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Nina and Hiroki played hooky. No one was going to suspect that the class airhead, Sakura-chan, and the solemn athlete, Tsujiai-kun, were dating. It had spread over the school like wildfire after that time they'd been on the roof together and Nina had managed to transport them to the top of Mount Everest.

She'd had tears in her eyes and he had given her a smile that implied he didn't care about her clumsiness, her lack of poise. In fact, he seemed to like her and after all, they had shared Doraemon together and-

In the present, they held hands in a foreign country, on the beach overlooking the tide that rushed in and ebbed away, controlled by that tsuki no usagi.

I'll miss Japan, thought Nina. I'll miss Ayu-chan and Yuta and Mito and Sayaka and Leo and my home stay parents and-and-and-

"Tell Nina not to go and Nina won't go!"

Hiroki turned away from her. "I can't. I love you too much."

They'd just shared their first kiss and now she was leaving, probably forever.

I love you, thought Hiroki. Daisuke desu, Nina, demo... kore wa kimi no yume.


Hiroki's little speech in English: I love you Nina, but... this is your dream.

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