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"You know what Dean Winchester, piss off!"

Sam heard the icy tone to the words and flinched in the back seat of the impala. He looked up in time to see Dean turn to the woman beside him with widening eyes and a low growl escaped his mouth. Sam tensed as he waited for his brother's reaction and just in time it came, loud and angry.

"God dammit, woman! Can you be any meaner? I was just trying to help you," Dean replied through clenched teeth. "And what the hell are you whining about any way Sam is the one who got hurt. You should be apologizing to him and to me!"

The sharp intake of breath that Alex took made Sam roll his eyes because all Dean had done was fuel the fire. She only glared at the oldest Winchester as Dean pulled into the parking lot of the motel and parked the impala right in front of their door. Alex went storming out of the car; slamming the car door shut with such intensity that Sam thought the glass of the window would break. As the car door slammed with a horrifying thud, Dean's eyes went wider if possible and he screeched almost girlishly and climbed out of the car after her.

Sam sighed and began putting his things back in his bag. Alex had only been with them for a few weeks and it seemed that all she and Dean did was fight. She was a damn good hunter which was why Bobby had set them up with her to begin with. But for some reason all she and Dean did was butt heads about everything. Their latest argument had been about their last hunt. Alex had been closing in on a shape shifter they had been hunting and Dean had stepped in the way believing that she couldn't handle it. Because of that not only did the shape shifter get away but he sliced Sam up the arm real good before he did. Now Sam knew that they would argue for the rest of the hunt and probably most of the way to the next hunt and he was getting pretty damn sick of it.

He climbed out of the car and caught the end of one of Dean's rants as he fumbled with the keys to the motel room. Alex stood beside him, arms crossed and looking irritated. "And if you ever slam my car door like that again I will leave your ass stranded here!" Dean finished.

"I would like to see you try, Dean Winchester," Alex retorted.

"Why do you always use my full name every time you get mad at me?" Dean replied sarcastically as he finally got the key in the lock and turned it. "What are you? My mother?"

"Don't go there with me, Dean!" Alex seethed. "God I can't stand you!"

She shoved past him pushing the door open and walking into the room. Dean stormed in after her, mouth open and already ready with a comeback and that was when Sam decided he had, had enough.

"Dean! Alex!" he shouted.

They both jumped and turned to him with surprised looks. "Look if we are all going to be working together then you two can't be fighting like this alright? I don't want to listen to it anymore and it affects all of us. So I'm going to go the library and when I get back you guys better have worked it out or I will."

Alex's jaw dropped as she watched Sam snatch the keys to the impala from Dean and go storming out of the motel with them. The door slammed behind him and moments later they both heard the door of the impala open and close then the rumble of the engine starting. She stood there stunned, her blood boiling and her mouth open in shock when Dean turned to her angrily. Her emerald green eyes met his hazel ones and she frowned at him.

"Now look what you did!" they both said simultaneously, which made them both hesitate.

"What I did?!" Alex said quickly before Dean could say anything else. "It was your attitude that made this happen. You don't ever let me do anything. You always get in the way! I know what I am doing Dean. I have been hunting since I was a little kid same as you and probably have killed more things than you! So the next time we are in the middle of a hunt and I'm about to make a kill- BACK OFF and keep your big nose out of it!"

Dean's whole face fell and his eyes burned with anger. "Look here Alexandra I'll have you know that my nose is a perfect size for my face and not big at all. And secondly if you weren't always getting yourself in trouble then I wouldn't need to come save you."

Alex gasped, her fingers clenching into tight fists. She couldn't believe him. He was everything she hated in a man, arrogant, cocky, sarcastic and most of all a jerk. She didn't care how attractive he was with his perfect sandy blonde hair or his deep hazel eyes, nor did she care that she knew for a fact that under his leather jacket and dark shirt there was smooth skin with a muscular form underneath. She saw the way he wooed the girls at the bar with his cocky smile and his silky voice, knew that he was probably one hell of a lay and was nearly jealous every night he didn't come back to the motel room because he was with a bimbo from the bar. But that didn't mean she was going to bow down to him, he was still a jerk after all and right about now she felt like punching him in the face. And she did.

Her right arm cocked back far, coming across his face so perfectly that she felt the way his nose crunched as her fist collided with it. He stumbled backward a few steps from the force of it, his hand coming up to grip his face as he grunted in pain. His eyes burned with anger as he straightened and looked at her. She stood firm, crossing her arms and meeting his glare. He pulled his hand away from his nose and looked at it, checking to see that there was no blood and when he saw none he looked back at her with teeth clenched.

"Did you just-?"

