I can't help you."

"No, I don't think I-"

Sasuke jumped in."You can think? Well color me fucking stunned. However if you don't want what little brains you have dashed out on the ground I suggest you fuck off."

The man spun around to the approaching raven and opened his mouth to retort when Sasuke beat him to it.

"Bear in mind that I know thirteen ways to kill a man barehanded, eight to stop the blood flow to you brain for agonizing lengths of time and three to permanently render you a eunuch."

They both enjoyed the man swaddling off as fast as his fat legs could carry him.

"Thank you Sasuke-san. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use acupuncture on him."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows asking for an explanation.

"Look at me Uchiha-san. I'm one of those persons who gets bullied less when they're dressed as a girl. In elementary school I got mistaken for a girl so many times I started answering to 'she' and 'her'. It didn't make the teasing any easier though and I was an orphan so there was no one to talk to about it. Fighting back and insisting on my masculinity made things worse and after a while I learned to survive by being submissive. Capitulating to their demands and teasing was the only way I had of controlling what happened to me. And then Mamochi Zabuza came along.

He was a high school kid, just out of juvie but he found me on the road one day and told me that if I stuck with him he'd give me a better purpose in life than just taking what the world dished out. He taught me how to fight and when to know to run. He said he didn't care point blank if I was male or female but pointed out the strategical benefits of dressing as everyone perceived me, that is female."

Haku smiled and reached up to tug a silver chain out from his blouse. "And then, when I turned sixteen and was legal, He collared me."(1, yes I will put in the endnotes this time XD)

Sasuke was intellectually fascinated. How could such a gentle man be into BDSM? It was an alternate lifestyle he'd studied as a part of his degree program yes, but he'd never been so close to someone of that walk of life before.

He couldn't see him and Naruto in that type of relationship. He knew he was the uke in their sexual relationship but Sasuke wasn't a 'submissive' by any stretch of the imagination. It had taken some maturing before he'd realized that both terms weren't always interchangeable. He liked bottoming, end of story but he and Naruto were equals.

"Attention visitors! Flight 283W has arrived. Repeat, Flight 283W from Canada, delayed at Hokkaido International, has arrived and will be landing in 10 minutes.

A surge of elated joy shot through Sasuke. Naruto was home. Naruto was FINALLY home. They could move on from the screeching standstill of the last four years and get on with their lives where they had left them so long ago. Haku was also brimming over with excitement and with slender stilettos clacking made his way over to the window and craned his slim neck up to peer at the sky. Sasuke joined him and gazed up as well waiting anxiously for that very first glimpse of the vehicle bearing his fiancé.

It came.

And Sasuke stood riveted as the blue plane circled the tarmac, line up into position to land….but never did.

Confused he wondered why the plane began circling again….and again…and again. Then Sasuke got angry.

What the fuck was that damn pilot doing? How dare he keep his Naruto away for even the smallest amount of time? Did they not know who they were fucking with?

Haku gazed up at the fuming raven and placed a cool palm on Sasuke's arm.

'I'm sure there's a reasonable explana-."

A sudden commotion drew both their attentions to the receptionist desk closest to them. The old lady who had been patiently waiting with them for the Canadian flight had fainted while the man beside her was ashen faced looking not very far from it himself.

Sasuke and Haku exchanged a look.

"What's going on?" he demanded when they reached the station. The flirty receptionist from before was now literally shaking behind her desk and she kept casting furtive glances out at the window to Naruto's plane.

Now Sasuke was worried. The ever-circling plane, the fainting, the nervous receptionist.

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear. There is someone on that plane very special to me and it's not coming down so I ask again, What the bloody FUCK is going on?"

The woman really did start crying then and began to wring her hands.

"I-i-m s-s-orry Sir, but the p-plane c-can't come down."

"Why?" Haku questioned softly trying to soothe the overwrought girl. If anything she got worse.

"It's n-not my fault but the p-plane was delayed f-for so –l-lo-ong and-"

"It's okay, calm down and tell us what happened."

The woman took a deep breath and burning cold dread settled in Sasuke's stomach.

"The plane w-was delayed in Hokkaido because of a problem with the air-conditioning. It was resolved however by rewiring the vents and the flight took of." Her face went morose "But it just arrived and the pilot tried to enable the landing gear but it won't work. The rewiring of the systems jammed the gear and now the plane has no way to land. The extra oil during the refueling at Hokkaido will enable it to circle for a while but if they try to land they'll crash."

