thanks to everyone who is reviewing! i didn't expect such feed back! . it's amazin'! thankyou guys soooo much. the reason it's taking me so long to update is because i didn't actually have a first chapter written. this was just something i sketched together in my chem. class. -shrugs- anyways, my muse is escaping me for the introduction, but i'll try to update as fast as i can. (please take note of the corrections i've done, brought to my attention by my fabulous readers!) must go work on ideas now! ja!

- seriouslyxblack exit stage left


to address the italics comment, i really will only be using italics for certain things(i.e. flashbacks, thoughts, maybe speech and, of course, the preface)


i'am also extremely sorry if you thought this was an actual chapter!(i know i would)