"Punch you in the face?" she cut in with a triumphant smirk. "Oh yeah."

"You son of a-."

He charged forward making her tense, and she was expecting him to punch her back. Her eyes shut on instinct and her teeth clenched waiting for impact. She felt a firm hand grip her forearm and then she was being yanked against him. Her body hit his and she nearly shivered from the hard muscle she felt, his arm came around her waist to hold her there. She opened her eyes slowly and saw the fiery hazel green irises that burned her with a glare. She really shivered this time as he glared at her and her mouth opened as she searched for something, anything, to say. She found nothing and could only stare up at him. He remained still for a long moment until his head leaned forward and his nose touched hers. She was suddenly nervous, her body tensing as she looked up at him.

"Dean, I-," she blurted still unsure what to say.

"Shut up," he ordered.

His head turned and their lips met. Her knees buckled against him and she let out a moan that was completely involuntary. Her skin was suddenly burning and when her mouth opened and his tongue slid over hers she grabbed the material of his shirt and pulled him closer if it were possible. It felt to right for it to be wrong. She was immediately convinced that she was wrong about anything negative she had ever said about him, and she was taking it all back in a heartbeat as his lips wowed her with the best kiss she had ever experienced in her life.

She pulled away from him breathless and needy as he looked down at her determined, it was like he was a predator and she was the prey. He had locked her in his sights and was now determined to get her. She stood hesitant in his arms as she looked at him, unsure of what to do, unsure of what this change meant. She knew that if they went through with what their bodies had planned, nothing would ever be the same for her. She would be shaken by him forever. So many weeks of resisting and to finally give in would mean that she would be giving him a piece of her that she would never get back.

"Take off your jacket," he ordered in a voice low and husky. It wasn't a request, it was a command and she found herself immediately reaching for the lapels of her coat when she hesitated. How did he suddenly gain so much control? She wasn't going to let him have it all.

"No," she said quickly suddenly bold, even though her skin was still tingling from the kiss.

His face set in a scowl and he gripped her arm tight. "Take it off," he repeated, this time slower, but his tone was commanding and this time she didn't rebel.

She slipped her coat off of her shoulders and once it hit the floor he grabbed her again. She was crushed against his form and his mouth was back on hers. Tongues dueled and teeth scraped as he began stepping forward, pushing her backward until she was against the desk. His hands gripped her hips lifting her slightly so she could sit on the desk and wrap her legs around him while his arm moved out to swipe everything that had been on it to the floor. The lamp and telephone were the first to go, the bulb bursting shrouding the room around them in darkness, the only light coming from the bathroom light which Sam had left on earlier, and the phone hanging off the receiver so there was a consistent dial tone playing in the air. Sam's books and research papers were the next to go flying, and surely his laptop too had he not taken it with him to the library which saved it from crashing to the floor. But neither of them cared. Alex was more concerned with Dean's mouth and body pressed against hers and the way her body was opening itself to him completely.

She pushed his coat off his shoulders and his mouth sucked at the skin of her neck. He pulled away just for a mere second as he yanked her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor and then his mouth was back on hers. His hand pulled at her jeans, yanking them until they unbuttoned and slid down her hips. She wiggled until they reached her calves and Dean used his foot to push them off of her legs. She pulled his shirt off, stopping to admire god's great handy work as the material slipped to the floor. She smoothed her hands up his skin marveling at how soft it felt for him to be a man and let out a low sigh when his own hands rubbed up her stomach and brushed her breast. She didn't know that she had wanted him this much until that moment when her legs were wrapped around him and his hands were desperately trying to touch every inch of her. She had been denying it too long and she knew now that, that was a big mistake.

"Dean," she moaned as she leaned back into the wall and his mouth traveled down her neck. She could feel his teeth scraping against her skin and it got her blood boiling as her heart pumped it through her veins. His hand tangled in her hair pulling her mouth back to his as she fumbled with his belt buckle trying to get it undone. He fumbled with them as well, their hands battling over who would finally get it done when Dean pushed her roughly back into the wall and glared at her.

"For once let me do it!" he said softly but there was an edge to his voice that made her nod in answer and wait patiently as she could as he unbuckled them.

She took over the rest pushing his jeans down his hips to reveal that he had thankfully gone commando that day. She hesitated as she looked at his manhood and then back at him to which he smirked proudly and she pulled his waist back to hers. Her legs rewrapped around him tightly and his hand reached between their bodies rubbing against her through her underwear, the friction of the fabric and the pressure of his fingers sending her spiraling into the depths of pleasure so quickly her brain could hardly keep up with all the feelings sweeping through her body at the mercy of his body.

"Jesus Dean don't make me wait anymore!" she groaned arching into him.