She took a deep breath and stared sadly into Sasuke's wide eyes.

"I'm so sorry, but if the gear doesn't kick in and they crash land the extra oil will burn them to death if the crash doesn't kill them first."


"Hey look at the pretty lights Sasuke!"

The brunette shook his head and snuggled further into the blonde's arms. Gazing into bright blue eyes he whispered back "I am Dobe."

Naruto blinked down at him and grinned before wrapping his warm arms around Sasuke. The night fair was loud, boisterous, full of food no one sane would call 'sanitized' and manned by the pushing, screaming, puking unwashed masses. In short it was everything Naruto liked and Sasuke had just gone along with it to please the overgrown child.

They were standing on the pier now having been dragged there by the blonde to both watch the ocean and escape the attempted murder conviction Sasuke had nearly racked up by throwing the child who stained his silk shirt with barbecue oil into the nearest dumpster.

"Hey Naruto, what's Canada like?"

"Che...cold." Sasuke snickered at the twenty three year olds humor. Here, wrapped up in Naruto's arms safe from the madding world and listening the ocean, Sasuke forced the worry of tomorrow out of his mind.

"…I don't want you to go back…"

"I don't wanna either S'uke but its life."

"How am I gonna deal with losing you again?"

Sasuke was dead serious as he gazed sadly back into his blondes eyes and reached up to cup the whickered cheeks. Naruto stared at him for a small eternity before smiling and pressing a soothing kiss just between the raven's eyes.

Pulling back he grinned evilly

"Phone sex. Lots and lots of phone sex."


(2: 00 pm)

Two hours.

Two fucking hours since someone had told Sasuke that the love of his life was going to die.

Two hours since Sasuke had run the gamut of ever emotion known to man from angrily punching the Director of the Airport in the face to hysterically throwing up his food and generally having a complete, debilitating nervous breakdown.

One hour and fifty six minutes since he'd decided that if Naruto died he was going down there and throwing himself in the burning wreckage.

One hour since he'd started crying pitifully into Haku's blouse already soaking from his own tears.

A hand pressed softly to his shoulder, the one not occupied by Haku and he glanced listlessly up into worried silver eyes.

"Hello Neji." His tongue was thick in his mouth and the words came out garbled but his best friend understood anyway. The Hyuuga, still in his business suit probably from having rushed over just from the office was accompanied by a scary looking redhead that had glared their way into the cordoned off airport.

Neji tried to offer comfort but Sasuke turned away and huddled closer to Haku, the only person aside from Naruto he wanted to be with now because Haku was feeling the very same thing he was going through.

The brunette male was hiccupping softly, tears still silently making their way down his face as his pretty lips kept forming "It's not fair, It's not fair." Over and over again.

Sasuke wasn't even half in his own mind but he recognized the symptoms of traumatic shock clearly. Haku needed to snap out of it immediately and Sasuke thought he knew how to do it.

"Hey" he whispered, whipping a trail of mascara tears away. "You never did tell me what Zabuza was like."

Haku turned anguished eyes on him before trying vainly to smile. Apparently he realized the need for a distraction for the both of them before they lost it.

"Tall." Haku started in a slight choke. "Really tall, I look like a shrimp next to him. He's scary looking and usually covers the bottom half on his face in bandages to hide a nasty scar he got when he was younger." Sasuke nodded in encouragement.

"What does he do? Why was he in Canada?"

Haku released a sudden torrent of tears and through the hiccups Sasuke managed to piece the story together.

Apparently Zabuza, more affectionately called Zabi, was an ex-Yakuza mercenary that had ended up working for the government as a specialist on gang war, tactics and assassination. When America had started conscripting for their third war in Iraq two years ago(2) claiming to have found more 'weapons of mass destruction' Zabuza had been sent by the Japanase government as a good will gesture to America. He'd been fighting in Iraq ever since and only coming home because of Obama's new policy on retracting from Iraq.

And for him to have survived that hell to come back and get killed in a plane crash? No wonder Haku was murmuring "Not fair."

"Naruto" Sasuke whispered again turning to the window to watch the slowly circling plane in the air and the media frenzy just below it on the Tarmac just outside and did nothing to stop the newest flow of tears pouring down his face.


(4: 15 pm)

"We are four hours into the Flight 283W watch and sadly it looks like we are no closer to solving this devastating problem."

