Just a Few Notes:

There is a scene in the manga after Nina brings Tetshushi and Ayu together. Nina is in a classroom on her own, tears in her eyes, blowing bubbles. Hiroki sees her but Nina doesn't realise.

The character's full names: Nina Sakura, Ayu Tateishi, Tetsushi Kaji and Hiroki Tsujiai.

Putting -san at the end of Hiroki's name implies respect. Nina doesn't know him very well, so she is being polite. Hiroki, on the other hand, just uses Nina's surname when addressing her. Putting -chan at the end of a name is friendly- as Nina is very good friends with Ayu, it's the same as saying 'Ayu dear.' Using -kun as Nina does with Tetsushi, shows that she knows him fairly well and feels comfortable around him.

Also, in the manga, Nina reguarly uses 'Nina' instead of 'I', showing that she is not skilled in the japanese language yet.

This is my first uploaded fan fiction, so please no flames! Thanks for reading! ^_^


"Hiroki-san!" calls Nina as she rushes through the corridor.

"HIROKI-SAN!" she sighs, as a few students turn, looking at her strangely.

"Nina is so worried," she buries her head in her hands.

She thinks about the afternoon before when she had been blowing bubbles in an empty classroom.

She had been unaware that any one was watching her, until she swung around and caught Hiroki running away.

She tries furiously to think of an excuse.

"Hiroki already thinks that Nina is odd," she shakes her head. "He must be suspicious."

Then she hears a familiar voice.

"Hey, Sakura," Hiroki mutters, as he appears in the corridor. "What are you doing out here? Class doesn't start till nine o clock."

"I got here a little early…" Nina blushes. Hiroki raises his eyebrows as if to ask why, but says nothing.

He leans casually against the wall. "We have tennis practise every morning from eight thirty onwards."

"Whoa!" Nina's mouth drops open. "Just thinking about that makes me tired," she yawns daintily. "Say, Hiroki…"


"About yesterday…"

"I won't tell any one about you knocking over all the badminton rackets, I promise," says Hiroki with a perfectly straight face.

Nina opens her mouth to correct him, when she notices both Ayu and Tetsushi behind him.

"Oh!" she cries. "Y-yeah." She grins at him, impressed by the cover up. "Hi, Ayu-chan! Hey, Kaji-kun!"

They both smile and say hello.

Hiroki looks slightly uncomfortable, realising that Ayu and Tetsushi are a definite couple now.

Nina giggles, never having seen Hiroki so confused before.

"Sakura," he whispers. "Can I speak to you in private, please?"

"Uh... sure..."


"So... what's up with Tetsushi and Tateishi?" he asks, when they are away from every one else.

"They are in love!"

"Are you sure it's love or just a crush?"

"LOVE! Sheesh, Hiroki-san, stop being so sceptical!"

Hiroki dips his head. "It just seems a little rushed, that's all!" he admits.

"I see what you mean..." Nina shys away, looking down at her shoes.

"They seem happy though," Hiroki smiles. "And Tateishi being happy makes you happy, doesn't it Nina?"

Nina is surprised at Hiroki's sudden use of her first name.

"Of course," she closes her eyes in bliss. "It's great!"

She blocks out the fact that she still has a slight crush on Tetsushi.

"That's ok then," Hiroki replies, picking up his bag.

"What do you mean...?"

"When you're pleased, you make every one around you feel the same way, Sakura. We'd be lost without you."

And with that, he leaves, leaving Nina to wonder.