Summary- in 1918, Bella and Edward both got the influenza and were changed. but they hated each other. How will they handle having to live together with Carlisle?

BPOV (still human)

My name is Isabella Marie swan, and I am 17 years old. My parents, Charlie and Renée, are first class, and we live in a giant white house. I'm very beautiful. Some relatives compare me to an angel. I've never liked the attention, but I've recently grown used to it. I have pale skin, a heart shaped face, brown hair that hangs to my mid back, and chocolate brown eyes. It is around ten at night, but I can't fall asleep. I can hear my parents downstairs talking, but I don't want to go down.

My eyes traced patterns on the ceiling, random squares, circles and hearts stood out. My eyes moved to the corner of my room by the balcony, where my candle was lit. On the ceiling over there, I could see shadows of my furniture and dresses. Keeping my eyes focused on the ceiling, I relaxed my body so I could fall asleep.

Just as I drifted off to sleep, I was awoken by a loud "BOOM" from the side of my house by my balcony.

My room was huge, and in the middle wall, was my white, queen sized, canopy bead. On both sides of my bed were white night stands. On the oposite wall was my vanity, which had a white frilly chair with it. Next to my vanity on both sides were doors. One side was my walk in closet, the other was my washroom. On the farthest wall was a window wall, and then glass doors that lead to my balcony overlooking my backyard.

I got up, and started to look around. I heard snickering outside, so I went out on my balcony to see two boys running away. Edward.That was the first name that entered my head. Edward Masen was my mom's best friend's son. I didn't like him, and he wasn't worth my time. He thinks I am a snob, and I think he is an immature jerk. I quietly sighed, and rested my hands on the moon looked beautiful glowing in the dark gray sky. Mother always told me legends about werewolves and fullmoons, but everyone knows they're not real. I sighed again and walked away, pressing the glass doors shut behind me. Mumbling curses to Edward under my breath, I climbed back into bed, and quickly fell asleep again.


It was nearly eleven o' clock at night, and I was walking back from Franklin's house with Thomas. We both couldn't stand my mom's best friend's snobby daughter, Isabella swan, and both agreed she was a brat. Since we were bored, and we passed her house on the way to mine, we decided to wake little Isabella up from her 'beauty rest'.

Thomas grabbed a large rock from the ground, and walked into the Swan's backyard. He threw the rock right on the side of her balcony, and then ran, with me right behind him.

Thomas was laughing, and between chuckles, he managed to get out "That was hilarious. I hope we didn't interfere with her beauty sleep." he lifted his hand to cover his mouth in mock horror.

I laughed along with him. I mean hey, it was pretty funny. After about ten minutes I was finally able to catch my breath and say "Alright alright. Lets go before my mom haves a heart attack."

He had a weird look on his face and asked, "Would she?"

I rolled my eyes. Thomas could be so immature sometimes. I reached out and grabbed his arm, and started to drag him the rest of the way to my house. He protested, but knew that I wouldn't let go of him until we got home. He was spending the night over, because his dad was on a business trip to New York City.

When we walked in through the back door, my mom, Elizabeth, was sobbing on the kitchen table. Thomas gave me a look that said 'what do we do now?' I just shrugged and went up to my mother and hugged her.

"What's wrong mom? Why are you crying?" I asked. I was worried. The last time I saw her cry like this was when I broke my arm playing baseball. She was always the overprotective type, and thoughts that something must have happened to my father ran through my head. I felt her arms wrap around me, and could feel her tears soaking through my white dress shirt.

She looked up at me with bloodshot eyes and whispered, "The influenza. We have it. We all do."

Thomas gasped, and quickly asked to telephone his mom to come pick him up. I just stood there in the doorway, frozen in shock. My mother, seeing my face, ran up and hugged me whispering "It's gonna be okay." over and over again. I couldn't believe I have the influenza, the deadly one with all of the stories floating around town, and I haven't noticed it. The only thought running through my head was 'why me?'


That night, I woke up at least four more times. I felt my forehead and gasped. I was burning hot! I then groaned, I obviously have a fever, and now I wont be able to go to the market with Mary and get new dresses.

Oh well. The dresses will have to wait. I need a wet washcloth. I jumped out of bed, and practically fell over because my head was spinning. I ran over to my bathroom, and ran a washcloth under cold water, and placed it on my forehead. I looked at my clock above my door, and saw it was around eight in the morning. My mother should be up by now, but if not, I'll talk to one of the maids. I need to get someone to get me to my doctor, and fast. I can drive my father's car, but it honetly scares me so much that I can't concentrate. I walked out of the room slowly, with the washcloth still up to my head. I turned the corner, and saw Renée sitting in the middle of the hallway, crying next to the phone.

"Mom?" I asked, hesitantly walking up to her. She looked up at me, but then mumbled something into the phone and hung up. "Mom, what's wrong?" I tried again.

"The Masons." I cursed under my breath, I will get Edward back for that. She sniffled, but kept talking. "They all have the Spanish influenza. They wont make it!" she cried out hysterically.

My skin went two shades paler then it was. Sure, I couldn't stand Edward, but I honestly felt bad for all of them. Especially Elizabeth, I liked her, and she was my mother's best friend.

She looked at my hand, that had the washcloth in it, then at my skin. "Isabella, honey, are you feeling alright?"

I started to cry. "No mother. That's what I was coming out here to tell you. I think I have a fever but what if it's the influenza?" I started to sob, and my mom immediately came and comforted me, sobbing quietly also.

She looked at me one last time, and screamed "CHARLES!"

My dad immediately ran into the hallway, and was shocked to see us sitting on the floor, sobbing in each other's arms. "We need to get her to Dr. Cullen immediately!"