Dean smirked, knowing that she was at his mercy and kissed her slowly before pulling back. She bit her lip in anticipation as he slipped her underwear from her hips with an unbearable slowness that made her quiver and tossed them over his shoulder carelessly. He moved back into the open space between her legs grinding into her and making her moan.

"Dean!" she growled through clenched teeth.

"Be patient!" he growled in return grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her face to meet his. He kissed her once again as he slid into her without caution or ease.

She broke away from his mouth with a cry and arched into him at the mixture of pain and pleasure that swept over him. He hesitated allowing her time to adjust before he surged forward again and picked up a rhythm that had her moaning with each movement and getting lost in him. He groaned in her ear, his hand tangled in her hair as the other hand braced himself against the desk that rocked beneath them. She couldn't believe how amazing it felt, how he hit all the right places and moved at just the right angle. She was cursing herself again for denying herself from him for this long and swearing that she would never fight with him again when she felt it; the first spark of an impending orgasm that had her biting her lip and digging her fingers into his flesh. She was spiraling quickly toward an orgasm and tried to put it off, but the pleasure continued to build and build until she was throwing her head back and her body was tightening around him with an intensity that sent him over the edge simultaneously with her. Climax washed over them leaving her trembling against him and his hands gripping the desk so tightly it hurt.

"Jesus Christ," she sighed leaning back into the wall and trying to catch her breath as he leaned against her, his face pressed into her shoulder, his breathing matching her.

"We can't tell Sammy about this," Dean mumbled into her shoulder. "We wouldn't hear the end of it."

Alex nodded in agreement. "Definitely, this is totally just between me and you."

"Yeah, but you don't know how long I've been wanting to do that," Dean whispered lifting his head and looking into her eyes.

She blushed crimson. "What?" she said bashfully.

"Shut you the hell up," he answered. She frowned deeply and he immediately burst into laughter. "Calm down. I'm just kidding, but seriously the fighting and nagging has got to stop."

She sighed heavily and nodded. "As long as you stop acting like an arrogant jerk I can agree to not fight with you."

Dean chuckled. "Fine, but if you ever punch me again I swear you will regret it."

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him on the face where a nice bruise had begun to show itself. He would be remembering this encounter for the next few days. He kissed her again slow and soft, his body starting to reawaken within her again as she moaned into his mouth when they heard the unmistakable rumble of the impala's engine.

"Shit!" Dean muttered withdrawing from her quickly and pulling his pants and underwear up.

She muttered a similar curse and scrambled to get her clothes back on as Dean began picking up all the things that had been on the desk.

"Dean, where the hell are my underwear?" she questioned making him stop and look around for them.

"I don't know! Just put your damn pants on we can find them later!" he mumbled.

The roar stopped just outside the door where the Impala had been parked before and they heard the car door open and close just as Alex slipped on the last of her clothing and they heard Sam's key in the door. Dean launched himself on the bed and sat casually as Alex sat against the desk with arms crossed. Sam entered the room with a frown eyeing them both as they looked at him with nervous smiles.

"Hey, Sammy," Dean said cheerfully winking at Alex. "What happened to the library?"

"It was closed," he mumbled setting his laptop case aside. "Why are you two sitting in the dark?"

Dean and Alex shared a quick glance; they had forgotten that the bulb had broken in the lamp when it was swiped from the table. "I….err…bumped into the desk and knocked the lamp off," Dean said quickly. "My bad."

Sam raised an eyebrow but shut the door behind him and moved through the room to the kitchenette where he turned on the other light. "You do know that there is a light in here right?" he said looking at both of them.

"Yeah it just broke a minute ago so we hadn't turned it on yet," Dean continued as Alex nodded in agreement.

Sam hesitated. "Okay what's going on? You guys are acting weird? Were you fighting some more?"

Dean and Alex shared another glance, both of them blushing crimson as Sam studied them with his eyes. "Nothing, Sam," Alex said after a moment with a huff. "You're reading way too much into this."

"Into what?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing," Alex countered.

Sam chuckled. "Okay did you guys do it or something?"


"No way, dude!"

"That's just gross!"

"I can't stand her."

Alex threw Dean a glare at his last comment and he gave a quick apologetic look. Sam continued to eye them for a moment before turning his back on them with a shake of his head. Dean and Alex shared a relieved look before Dean flashed a cocky smirk. Sam turned again bringing both their eyes to him as he moved to the fridge and pulled out a beer. He opened it and took a sip, his eyes moving to the ceiling where he did a double take and froze.

"Uhh…okay if nothing happened then why are Alex's panties hanging from the fan?"