Sasuke glanced blearily up from the tea Neji had forced on him and Haku. Sasuke wondered how much morphine the brunette had doused it with because he was so very, very drained of life.

The media had been reporting the "Flight 283 debacle" for hours now. Apparently they were getting direct streaming from the Pilot's cockpit and were reporting every ten minutes or so a direct message from the plane.

"It has been reported that the plane has only another three hours worth of fuel. Already non essential function like reading lights and refrigeration have been turned off. The oxygen regulator is operating at minimum capacity just enough to circulate air through the three classes. We have no more news for you at this time. Back to you Takushi."

Sasuke turned his head out to the darkening airstrip. Three hours. If God didn't give them a miracle, both he and his dobe had three hours to live.


(4: 46)

"Update from Tenshi TV. There has been no further progress with the landing gear in the airplane. All passengers are apparently calm and have been allowed 10 minutes to use the plane's internet facilities to message their loved ones. It looks bleak here-"


Sasuke frantically rooted though his pockets for his cell-phone just as Haku's beeped to life.

He flipped the dark screen open…nothing. Maybe…maybe Naruto hadn't been allowed his turn yet? Sasuke Uchiha Death Glared© at the screen willing it to bear him a message from his lover when Haku tugged softly on his sleeve and shoved his own phone under Sasuke's nose.

Slightly annoyed and more than a little jealous the raven read the message:


Man, this is fucked.

I know you're waiting for me and I'd give anything to be down on the god-damn ground but I can't. You're a strong kid you know that, having survived two years without contact with your Dom. I've know lesser subs to crack under that pressure. Like this brunette kid up here whose clearly been away from his Master for too long, but I swear Haku this one fox looking blonde, smartest fucking blonde I've ever seen too, talked to him for about a minute and now they're playing go-fish like the fucking plane's not about to come down.

This blonde kid, some kind of doctor, has been pulling Elvis impersonations to keep the kids from hysterics and's been going from old person to old person helping them e-mail their relatives. Probably was some kind of boy scout or something.

Meh, anyway, keep strong kid. If I make it out of here I'm telling the government to go fuck themselves, booking a cruise (planes can go fuck themselves too) and it'll just be me, you and a bondage bed.

Later kid.

Take care.


P.s. If we get out of here alive I will never admit to having used that ridiculous nickname.

Sasuke looked up to the brunettes smiling face and couldn't help the chuckle that slipped out of his mouth. Damn, no wonder Naruto hadn't contacted him. Bloody do-gooder. Slipping back against the wall Sasuke looked out at the blue plane again knowing that his selfless lover was helping to make what was possibly the last minutes of so many lives even just a bit better.

"But damnit, you'd better come back to me Dobe."


Ngh..harder Naruto! Please!

The young Uchiha was bent over Tsunade's kitchen table face down among the remnants of their dinner and being fucked through strawberry jam.

Naruto had said that he couldn't leave until they'd had kinky sex and Sasuke-just before Naruto had pounced- had wondered if fucking him on the Mayor's desk hadn't been kinky enough.

The blonde was riding him from behind, a position Naruto seemed to like, tapping his cock swiftly in and out of the strawberry filled passage.

"When I come S'uke I'm going to pull out and make you kick my cock clean. We can't be wasting food can we?"

The Uchiha almost had an aneurysm. Naruto wanted him to lick his cum coated, strawberry jam flavored cock?....had Naruto been reading his mind?

"No." The blond whispered. "You have an abnormal amount of Freudian slips Sasuke and now one of them has fucked you over."

Damn. He'd always known it would happen.

"The blonde let out a growl, grabbed Sasuke's hips and rammed into him again, stilling for the briefest seconds to orgasm then pulled his sensitized half hard cock out of the writhing body.

Sasuke slipped off the table sank to his knees and opened his mouth.


(5: 24pm)

"The situation is still tense here at Tokyo International as authorities try to figure out how to get the stranded plane down without incident or at least minimal damage. So far none of the suggestions, including sending a helicopter to rescue the stranded, have been approved as safe enou- Wait, were are getting something. A message from the airplane! I'll patch it through."

A gruff chipped voice floated over the air.

"Man this one awesome piece of fuckery. Listen the half-assed pilot made a mistake. We didn't have three hours of oxygen left, just two. And if you can do your math, that goes in about thirty five minutes. So yeah. Hurry up and make a decision cause it looks like were fucked anyway.

Zabuza out."

