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You Belong with me

Chapter 1

Bellas POV!

Today's my first day at 'Evergreen Academy' or as everyone else says 'E.A'. I was waiting outside the administrator's office for Alice. Alice has been my best friend since year 2, her brother Edward Cullen has been my best friend since year 2 as well, I love them both, there both so childish when they get together, Alice is a crazy shop-o-holic and has spiky black hair and is currently dating Jasper, Who has blonde hair and looks totally gorgeous but I don't really like him that way, I consider him as a mate.

Edward has soft messy hair, he never combs it, his hair is a bronze, gold-ish colour and he has green eyes that are always so friendly when you look into them.

Alice came running out of the building straight to me with a huge smile on her face.

"Bella...Bella! I got my dorm number... It's room 208! I can't wait to check it out!" Alice started jumping up and down,

"Bella what room are you in?" I forgot to check my room number. I quickly took a booklet out and flipped through the pages. "I'm in room...20...8!! Alice we're roommates!!" A gigantic smile stretched across Alice's tiny face and she squealed and screamed she grabbed my arm and start jumping up and down! She then looked at someone or something over my shoulder.

"Hey there's Jasper, I'm just going to talk to him...what is he doing with that huge guy and that blonde? I'd better go and see what's up...hey why don't you go and find Edward and tell him we can all get together at our dorm, and don't get up to anything while I'm gone." Alice Alice Alice.

"Sure Alice" she smiled and then looked in Jaspers direction and then back to me and smiled again then gave me a hug. "Great see you in a few" and she ran off to Jasper.

I looked around to see if I could spot Edward anywhere, as soon as I caught sight of him I burst out laughing. Edward was in the corner looking terrified, he was wearing a white button up shirt and black jeans, he was surrounded by six girls flirting with him, he looked really scared, one of the girls was unbuttoning his shirt, He locked his eyes on me and mouthed 'Help!'

I laughed again, once I was able to catch my breath, I nodded and walked towards him.

"Oh Edward there you are" I looked at all the girls they were staring at me. "Well... Edward doesn't have a girlfriend so good luck!" I gave a thumbs up and looked at Edward, he gave me a YOU-ARE-SO-GOING-TO-PAY-FOR-THAT-ONE look on his face and then he gave me the puppy dog look, I caved, I hate it when he does that, it gets irritating, it's like he has the power to hypnotise me "oh alright, Edward come quick, I need you to help me with my bags. Please!" I took hold of his hand.

"Sure, excuse me ladies" he gave the girls a smile before I pulled him out, the girls just looked at me shockingly and envious, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that their gaze just refused to waver from Edward's retreating back. "Edward, I leave you alone for an hour and your already flirting? I thought I knew you better than that" I still couldn't stop laughing Edwards expression back there, was hilarious as if a tiger was about to pounce on him.

"Hey, I wasn't flirting! I swear, they came up to me and they wouldn't let me go I'm glad you showed up" he chuckled softly. "Sure whatever you say" He rolled his eyes, He picked up my bags and we walked to my dorm. "Anyway what's new?" Edward asked, he lifted up my bags like they were nothing, I swear I packed in a ton of stuff and it was extremely heavy for me!

"Well nothing really, Alice and I are roommates isn't that exciting!" I said sarcastically."Now you'll know what it feels to wake up to an Alice, She goes so crazy, I feel sorry for Jasper, since he's dating Alice he'll have to go shopping with her and let me tell you, the mall is like Alice's second home" that's Alice. My crazy shop-o-holic friend! Which reminds me her request? "Oh Edward, Alice told me to tell you that we should all meet up later at our dorm," Edward smiled "sure sure lets say...7? And I heard there's a pizza place we could order some" I grinned "great"

We reached my dorm and as I expected Alice was already in there unpacking, as soon as she saw Edward and I she rushed to give him a hug. "Edward, Hi, Guess what, I found out your roommates with Jasper and this other guy called Emmet! You'll love him he's so funny and Bella guess what we have another roommate, her names Rosalie! She's really nice!" Wow! Alice spoke so fast! I guess she's just really excited to be at E.A! I was too, I mean Friends, hot guys, parties, no parents! Sounds like heaven!

"Wow Alice you're excited! I'd better go, see you later Bella, Alice" Edward gave me a hug and then he waved goodbye. "Bye Edward and don't forget tonight!" Alice and I screamed in unison. When we realized we both started laughing, Edward turned around "oh yeah see you then" and he smiled at Alice, then he turned and winked at me, I giggled childishly. I heard Alice gasp.

"Wow, did you see that!" Alice was bouncing up and down. Oh come on it was just a wink, it didn't mean anything, I rolled my eyes at how childish Alice could get and sat on my bed, "Alice he doesn't like me that way, were only friends! I would tell him how I feel but it's not the right time!" The truth was that I truly loved Edward; I realized I love him two years ago and the only person I've told my true feelings to Edward is Alice, although I bitterly regret it.

Alice gave me an annoyed look "Bella! It's been two years you have to tell him, why do you keep avoiding this!" She rolled her eyes at me, right on cue someone walked in, both mine and Alice's head moved to her direction, she had blonde hair and blue eyes she looked really pretty, a huge smile swept across Alice's face, "Rosalie!" Alice screamed, Alice bounced up and skipped to Rosalie giving her a hug.

"Can't...breath!" Rosalie sounded as if someone was strangling her, Alice let go of her and giggled "Rosalie...Bella" Alice pointed in my direction "Bella... can we please go and get something to eat I'm starving!" Alice talks so fast, I looked at Rosalie and she looked at me and smiled I gave her a nervous smile, she looked like one of those mean girls but I only saw innocence and friendliness in her eyes "Hi Rosalie" I said nervously,

"Hi..." she looked down to my suitcase "...Isabella is it?" arghh I hated that name! "just Bella" she looked confused but then smiled "wow Isabella is a really nice name like a princess" she stared into space still smiling "...princess Isabella" she looked back to me and smiled "I'll call you Bella if you prefer me doing so and you can call me Rose" wow I've only met her for 5 minutes and i already really like her, She's full of enthusiasm just like Alice, "Okay Rose, you're our roommate, I can tell were going to be the best of friends!"

Someone cleared their tiny throat I grinned "of course how can I forget you Alice" i turned to look at Alice who was beaming with happiness she put her arm around Rose and me and squeezed them close to her neck "Were going to be the best of friends...three amigos!" Rosalie and I both laughed lightly, I could tell this was going to be the start of something new!

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