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Severed Wings ~ What was going to be a long fic has now been reduced to the prologue. A bird's scream revives a distant memory for the moon-guardian. I'll very much appreciate it if you R&R, and please enjoy. ^^;

This story was originally going to be my interpretation on what could have happened after Clow's death if he hadn't sealed Yue and Cerberus into the book. However, after a very unsuccessful test with the public (some of my friends like it, so I don't know anymore), I have decided that this story has done nothing but disturb people. Therefore, I am ending my work on it and reducing it to simply the prologue, unless people wish for me to post the epilogue, which will be explained in the end author notes.

Note, this is alternative universe. It didn't happen, it can't happen, I hope it doesn't happen. This is simply an extension of a disturbing vision I got in my head one day. The story, I suppose, might not make any sense whatsoever. I don't know. Or maybe the prologue is all I need, and the story was merely an explanation and addition.

The story itself will also be explained in the end author notes.

Please enjoy.

Rated PG-13 for PG-13ish stuff

Three Screams

Order: Real life, memory, real life (Touya and Yukito), memory, repeat

The bird screamed. It fought desperately against the two boys who were tormenting it, but nothing came of it. So it screamed.

He couldn't scream. To scream was to show weakness, and he had never showed weakness before. He wasn't about to either.

"Yuki, are you okay?"

The wings are a representative of freedom. And then they cut them off.

Blood flowed from the gray wings as the small feathered animal continued to shrill loudly and flap its wings. It didn't understand why it was happening… it barely understood what was happening. Why did they do this? What had it done to make them hate and cause so much pain?

They didn't care what they did. He was a creature of magic. That was all that mattered to them, and that's why they did it.

"I'm fine… To-ya…"

They got rid of the things that they feared. And they feared him.

Light-boned wings flapped desperately as the cruel glint of a knife shown in the light.

The blade bit into skin, bones, and feathers.

"You're bleeding."

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He wasn't going to scream. The blade dug in deeper, and he could feel the wing being severed from his back.

Red blood ran down the bird's back as one wing nearly came free. Only a useless piece of skin connected the wing to the bird, but then they cut it off as well. The small bird couldn't help but scream again, a disturbingly human sound, laced with every ounce of pain and agony that the creature felt.

The silver blood of a divine creature was running down his back. His upper back felt as if it was on fire, the wing that was being cut into was hanging loosely. Only one more cut was needed to remove it, and the beautiful wing of ivory colored feathers would be no longer.

"My shoulders… it's like… they're on fire…"

It fell to the ground, silver blood coating and snowy white feathers. Blood streamed from where his wing had been in rivers, dripping to his feet. They joined the blood that already covered the formerly connected wing.

It was a pitiful scene, a small bird with only one wing, blood flowing freely from the other stump. The two boys switched places, and it only started again. A tear-dropped shape eye closed painfully. It had begun again. And there was still no escape from the pain, an inevitable living nightmare.

The slate-blue cat-eyes were hazed over with pain, even though he was being given a quick respite from the next bout of pain. It was so blurry… so… the sharp pain returned to plague him some more. He shut his eyes again. He mustn't scream… he mustn't scream…

"I'm going to take you to… Yuki? Yukito, can you hear me? Yukito?!"

The world was spinning before his eyes, which threatened to spill the so un-familiar tears. Nails dug into flesh, teeth bit into his lip with so much force that it started to bleed the silver blood as well.

Its struggles were half-hearted because it had no strength to put into struggling anymore.

He had held out as long as he possibly could. The self-imposed silence could go no longer. And as the silver blood continued to flow from the stumps, the cruel blade continued to slash through the hollow bone and skin, the pain blocked out every other sense possible except the agony…

"To… ya…"

He couldn't hold on… he had to… but he just couldn't…

The bird shrieked one final call as darkness crept upon its senses.

He screamed.


He had never done this before.

Heart-beat and breathing slowed to a dead stop.

But he had never felt such mind-numbing pain either.

He looked up without really seeing.

The hardest glass shatters upon reaching breaking point.

Its eyes rolled back into its head and it lay limp.

He had reached the point of simply not caring anymore.

Darkness invaded his senses, words stilled on his lips.

So he screamed.

A cruel wind blew out a flame of life.

Long, drawn-out, unfamiliar sound.

Touya started to panic.

Never faltering, so disturbing, so un-human.

A bloody feather fell to the ground in a pool of crimson blood.

Somebody help me…

Yukito fell into Touya's arms, unconscious, heedless of his lover yelling his name.

Two giant wings lay in a pool of silver blood.

Three screams, one dead, one unconsciously… and one from centuries ago, echoed into the moon-lit night…

A severed memory of freedom now lost.

Thanks to Salt-Washed Mirror, who has kindly informed me that there is a morale to this story, the morale is that you don't know pain until you feel it. Or something like that. I can't recall anymore, but she said something along those lines.

What happened in this story was that there were two boys torturing a bird, most likely a pigeon. I never specified, if I recall correctly, but I believe I told my friend that it was a pigeon after she questioned me on it. They cut off its wings.

Touya and Yukito happen to be in pretty close range, I guess. Yue senses the bird's agony, and that jolts back the memory, which will be explained in the next paragraph. Because of these memories, Yukito feels the pain that Yue felt in the past and remembered now, and his shoulders start to bleed. As you may have noticed, most of the scenes between Touya and Yukito were simply dialogue, no actual movement until later on. For those of you who may be interested, Yukito's blood is red, not silver like Yue's.

As promised, Yue's memories. What this story was originally going to be about was after Clow's death if he had not sealed them into the Clow book. This obviously could not have happened because then he wouldn't have been able to split into Eriol and Fujitaka. However, after Clow's death, the town they live in (or whatever it is supposed to be), discovers Cerberus and Yue, and perhaps reasonabally, they are afraid. Fear leads to strange things, and they attempt to destroy the two guardians or something of the sort.

I eventually wondered, wouldn't they be able to fight back? I solved that problem by deciding that Clow created them so that they could not hurt other humans. Obviously, a general lack of knowledge on my behalf, and I apologize for that. What was supposed to happen was that Cerberus gets caught while Yue escapes to hide the Clow book from the town, who would probably try to destroy it. When he returns to help Cerberus, well, what to do you know, he doesn't actually succeed.

A human with bird wings most likely isn't going to get anywhere with magic-fearing people, and they cut the wings off. That is the memory that Yue is having, and the pain that Yukito is feeling. The blood is silver because Yue is an immortal, just for your info. The pain becomes too much for Yukito, and he faints somewhere similar to the point that the bird loses conscience and dies.

That is, I believe, the breakdown of the story. I'm very sorry to those I have confused.

For anybody who wishes for me to do so, I wrote a very strange epilogue to this story (yes, I am odd. I wrote the prologue and epilogue but never anything in between). It deals with how Yue got his wings back.

The wings are very important. Wings, to myself at least, represent freedom. When Yue loses his wings, it symbolizes a lost of freedom among other things, which I no longer need to discuss since that section will never be written.

Thank you for taking the time to read this fic. I would very much appreciate it if you leave a review, whether it be nice, criticism, or even a flame. By this point, I'll take anything.