The voice chipped out for a second before, grumbling, came back in.

"Oh, and if you're wondering, the damn pilots passed out. Yeah. At the same time. Complete accident. Freaky. So I'm manning the plane. Trained pilot here, don't worry about it. Were all gonna die anyway."

Sasuke turned his head to Haku who was looking elated and terrified at hearing his lovers voice. Suddenly the intercom chipped back in and –

"Oi Sasuke-teme! Heh sorry I didn't e-mail you or nothing but I figure I could make it up to you- Hey, Zabuza, back off man I'm talking to my fiancé here!" A brief scuffle followed by a solid, flesh sounding thump and

"Aww shit! Hey Zabuza, You okay man? Wake up now. I didn't mean it! Oh you're fine right-HURK!"

Someone was being strangled.

"Zab-buza, cal-m d-down man! VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!"

Another thump.

"Whew. So. Sorry S'uke Teme. Miss you and when we get down you'd better buy me Ramen. Love you bye!"

Sasuke shook his head as chuckles erupted all around them. Trust Naruto to lighten a literal life-or-death situation.

"As much Ramen as you want Dobe. As much as you want."


(5: 40)


The old man shook his head softly, "I can't risk that many lives Kakashi! I know Iruka's up there but-"

"You are FUCKING with my sub's life old man!" The silver haired Jonin-ranked pilot screamed.

The argument had been going on for a better part of the last ten minutes between the Airports Owner and his head flight advisor. Sasuke was on the advisor's side.


"The army pilot can land the plane." General Morino added calmly. "Zabuza was in my corp for years and he's the best wingman Japan's got."

"But what if we could have waited just a few more minutes and the wheels descend?"

Sasuke snapped.

"Then they would have done so two hours ago!"

"The Uchiha's right" Gaara agreed calmly "The plane's burnt most of the fuel it had from Hokkaido. There shouldn't be enough left to cause an explosion. If they land now there would be minimal damage."

Sarutobi wavered for a minute.

"Ten more minutes." He whispered out beaten. "Just ten, and then they can crash land."

Zabuza's voice chimed in just in time.

"Hey." he sounded almost bored. "Have you come to a decision yet? Cause two old people and a pregnant woman have passed out from the lack of oxygen and it's kinda hard to crash land a commercial jet in the dark. But hey, whatever man. It's not like there are lives at risk or anything."

(5: 43)

It started to rain.


"Actually" Gaara said softly, "It's the best thing that could've happened. The Tarmac is better off wet for a belly sliding plane and the rain will out potential fires."

(5: 45)

The blue jet circled for it's last time and took it's place hovering above the end of the now rain slicked runway. Haku had gone back to worried tears and was clinging onto Sasuke who- let it be said- was clinging back just as tight.

(5: 47)

"It seems fortune has fallen on the side of the stranded plane as the observation tower reports that the jammed wheels have lowered just a bit but still not enough to stabilize the entire plane.

(5: 49)

Sarutobi gave the order for the plane to crash land.

( 6: 03)

The left engine sparked and caught fire from a stray lightening bolt.


"That wasn't supposed to happen." Gaara whispered softly.

(6: 05)

If Sasuke had had a rewind setting for his brain and slow motion feature for his eyes he still couldn't have caught it all.

The lopsided, burning plane lowered and had barely touched the runway when the jammed wheels gave out and the scorching wing fell off, destabilizing the whole structure and sent it careening down the water slick runway on it's belly. Red, blue and yellow sparks flew from the abrasion and the most horrendous crashing, screaming of scraped metal drowned out the gasps of terror and fright in the waiting Airport.

Down the Tarmac it skid, gashing fire and burning the runways tar while the bottom metal plating of the plane gave out littering the runway behind it with twisted smoking metal and chunks of escaped luggage.

The blackness of the approaching night, the rising fog and the pouring rain made the sight one straight from hell as just before the plain could crash into the building at the far end of the runway the last wing tore off spitting fire and sparks like a wounded animal.

And then…just when Sasuke knew his Dobe was going to die by being crushed under a pile of twisted, unforgiving wreckage, the plane stopped.

A small eternity passed, with no one knowing what to do.

The old lady decided for them when she slumped forward with a scream of "SAI!"

….right before the plane exploded into flames….


The white tombstones of the cemetery gleamed under the morning sun. It didn't seem right that such a sad day was so sunny.

Sasuke glanced to his right where Haku was shrouded in black, like a widow and wrapped and arm around the brunet's slender body.

