Ashley's POV

I tossed and turned all night. I saw him again, he was in my dream. He came closer to me. He grabbed me and raised a knife to my neck. I screamed and woke up. I walked to the bathroom and took my pills. Then I heard the door open slowly. The floor creaked and the wind blew. I scrunched my eyes up, trying to think about anything else than the bad dreams I have. Then somebody touched my shoulder. I screamed and they quickly covered my mouth.

Miley- shhhh! *she removed her hand*

Ashley- he's back, he's trying to get me!

Miley- its just a dream. Now go back to bed, school in the morning.

Miley left and I got in bed. If your wondering, she is my sister. She is so mature and everything, kinda like a mum to me. Our mum died last year, she was murdered. The person I go too who try's and helps me with my bad dreams says the man who is in my dreams killed my mother. We still have our father though.


Ashley- *walked through the school gates*

Miley- im gonna go, im not coming home today, going to a friends house.

Ashley- you have friends?

Miley- *she rolled her eyes and left*

????- *put their arm around Ash*

Ashley- *jumped a little*

????- Did I scare you?

Ashley- Yes joe!

Joe- sorry. How have you been? *we began walking into school*

Ashley- good, except from last night-

Joe- oh the freaky dude in your dreams came back again? *laughed a little*

Ashley- its not funny Joe! *serious face*

Joe- *looked at her* sorry

Ashley- *continued walking*


Ashley- *sat down*

Vanessa- ash, are you still helping me with preporations for prom?

Ashley- course!

Vanessa- great. Meet me in the drama studio in 5 *air kiss to Ashley and leaves*

Ashley- *eats her sandwhich and leaves to the drama studio*


I walked in and it was silent,you could probably hear a pin drop. "Vanessa?" I shouted. Nobody answered. Then I heard something fall, it came from the supply closet. I walked to it and looked inside. My eyes widen and I gasped.

{ Short but ah well x) }