Ok, so here is instant messaging for twilight. Hope you like it!!! The first person to review can help me with the next chapter. they can be part of the chat!!!!!!!!!! so go review please!!!

Bella - edwardcullen4eva

edward - humansrox


nessie - got2luvblood

edwardcullen4eva has entered chat room

WEREWOLVES has entered chat room

edwardcullen4eva: Jake?

WEREWOLVES: yea its me

edwardcullen4eva: How have you been? I haven't talked to you in forever!!! hows the pack

WEREWOLVES: Im fine. the pack is fine. is nessie around?

got2luvblood has entered chat room

got2luvblood: JAKE!!!!!!!!!! omg how are you?


got2luvblood: are you home?

WEREWOLVES: yea why?

got2luvblood: i'll be over there in a minute

got2luvblood: mom?

edwardculled4eva: yea?

got2luvblood: im going to Jake's house

edwardcullen4eva: have fun

got2luvblood has left the chat room

edwardcullen4eva: jake?


edwardcullen4eva: you're gunna b responsible with her, right?

WEREWOLVES: no promises

WEREWOLVES has left the chat room

edwardcullen4eva: great, now im all alone

humansrox has entered the chat room

humansrox: Bella?

edwardcullen4eva: yea

humansrox: how are u, love?

edwardcullen4eva: fine

humansrox: luv the name, it suits you

edwardcullen4eva: urs is interesting

humansrox: where is Nessie?

edwardcullen4eva: Jake's house

humansrox: oh

edwardcullen4eva: Edward?

humansrox: yea?

edwardcullen4eva: why r we IMing each other, when we r sitting across the room?

humansrox: i don't know

edwardcullen4eva: im leaving

edwardcullen4eva has left the chat room

humansrox: great now im all alone!

humansrox: i wonder if Emmett has one of these...


don't really know what made me think of this idea. I just wrote it down one after noon. hope you like it. Review!