It had been a week since the most terrifying night of his life and Sasuke was wondering how he'd made it through at all. Nightmares of his Dobe's twisted burning face kept erupting before his minds eye and Sasuke automatically clung harder to Haku. Neji and Gaara were on his left offering their support as Sasuke stepped forward and placed a single rose on the elaborate coffin bought and paid for by the Airline company.

Stepping back he allowed the others behind him to place their own flowers on the graves as well.

The brunette turned tired, weary eyes and surveyed the field of gravestone. Markers for all the persons that had flitted out of their loved ones lives.

Sasuke considered the painful prospect of life without his Dobe.

That would have been unbearable.

Stepping back again he bumped a hard chest and smiled softly when tan arms wrapped him in a protective embrace.

"Ready to go home S'uke?"

"Yeah. Let's say bye to Haku and Zabuza first."

The two of them thread through the crowd of funeral goers. It really had been sad that Sai's grandmother had died of a sudden heart attack. Everyone who had been on that flight or was waiting for it was now a tight knit group bonded by a baptism of fire and pain.

They passed Kakashi and his submissive Iruka and both men smiled and waved right before Kakashi's hand travelled down Iruka's back to grip his ass. The slap echoed through the gravesite.

They both chuckled.

Next the passed Konohamaru, Sarutobi's grandson that had been coming back from Toronto where'd he'd visited his half sister Moegi. Fear for his grandson's life had really been what stalled Sarutobi's hand to call the emergency landing.

The little kid waved from the tree he'd been carving a set of large breasts into.


Third was Sarutobi Kurenai. The eight months pregnant woman who'd passed out before the landing and had been- as Sasuke was proud to learn- personally protected by his Dobe through the whole thing. Naruto had come out of the burning wreckage with a few scratches and the bulging woman caged in his arms.

Kurenai and Asuma (her husband) swore that the only doctor looking after their child would be Naruto and they'd be very happy in he'd be honorary Uncle.

The blond had agreed.

Last, were Haku and Zabuza.

The ex-assassin had received a medal of honour from the President himself for both his exemplary saving of the plane and his services as Japanese envoy to Iraq. He and Haku were leaving on their cruise in three days.

"Hey guys." Sasuke greeted upon arrival. The gruff military man still had his left arm in a sling but he swore he'd be damned before staying the hospital a second further.

Zabuza nodded at him.

"You know Uchiha, I haven't properly thanked you for taking care of my Haku at the station."

Sasuke smirked. "You saved my fiancé's life. Somehow, I think were even."

The man nodded and firmly shook Sasuke hand before the Uchiha turned to accept the happy hug from the young boy he freely admitted he loved like a little sister.

"Make sure you're back in time for my wedding. I can't have my man of honour somewhere off in the Caribbean strapped to a bondage bed on my wedding day."

Haku giggled. "Nope. Besides, I already bought my dress. Wouldn't miss it for the world Sasuke."

The two waved again as the pair walked off, amused by the large hulking Zabuza patiently being talked to death by the one fourth his size Haku.

Naruto hugged him again. "You helped someone weaker than yourself on your own free will. I'm proud of you S'uke."

Sasuke shrugged.

"My body just moved Dobe." He turned away to nod a farewell to Sai before leading the blonde to his car. "Besides, I was in just as bad a condition as he was. Worse probably."

Naruto spun him around and Sasuke gazed deep into the blue eyes of the man that held his soul. Naruto pressed their foreheads together before giving him a sweet kiss, a flirting promise of the future.

"Let's go S'uke. Home's waiting."




How do you like THEM apples?

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is the term given to a submissive lover who is erm…'bonded' to his/her dominate. It's permanent and the closest thing to marriage for homosexual partners into BDSM. It's taken very seriously, the relationship is monogamous and the submissive now 'slave' is given a token of the master's ownership to wear. In Haku's case it is a necklace with the kanji for Zabuza's name. This is his slave collar. (I hope to god I got all this right. I only know one submissive and if I have anything wrong please tell me. I meant no offence to those who follow this lifestyle. Live and let live I say!

this did not happen but it fit the time frame. Also, no offence is meant to anyone who lost persons in Iraq, 9/11 or from the American invasion of Iraq. This is a story people and I needed to set in real life. Obama's presidency and rule is also moved up to fit the time frame. Again, no offence meant to anyone because terrorism isn't funny.